Part 83- Bonus Post -Our ‘Date’

purple m6 coupe

“Don’t cry…I’ll see you very,very soon…and don’t forget what I told you…always listen to your heart kiddo okay”….

Those were Uzair’s parting words to me yesterday morning. I had seen him after so long that I bawled my eyes out when he left! Now I couldn’t wait for Riza and Laeeka’s engagement!

As I lay on my bed and stared at the ocean my mind drifted to my lunch “date” yesterday. ℓ☺ℓ Zoheb was a google king for sure! He googled authentic cape malay places to eat and took me in his hired PURPLE M6…ℓ☺ℓ which by the way he let me choose so yeah…

Zoheb: purple?

Me: its not purple its cute!

Zoheb: (laughing) but to be driving it…

Me: then I’ll drive! (Jumping like a kid who tasted her first sweet)

Zoheb: okay driver…purple it is

He actually let me drive! And I love cars so Zoheb was in for the ride of his life!

Zoheb: how much do you know about cars?

Me: (fastening my seatbelt and smirking) well…let’s just tell you about this one for now…(Running my fingers across the steering wheel)twinpower turbo V8 petrol engine, 7 speed double clutch transmission, carbon ceramic brakes, maximum precision for every bend…servotronic baby..560 horsepower..this is simply as they put it “elegance in its most dynamic form”( and I started the car and revvvvvvved it up)

I turned to look at Zoheb and his mouth was literally just hanging open!

Me: don’t look so shocked!

Zoheb: I am shocked!

I couldn’t drop the grin off my face as I took off…

Zoheb: woooah Aara…its only just the cbd…not a race track woman!

Me: are you scared?

Zoheb: (shaking his head and laughing) when we’re done we’ll go for a drive and then you can tear it…deal?

Me: done deal!
After the florist I decided to “let” him drive and I was really surprised when our destination turned out to be Bo Kaap Kombuis. As usual I was starving and it was only 11:30am!

Me: (once we were seated) traditional cape malay?

Zoheb: I’ve never tried it…and you said that I should surprise you so I’m reeeealy hoping you haven’t tried it too then it will be a first for both of us..

Me: (that was just sweet) I haven’t tried it..

Zoheb: (big dimpled smile)then shall we order?

Traditional Malay Boboti, Denning Vleis,frikkadelles, smoor tomato, butter bean curry, chickpea curry and roti….seriously…what were we thinking when we ordered???? Even the waiter stared at us in disbelief!

Zoheb: (enjoying the denningvleis)this is delicious you should try it

Me: denningvleis is lamb knuckles!

Zoheb: but its tasty…here ( and into my mouth it went!)

Me: mmmm this actually tastes good…

To say that we were stuffed would be the understatement of the century!! I thought I was going to explode! We didn’t finish everything but decided that we were definitely going to bring the others here!

Me: let’s walk?

Zoheb: I think I could really use that

And we ended up at a museum…

Iziko Bo-Kaap Museum…and here we felt as though we were stepping back in time. It was amazing and I was in awe of the fact that Zoheb enjoyed history as much as I did…so after many pictures we headed back to our car while discussing whatever else we knew about the history of Cape Town in general. I was taught never to act dumb infront of anyone…just be who you are and I like things like this..some may find it boring but I didn’t

Zoheb was absolutely silent as I drove the M6 at an exhilarating speed around those dangerous curves…and I didn’t want to talk either…right now, it was just this sexy beast BMW, the seemingly never ending road and me…driving at this speed was …not recommended but the thrill and rush that came with it was something no amount of words could describe.
I eventually did stop…when I realised we were more than 100kms out of where should have been!

Zoheb had a little grin on his face.

Me: you knew we were so far out?

Zoheb: until about ten minutes ago yeah…but you were on a roll so I didn’t want to stop you

Me: wow…okay…this machine just handles so well (as I traced my fingers around the steering wheel again) but…your turn now (and I opened the door to get off)

Zoheb: you’re sure coz I don’t mind being driven around?

Me: you just have to drive this car!

I could see that Zoheb was quite the racer with the way in which he handled this car…he was…I have to admit..way better than me in this department! I looked at him while he drove and his face was so serious it was almost funny! I bit my lip trying to suppress my laugh and openly stared at him hoping to break his concentration…which at 240km/hr wasn’t a very good idea…

Zoheb burst out laughing and dropped his speed…

Zoheb: you are mean!

Me: aah no more mr tough guy are we?

Zoheb: hmmm and how do you mean?

Me: you should have seen your face! It was as though you were getting paid to drive! (I was torn with laughter)

Zoheb: Aara Aara Aara…Aara…adoring…Aara…see no matter what you do you still look adorable when you do it:)

Frikking flip flops!! How on earth did he manage to do that? “Adoring” is the meaning of my name…Zoheb…was just…something else…

Zoheb: (turning into the road of our “home”) did you have a good time?

Me: aah*sighing* it was okay

Zoheb: just okay?

