Part 79- Higher than High

As narrated by Uzair:

Uncle Irshaad: Sawleha what did you do?

Aunty Sawleha: I didn’t do anything (and then she put her finger on her lips and burst out laughing)

ℓ☺ℓ! This was so embarassing but in a cute way!

Uncle Irshaad: come now let’s go put you to bed

Arshad: what is this go to bed go to bed go to bed??? Why does everyone want to go to bed??? I have something to say!!!

And Arshad climbed onto a chair and then stumbled back down. Zainab had her face in her hands!

Uncle Irshaad: please son, your as high as a kite! Go to bed now please…Riza please help him..

Arshad: no don’t touch me Reez…you all told me I have to tell them so now I’m going to tell them! Zoheb you listening bro?

Zoheb: I’m listening dude…

Arshad: okay…mummy and daddy..I have an announcement to make!

Aunty Sawleha: I also have an announcement to make!

Arshad: mummy…me first!

Aunty Sawleha: ladies first bachoo…but then you are like a lady too isn’t? Everyone…it is with a heavy heart that I say this…but… my son is gay!!! I’m not happy about it but… he’s my son…I will learn to love my son in law!

Nemo: woaah Aunty Sawleha easy now…he’s not gay I told u..

Arshad: mummyyyy…I’m not gay!!! Oh well, Yes I am gay! I’m very happy gay! but I don’t like men…no offence guys (looking at all of us) mummy there’s your daughter in law there! (Pointing in Zainab’s direction)

Aunty Sawleha strained her eyes and looked towards where Arshad was pointing…small problem though…Zoheb was sitting on the chair next to Zainab!

Aunty Sawleha walked slowly towards Zainab and then looked at Zoheb and gave him a slap!! O goodness! Okay it wasn’t a hard slap more like a light one…but Zoheb was shocked out of his wits!!! We were finished beyond finished!! Aara was laughing so hard next to me I had to whisper to Ismaeel to hold her hand tighter before she sprung up from between us! Oh by the way, we sandwiched her inbetween the two of us to try and keep her somewhat in control!

And then Aunty Sawleha did the strangest thing! She took off her gold bangles and gave them to Zoheb!

Aunty Sawleha: welcome to the family son!

Zoheb could not control himself and he too burst out laughing even though he was gone so red in the face! Zainab had such an embarassed look on her face as well!

Aunty Sawleha: (pulling Zohebs cheeks) why are you laughing? Do I look funny to you?

Arshad: (now behind his mother) maa not him! Her her!(Pointing at Zainab) she’s your daughter in law not Zoheb!

Aunty Sawleha: she’s too pretty for you! Why are you lying to me?

Uncle Irshaad: (pulling Aunty Sawleha away) I’m taking her inside now…and Zainab if its true what Arshad is saying in his delusional state, then welcome to the family my child:)

Zainab was now alllllll smiles! Mission sort of accomplished!

Zoheb: I believe these belong to you (giving Zainab the bangles)

Zainab: I’m going to give them back…and we can do this again when everyone is “normal”

Arshad walked towards Zainab and…started singing!!!
Mujhko kya hua hai…kyu main khogaya hu..
pagal tha mein pehle ya ab hogaya hai..
behki hai nigahe aur bikhri hai baal…
thum ne banaya hai kya apna ye haal….(LOUDLY) and then he turned towards us and screamed Koi Milgaya!!!

And then Riza started clapping for him and cheered him on and this guy went bezerk!
He climbed onto the table and started singing even more!

I don’t think I have ever been more torn with laughter in my ENTIRE life than I was right now!

But this grasshopper here next to me was going crazy! She kept lifting her hand up asking for her turn! Aara behave!

Aara: my turn!

Me: no its not your turn. Behave!

Aara: awww Bobat don’t be nasty…tell him Issey?

Ismaeel: for once I’m going to have to agree with Uzair…you madam need to sleep or else you’re going to create a scene and we don’t want you dancing on tables now do we??

Aara: but I want to say something!

Nemo: (pulling a chair infront of Aara) sweetheart…let’s go for a walk…and then you can go sleep and you can tell everyone whatever it is you want to tell them tomorrow?

