Part 88-Take it from the TOP-Part 2

Salaaaaamzz…I humbly apologise for going awol on all of you…I have been swamped beyond swamped with work and life…should hopefully be back on track soon soon…a nice looong post as a butter up :-p enjoy…much love….Shazia:)

As narrated by Riza:

It wasn’t just windy and cold but it was also 5am! We were already enroute to Gansbaai and the four of us were more asleep than awake. The weather bothered me because of what we were going to do but I suppose if it was a problem the team at Gansbaai would have cancelled with us.

When we reached, I couldn’t help but zip up my jacket right to the top because the cold wind seemed to literally slice through my clothes! We had warm jackets and beanies on and it looked as though we were going to climb a mountain rather than dive into the sea!

Our whole mood changed when we met the guys from the company we booked with at Gansbaai, they were so peppy and cheerful that it helped ease our fears that were brought upon us by this darn weather. After a briefing we were suited up and on our boat. The ride would be 45 minutes long and we were served with light snacks and coffee although none of us ate. Everyone was silent. It was so dark it wasn’t even funny!

And finally our boat came to a halt…okay this was beautiful because even though we weren’t exactly in the middle of the ocean, we were surrounded by water and water only. And as breath taking as it all looked, just knowing what lay beneath its surface was enough to scare me wayyyy past that thought.

The thing about shark cage diving is that, you aren’t in a cage first and then lowered into the ocean. The cage is lowered into the ocean and THEN you get in!

Arshad: just imagine if while we’re getting into this cage, a shark just jumps out at us?

Aara: you aren’t exactly helping right now( wiping her goggles)

Zoheb: it will be fine…these guys are experienced

Arshad: or what if they circle this boat and topple it over?

Me: its not a blow up boat Arshad!

Arshad: or what if the chain snaps off the cage and the cage goes right to the bottom and we are forced to swim back up?

Aara: will you stop it

Arshad: let’s just say…what if the hatch opens?

Zoheb,Aara and I: ARSHAD!

Arshad: okay okay…its just you know..sharks smell fear…and really…I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t scared

As narrated by Zoheb:

Arshad definitely succeeded in scaring atleast one of us-and that one was none other than Aara! I noticed that she was trembling as she got into the cage after Riza and Arshad. It was a massive cage…and was the four of us, the instructor,a camera man and a greek couple. It felt so weird going down and I was thankful that I didn’t eat anything!

Being under the sea felt awesome! And I could almost picture Sebastian from the Little Mermaid singing “Under the Sea…Uuuuuunder the Sea” ℓ☺ℓ yes I watched the Little Mermaid…twice :-p

The guys on the boat set out a bloodied piece of something into the water and within minutes our instructor motioned to us to look ahead and there it was….a sight I had never pictured to be so magnificent! A huge Great White charging towards us with such speed and grace it took my breath away! It didn’t come close to the cage and we were already instructed onboard to “keep calm” and I couldn’t help but think of Arshad’s words when he heard that “sure Keep Calm There’s Only a Shark in the Water” ℓ☺ℓ!

But then something happened that none of us anticipated…

Not one..not two..not three…we were surrounded by five sharks! And three of them were grazing against the cage causing the cage to shake!!

A chill ran up my spine and I impulsively held Aara’s trembling hand. She surprised me my gripping my hand so tightly and turned to look at me…through her goggles I could see fear in her eyes. What made me do what I did…I don’t know. But I stood behind her and put my arms around her and held both her hands in mine and placed our hands against the cage…as this huge shark really just stared at us. Our hearts beating violently staring at this mighty predator just inches infront of us. A moment in my life that I will never forget. Looking at its razor sharp teeth made me feel so lucky that sharks can’t walk! ℓ☺ℓ!

Riza seemed so chilled…he was in his own space…he even put his hand out and touched one of the sharks as it swished past him!

As for Arshad…well…Arshad stood next to the greek couple who were just as terrified as he was! I motioned for him to come to us and he did…and soon enough Riza joined us too and we stood together and marvelled at these creatures infront of us.

As narrated by Arshad:

That was a mindblowing, awesome, dangerous, scary as hell experience that I will NEVER forget! But I won’t do it again either uh uh

We were all so revved up by now and we had also bought a copy of the dvd that the shark diving company sells-of our experience down below-hence the camera man and we watched it in the Rv as we headed towards the first halaal restaurant we could find for breakfast because by now we were probably more famished than the whole of Somalia put together!

Aara: Arshoo we need to start planning bro

Me: I really don’t see myself dancing though

Aara: atleast we didn’t get the Dumb and Dumber one!

And the two of us burst out laughing!

Zoheb and Riza turned to look at us questioningly…what? It was funny man!

This is what happened last night…everyone decided that tasks would be chosen then and not in the morning, so each team had to write down a task,which had to be an enactment , with our names on it, fold the piece of paper and put it into the bowl.

