Part 89-Take it from the TOP-Part 3

Our “shark fanatics” were back from their adventure and joined us on the beach as promised.

We had a plan, now to just put it into action!

Laeeka:(hugging Riza) how was it?

Riza: babe it was beyond awesome!! Definitely one of my life’s highlights!

Riza oozed with excitement and for a moment there I wished I had went too until…

Arshad: but we were surrounded by 5 huge sharks!! Eish it was scary! These two here were okay,but me and Aara it kinda got to us

Okay. No regrets. Thank goodness I didn’t go!
I looked at Nemo and sure enough, he had concern written all over his face.

Zainab: did you all go and get your outfits? Because we went already

Riza: we did Zai, infact after Gansbaai we drove to Wembly for breakfast and then we went and got our clothes before we came here. By the way that place is awesome man, we really were spoilt for choice!

What Riza and Zainab were talking about was a shop that we had found online that hired out “dress up” and party outfits.

Me: how about a game of volleyball?

That wasn’t a trick question because everyone was game for it!

Riza: toss a coin for teams?

Me: nah, girls vs boys!

Nemo: (laughing) yeah yeah why not

Me: don’t be so over confident, Aara used to kick your ass in volleyball remember!

Aara: (tying her hair into a pony) ofcourse he remembers, he can’t forget not even if he tries to!

Nemo:(throwing the volleyball up into the air) hey you beat me just once or twice okay

Aara: (reaching forward and catching the ball) WOW! He can talk!

Nemo: (motioning for her to pass the ball)yeah yeah

Aara: (standing right infront of him and whispering) atleast say thank you

Nemo: (whispering and smirking) you said, no sorry and thank you between friends remember

Aara: (whispering) oh its like that now?

Nemo: (whispering back) always sweetheart ( and he winked at her!) By the way…

Aara: (whispering) by the way what?

Nemo: (whispering and with a small smile) we don’t really need the sun today

Aara: (whispering and raising her eyebrow) why?

Nemo: (whispering ) because someone is looking smokin hot today (and he grinned and walked away)

Aara: did you just..?

I couldn’t help but grin and clench my fist and say YES! Nemo was back!! And the best part- we didn’t even “plan” this!

Girls Vs Boys wasn’t a bad idea at all because all of us were really good at volleyball. And after a few hits and misses, Laeeka smashing the ball onto Arshad’s head, Zainab and Aara bashing into each other, Zoheb and Riza bashing into each other, Nemo and Arshad bashing into each other, Laeeka and I bashing into each other ℓ☺ℓ you get it. We decided to play “knockouts”. Choose a person and serve-that person misses and they are out of the game. But it was harder than it sounds! Laeeka and Nemo were at it until Laeeka went crashing onto the sand. Sorry Laeeka:-p Very soon Arshad and Zainab joined her and it was just Aara,Zoheb,Nemo,Riza and me. I challenged Zoheb but I really underestimated this boy!

Zoheb: come on Mari is that the best you can do?

Me: I haven’t even started yet!

Zoheb: why do I feel as though you’re aiming for my face? Do I look that ugly?

Me: (I couldn’t help but laugh) would you feel bad if I said yes?

Zoheb: aww I’m not that bad you know

Me: (but I felt bad-he wasn’t bad at all we were just making him out to be horrible..and lost in that thought which was possibly guilt-i lost concentration and BAM!)Ouch!!

Zoheb: concentrate (killing himself laughing) sorry Maripops!

Me: I take everything back! You are horrible! (Okay I said that in my head)

After getting over my getting out, I focused on the scene infront of me…Nemo,Aara,Riza and Zoheb…and Nemo this aalu- took off his shirt!! Zoheb came over to Aara’s side to make it “even”,yeah I’m sure :-p

Aara: your flab is not going to distract me!

Nemo: (in shock) flab? Where?

Aara: there!

And as Nemo looked at his chest, Aara took advantage of it and served the ball to him-which he clearly missed even though he tried to stretch his hand out eventually!

Nemo: that’s cheating!

Aara: bye bye Nemo

Riza: Aara you and me

Aara: game on!

And Riza and Aara were at it for a few minutes until Aara went flying onto the sand.

Zoheb: (helping her up and holding back his laugh) you ok?

