Part 96-The Engagement Part 3

A post jointly written by the authors of LLD&DOAD:) enjoy:)

As narrated by Zainab

So Detective Imraan Ali had made his appearance again*chuckle* he was so sweet and looking at Mari and him sitting together they looked so cute !!

My friends…have been so supportive and I just know that I’m going to get out of this whole “parents found a boy for me” thing just fine. After breakfast Zoheb dropped Mari,Laeeka and I at the beautician and headed off to do his errands. Nemo was off with his list of errands to run and Riza and Aara were off to the engagement hall.

Me: Imraan’s cute

Mari: he’s annoying

Me: why?

Mari: I could have gotten killed because of him that’s why!

Me: but you didn’t

Mari: Zai!

Me: I’m just saying…you know…and we can see that he “likes” you

Mari: not going there woman…

Me: okay okay

Mari: good!

Laeeka: he is cute though

And Laeeka and I burst out laughing! Mari rolled her eyes at us…I knew her well enough..something was on her mind because she wasn’t herself completely…

Me: is something wrong?

Mari: nope (her head down)

Me: Maariah? Let it out what’s wrong?

Mari: do you both think Nemo and Aara will end up together?

Me: (raising my eyebrow) where did that come from?

Mari: I don’t know…just…I’m just wondering

Me: if they are meant to be …they will…

Mari: what if they need a little push…like with you and Arshad?

Me: Arshad and I we were different…here Zoheb is also involved and it isn’t fair to choose sides

Mari: yeah but who do we know for longer?

Me: that’s not the point Mari…the point is…that its up to them to decide not for anyone of us to…

Mari was quiet. Laeeka was quiet. There was definitely more to what she was saying…I’ve noticed how she’s much more around Nemo these days and Nemo was also acting so strange lately…

As narrated by Nemo:

Fetching Uzair was no hassle at all for me. He was a chilled out guy AND Aara’s favourite cousin. And I knew him for years so hugging him when I saw him didn’t feel weird at all!! He was going to be staying at Aara’s flat while she stayed at Laeeka’s so after dropping off his bags we headed off to Laeeka’s.

Me: Which country are you off to next bro? No plans to settle down yet?

Uzair: Not sure yet bra. There’s so many places to see (running his fingers through his hair) You know… I think I finally might be getting lonely, so maybe ‘settling down’ is becoming an option for me now. And you nemo?

Me: (side smile) I admire you for admitting that you know…we have all been created in pairs after all…I dono Uzair…if I could, I would in the blink of an eye but I’ve been so messed up I don’t know if she would even want to be with me…it’s complicated

Uzair: You know me man, I’m an open book.  Soo you believe in all that ‘one true love’ crap? (raising an eyebrow) Something is only complicated if one creates complications… Might I ask who this mystery girl is?

Me: (laughing) bro I’m a born complication!!
One true love crap huh…at one stage I didn’t, but gradually realised that yeah there is a lot of truth to that statement…she’s not a mystery girl to you…she’s Aara

Uzair: (shrugging his shoulders) Can’t say I’m surprised Nemo. You and Aara… the history between you two, its not something that disappears. Never would’ve pictured you to believe in true love. (smiling half a smile) I sure as hell don’t.. with my failed dating history and all, I think you’d understand why.

Me: I understand all too well…sometimes I feel that the whole “dating” thing is just wrong because I’ve been there too…but without purpose…your case is different you genuinely did love Yasmeen…for me it was just the whole “experimenting” thing and I can kick myself for being such an ass!! Kassum! The history that Aara and I share wasn’t always pleasant…that is why I am so scared to tell her I just…(Sighing) I just cannot afford to lose her…I almost lost her before..I don’t know if I have the courage to try…and risk losing her again

Uzair: Aara… you know I love her like a sister. And she and I don’t keep anything from each other. I know you two have had… rocky experiences. And I haven’t always been your biggest fan Nemo ( looking him in the eye) Being honest here bro, I thought you were an absolute idiot! Immature and reckless! But from the last time I was here… I can see you changed. You making an effort. ( After a moment of silence) Saying I love you is a big thing so Its normal to feel scared. She may say it back, she may not. It’s a gamble that you have to be willing to take. (raising an eyebrow) Are you?   

