Part 97-The Engagement-Part 4

As narrated by Riza:

I smiled all the way from my house to the hall…damn…why did this have to be our engagement and not our wedding!
All our special moments flashed before my eyes…she was officially going to be mine. I was so going to push for a wedding asap!

Me: let’s go pick up a Moulana!!

Nemo: (raising his eyebrow) bro are you ok?

Zoheb: (chuckling to himself) he’s too eager Nemo…seriously Reez that would knock the socks off everyone….let’s go get the moulana!

Nemo: eyyy don’t encourage much as its the right thing to do, his mother will have a fit!

Zoheb: eish that’s another thing

Nemo: eish? Zoheb South Africa is rubbing off on you bro!

Zoheb: it is…even my accent is going away

Me: I planned a surprise for her!! Okay not just me, Aara helped me a lot

Nemo and Zoheb were laughing again!

Nemo: he’s got it bad

And we pulled up outside the hall, and stepped out of our car.

Zoheb: (in a black tuxedo, with a dark blue shirt and matching tie) whew…it’s packed

Nemo: (putting his coat on…Nemo was in a black tuxedo with a white shirt and a pink tie) you can say that again!

Me: (taking in a deep breath…in my black suit with black shirt and matching tie) let’s do this

Because this was our engagement and not wedding, Laeeka and I were allowed to “walk in” together. It was weird and naturally had “my mother” written all over it!

Me: any word from Arshad?

Zoheb: there he is (pointing towards Arshad walking through the parking lot in his black tuxedo and light green shirt and matching tie)

Nemo: he had a haircut!

Arshad looked drained but gave us his biggest,warmest smile as he hugged the three of us individually. When your buddy, despite having a family crisis and being physically and emotionally drained drives all this way just to be there for you on your special day-it touches your heart in a way that is very hard to express. I guess it was moments like these that solidified our friendship even more.

Me: how’s your Nana Arshad?

Arshad: not good bro…I’m going back tomorrow…*sighing* I don’t know whether I’m coming or going these days

Nemo: we’ll come with you…you can’t drive all by yourself again

Zoheb: (small smile) Nemo’s right, we will come with you

Arshad: guys you have work, really I’ll be fine

Me: no arguments bro, we are coming that’s it

Maariah: (trying to run towards us with her high heels on and almost tripping) Arshooo!

Me: why must you run? You will fall flat on your face!

Mari: shhhhh…lemme look at all of you…well all of you are looking reallly hot! We have to keep an eye on all of you because all this Reez’s family girls are going to be drooling !

Zoheb: they aren’t the only ones who are going to be drooling…(Motioning for Mari to look at Imraan who just walked in)

Mari’s face turned all shades of pink!

Imraan: salaams guys

And he shook our hands.

Me: I’m so glad you came Imraan….thanks for accepting our invite

Imraan: (trying not to look at Mari who looked really gorgeous in a straight cut,burnt orange beaded dress and her light brown hair all curled up) the pleasure is all mine really

Zainab had just arrived with Laeeka’s cousins, and as soon as she saw Arshad her eyes filled with tears. Zainab(in a lime and purple long flowy dress)  was practical though, ℓ☺ℓ, she was sharp not to run in high heels so like a normal person, she walked towards Arshad.

Would she hug him infront of everyone? I think that question was on all our minds…and Zainab didn’t disappoint…

Zainab: (not hesitating to wrap her arms around Arshad infront of a whole lot of strangers )I missed you…

Arshad: (taken by surprise and clearly overwhelmed…he hugged her back tightly)
I missed you too….

I felt my heart melting…these two were meant to be together…even though she was afraid to tell her father about Arshad yet hugged him so openly in public! ℓ☺ℓ!

Soon enough, we spotted Uzair and Aara getting off Aara’s car and Aara smiled and waved at me. ℓ☺ℓ this girl..

She was dressed in an orange and pink eastern outfit…but not a heavy gaudy one..she looked stunning! Aah so that’s why Nemo was wearing a pink tie! Uzair wore a black suit with a white shirt and a skinny red tie. 

Aara: (hugging me) excited?

Me: you bet ya…you’re looking hot sister! Love what you did to your hair(hugging her back)

Uzair: she’s going to get herself into a lot of trouble dressed like this (laughing to himself) congrats Riza

And Uzair greeted everyone and shook our hands.

Me: I’m honoured bro…you came!

Uzair: there was no way I was going to miss this. 

