Part 87- Take it from the TOP-Part 1

As narrated by Aara:

I held my cup of coffee with two hands and sipped it silently. Flip you Nemo, two can play this game! You want to ignore me? Fine! I’ll ignore you too! Blerry act like a baby dammit!

Riza: very engrossed madam?

Me: aha…deep thoughts bro

Riza: still upset about last night?

Me: not anymore

Riza: Aara…

Me: hmmmmmmmm

Riza: your mind is so dangerous I’m even afraid to ask what’s going on in there

Me: do I scare you THAT much Reez?

Riza: you really wanna know?

Me: tell me, is it just me or is Nemo acting weird?

Riza: he’s acting weird

And both of us laughed a little.

Riza: he’ll come around though

Me: I know… this train ride is so cute by the way

Riza: and a lekker fish and chips on the way (rubbing his hands together)

Me: good because I’m starving!

Riza: eh when are you not starving? You know, since tomorrow is our second last day and every morning we’ve all been at the beach, tomorrow let’s make it a complete beach day go home with a tan

Me: dude you’re getting engaged in a week! You don’t wanna look like a brownie!

Riza: (laughing) brownie?

Me: yeah you know..brownie the thing we eat? But if you insist I will never say no to the beach!

Riza: and to make it exciting…(And Reez whispered his plans into my ear) but I need your help

Me: where do you come up with these ideas? (Punching him lightly)

As narrated by Arshad:

After a yummylicious fish and chips in Hout Bay, a too cute train ride through Simonstown and and and…

A one day extension to our trip!!! Which everyone agreed on without even blinking an eye! So now we had two days left in Cape Town woohoo *happy dance*

Errr we still made place for supper though and Zoheb treated everyone that night to Bo Kaap Kombuis’s devine food. This holiday was all about eat, eat and eat again! Man was I stuffed!

Zoheb: I’ve managed to get a provisional booking for Gansbaai tomorrow by the way

Riza: no ways! Are you serious? I thought they were fully booked??

Laeeka: Gansbaai…that’s like…wait…no…no…Reez NO!

Zoheb: o kay…we do need to confirm the number of people though…I’ve got to email the guy by latest 8pm tonight

Laeeka: count Riza out he’s not going

Riza: Laeeka

Laeeka: what if something happens to you?

My mum: what’s in this Gansbaai that has you so worried Laeeka?

Laeeka: Aunty Sawleha they want to go deep sea diving…with sharks!

My mum: WHAT?? Are your’ll mad???

Zoheb and Riza started laughing!!

Riza: its not deep sea…its only about 9 metres deep and its shark CAGE diving not like we are going to be swimming with the sharks…I guess this changes our plans for a bit tomorrow then, guys come on who’s in?

Zai: I can’t really handle being in a boat let alone near a shark so nope count me out

Laeeka: count me out and you too Riza!

Maariah: uh uh me neither…that side is just notorious no ways I’m out

Me: I’d like to go…

My mother: Arshad! (And she kinda swore me in guji I think)

Dad: let him go Sawleha (and he explained to her in guji that it was in a cage and that I’d be okay and that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and well my mother argued that Ushaka Marine World was probably safer because the cage would be in a tank)

Me: but Ma it won’t be the same!

My dad expressed his desire to go as well but my mother would hear nothing of it!

Riza: I asked Zoheb to find out about Gansbaai so you all can stop looking at him like that please :-p

Riza: Nemo what about you?

Nemo: I think I’m going to sit this one out…the last time I went deep sea fishing I threw up from the time we left till the time we got back

Riza: Nemo come on man

Nemo: (waving his hand in the air) naa uh you guys go..

Riza: Aara?

Aara: sure why not

Laeeka: Aara!

Aara: whaaat…I never really thought about it before but now that the chance is here why not take it?

Riza: okay book it Zoheb just for the four of us then

Everyone was silent. I don’t see what the big fuss was about anyway!

As narrated by Aara:

When we got home I decided that I was going to TORTURE Nemo the best way I knew *wink wink* and so I headed off to the kitchen….

And just under an hour later I walked out onto the terrace with a plate full of…hold your breath…


The smell of it had filled the air and I walked around offering everyone…including Nemo but that stubborn goat refused to take it!

I really wanted to laugh so hard because I caught him licking his lips and I deliberately sat next to him, crossed my legs under me and balance the plate on my lap…I brought it slowly to my mouth and closed my eyes as I took my first bite!

Me: mmmmm

By now the others were already pinching more from my plate..not that I minded..but β„“β˜Ίβ„“! It was having its desired effect!!! I knew how much Nemo loved dhaiwaras…we would always joke about even if his worst enemy were eating dhaiwaras he would swallow his pride and steal a few!

Riza grabbed the opportunity while everyone’s mood seemed to have simmered down with the dhaiwaras after our shark cage diving plans for tomorrow were revealed…

Riza: so tomorrow night…we are having an activity…(And he got out a bowl with numbers inside) everyone pick a number and you will be paired with a partner. Tasks will be given tomorrow morning and errr since we are going out in the morning its double effort on our parts to get our bit done for tomorrow’s activity

Nemo eyed the last few dhaiwaras on the plate in front of me….swallow your pride already man!

