Part 85- Spin The Bottle

As narrated by Maariah:

Ratanga Junction was a total blast!! We spent the entire day there and Aunty Sawleha and Uncle Irshaad gave Zainab and Arshad their blessings on their new found happiness.

Even though we were up really early that morning helping with Arshad’s surprise, none of us were tired! We had two days left before our holiday ended and we definitely wanted to make the most of it.

The 8 of us relaxed outside on the terrace, stuffing our faces with chocolate ice cream and an array of different toppings!

Nemo: let’s play a game!

Riza: what do you have in mind bro?

Nemo: how about spin the bottle? (Looking at Aara)

Laeeka: I’m game!

Riza: buuut…with a twist…new rules…whoever’s turn it is…the person asking the question..gets to ask a maximum of 3 questions that have to be related not three different questions…you will figure out why eventually

And then the one who answers the question is the next to spin the bottle…

And within minutes we were sitting on the floor in a circle with an empty bottle of appletiser in the centre.

Riza: who’s first?

Aara: me me me!

Riza: (smiling at Aara) okay madam you go first

And Aara spun the bottle…and it pointed towards…Arshad!!

Nemo: make it interesting sweetheart( and he winked at Aara)

I shot a glance at Nemo…he could never control himself infront of Aara!

Aara: okayyy Arshoo…let’s see…describe …the colour of Zainab’s dress!!

Arshad: that’s easy Aarooo…its pink!

Zainab: this isn’t pink Arshad

Arshad: ofcourse it is

Zainab: uh uh

Aara had a grin on her face…and so did everyone else

Arshad: okay its like cerise then

Nemo: *bust*

Zai: *raising her eyebrow*

Arshad: love, its pink because its definitely not blue or red or green

Zai: its fuchsia

Arshad: what is that?

Zai: the colour of my dress!!

Arshad: that’s a colour?

Nemo: (torn with laughter) bro the moral of the story is…if she says its pink its pink if you say its pink..its fuchsia!

Zai: (throwing a pillow at Nemo) very funny

Arshad: Aara you blerry…you knew why you asked that!

Aara: ofcourse *winking at Arshad*

Arshad: my turn!

And Arshad spun the bottle and it pointed to…Nemo!

Arshad: (rubbing his hands together) so question or questions to you are…nemo the smooth talker and charmer..have you ever been in love?

Nemo: (without hesitating) yes

The expression on Aara’s face did not change…

Arshad: are you currently in love?

Nemo: (looking at Aara) yes

Finally, the reaction I was hoping for…Aara looked at him in surprise

Arshad: is it a man or a woman?

Nemo: what? (Throwing sprinkles on Arshad) woman ofcourse -im not like you hey

Zai: errr are you saying that I’m a man?

The rest of us were so ripped our tummys hurt!

Nemo: err no ofcourse not…my turn

And Nemo spun the bottle…and it pointed to Laeeka

Nemo:(grinning) how much do you like Riza’s mum?

Laeeka: (looking at Riza) ummm

Nemo:(winking at Laeeka) don’t look at him, look at me and if he says anything I’ll sort him out

Laeeka: (chuckling to herself) I love her to bits!

Nemo: ooo let’s see…swear on your life that its the truth?

Laeeka: ermmmm

Zainab and Aara were besides themselves with laughter because we all knew exactly how Laeeka felt about her mother in law!

Laeeka: errrrm

Nemo: errrrm?

Laeeka: okay its a lie! But make dua that it changes one day

Nemo: aww Laeeks it will change don’t worry, its not possible for your goodness to not reach her heart

Riza put his arm around Laeeka and kissed her on her forehead…

Laeeka spun the bottle…Zoheb’s turn!

Laeeka: okay Mr.London my question to you is…would you ever sacrifice your love for a friend?

Zoheb: (with a questioning look on his face) no

Laeeka: (taken aback) why not?

Zoheb: because sacrifice would require my “love” and I to be together and if she loves me I wouldn’t want to give her up to someone whom she doesn’t love. Its another thing entirely if she’s with me out of obligation though and I guess no one would want to be in that situation?

Laeeka: and if she is in love with someone else..someone you know…would you sacrifice your love for her and let her be with who she wants?

Zoheb: ofcourse..I’ve sort of already done that anyway…one more time will only just break me but it won’t kill me

Riza: إن شاء الله it won’t happen again Zoheb…what kind of a question is that anyway Laeeks?

Laeeka: maaf Zoheb I didn’t mean to bring back any hurtful memories…

Zoheb: it’s cool ( and he spun the bottle)

Zoheb: Arshad your one true love?