Me: aha

Zoheb: oh…okay

Me: I’m kidding man it was awesome! Thank you much much much

Zoheb: (smiling his full dimpled smile) you’re welcome…who would have thought…I mean our first few “encounters” were…you know..

Me: it was all you! Stuck up, miserable, antisocial,high and mighty, egoistic, self centered…

Zoheb: (cutting me off) heyyyyy

Me: rude…brattish, snobby…

Zoheb: (laughing) now you see how good you are…you melted your way straight past all of that

Me: the credit goes to me? *acting shocked* I would never have guessed it!

Zoheb: did you eat space muffins again?

Me: errr no…and last night was just a total mistake

Zoheb: you want to know what you said?

Me: uh uh

Zoheb: why not?

Me: because….

Zoheb: because…?

Me: because!

Zoheb: beeecause…?

Me: (laughing) because of this.. and I know it would definitely have had something to do with these (pointing at his dimples)

Zoheb: okay…I’ll tell you ..soon

And before I could answer,and as we drove into the driveway…

Zoheb: by the way I got this for you (handing me a long silver gift box with the prettiest little yellow bow)

Me: what is it?

Zoheb: open it..

Me: you can’t keep giving me things I told you..

Zoheb: open it already!

Me: okay okay


Me: O MY GOD!!! How did you know???

I actually screamed I was so thrilled! Two “foodie” bracelets from Macarons and Stilletos!! And I’ve been meaning to order these like FOREVER!!

Me: how did you know???

Zoheb: I wasn’t eavesdropping but I heard you and Laeeka talking about it in the RV so I googled it…(Laughing) yes I relied on google again…and I found it

Me: thank you so much I love it! They are so cute!

And I tried to put in on with a little difficulty..or maybe my excitement was just getting the better of me…

Zoheb: may I?

And I nodded silently…

Zoheb: one on each hand?

Me: nope both on one hand please

Zoheb: okay (and he clasped on both these cute bracelets onto my left wrist)

I jingled it infront of me with a huge smile on my face.


And I looked at the bracelets on my wrist and touched each charm softly…I had hidden it under my sleeve when I went out with the girls…because…I don’t even know why myself

” I think Nemo likes you”…Laeeka’s words echoed in my head.

And I drifted off again…to 10pm last night…

Me: Nemo can you come here please? (Calling him into the kitchen while everyone else was on the terrace)

Me: here…shhhh (handing him something)

Nemo: and here I thought that you had forgotten about giving this to me!

Me: I could never!

And I handed him his half of the stash of syrup lemons that Uzair had given me. Nemo and I would eat these when we were younger, until our tongues would sting!

And as Nemo was about to hop onto the kitchen counter next to me…Mari entered the kitchen and asked him to come with her! And he left!

Nemo: sorry Aara but thanks for these

And he walked away!! He’s never done this before…well atleast not over the last few years!

“Listen to your heart…Iisten to your heart”…the thought of Uzair made me smile!

And at that very moment, my phone beeped..

Zoheb: where are you pretty lady?

foodie bracelets


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15 thoughts on “Part 83- Bonus Post -Our ‘Date’

  1. Wowowoowowo. ZOHEIB #dimples #flipflop
    U know sooo Aara. He’s just too irresistable
    And he’s genuinely cute. And the way he doesn’t
    hid he’s feelings makes him sincere
    Aara&Zoheib foreva and eva in a purple BMW *wink
    🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Wow!!! Awesome post!!! Zoheb is really amazing. Aara can just be herself around him.She’s totally comfortable °̩и his company. May dey remain 2gether 4ever.


  3. Omw fast driving and plus it’s a BmW *love struck*
    Uhm Aara adoring Aara… dnt think Nemo as being mean coz his jus hurt u went on date with Zoheb 😉 he will feel hurt …. coz he loves u *hugs Nemo*!!
    Lmao urll really did eat alot #Ripped =)) =D
    Awwww those bracelet are so cute 😀 !!
    Nemo0o I love u more than Aara 😉 so will u plz share those syrup lemons with me 😛 !! I looooove them also 😀 !! Or at least make intention for me when u eat it neh 😉 …. Err Aara let’s say u doing to Nemo wat u never ever did 😉 see why he’s hurt 😛 !! Great post 😀 !! Wonder wat Maria wants to say ?! 🙂 xoxo


  4. Thanxz miss author for da extra post* love zoheb all da way *aara plz dont look bk at da past n think of nemo gona being brokern if hs a tru fwen hell be happy for u jst follow ur heart


  5. Oh no!*closed eyes* WHY oh WHY aara!Cumon nemo u gota pull up ur socks n work fast now can’t u c aara is slipping outa ur hold!cute post though if it was aara n nemo wudve been muuuuuuuuch better*NEMO n AARA* all the way


  6. Oh those charm bracelets 😍 it was sweet but I’m still team nemo
    I know this has nothing to do with the blog but I miss RaMaani 😭😭 it’s just that the fast driving in cape town and car talk brought back memories of them 😣 mxm where’s RaMaani at these days?
    But awesome post, love the car but in purple in not so sure lol can only be aara 😃


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