Did he just call her sweetheart???

Aara: (thinking…) Okay! Uzzi can I go?

Me: err I guess

Aara: thank you!

And she woke up and followed Nemo for only a few steps before she ran away and stood next to Riza and Laeeka.

Nemo: Aara!

Aara: sorry Nemo I lied:)

But the way in which she said it was so cute it reminded me of her when she was like what 6 years old!

Aara: can I tell you all something?

Everyone: NO


Aara: (hearing nothing of the sort) okay so the thing is…I’m really happy to be here with everyone….Riza thank you…and thank you for always being there for me you’ve stood by me through thick and thin…and my sister here (hugging Laeeka) is very very fortunate to have you in her life!

Riza: thanks Aara

Aara: no I’m not done! (Standing on a chair and I quickly rushed to her side incase she fell) Zoheb! Where are you stand up!

And Zoheb complied.

Aara: you are so damn handsome you know that? Does anyone even have a right to be this good looking??? Your dimples…the way you talk…the way you give me flip flops (putting her hands to her face)….you’re so amazing! You’re such a wonderful person…and me (looking down)….what do I have to give you…I’m a workaholic…I’m afraid of being hurt…I don’t treat you the way I should…why do you like me?(tilting her head to the side)

I looked at Nemo and he was crushed! This was definitely not the time or place for her to be saying all this! Damn those muffins!

Me: don’t answer that Zoheb because she isn’t going to remember a thing….Aara get down now please

Zoheb kept smiling at her though and it seemed to motivate her to do more!

Aara: you’re like a dream Zoheb…you’re so good to be true…and something tells me that this is you and there is no mask…this…is just who you are!

Me: Aara..

Aara: what Uzzi? You told me to follow my heart and now I’m speaking out my heart and you’re telling me to stop?

Me: doll not now please

Aara: okay then I won’t say anything else okay?(shaking her head)

Me: thank you (relief!)

Aara: but I can sing a song?

Me: err no please no

Aara: 1 only uzzi only 1 then I will do whatever you tell me to

Me: promise?

Aara: I promise

Me: okay sing then

And then she went quiet…she stood still for a good few minutes, stared at Nemo and then said…

Aara: (jumping off the chair) Nemo I want to go for a walk!


Arshad: I’ll join you! (And he got off his chair next to Zainab and stumbled towards Aara)

Aara: nooo I don’t want you…I want my Nemo…go away

Nemo: (he still had that look on his face as he held her hand ) come let’s go

Arshad: you’re rude!!

Aara: shut up!

And she stuck her tongue out at him lol!

Maariah: ( we had totally forgotten about her!) I’m so so sorry…

Riza: sorry about what Mari?

And she burst out crying! This night was turning into something else! Maariah walked over to Nemo and Aara and stopped them as they reached the door…and now I couldn’t hear what she was saying…

As narrated by Nemo:

Maariah : I’m so sorry Nemo…I’m so sorry Aara…

Me: what are you sorry for Mari? What’s wrong?

Maariah: I don’t deserve your friendship but believe me it was unintentional…(Crying profusely)

Aara: is she crying??

Me: Aara wait…what’s wrong Mari?

Maariah: I shouldn’t have done it I regret it with all my heart…I’m so sorry

My curiosity was definitely getting the better of me…what the hell was she talking about???

Me: Mari you aren’t making any sense…maybe you should sit down for a bit let me call Riza

Maariah: no please don’t(shaking her head)…if the others know then they will also never talk to me again…

Me: Maariah! What the hell is it? You’re making me really worried now!

Maariah: she loved you….she loved you so much….

Me: WHO?????

Maariah: she..loved you Nemo…she was in love with you….it broke her and I was happy…I did it…I shouldn’t have done it

And she broke down….Maariah just wouldn’t stop crying!

Me: Mari tell me tell me now!

Maariah: (still sobbing) will you ever forgive me Nemo?

Me: Mari you’re one of my closest friends…forgiveness isn’t an option because I will always forgive you

Maariah: (crying harder) I don’t deserve you…or Aara

Aara: why is she crying???

