Part 80 – A Walk to Remember…

So many memories…so many thoughts…all flashing through my mind….in a second everything had changed!

This beautiful woman holding my hand and walking on the beach with me was once in love with me…and might still be.

My heart was racing….for the first time ever…I was at a loss for words!

Aara had her head on my shoulder,her arm in my arm and walked with me at a snails pace.
The silence between us spoke volumes…even though she was not all “there” ℓ☺ℓ but still…I guess its true…sometimes you can have the best conversation with someone without even saying a word…

We just walked and walked…and I wished it would never end…

If I looked back on my entire life…the one thing that shone the brightest out of everything…was my Aara. No matter what I did, she stood right next to me….now matter how much I had hurt her…she never moved.

And I had hurt her…I closed my eyes and thought of the times when we had fought…the times that almost cost us our friendship….

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore…

Aara: I’m tired Nemo…(Sitting down)

**”I’m tired Nemo I’m tired”…and it sent me spiralling back in time….Aara sobbing…sitting on my lounge floor….”I’m tired Nemo, I’m tired…I can’t do this anymore”**

And once again I was snapped out of my thoughts by Aara as she pulled me down to sit beside her…and I did…and she smiled….


Aara: Nemo we don’t have much time…take my hand…( As tears fell from her eyes)

Me: no…go away…leave me alone

Aara: Nemo please…just take my hand

Me: you left me here….(I was crying too)….I deserve to be here..

Aara: no Nemo no…I’m sorry…come with me please…

Me: (pushing her away as she came closer)
Please Aara…go away…(Choking on my tears) go away…leave me here…this is my place…I should be here

Aara: (coming closer) your place is with me…

And she hugged me and we both cried…we cried out everything that was left in us…

I impulsively held her hand a little tighter and a tear fell involuntarily from my eye…

What was she made of? That she had forgiven me over and over again…a forgiveness I probably didn’t deserve at the time…

It’s so easy to say that someone has forgiven you…but that forgiveness should rather be earned. I owed her my life….and she never, not one day asked for anything in return for all the favours she had done for me. The one person who never gave up on me…

I stared at her while she looked up at the stars…an overwhelming feeling swept over me…I didn’t fall in love with her now…I’ve been in love with her for years…I hadn’t realised it until two years ago when I thought I had lost her for good. It wasn’t just about having Aara in my life because I was used to her…but because she was my every breath….

I drifted back to us a few years ago….

Aara: did you read your namaaz?

Me: I’m going now…

Aara: Nemo….come on…make it your priority…your life will change

And I remember that day very clearly as I sat on my musallah…and the same dua is bursting out of my heart right now…

“O my Creator…I have sinned…I have sinned so much…please forgive me….I can’t understand why you love me so much…but I know you do…because you have given me my Aara…a ray of hope in my life…an angel who makes even my worst days feel like my best….please grant her every happiness…please forgive me for hurting her…please let her remain in my life always….if she is for me, please let her be mine always…please grant me the strength to become a better person and the strength to become worthy of her love…ameen”

Tears streamed down my cheeks…life has changed so much in two years….but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that she’s still here…

I could ask her anything I wanted to now and she would probably tell me…but that would be wrong….

I will wait for the day when she tells me on her own…in her full senses…

I will earn Aara’s love back….honestly and sincerely

I put my arm around her and gazed up at the stars with her with a new found hope and a new found dream..


23 thoughts on “Part 80 – A Walk to Remember…

  1. I must say the whole Nemo and Aara thing kind of sickens me. Childhood friends are like cousins,or worse,siblings! And incest is disgusting so please if you want your blog to be a success end the feelings between Nemo and Aara right now,it’s really gross.


    • Wow!its funny hw wen we dnt lyk sumtn d crap we cum up wid! Find anothr crapper to spew ur garbage into! Its d authors choic whu ends up wid whom,its her blog!whu d hell r u to tl her to ‘end it ryt now’?? If u dnt lyk it dnt read it,its dt simple!! Lol and btw..its already a huge sucess!
      Thy r childhood ‘frnds’dts def a diff meanin from siblings,mayb u need a dictionary wile u @ it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Omw …. are we getting a hater ? Coz that means u awesomer *happy dance*
    “If no one hates …. you’re doing something boring” … “high five Shazia” u one of theeeeee bestest Authorness ever in the wide world 😀 !! Ur blog is a total success coz we alll beyond love it 😀 !! “Bigest bear hugs”!!! #LoveULotz♥

    “Crying with lump in my throat” … Nemo and Aara have been through alot … & they just complete each other ;;) !! This walk is definitely memorable … witnessed but the stars & sky of Cape Town 😀 !! Those flash backs 😥 !! Aww Nemos dua is too sweet #LoveIt♡ and how he asks to become best for her♥! ……New hope and New Dream 😀 #Nemo&Aara♥ ….Xoxo


  3. Aaaawww man. “Tears n smiles” Such a Heart warming post. They jus meant 4 each other. But uhhmm nemo don’t wait 4her 2tell u, cumon mk the move n tell her 1st u Love her….