Me: (a little stunned) so I take it you know everything that happened…its hard bro it’s really hard…but I can’t blame the past anymore for whatever happened…she’s taught me to move past that…what Aara has done for one and I mean no one will ever do for anyone else….(Tapping the steering wheel)I did tell her that I love her and she asked me what I wanted!!! (ℓ☺ℓ) yeah laugh laugh it is funny..I feel as though she won’t take me seriously…to be honest I don’t know if I’m ready to tell her yet and also she seems to be very inclined towards Zoheb and yes I am jealous and I can’t help it I guess I’m only human

Uzair: (wiping away a tear of laughter) This is funny for me because… I already know all of this. (smirking) Don’t look so shocked! I told you, Aara and I have no secrets! Eh I feel for you bru! You fell in love with one head strong chick I wish you luck telling her your big ‘I love you’. Come on Nemo, can you blame Aara for not taking you seriously? I know you’re trying to change, I see it, but madame Aara dont see it. Sooner or later she’ll come around, be patient. As for Zoheb… its like a soap opera watching both of you! (chuckling to himself) So much of drama! Its quite entertaining

Me: eh wait wait I need to breathe…whew…two things bro…1. You are right and 2. Now 2 is where my heart is doing the macarena woohoo…Aara told you…that means somewhere inside she’s seeing it too..but obviously doesn’t know if I’m serious or just joking…Ya Allah! And by the way you make the Zoheb situation seem very light…its torture bro (laughing )and the hardest part is Zoheb is a genuinely nice guy!

Uzair: I’m making it all light and jokey because the last thing anybody wants is a full blown up fight between you and Zoheb. (running his fingers through his hair) Aara would be pissed as hell if that happened! And as for your…er… ‘macarena heart’,  (shaking his head and laughing) slow down lover boy. I don’t want to be brutally honest, but I will be. When Aara told me about it, she seemed very… overwhelmed. Don’t do things fast and hasty with her. You’ll send the poor girl into shock! Aara comes across as tough, but you and I both know she’s as delicate as a flower…

Me:(smiling from ear to ear) I won’t hit Zoheb (laughing) ever…he’s nice…and yeah you’re right…she will be as pissed as hell if that happens! How do I slow down after knowing all this?? Uzzzzzzziiiiii there’s hope now bro!!! Thank u thank u thank u! From me and my macarena heart…and Aara is very delicate and soft hearted…(Sigh) my Aara…to hurt her would be to hurt myself and that won’t happen again…taking things slow is one thing but how do I ever take things slow after knowing this? Whew !

Uzair: Let me put things into perspective for you bro. God, I can’t believe ME of all people am giving relationship advice! (shaking his head in disbelief) If you don’t go slow, Aara will run for the hills. I think that’s enough for you to know that you can not afford to jump the gun Nemo. Slowly but surely wins the race, no rushing. Got it? As for Aara figuring out you were trying to say I love you, remember she still thinks you’re playing around. I honestly dunno how you going to make her see that you for real. That I leave up to you man (smiling sideways) She’s one tough cookie alright…

Me: bullseye bro! (As we drove into Laeeka’s driveway)

The house was packed!!! People everywhere! There was a tent set up in the backyard where lunch was being served so we strolled off to the back passing several aunties who wanted to know who we were…presumably for one of their “connections”. Aara spotted us from across the tent and came running towards Uzair while Laeeka’s father pulled me away to help with something…I was so glad to be the one who brought her “a piece of her heart” as she so fondly referred to Uzair:)

As narrated by Aara:

Me: I get to see you two times in one month! Am I lucky or am I lucky :-p (jumping up and down and putting my arm around Uzairs neck causing him to misbalance)

Uzair: (Catching Aara) Woah! Someones excited to see me (wink) Have the guys around here not been paying you enough attention doll (tilting his head to the side)

Me: awww you called me doll(pulling Uzairs cheeks) you’re so cute you know that! (Linking my arm in his) they have but now that you’re here I don’t need them! I’m going to stick to you like paper does to glue (sticking my tongue out) before you jet off somewhere else and I don’t see you again for another couple of months

Uzair: Course I’m cute! I’m a Bobat after all (wink) Aakh noooo! Im stuck with you (making a funny face) Aww dont pull that sour face Aaroo! You know you’re my doll. (Squeezing her cheeks) Hmm… Well now that you mention it, Im planning on going to Brazil soon.  You should come with!