Me: Aara shhh..Mari tell me please I’m begging you tell me

Maariah: (still crying) you won’t hate me?

Me: no Mari I won’t hate you please tell me

Maariah: you promise Nemo?

Me: I promise Mari…please tell me

Maariah: she loved you!

Me: Mari she who?????

And she pointed at Aara who now had her head on my shoulder while playing with the buttons on my jacket..

Me: Aara??? Mari…..Aara??

Maariah: (crying more…) Yes Nemo…Aara loved you….I’m so sorry…

And Maariah passed out on the sofa next to her…

Aara: how…now she’s sleeping? Crying and sleeping?

And Aara gave me a confused and cute look…I looked at her for a few seconds with mixed emotions…

Aara: whaat? Let’s go! (Pulling me)

I still couldn’t believe what I had heard…was it true? Aara was in love with me??? And what was Mari sorry about??? What did she do that she couldn’t tell anyone else???

Aara: Nemo…come on!

Me: coming sweetheart….

My sweetheart…as much as I was hurt by her fondness for Zoheb…there was still hope..and there was still a chance…and there was still a long way to go…

hope changes everything

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32 thoughts on “Part 79- Higher than High

  1. Lmao!! Ds ws tooo hot!! Its lyk m der wtchn evrytng!ophh boy cute zoheb stndn n lukn @ aara blurt evrytng infrnt of my nemo 😥 lmao arshoo n hs mum r too hot!!!poor zoheb evn gt a slap x_x and bangles…=))


  2. Lmao!!! Didn’t have such a good laugh in a long tym, those muffins really were something…. Aunty Swaleha was too cute putting on a bangle for Zoheb… Can’t wait to hear more of what happens btwn Aara n Nemo


  3. OMG!!!! Hahahaha, lmao, this was jus too much. Zoheb got a klap n Bangles, “hiding face”, oh no!! N my poor Nemo, lucky Aara was high so thers a chance still Nemo!! Wink. U rite Sam, we behind u Nemo…. Cumon Zoheb, Mariah mor suitable 4u. wink, By the way imagine wat uncle Irshaad mus b feeling seeing Aunty Swaaleha in tht condition, zoheb will never 4get her, I guess. Lol


  4. This was very confusing…
    Did Maariah sabotage Neemo and Aara
    in the past….
    Was Maariah jealous of Aara?????
    So many questions!!

    I’m with u. On this one Aara!!
    Zoheib is thee most awesome character!!
    And guys like him do exist.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Zoheib and Aara forever and ever!!!!!!!


  5. LOL Shazia ur just something else! u made me laugh and cry all at once.. I always wonder, dyu laugh when ur writing the posts? lol..
    My pooooor Nemo, 😦 Damn you Aara!!


  6. Omw …. How just how do u manage to make us cry and laugh in one and the same post?! =)) & 😥 & 😮 & #Hope
    Arshad & his mum =)) =D =)) … Zoheb got a klap and bangles coz he’s her “son in law” =))) and thee best part of this is Zoheb went red =)) seriously he is blushing for Arshad or his mum =))) =D =)) !! And Arshad singing for Zai #Ripped btw plzz translate what arshad was singing 😀 if its not trouble!

    But Aara …… no no no Aara … u breaking my heart 😥 😥 😥 plzzZz its u and Nemo Not Zoheb -_- !! Go with Nemo for a walk and tell him all ur feelings also *puppy eyes*!! Dnt make me cry *hide*!! Ooh Aara had her head on him and played with his jacket button =)) so cuteable 😛 with her cutie look ;;) !!