  4. “My Nemo”….it brought a tear 2my eye…i love t way thngs r slowly unfolding…i love Zoheb in t blog, but really it doesnt matter who ends up2gether-am jus relaxing &enjoying beautiful writting…yoh some ppl r really obsessed, lol would u tell an author 2take his books of t shelves if ur hero isnt famous or a director 2take his movie of circuit….does anyone rem back in t days there was an amir khan movie wre they had2change t ending bcos the guys in india wre nt happy, lol,lol&lol:)))))


  5. How can it evn b likend to incest , wen u allowed to marry ur first cousin in Islam !! There’s no such thing as – he’s like my brother …….. If he’s NOT ur brother (or any other mahram – blood relative ) den u can marry …… N des no disgusting thing abt that !!!


  6. Gosh…..dat persons comment was so stupid. How cn childhood frenz be like cousins/siblings…. She’s making a stupid relation where there isn’t any! They frenz n dats wat dey r!
    My hubby was my bestest friend ever…. N now we married (best decision of my life)…. R u sayin dat marrying my hubby is disgusting cos he should have been like a sibling to me instead .
    So u c how ur comment is so silly…really!!!
    Dis blog is super super awesome…. U know, Zoheb n Aara got my vote in d poll….. But dis post is amazing…. Nemo gna fite 4 his Aara… Real knight in shining armour… Love it!!!


  7. Incest lol..jus a theory mayb “No” ws in love wt her bestfrend n gt rejected n nw is saying its incest, cousins, siblings. Go read another blog if ur nt happy!


  8. Awwwwww… W.O.W..
    Totally Amazing post, bought tears to my eyes, literally.. They’ve been through soo much together.. They really are MADE for each other! Toooooo sweeeeet…
    Ur blog is theeeeeee best shazia!!


  9. Awwww*tears* heart warming post,every1 can c how deep nemos feeling r 4 aara!cumon nemo don’t w8 4 her tell her NOW lol!2 whoever said its incest R U a DUMB STUPID FOOL???????coz it surely looks like that 2 me


  10. Awwwwwwwwwww I love love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this post ❤ ❤ ❤ #Nemo&Aara forever and ever and everrrrrrr. @No maybe if you change your name to 'yes' you won't have such a retarded view on things. Shazia already told us that Aara and Nemos relationship is NOT that of siblings. If you have a problem with this blog don't read it. You can sit at home and tend to cats or peel potatoes or whatever. #Nemo&Aara from childhood to old age<3


  11. AwWwwww this is thee sweetest post eva*tears*,NeMo tel her hw u Feel pleeeeez !!! AARA + NEMO 4evvaaa n evvaaa !!
    Totalllyyy Looovveee this blog!!
    @ Author u rock nd I thnk u knw that ur blog already is a success ,no need 2 worry of others silly comments*wink*


  12. Great post Shazia! Totally awesome each post is just too good! Wandering what Maria did and also wandering what going through zoheb head hearing that aara loved nemo😉


  13. Lol @No .. Ur comment is just retarded,they’re friends not actual siblings..although i kinda like zoheb and aara more,i wudnt call nemo and aara disgusting,just be less harsh,gurl!


    • Lol ‘No’ sorry we weren’t able to dream up the fact that you’re not a girl 😉 Maaf if we offended your feelings but as I said if you don’t like the blog don’t read it 😀 Oh and since you say you aint a guy the peeling potatoes part doesn’t really suit but anyway you can always go play soccer or kickbox or whatever that game is instead of posting rude comments 😉 Btw I’m betting a million dollars on the fact that you don’t own a dictionary. Please go buy one to avoid further misinterpretations of words in the future 😀


  14. Lmao ‘NO’ y dint u jus say so!nw ur coment mkes soo much sens huny if dt ws her xcuse to wid othrs d frndship’cuzn tng does wrk 😉


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