Maariah: (her hand in the bowl and taking out a folded piece of paper) this one is from Arshad and Aara….” You both are to enact any two people from our group-no restrictions so have fun!!!”

And Maariah had given Laeeka a victorious look. Weird.

Zainab: (pulling out her piece of paper)this is from Nemo and Zoheb…(Showing it to Riza and Riza burst out laughing)

Riza: you can’t be serious!

Nemo: oh but we are (winking)

Aara: come on Reez what does it say??

Riza: “Rrrrrrrrrr….for a full 15 minutes you are Uncle Yusuf and Dadi!”

Everyone was torn with laughter!! I couldn’t possibly imagine Zainab as Dadi!

Me: Nemo this has your name written all over it! (Choking on my laugh that just wouldn’t stop)

Nemo: now all the credit can’t go to me!

Zoheb grinned at us and said ” personal experience talking her bro”

Aara: yeah Zoheb..(Laughing) one I’m sure you will never forget!

And Zoheb winked at her!! Something was definitely cooking here..

Zoheb put his hand in the bowl and drew out a piece of paper…

Zoheb: what???…this is from Laeeka and Maariah…”You are to do a perfect an enactment of Dumb and Dumber! Look the part-act the part!”

Nemo: huh?

Riza: (bust) tooo good!

Zoheb and Nemo looked at each other in shock!

Nemo: howcome we always get the stupid things?

Me: because you are what you attract dude :-p

Nemo: Arshoo…so funny I forgot to laugh boet

Me: so laugh now then who’s stopping you (and well the last paper left had to obviously be ours) here Aara you read it

Aara: From Riza and Zainab…o my god! Reez! ” Give us a 20 minute SRK special…portraying each of us with one of his numbers”

Me: this is the hardest one! And I can’t dance

Riza: (tossing an M&M into his mouth) ofcourse you can…or well that’s what we saw the night you had space muffins

Me: hey that’s a no go zone bro

Riza: which reminds me…Ridhwaan recorded it why don’t we watch it?
Aara: Arshad? Arshad?

Me: huh? (Snapping out of my chain of though)

Aara: we’ve already ordered for you come on

Me: was I day dreaming or was I sleeping?

Aara: unless you sleep with your eyes open then..errr.? I have ideas for us come on I’ll tell you all about it

Me: by the way…I saw what I saw down in the cage

Aara: and what did you see?

Me: somebody very very comfy with somebody else….(Winking)

Aara: what do you..(Small laugh) oh…oh

Me: wana tell me something?

Aara: when I’m ready:)

Me: okay Aaroo…(Putting my arm around her neck and walking towards Zoheb and Riza) oh sorry…(Moving my hand when I was right infront of them) sorry sorry..Zoheb..

Zoheb and Aara turned pink so fast! Cute man!


12 thoughts on “Part 88-Take it from the TOP-Part 2

  1. Lol.was jus gonna comment on th last post. ..coz I jus had lovely hot hot dhaiwaras. .jzk amii…Awww zohebbbbbb and aara so super cute.. lovin th blog as always. .


  2. Ouch soo scary!! Ohh noo my poor nemo gna havta see zoheb hold aara on video *cant look*
    Cnt w8 fr d enactments!! 😀 its gna b bustrs!!!! Lol


  3. I felt t fear Aara felt wen t shark neared…i lol reading t task have 2b alone wen reading it played out😂 love t sparks between Aara & Zoheb im sure it’s sparks 4keeps😉come strong winds,tornado or volcano these sparks will neva☺️💞


  4. Da xperience wid da sharks was scary. Aara & Zoheb r sooo adorable together.Strong sparks between dem.Waiting 4 da game 2 start.gr8 post as always!


  5. Omw …. my tommy did samusalts coz I was scared for them 😛
    But whew such a awesome experience *eye lashes*!!
    Haaaaai Zoheb and Aara having awww moments under water *taubah taubah* even under water urlll doing sin .. tsk … *shaking head* what the world is coming to =)) 😛 Make taubah u nawty bums 😛

    Wooho0o *rubbing my hands together* Maria and Laeeka u go gals 😉
    Act out Nemo and Aara 😛 ♡♥♡♥♡ !! Make it rock *puppy eyes*!!

    Hmm Riza and Zainab #Ripped =)) this is gonna be good 😛
    Ahem ahem Zoheb And Nemo gonna rock again ;;)
    And urll gonna have us busting and ripping =)) !!
    Psht u arshad *rolls eyes* dnt say lydat to nemo coz u attracting dancing *mwahhahaha*!! (Sorry I dnt like u arshad 😛 )

    Excited for theeeee next post 😀 !! *dancing face*!! Xoxo


  6. Some nemo and aara drama please ;;) …..zoheb is just revolting!!!*puke* couldn’t zoheb just fall out of the cage and get devoured by those magnificent beasts!!!!…anxioualy awaiting the next post…and nemos propsal to aara…and her accepting nemos proposal!!!!lol I’m going to far now but a girl can dream*sigh*…….#nemoandaara….

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