    Woaaaah Marii pops #Shocker 😮 errr what did u do that? Now maybe u will help on getting them back together coz to make up 😉 !! Yes yes Nemo #Hope #Hope #Hope *hugs*!! Coz Aara was in love with u and still has those feelings! It’s jus hidden -_- !! Hope chances everything♥ !! Xoxo


  7. This author is just brilliant, and I’ve always been team aaara and Zoheb, but now…….. I’m so team Nemo, I think! oh gosh I’m confused. But still loved this post. Keep up the fantastic job!!!;)


  8. Loool this was hilarious !! Excellent writer !!
    I wish maari broke aara n nemo coz she secretly liked nemo .. n then nemo realises that it was maariyah all along that his actually liked..leaving aara all for dimpled zoheb 😀


  9. Lmao hilariou-rest post ever (if that’s even a word;) OMW you go Aunty Swaleha! You fulfilled my hearts desire!! I wishhhhh I was the one given the honors to slap Zoheb!! You really are lucky! I hope you slapped harddddd 😀 Awww my poor Nemo *heartbroken* I’m as depressed as a sick potatoe:-( Damn you Aara!!!! I’m begining to think I should just let you get stuck with Zoheb. You’ll defo realize what you’ve missed when you’ll have to put up with the banana face every day!But it’ll be too late by then Nemo will be married happily ever after to……. Guess who… ME!!! And if that doesn’t happen then well HaAj is always there 😉 #Nemo&Aara #depresssseddddddddd #hope


    • Lol I loved the post =)) it was unique =)) it made me laugh and cry 😀 !! … but he already has Aara 😉 … its jus a matter of tym 😛 #Hope


  10. Oh my god Nemo and Maariah would make a gorgeouss couple!! I actually agree with zuby and lifelovedesforlifem…Nemo and Aaria wud be gross together! Its like dating your brother and I doubt anyone wants to read about incest..i mean childhood friends getting married? How boring is that? You spend your entire childhood with someone only to spend the rest of your lufe withl them too? Makes me wanna sleep ! Zoheb and Aara are like so magical… I mean instead of the cliche getting your childhood friend,someone new rocks up and sweeps the maiden off her feet and the childhood friend actually realizes it was just a phase and falls for someone else..aka maariah! NOW THATS DIFFERENT AND REFRESHING!


  11. Omgeeeee that was soooo funnyyyyy !!!! =)) but I’m really confused … whats with Maria crying and … lol I really dont know whats happening … sum1 explain meeee =D lmao !! Post soon plzz


  12. Haahaahaahaahaa !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was ripped wen I read dis post. Those muffins really made dem lose der marbles. Top stuff!!!


  13. Arshu is sooo in love…so sweet…miliigaya:))))))
    Aaaah Mariah wateva u did is not cool, didnt expect u2b mean:-[ not fare on Poor Aara nw…
    Aara wen u in ur senses or as Zainub says”normal” read istikaarah;)
    u will c Zohebs dimple smile ***HOPE***


  14. Nemo fans: In my opinion I don’t think Nemo is cutout 4 Aara.Nemo has become to dependant on aara.don’t get me wrong I like nemo too but he is too childish for aara.he doesn’t have a strong mindset.Aara is always there to pick up his pieces that she forgets herself in the process.Zoheb is the better option coz he brings the best in her.if u recall a few post earlier even aara’s dad said nemo needs a lot to learn n stand up on his own.just my opinion so don’t hate Zohebaara.


  15. I totally agree with anon
    Nemo has hurt Aara way tooo much
    she deserves happiness with Zoheb
    Don’t hate just my opinion #Peace#
    Zoheb&Aara all the way ♡


  16. Nemo did hurt Aara but was totally unintentional! He never knew about Aara feelings! It’s quite obvious that there is a lot more that meets the eye in this amazing story! Keep it up😉


  17. I’m sure the author has an amazing story ahead, so wether she let’s Nemo end up with Aara or Zoheb, she won’t let the other sides fans down. Sumthin will b planned 4the one who didn’t get Aara, n I’m sure it will b jus as good as the previous posts, So we jus hav 2 wait n see n njoy the awesome writing of each post. “Wink” it jus seems 2b gettin better and better, each post brings luv,heartache,smiles,tears,sadness n joy all together. Really well done 2u Author. “Wink” #Nemo fan 4eva!!!


  18. N nemo was her 1st love..n 1st love is true love..deep down that we’l never die..even if she ends up wif zoheb which will not hapen bt nemo we’l always b her 1st true love..


  19. Lol patience young grasshoppers 😛 … the past is soon to come 😉 and urll will see its not a bro and sister relationship 😛 =)) (that’s what shazia sed 😀 ) xoxo


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