Aara tactfully ignored Zoheb and Nemo…ℓ☺ℓ..their mouths were literally hanging open at the sight of her!

And finally….my lady love arrived…looking super sexy in a black,red and white eastern bridal style outfit. Laeeka oozed grace,style,simplicity and elegance. She glanced at me with a shy smile as she stood with her parents and my parents…and I walked towards her feeling like the happiest man alive!

As narrated by Zainab:

Aara,Mari and I were in tears as we watched Riza and Laeeka walk down the aisle. Even though it was weird as Riza said because it was their engagement and not wedding…I guess as women we tend to get emotional for every little thing.

Riza’s cousin Amien did the opening speech and welcomed everyone on behalf of both the families and Riza’s mother trotted about the hall-dressed half her age-and annoyed the daylights out of most of the people present there!

Me: Aara go get Nemo…you guys have to give the rings just now

Riza’s mum: Zainab…Riza tells me that Nemo is going to be giving his ring..but I was thinking it’s better if my daughter does that I mean it’s her brothers engagement after all

Me:(there we go) I can’t make any changes as this is what Riza and Laeeka asked for and I don’t think it would be wise to go and ask them now

Riza’s mum: no need to ask them I’m sure it was Laeeka’s idea anyway…I’ll just send Rumaana (Riza’s sister) now (and she walked away)

Me: what the hell is wrong with her! She can’t just change things as she feels man!

Mari: as if she’s going to listen to us Zai(shaking her head) Aara is already gone to call Nemo…it’s going to be a tough one

Before Nemo and Aara could even reach where we were standing, Riza’s mum already sent Rumaana to the main table where Riza and Laeeka were seated, with the ring!!!

Riza looked at us questioningly and I just shrugged my shoulders. Obviously we couldn’t say anything now!

Aara and Nemo were already behind us, watching everything.

Nemo: it’s cool man don’t stress

Me: it’s not cool…this is not right

Nemo: Aara go, don’t make Laeeka wait

Aara: both of them wanted you to be a part of this too, so you will be

Nemo: sweetheart…I’m not a baby…it’s okay..go I’ll wait for you here

Aara: (holding Nemo’s hand and walking towards the front)

Nemo: (whispering) Aara really

Aara: (whispering) shush…don’t make it look like I’m forcing you just play the part

And the two of them stood on Laeeka’s side,Aara with the ring tray in her hand, and she made Nemo take out the ring and hand it to Laeeka.

I smiled. This is who we were…always there for each other no matter what…

The evening went on without a hitch-the food was delicious, we took tons of pictures and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
————————————————————————————As narrated by Zoheb:

Uzair: (holding in his laughter) You just going to stare at her with your mouth open or you planning on making a move??

Me: (snapping out of my “stare”)huh? Oh..ohhhh (laughing) sorry, I know she’s your cousin…but I really can’t help it…she’s …she’s just something else…(Laughing again) I cannot believe that you just said that Uzair!! And you would be okay with me “making a move” on Aara?

Uzair: (shrugging his shoulders) Last time i checked you were older than me, yet you still want my permission?! Bru you earning brownie points already (laughing) Aara is a big girl. You want to make a move on her… Make it. But if you break her heart. Well…. I break your bones. And yes, that cousin of mines is something else. (Smiling adoringly at Aara) Thats why she deserves the best

Me: wow…you may be younger than me but Aara has a lot of time for you and looks upto you the most so your “blessing” is a huge thing thanks bro…well, she knows that I really really like her…what she doesn’t know is that it’s now way past like…but I don’t want to force my feelings onto her…when she’s ready I will know…for now its enough to have her around me and to stare at her (laughing) I’ve never met anyone like her in my life! That energy and vibrance…she’s like a tornado…such a bundle of everything. And her name says it all…Aara…Adoring…I’ve got it bad, I know (chuckling to myself)

Uzair: (laughing) A tornado! hah thats the first time I’ve ever heard anyone deacribe Aaroo like that! (Sighing) you dont want to force your feelings on her, so you going to just sit here? Bro wake up! You aren’t the only one that wants to be with Aara (his gaze shifting towards Nemo) Word of advice, if you keep sitting and staring, some other lucky guy is going to whisk Aara away. And I’ve been there before and it sucks! To have the girl of your dreams taken away by some other guy… (running his fingers through his hair)

Me: aah so basically you’re saying all interested parties should have a fair chance? (Laughing) bro she know I really really like her and she’s told me that she would say yes the day I sing an indian song for her while standing on a car in the middle of a busy street!