Me: (eyes open wide) seriously??? Brazil!!! And I can come??? I love you love you love youuuuuuu (noticing people staring) what? Mind your own business man tsek :-p

Uzair: (laughing) Theres my fiesty Aara! Course you can come! I was supposed to go with my cousin in law but he’s having a baby. But you gotta be willing to get your hands dirty doll (wink) oh, and no there might be no wifi (smirking) Think you can handle that?

Me: ohhh its the other side of brazil…(Laughing) and here I am thinking of brraaaaziiiilllll lalalalalalalala…you know rumba rumba…sorry I’m going a lil cuckoo today. Buuut I’d run away without hesitation beeecoz my life is like a soap opera here

Uzair: (shaking his head and laughing)) How am I even related to a rumba cuckoo head like you?! (wink) Hmm well we can discuss your dramatic life later on. Right now… You can start introducing me to these lovely ladies (smiling half a smile) Dont give me daggers doll! You have your fair share of attention from two certain boys (trying to supress a smile)

Me: (raising my eyebrow) eyyy what lovely ladies? You’re too small for all that (winking) oh don’t roll your eyes at me now…I’ll introduce you but just so you know-i have to approve them first…speaking of which…how was your ride from the airport?
Uzair: (nodding his head obidiently)  Gee Mummy Aara. Whatever you say Mummy Aara. And dont worry, non of these ladies are as lovely as you (wink) Hmm.. It was an ‘interesting’ ride hey. Nemo and I.. err.. had an ‘interesting’ conversation in the car. 

Me: mummy?? I’ll let you off the hook just this once ;)….interesting conversation with Nemo hey…care to enlighten me? Ok wait (looking at Nemo approaching) tell me later…(Chuckling) by the way you didn’t ask me why I’m wearing a scarf?

Uzair: (wiping his hand across his forehead) Phew! I managed to avoid the wrath of Aara (wink) Lucky me! Hmm.. you going through a holy phase? Or you joining the Jamaat? (smirking)  Even better, you becoming an aalima!? (wink)

Me: (laughing) bleh…I cut my hair man :-p and I added some colour to it (winking)

Uzair: AARA! (his eyes widening) How bad does your hair look?! Do I even want to see it?! Ya Allah! Doll you know no limits! (laughing) Now I want to see it (smirking) What colour of the rainbow is it? Yellow? Red? Purple? PINK?! (wink)

Me: haha very funny (sticking my tongue out) not showing you will see later when I’m all dressed up aaaaand no multi colours pleeeease I just re-layered it and trimmed a little so now it’s like about say 10cm off my shoulders and I put in rich brown highlights that just blend in *batting my eyelashes* you know I have an image to uphold Bobat(winking)…let me dish out for you? What will you have?

Uzair: Mhmmm an image that seems to be attracting quite a lot of attention from the guys eh (wink) I’m a guy Aara! All those boring details fly straight over my head doll…nah I’m good…Nemo treated me to pizza(wink)

Aara: (rolling my eyes) that’s true…awww my sweet Nemo….Anyway you, I’m going to have to run now though…gotto go get (handing Uzzi my car keys) your wheels for the weekend becoz my bro doesn’t have to depend on anyone (side hugging Uzair)…when you’re ready you can come fetch me from here and we’ll go to the hall together

Uzair: (hugging Aara back) Aww so now i’m also your chauffeur (wink) Not that I’m complaining.  Thanks Aara, See ya later Doll 

Me: mwahs…don’t be late now I don’t want to arrive last at the hall

Uzair: yes mam (wink)

I couldn’t help but turn around and blow my cousin a flying kiss! He actually came! But that was Uzair Bobat for you- if he made a commitment-he stuck to it!! He would fight the whole world just to keep to his word. Gosh how I missed him…and I turned around and walked straight into Nemo!

Nemo: woooah Aara

Me: (laughing ) sorryyyyyyy (and I pulled his cheeks)

Nemo: ohhh sooo happy because of your Uzair huh

Me: (smiling broadly) YEP…thanks for picking him up Nemo and for buying him lunch

Nemo: my pleasure sweetheart…anything for you

And I smiled at Nemo as I handed him a small list of errands that I had to run but couldn’t.