Zainab: he most certainly is:)

Zoheb: how do you know that for sure?

Zainab: because…(Taking Arshad’s hand in hers) he sees to the tiniest little things that I love…when he looks at me I can see only truth in his one could ever love me more than Arshad and I couldn’t love anyone else more than I love him

Zoheb: that’s really sweet Zai

And Zainab spun the bottle…shux my turn

Zainab: what is the worst thing that you’ve ever done?

Me: (with my head down)I betrayed someone I was very close to…


Zai: o kay..why did you do it?

Me: at the time I guess I couldn’t see beyond my actions and never thought about their consequences

Zai: do you regret it?

Me: with all my heart (and I looked at Nemo but he looked away…)

I guess. I couldn’t just expect him to forget what I did….I spun the bottle….Riza

Me: Riza what is the real reason you organized this roadtrip?

Riza: real reason? (And he laughed) this is the reason ( and he lifted his hand and pointed at all of us in a circular motion)

Me: any regrets so far?

Riza: not really…everything happens for a reason if only everyone would see it that way

And Riza gave me a stern look…

And Riza spun the bottle…..Aara

Riza smiled at Aara. One thing was for sure, Riza had a lot of time for her and she may not be his real sister but he definately cared for her like his own sister.

Riza: Aarooo what was the highlight of your trip so far?

Aara: can I give more than one?

Riza: ℓ☺ℓ! Since its you…go ahead

Aara: first…Uzair!! And second …my day out with Zoheb:)

Riza: hmmm elaborate?

Aara: Uzzi because I love him to bits and haven’t seen him for years and well…we had a good heart to heart…helped ease the tension in my head…and my day out with Zoheb because…I just really felt like my old self again on that day…carefree, happy…doing silly things…thank you Zoheb

Zoheb blinked at her with a small smile…

Aara spun the bottle…and it pointed to…


I silently prayed that Nemo would keep up to what we agreed on…

Aara: (looking Nemo straight in the eye) why are you avoiding me?

Everyone fell silent…

Nemo: (head down) I’m not avoiding you

Aara: look at me and tell me that you aren’t

Nemo looked at Aara for a few seconds and spun the bottle…completely ignoring Aara’s question

Riza: that’s not fair Nemo, answer the question

Aara: its okay Reez…(And she looked at Nemo with a look that had a mixture of hurt and anger in it) let it be

But Nemo didn’t even look back at her…

Laeeka looked at me worriedly as Nemo spun the bottle…

Unbelievably it pointed to Aara!

Nemo: it’s ok I’ll pass

Arshad: what is your problem?

Nemo: I know Aara for so long I don’t have anything to ask her

Riza: it won’t kill you to ask any question will it?

Aara: it’s fine…I’m done here anyway

And Aara woke up and started walking away.

Laeeka started to get up as well, presumably to follow her.

Riza: it’s okay Laeeka…let her be

And Riza gave a cold hard stare to Nemo.

Zoheb also looked at Nemo questioningly and I somehow had a feeling that he was slowly starting to understand that there was so much more than just what met the eye…

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28 thoughts on “Part 85- Spin The Bottle

  1. Zoheib is just the cutest eva
    And naeem is a spoilspot
    Wake up and smell the coffee.
    Aara and Zoheib foreva and eva
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Luvly post as always.
    Nyc questions and informitive
    Replies. U rock authoress


  2. OMG! That post was so awesome!:) #intense #suspense! Awww poor Nemo! Just love Nemo more now!<3 #iknowweird! Aara open youe eyes!! I thought u were the one with the open mind!! :/ Zoheb is also quite cute! Just not for Aara he can get someone that he loves more than her! Can't see Nemo hurt! 😥


  3. Ohh man nemo!! Y did u do dt!! U shudv tld her sumtn @lst!!u pushng her away furthr!!!and u heard zoheb! He aint givn her up!!!


  4. No! No! My nemo is not a spoilsport! He’s just hurt that Aara and Zoheb spent time together! He just loves Aara!😢


  5. Rutanga junction *happy dance* aNd esp monkey falls *love it* ahaha I know I’m werid and random X_x

    Arshad to Nemo: is it a woman or man #Ripped =)) =D =))
    Arshad a smooth talker and charmer boy ain’t gonna be in love with a guy 😛
    He’s definitely gonna be in love with a girl that’s has a unique personality 😉