Uzair: (laughing) So now you making my cousin sound like some business deal? Well.. what’s not to like about her, after all she is related to me. On a more serious note though.. DO IT! If you remember word to word what she said, then you must really like her…. so do it! Go learn an Indian song, go find a car to stand on and serenade Aara! I’d pay good money to see that (smirking)

Me: (ripped) well err actually…I’ve already started learning “the” song it’s just that I’m really bad with indian words(laughing) I hope I don’t end up scaring her away! On a more serious note though…now I know I was right..Nemo does love Aara doesn’t he? Wait, don’t answer that. I shouldn’t be asking you a question to which the answer someone probably told you in confidence. I don’t want to feel like a third wheel bro and come between two friends who may just end up liking each other more than friends…

Uzair: (running his fingers through his hair) Zoo… Mind if I call you that? I honestly don’t know what swims through Aara’s mind, even though she tells me everything. Nemo and Aara are Nemo and Aara… They have a… a…long complicated history to say the least. You’re like a breath of fresh air for Aara. Its up to her whether she wants to embrace the new, or whether she wants to just stick to what she knows which is Nemo. (smiling) I admire that you man enough to not want to cause friction between friends. You kinda remind me of me, being Mr.Right, doing the right thing. It’s a good quality to have Zoheb

Me: (ℓ☺ℓ) Zoo? I’ll have to think about that one…Mr. Right and Mr.Right huh(laughing) doing the right thing always feels good…and the right ones are always rewarded *winking* maybe I’ll be rewarded for my patience who knows

Uzair: (laughing) Its hard to find genuinely good people nowadays… At least I know that IF… big fat IF…. IF Aara were to end up with you, I’d know she was in good hands (Manly pat on my back) Heck, you better be rewarded for your patience and goodness!
”(raising his glass) To being Mr.Right!”

Me: (raising his glass and laughing) to the good Mr Rights of this world and to being worthy of being on the receiving end of Aara’s affection…thanks Uzair I do appreciate the motivation and the well wishes…now if you’ll excuse me…I have a lady to woo..with the blessings of her bro *winking*

Uzair: All the best bro!

This is it. I was so going to do this. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know all the words to the song, I’d just stand on my car and screech :-p I had to tell her!!! So I scribbled a note ” please meet me at the back, near my car”-Zoheb and gave it to Riza’s cousins 5 year old son and pointed to Aara and asked him to give it to her and I walked out of the hall quickly.

Breathe Zoheb Breathe. I took off my coat and loosened my tie, and climbed onto the top of my Audi. Thankfully there was no one around. My heart was thumping in my chest! I have never been SO nervous in my entire life!!!

After a few minutes I heard someone walking towards my car….Aara….but she didn’t come infront of me…she stood next to the rose plants and all I could see was her shadow. Shux, she was shy…

“You called me…”, she whispered

I cleared my throat….okay this was it…

Me: I’m fulfilling your condition madame…

And I started singing….


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  1. Oh mahn!!!!!!!
    Plz plz let it be Aara behind the tree
    Don’t disappoint us. Author
    Its do or die for Zoheib
    Uzair thanxx for all the motivation!!
    Go zoheib go. Go zoheib go
    And aara plzzzz. Listen to ur flip flop

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  2. Oh my gosh! That post was awesome! Zoheb is really nice but I just can’t let go of Aara and Nemo! Uzair awww u are just awesome


  3. Damn!!!!ı hope ıts NOT aara!uuurrrgh cant watch!#nemo dont worry well fınd u sum1 MORE stunnıng n vıbrant then aara n all the guys can get jealous!bloody heLl


  4. Uurrggghhhh hw I wish I can StRANglE u Zoheb 4 AlwayS comin between Nemo + Aara !!!!
    I wish wish wish dat its not Aara behind that tree lolzz dat wil b so good haha…
    Nemo if Aara mkes d wrng decision nd chooses Zoheb I really wish u can get sum1 muuuccchhh betta nd Aara can b jealous nd feel wat she’s puttin u thru…. TeaM NeMo allll da way 4eva nd eva!!!