Everyone took a number.

Riza: go for it

Arshad: number two

Me: hey me too!! Arshoo we’re partners bro! (And we high fived each other)

Laeeka: number 4

Maariah: number 4

Laeeka was still so angry at Riza that she showed the least bit of interest in what was going on…*sigh*

Riza: number 3

Zai: number 3 Reez

Riza: aw Zai Zai

Lmao!!! I choked on the dhaiwara that was in my mouth so badly that Zoheb had to hurriedly give me some water…

Zoheb: are you okay?

Me: (trying to drink the water and control the laughter that was just bursting through me) no…( And I carried on laughing and well Arshad,Riza and Zainab were torn as well)

Riza: (trying to catch his breath) looks like you guys are meant to be!

And Nemo and Zoheb looked at each other in disbelief when the realisation finally hit them … They were paired AGAIN!!!

Arshad: destiny dudes…(Torn with laughter) destiny!

And with that I swiped the last dhaiwara off the plate and even ran my finger all around the plate to enjoy the remaining syrup all the while eyeing Nemo who suffered like an idiot in silence :-p

As narrated by Nemo:

I was grumpy and annoyed. These stupid girls with their stupid ideas cost me my favourite dhaiwaras!
My tummy was really crying right now!! And Aara…grrrrr….she over enjoyed it on purpose RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!
If I knew how to make them I would have made them right now!

I was just about taking off my watch when something written on the mirror caught my eye….

“Container next to your bed”

What container?…I walked across the room and sure enough there was a silver steel container thing next to my bed. And when I opened it I didn’t even have to open the foil to know what was in there because I would know the smell even if I were dead!

“You can’t stay mad at me forever πŸ™‚ ” the little note inside it said.

A huge smile spread across my face…as I put the note aside and put the first of about fifteen dhaiwaras into my mouth….mmmmmmmmm

My heart felt warm and fuzzy…my tummy was doing the macarena out of sheer bliss!

Gosh I Love You Aara!

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17 thoughts on “Part 87- Take it from the TOP-Part 1

  1. Now i have 2make dhaiwaras…i only make it in ramadaan but my mouth is watering cnt wait till then!!! More activities sounds so exciting…


  2. Lol!! Awww nemo I’ll mke thm fr uwww!!! πŸ˜› lol I dint xpct aara t leav hm sum,bt thn agn she really does lov hm n dt proves it πŸ˜‰ yaaay shkr cage diving!! I wna goo!!!


    • β„“β˜Ίβ„“ shakira I think all of us are going to be having dhaiwaras tonight thanks to nemo and aara for making us liss lekker for it:-p
      Copied a recipe I found on a group-enjoy:)
      πŸ™‚ Dahiwaras or daitaras

      1 cup flour
      1/2 tsp baking pwdr
      1 dsrtsp ghEe
      Yoghurt to make dough
      (1/4 cup or more)
      Pinch of salt
      1 tsp sugar

      Mix dry ingredients
      Rub in ghee and make into dough wid youghurt (like puri dough)

      Roll out on floured board 4mm thickness and cut into rounds wid a biscuit cutter and fry in oil to a delicate pinkish colour
      Cool on wire rack and dip in syrup

      Boil 1 1/2 cups sugar and 1 cup water til thck and syrupy
      Add 1/2 tsp rose water or essence for flavour
      sprinkle dessicated coconut


  3. It’s like small puri’s but dough made with yoghurt or frescream …&it’s dipped in sugar syrup…very soft,melts in ur mouth…yummmmy


  4. Woaah wen I read this beginning I had a shock that Aara sed she will ignore him too πŸ˜› but I was smiling like a cheesecake at the end when she left for him some in his room with the note πŸ˜€ that was so sweet *eye lashes*!! Shark diving wohOoo *dancing face* Nemo u shud go with πŸ˜‰ u need to have fun in this trip …. this plan is clouding ur thinking & u need to make the most of every moment even if Aara isn’t with u πŸ˜› Just breathe and Enjoy bro πŸ˜€ !! Since u not going … u need to replan with Marii pops and Laeeka πŸ˜‰ !! Zoheb and Nemo again #Ripped =)) this is gonna be pretty exciting and entertaining πŸ˜€ xoxo


  5. WoW!!!nw I feel lyk eatin Dhaiwaras.Can’t wait 4 da next activity.Sure its gona b fun.Zoheb & Neemo paired up 2gether again β„“β˜Ίβ„“!


  6. Slms sister Firstly i’d like to say that i absolutely LOVE your blog! Its one of the best i’ve read by far πŸ™‚ only one request though, please bring back the humour! I’d love to know who Aara ends up with(Zoheb hopefully), but i miss the humour it had in it.. The grandmother with the false teeth, Aangamuthu.. I laughed like a maniac when reading those, and i can’t help but feel that the blog has lost all that. But other than that, this blog has got me captivated! Keep it up and pleeease don’t stop!

    Your sister in islam:) Sent from my iPad



  7. Salams miss author. I’d like to know when do you post………… Because well this blog is sooooooo exciting fun. I dunno, I just can’t describe it. I just hope, hope Aara ends up with nemo.


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