    Whaaat the totilas milo pops 😮 ?! Woaah ease it up on Nemo … he duz have a heart which is soft as silk 😛 so he is hurt 😥 and after zaii question to Maria .. it fills his mind more -_- !! Hurt hurt hurt 😥 😥 😥 !! *big bear hugs nemo*!!! Nemo isn’t a spoilt spot he jus sed pass …. Aara is being a drama queen 😛 … Amd now I’m gonna be a drama queen and cry coz I’m so hurt and sad for Nemo 😥 hello0oo she confessed in front of Nemo abt hw she loved Zohebs date -_- 😥 aNd now must Nemo to be best actor of the century 😉 he’s a guy bt soft at heart and he feeels it alooot 😥 !! If aara is hurt than her zoheb will hug her and take her on beach front on his shoes 😛 !! Riza, Zoheb and Arshad go fly kite *rolling eyes*!! My love for Reez jus dropped X_x

    @humii I’m with u there ….. I jus love nemo more and more 😀 !! That’s so Rameeeeeezish … if he dnt wanna answer the question jus drop it 😛 … I missssss Rameeeez more 😥 😥 😥 and love nemo more more & more 😀 xoxo


  6. Zai … A mann ?!?? #Ripped =)) . This post woke me up … Literally …. ​ℓ☺ℓ was super tired ( my eyes were closing ) and welll it jus got me awake now =)) Awesome post 😀 . But what is happening with Nemo and Aara 😦 !!!???!? 😥 post soon please u owe us =D ​ℓ☺ℓ


  7. Errrrrm. Nemo is so not like Rameez! Zoheb is more like a Rameez and an Ismail and a Wasim and well..a Zoheb! (Which is way better than Nemo any day) and he is just all the best guys from all the best blogs especially this one! And Nemo is really irritating! Like just get him a girl and get rid of him! Hebis a good friend but Zoheb and Aara are more of a power couple!


  8. Guys as much as we hate it,the author already said Nemo is her favourite character so duh its already predicted Nemo will get Aara! No point in fighting when the author already said so


    • *sigh* you know, the story should matter, not who gets Aara but rather the road taken to get there. The more u harp on ooo nemo and aara or oooo zoheb and aara, the more ur missing out on the essence on such a wonderful story. Look at the bigger picture and stop being so narrow minded!
      Ps: Nemo being my favourite doesn’t influence the story at all. I just thoroughly enjoy writing about him!whether good or bad!


  9. ….if it wasnt4 maripops,Aara would hav probable bn wid Nemo-dat is sooo unfair on both of them😢 but ZOHEB NW COMPLETES AARA💞&isa he will not b put a position2giv his love up💖


  10. Whaaat the totilas milo pops 😮 ?! Woaah ease it up on Nemo … he duz have a heart which is soft as silk 😛 so he is hurt 😥 and after zaii question to Maria .. it fills his mind more -_- !! Hurt hurt hurt 😥 😥 😥 !! *big bear hugs nemo*!!! Nemo isn’t a spoilt spot he jus sed pass …. Aara is being a drama queen 😛 … Amd now I’m gonna be a drama queen and cry coz I’m so hurt and sad for Nemo 😥 hello0oo she confessed in front of Nemo abt hw she loved Zohebs date -_- 😥 aNd now must Nemo to be best actor of the century 😉 he’s a guy bt soft at heart and he feeels it alooot 😥 !! If aara is hurt than her zoheb will hug her and take her on beach front on his shoes 😛 !! Riza, Zoheb and Arshad go fly kite *rolling eyes*!! My love for Reez jus dropped X_x

    @humii I’m with u there ….. I jus love nemo more and more 😀 !! That’s so Rameeeeeezish … if he dnt wanna answer the question jus drop it 😛 … I missssss Rameeeez more 😥 😥 😥 and love nemo more more & more 😀 xoxo

    Lmao =)) haaaaaaj I’m copying your comments again 😛 😛 !! #dont_wanna_use_my_keypad !! 😛 haha but haaj loved your comment!! 😀 😛 aannd he is rameeeezish nah♡!! 😛


  11. @ifBlogsWereReal aNd @Nemo&Maria Lol =)) I didn’t say Nemo is Rameezish 😛 I sed that (meaning if he dnt wanna answer … he wnt 😉 ) was so Rameezish =)) !! ANd Nemos character is unique that’s why I love him 😀 while Zoheb is jus like any other blog guy 😉 !! Ooh bt Zoheb isnt like in Rameez bad boy with good heart 😉 that’s more like Nemo 😉 !! Okii okii I wnt compare I’ll jus happily love Nemo most 😀 !!! Hopefully with barket of us talking of Rameez on LLD we get a post from R101 😀 #Hope 😛 xoxo

