Part 93- Back Home~Back to Reality

As narrated by Riza

Life…a series of ups and downs…smiles and frowns…good days and bad…made up of millions of memories and events that ultimately shape not just who we are but the kind of legacy that we leave behind.

We have no knowledge of our death and when it will take us away from this world. But it would be nice to be positively remembered by atleast one person years after our eyes close…

Tonight was our last night in Cape Town, a roadtrip that surpassed our expectations. We made memories together, we shared experiences together that we didn’t share with anyone else before in our lives, we had added another layer to our friendship and took it to a whole new level altogether.

We sat in silence on Table Mountain as we watched the sun set… orange hues burning the sky as the sun seemed to melt into the ocean. I sat a little behind the rest of the group and slowly my eyes drifted towards each of them…

Arshad & Zainab…who would have thought that they would be together like this…and even though I was always the optimist I couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was coming…

Maariah…she is a genuinely good person-and yes everyone has made their fair share of mistakes in their lives-but to try and redeem yourself by playing with someone else’s life and feelings just wasn’t on. Yes, I know what she did…

Laeeka…innocence personified. I wished to give her a world of happiness and more…always eager to help others…she didn’t know the rest of the story….and I wonder if her opinion would change once she did

Nemo…my brother for life…I know that I am hard on him, very hard on him sometimes but that’s because I know what he’s capable of-the good that he’s capable of and the bad. And that’s what scared me.

Aara…the whole world on oneside and Aara on the other. It is said that the depths of a womans heart will never be known, and Aara is the perfect example of that. Her strength amazed me, her capacity to endure and how easily she forgave. I worried the most about her because…it was as though I could hear the wind howling outside her door….a storm was coming..

Zoheb…he’s had it hard…throughout his life, despite all the money. But he held his head up through it all and came out strong and wise. He blended in better than I thought he would,but ended up in the centre of it all.

I asked another bystander to take a group picture of us as I joined the rest of them.

Goodbye Cape Town-we take with us a ton of memories that may one day fade but will never be forgotten!

As narrated by Aara:

“Five more minutes”…I mumbled to myself as I hit the snooze button on my alarm again. I was still so tired!

Pizza…hmmm…yes…lots and lots of creamy jalapeno pizza floating all around me…and fettucine hung from the ceiling and twirled down into a LARGE bowl infront of me…chocolate cheesecake danced infront of me…topped with extra red strawberries ..and all of it called out to me…”Aaaaaaara”….”Aaaaara”
“I’m comingggg…” I said …”I’m comingggg” and I reached out to grab the chocolate cheesecake that was doing the salsa with another chocolate cheesecake infront of me….


“Ouch” I said as I opened my eyes and looked around me, when the sound of someone going mad with laughter snapped me out of my daze.

Zoheb: (torn,ripped,bust-all in one) you…you…

Laeeka: (choking on laughter) you fell off the bed Aara!!!

Me: what are you talking about? I was just trying to eat my cheesecake!

Laeeka: o my word! You’re dreaming of food!!

Me: I wasn’t dreaming!…I was..(And I looked around me)…I…was dreaming..?

Hmph. What a disappointment!

Zoheb: we came to wake you but we couldn’t resist watching you with your hands stretched out and you were saying “I’m coming I’m coming”

And they started laughing again! Very nice, laugh, laugh at my expense! I have spent the past three days working from 7am-10pm, haven’t been eating properly, haven’t been sleeping properly. The rewards one reaps after a good holiday!

I had crashed in Laeeka’s room from the time I had got to her house which was (looking at my watch) two hours ago. Now I was grumpy and hungry and late!!! We had divided ourselves for the next 3 days between Riza and Laeeka and today was day two of the 3 days. Today it was Zoheb,Zainab and me with Laeeka while Nemo and Maariah were with Riza. Arshad’s grandfather had taken ill so he had driven to Zeerust with his parents not even 12 hours after we had gotten back from our trip. It was Friday night, a major braai was on at both houses and we were applying mehndi. *sigh*. I needed to wash my face and I needed to eat!!

When I came out of the bathroom after washing my face,almost drinking the mouthwash and neatening my hair…

Zoheb: everyone’s already eaten so…I brought your food upstairs…(Chuckling to himself) there was no cheesecake or pizza and fettucine but this butter chicken is a total winner

Me: thank you!!! I’m starving!!!