Aara: (standing up and hitting Zoheb on his back) you’re helping me but you’re laughing at me!

Zoheb: ( now laughing out loud) Aara that was classic! Sorry sorry

Aara. stuck her tongue out at Zoheb, pinched him and walked towards the rest of us.

Riza and Zoheb played on and both of them were honestly really really good and they were having a good old chat while playing!

After spending hours on the beach…soaking in the sun, thoroughly enjoying the water and hogging Aunty Sawleha’s delicious pasta, we headed back home. Everyone was in their “pairs” plotting and planning for later on.

“Uhm”…”I think we are about ready to start”…Uncle Irshaad said as he took “centre stage”.

We had really outdone ourselves. We set up the terrace so beautifully and Riza even had the video camera on its stand, recording everything. We also had an overhead projector that we had hired.
I convinced Arshad to let us do our act first so we could sit back and watch everyone else properly.

Uncle Irshaad: and first up is….Aara and Arshad. And by their special request-if you feel like joining them you may:)

And everyone clapped and cheered us on as Uncle Irshaad turned off the lights as instructed.

They wanted 20 minutes of SRK so we were going to GIVE them SRK:-p

Enter Arshad dressed as ME!! And me dressed as ZOHEB! I stole his leather jacket from his room and his sunglasses and the look on his face when he saw me enter was priceless!

And we walked onto the platform,and clapped our hands and everyone cheered us on and whistled…and we sort of hopped towards each other as though we were about to start dancing when….we grabbed two chairs and sat down!!

Arshad hit the remote….

Riza: hey! What is this?

Arshad and I spent the entire afternoon putting this together and we had acted as though we were going to put on the performance of a lifetime:-p

We had taken a few of our favourite SRK songs and morphed pictures of all our friends as SRK! But we added in our own bit of nonsense naturally*wink wink*

The first one to play out was Riza and Laeeka as Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai…on a awful number from Devdas!!

Everyone was torn with laughter!!

The second was Maariah…as SRK himself on Chayya Chayya from Dil Se!

The third was Zainab as Mahima Chaudhary going crazy singing that I love my India song from Pardes!!! That was a total ripper!! You had to see it to believe it!

And last but not least…the one we enjoyed morphing the most…Nemo and Zoheb as SRK (Zoheb) and Kareena Kapoor (Nemo) on Chammak Challo from Ra.One!

Their mouths were hanging open!!!!!

And as a bonus- we ended it off with the big family hug from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham with Laaeka as Amitabh Bachan,Riza as his wife, Zoheb as Kareena Kapoor,Maariah as Hrithik Roshan, Nemo as Kajol and Zainab as SRK!!!

To say that everyone was in stitches would have been a total understatement!! They could barely even talk because they were choking on their laughter!

Laeeka: heyyy( holding her stomach) my tummy is sore…ℓ☺ℓ but this is not fair guys!

Arshad: wellll we were instructed to do a 20 minute SRK special and we exceeded it 22minutes :-p

Riza: you two took out a different meaning to it man but well done! I must say I didn’t expect this at all

And Arshad and I high fived each other!

Me: dude aren’t we just too smart!

Arshad: right on sister!

And next up was Riza and Zainab…


10 thoughts on “Part 89-Take it from the TOP-Part 3

  1. Lol!! Dt ws too hot!! In stiches frm aaRas n Arshoos perfrmnc! Lol cn jus imagn aara in zohebs leathr jakt n glasses!! Lmao!
    Oohh ohhh beach scene! *does d wolf whistle for Nemo n zoheb 😛 *


  2. Ripped! Dat was too funny.Arshad & Aara made a gud team.Can’t wait ƒ☺я da rest of dem 2 hav their turns.Da volleyball match was fun too.


  3. This post was just tooooo AMAZING !!!! Lol . Kabi Khushi Kabi Gham one of thee best movies in indian history =)) … still watch it :p


  4. Lmao Aara and Zoheb are just too cuteable *eye lashes*!!
    High_7 Nemo for that comment to Aara 😉
    *covers eyes* … Nemo now u dnt have to take off ur shirt 😛
    See Aara u got u out lydat =)) #Ripped
    Lmao lmao Aara and Arshad supposed to dance 😛
    Lmao Bt they really entertained them 😉
    Excited for daddi and uncle yusuf 🙂 … xoxo


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