    @lifeluvdestiny Maaaaaaaf *covers face*!! Ooh and I loved this drama it was so awesome and unexpected 😀 !! I always enjoy thee story jus I’m a bit tooo dramatic for words *hide*!! Make me maaaf xoxo

    @Amina =)) u make me rip =)) !!! And I dnt mind 😀 !!! Ooh Miss_Memon can’t type coz the buttons will get used 😛 !!! #True_Memon 😉 !!! Xoxo


  12. I’m not talking about breaking your sleep to approve,just want to know why when other blogs are metioned such as relatble 101 or if we say aw shhucks the authors of dubain and xoxomemongirl are both on zoheb’s team..why do those comments not get approved? Do u like plan on choosing nemo and thats why u dont want peoples opinions to change in the favour of zoheb because u think the opinions of other authors will impact on ur fans? No offence just curious


    • *Runs my hands through my hair* … “You attract people by the qualities u display! And u keep them by the qualities u posses 😀 “!! … so dnt hate on Nemo coz udawise Aara wud have left being by him long tym 😛 !! He’s got a heart of gold 🙂 !! His got a magnet that draws Aara to him 😛 !! Now to start off are u a dude or dudet ? Jus nw I call u a gal and u a guy 😛 …… Errm always remember “if you don’t have anything good to say…rather remain a silent reader” 😛 !! Sorry to tell u…..but Shazia is the Authorness and she can and will make Aara end up with whoever she wants 😛 !! I dnw why u going on for urself coz Shazia loves both Nemo and Zoheb 🙂 !! U shud smile while u still have teeth 😀 !! Just so u know When ppl comment it has no effect on the story line 😀 !! btw why dnt u use one name …. maybe then ur comments will be approved 😉 !! Ooh by “We” who u referring to ? Urself with different names 😉 !! Argh C’mon Why would someone’s opinion change jus because dubain and xoxomemongal Author is on Zohebs team 😛 ? Seriously ? Shoot me even but I wnt change to Zohebs team *sigh* only dead fish goes with the flow so whoever wants to change teams jus coz of Authors is a dead fish 😛 !! More like….are u fearing that u myt come on Nemos team as the story plays out 😛 … eish sowii to burst ur bubble bt we grateful u not on Nemos team … we way to awesome for u 😛 !! And how is she loosing fans 😕 ? They just swapping teams -_- !! So what are u on abt 😛 !! And I’m also just curious….that are u feeling it because Nemo fans rocked in the voting 😛 ?! Relax it duznt have a effect on the story 😛 But inshaAllah Nemo & Aara end up happily ever after ♡ !! #MyHopes&Duas♥ Lol I guess that’s #UrGreatestFear 😛 Ayy Seriously? “Do u like plan on choosing Nemo?” — that ends the story if we find out =)) !! Obviously we have to wait and see who Aara destined to be with 😉 !! InshaAllah its gonna be Nemo & Aara ♡♥♡ !! And it’s just a journey of two hearts 😛 !! Incase u didnt know every Author can approve whatever they want and delete whatever they want…it’s their blog 😛 !! Life goes by in the blink of a eye… Appreciate the moment 😀 … Just Enjoy the story 🙂 … Have a awesome day 😀 Xoxo


    • Every single comment no matter how annoying, is approved.
      If u sent a comment thru and it didn’t show up on the thread, perhaps you should try posting it again? Becoz here I’m lost really-i always approve comments because nobodys opinions influence my story at all.

      Do I think other authors opinions wil impact on my fans- no, if I thought so I wouldn’t have collaborated with dubain to write some of the uzzi posts with me because she is a die hard zoheb fan…ℓ☺ℓ she takes it to another level

      I have always asked everyone to read the story, let the story touch u and don’t just focus on one character in particular and make that ur focal point. Just becoz Nemo is my fav, doesn’t mean I hate the others, I mean come on they r my characters after all. Writing Zoheb’s bits gives me flip flops that’s where the flip flops entered the story anyway.
      Nemo and Aara have an incredible history together and it is important to know that history as the story moves forward to know why she chooses who she chooses. Its the choices that we make in our lives that define us, is it not so? And every important decision comes with a lot of thought, as is normal for everyone so its not going to be any different for Aara.


    • I actually owe u an apology. was really curious so I came online to check my dashboard. normally upload posts and approve n reply from my fone using the wordpress app so don’t miss a comment. turns out I actually did miss many comments. perhaps due to network etc I dunno. anyway, so there were a few comments still waiting for approval which I didn’t know about. they are sorted now tho. a few were yours actually…so I get where ur coming from when u asked why aren’t comments approved etc. sorry abt that:)


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