I know, I should have been more thankful but World War 3 was going on in my tummy and I couldn’t see beyond food right now!

After a few bites…

Me: hmmmm… I can say thank you properly…thank you Zoheb…I was totally famished I have been surviving on coffee and cupcakes ever since we got back from Cape Town

Zoheb : (frowning) why?

Me: been busy busy at working but almost nearing “being on track”

Zoheb: that’s not good at all-your’e going to get sick

Zoheb hadn’t seen my grumpy side and I really wasn’t in the mood for a lecture so I just nodded.

I had been irritated ever since Zainab called me yesterday, I get it-she was quiet-she didn’t have what it took to stand up for herself but come on man!!

And I started talking to myself( it happens when I’m tired and annoyed and I really should learn to stop doing it in public)

Me: (mumbling to myself as I shook my head). I can’t believe it I just can’t

And I didn’t know for how long I had been lost in my own world,but I looked up into Zoheb’s curious eyes. Hmmm his eyes were dark grey. And I noticed that through my buzzing mind.

Zoheb: (holding my hand and taking me out into the balcony) spill…what’s wrong?

Me: (I shook my head again) she’s off her head!

Zoheb: who is?

Me: Zainab!

Zoheb: what happened?

Me: please don’t tell anyone yet…I don’t want Arshad to find out like this especially not with his nana being so ill

Zoheb: (with a concerned look on his face) Aara what’s wrong?

Me: her parents have found a guy for her! And she didn’t tell them about Arshad yet!

Zoheb: holy cow!


12 thoughts on “Part 93- Back Home~Back to Reality

  1. Holy Cow indeed !!! Yoh!! Ohh nooo man!!! Nt wen zainy n arshoo jus found each othr!!! *cnt luk* zainy go hme n spill d beans nowww!!!!!


  2. Amazing post as always …… oh nd do you mean arshad drove to zeerust like in the north west province cause if it is then maybe I will see him cause I stay in zeerust


  3. OMGEEE!!!!! Nooooo! Zainab needs to tel her parents abt Arshad widout delay.
    Aara was tooo cute dreaming abt pizza,fetuccine & chocolate cheesecake. Zoheb watching Aara talking to herself. They sooo cute!!! Awesome post!


  4. Awww I love how Reez analysis each one of them ๐Ÿ™‚ …. definitely he is a boss lydat coz he felt something gonna be wrong for arshad and zainab and turns out there is ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ?!! Yoh she needs to telll them abt Arshad ๐Ÿ™‚ !! Aww he’s so sweet to Laeeka *sweet smile*!! And as for Aara his a caring bro to her *eye lashes*.. He’s worried of a storm she’s yet to face ๐Ÿ˜› !! Erm he knows of Maria X_x! A beautiful end to the holiday.. ๐Ÿ˜€ !! Table mountain *love struck* & relaxing & breath taking site!

    Aara dream #Ripped #bust #lmao #torn
    Plus it had to be my favourites pizza and pasta *droool*!!
    She wanted to grab cheesecake with strawberry and fell #Ripped
    Bt yummy at least she had butter chicken ๐Ÿ™‚
    Holy cow #Ripped … Zoheb high_5
    Whos is this boy? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ dude go fly..zainb is taken -_- X_x !! Xoxo


  5. #Aara Dreamin of Food nd Fallin off d bed…HaHa Aara U jus TOooooo Cute !!!
    OmW ZaInaB plz Dnt break Arshads heart!! *sob* he Loves u Sooo much!! Tel ur Parents b4 its too late pleeez
    @ Reez u a GreaT guy nd An AweSome FrenD!!!*high 5*
    @ Author Thnk u once again 4 an AweSoMe PoST!!!*hugs*

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Luvly end to thr holiday.
    ” Zoheib in the centre of it all”
    Aara dreaming of food, can imagin
    e how tired she mustve been..
    Sho sho shweet. Zoheib.Giving her food. Grey eyed dimple faced #Gorgeous

    Zainub, it won’t be easy. Imagine Arshos face. U saw it last time when u made that joke with Neemo….
    Remember, that, itl giv u courage!!
    Gooood luck!!
    Riza ur fantastic!!


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