Me: be careful what you wish for…you never know what it could get you into*wink*

And as I turned to go inside the house Nemo held my hand and pulled me towards him

Nemo: let’s say I had to wish for Aara…what would that get me into?

Me: Nemo…I

Nemo put his finger on my lips…smiled, blinked both his eyes and walked away…

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16 thoughts on “Part 96-The Engagement Part 3

  1. Awwwww that was a awesome loong post 😀 …. yeaah Marii maybe Aara and NEmo need a lil push also 😛 !! Like hw u and Imraan need 😉 !!
    Nemo bought uzzzzzzzzi pizzzzzza now I’m lissing for pizza 😛 Whew a very interesting convo with Uzzi and Nemo!! I’m glad Uzzi saw Nemo is changing 😛 woaaaah Nemo u so cute 😛 ….. Nemo: let’s say I had to wish for Aara…what wud that get me into? #Awwwwwwww it MYT get u Aara 😛 #Hope
    Nemo put his finger on my lip…smiled and blinked his eyes & walked away… #Awwwww hopefully Aara will realise u serious and nt joking 😀 xoxo


  2. Yay YaY yAy!nemo n aara ALL the way!nemo hıgh fıve @ u,fınally makıng sum progRess!ooohlala we gona have zoheb n nemo fallıng hard wıth aaras new look!


  3. Lol Mari pops denyng she lyk detectiv Imraan! We’l see abwt dt mari!

    Yayyy!!! Uzzi is bakkk,runin his hands thru his hair **; *gaaaaaahhhhhhh*

    SMmmokingggg Nemo!!! LoL luvd dt lst bit betwn nemo n aara 😀 😀


  4. Ooooooooohhhhhh! Uzzi is bak. Lyk da way Aara goes on a high wen Uzzi is around. Maari & Imraan, now let’s see wats gona hapen der. Neemo is so crazy Lololol!!!


  5. Greatv post! Uzair *drool* ❤ ❤ why do you keep on doing this to me! The more he comes the more I miss DOAD! Not fair lol! But atleast we get to hear from him lol! Aara And Nemo Forrrevver! Nemo is just too cute.


  6. Uzair uzair uzair! Mmmmmmmmmmh how I wish u really existed lol.

    I don’t think nemo n aara will be good together. She and zoheb will make a better couple. When someone knows everrrrryhting in detail about their partner it can come between them at some point. With zoheb atleast they have so much to learn about each other. Its something fresh for aara.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Mari and Imraan hmmmmm
    Mari is pre-occupied in her head
    Neemo and Aara. #friendship #regrets

    Aara. I know u changed ur look to surprise Zoheib 😉 ❤ <3<3 ❤ flip flop flip flop
    Thy make an absolute perfect cute couple

    Neemo. Ure rite. Zoheib is a nyc guy, cos he's genuinely awesome. ❤ 🙂

    Thanxxxx for the long post
    Much appreciated ∕Ɩ∕Ɩω∂h

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  8. Uziiiii !!!! Good to have u here for lil while 🙂 missed u A LOT !!! Nemo u gotta work as hard as possible to show her how much u love her dude and that u are absolutely serious 😉 !!!! “Nemo: let’s say I had to wish for Aara…what would that get me into?” …. this guy is soooooo AMAZING !!!! Aara wake up now and see how much he lurrrvvvss youuu !!!!!! Amazingly Awesomeeeeee post 😀 Thanks Miss Shazia & Miss Dubain ♥♡♥♡


  9. Yayyy! So good to have Uzzi back! And thank you Uzi for giving Nemo a pep talk! Although I’m a def a nemo and aara fan there’s something everyone needs to know esp nemo and that is people come into our lives for a reason! Some ppl come into our lives or are in our lives for different reasons! We won’t be able to see at that moment but we will! Who knows y Aara is in Nemo life maybe to make him stronger! His angel by his side! Aara pls don’t break his heart


  10. AWwwWwwWw I Jus LoOoooOoooVeeee NEMO+AARA*blush*!!! BeST PoSt EVA ,NeMo mke ur MoVe nd get ut AARA…awesome awesome Post


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