  5. Uziars words of wisdom 2both Nemo and Zoheb👍. Thank u lovely ladies 4t beutiful piece of writting🌹🌹….lol im sooo sure it’s nt gonna b aara-mus b one of reza’s cousins🙈poor zoheb so embarrrising**im hiding 4rm nw🙈


  6. Woohoooo I am in luv . I totaly luv zoheb . Aara is gona be sooo suprised . U go zoheb u really a guy 2 die 4 .


  7. Nemo & Aara are so cute *eye lashes*!! And ofcz Laeeka ans Reez are super duper adorable *love struck*!! As for Uzzii… more like u -_- … u tell Zoheb to make a move and Nemo not…u go fly -_- !! U know with Aara and Nemo theres a big possiblity that….Aara will in love with Nemo all over again 😛 ! #Hope&Duas Thanks for visiting us bt dnt come back again 😛 … until Aara and Nemos wedding 😛 or for Nemos mayit after dying from a heart break 😛 !! I hope it’s not Aara *fingers crossed*!! Aara isn’t shy of u Zo0o 😉 so I hooope its not her 😀 !! Maybe it’s the perfect one for u Zoheb *fingers crossed*! #Hope 😛 bt I have to approve her first neh! She has to really be good 😉 xoxo


  8. OMGEEE!!! Super awesome post!thumbs up Zoheb, u go man.Hp it’s Aara next to da rose plant & not sum1 else.Tnx Uzzi 4 pushing Zoheb 4ward.Can’t wait 2 see Aara’s reaction.


  9. @ Haaj ,I’m with u ,no more lyk u Uzzi!!! Dnt cum visit anymre lolz..
    Mari nd Laeeks keep on workin dat magic of urs nd mke NemO nd Aara be da next couple who’s gettin engaged*wink*


  10. Oooohhhh plz don’t let it b Aara…. Haai man Uzair(wat kind are u?) U tell Zoheb 2mk a move n Nemo not to??? Tht aint fair really. #Cryin face. Lol. jus my thots, if DoaD is helpin with the writing then I assume its gona b Zoheb endin up with Aara 4sure. Thts her preferance isn’t? (Mayb Thts why Uzair siding wit Zoheb) So thts double cryin face 4us Nemo fans. Lovely post anyway, Zainab n Arshoo too cute, Riza n Laeeka jus Awesome, N well looks Like Imraan n Mari also gona hav sum sprks flyin, jus our poor Nemo gona b left out. Or Hopefull not. Mayb Zoheb gona Find sum other special lady.#Nemo fan 4eva


    • Noo nooo noooo! Even though I am team zoheb, my preference will NOT affect LLD at all! There’s a reason why Nemo cant jump the gun and that’s because he’s hurt Aara before. If you see the logic as to why he cant rush things its because it will shock Aara big time! She was hurt by him once, cant have that happening again 😛
      Zoheb is new to Aara, BUT what Aara and Nemo have doesn’t just diasapear cause a new guy comes in, so no worries my opinion on who I like for Aara will not change anything in Shazoo’s plan 😉


    • Noooooo even though I’m helping, my preference makes no difference to who Aara ends up with 😉 No worries even though I am team Zoheb there’s a reaosn why ‘uzair’ told nemo to not jump the gun and that’s because Aara was hurt once before by Nemo. And if he rushed things with her, he’ll send her into shock and we cant have that now can we 😛 Zoheb is new to Aara BUT what Nemo and Aara have doesn’t just disappear because there’s a new guy. Whoever I want Aara to end up with wont affect who she actually ends up with in LLD 😉


    • Ahahah even though I am team zoheb, my preference does not affect who Aara ends up with 😉 I my self don’t even know who Shazia is going to make Aara end up with…
      As for Uzair and telling nemo to not jump the gun, its for his own good 😛 Nemo hurt Aara once, if he rushes things he’ll shock her. With Zoheb he’s new to Aara BUT what Aara and Nemo have doesn’t just disappear cause a new guy comes 😉 Lol so dont go blaming my Uzzzzzzzi he’s innocent 😀 xoxo


  11. Omg that’s prob not aara! She aint shy! Ohhhh hellllllll no. Pls ms author let it be aara prrrrretty pweez. As for uzzi that’s y I just lurrrrrrrv u 😛

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  12. I no more like Uzzi 😥! I hope it’s not Aara behind the bush. Awesome post , can we please have another one tonight Shazia ? * desperate *

    Team Nemo and Aara forever



  13. No no no no no ! Don’t know if I want read LLD anymore! Hope it’s not Aara! Feeling so down now! ( just kidding) Really interesting Shazia! Just a few questions tho! Firstly what’s Aara POV, does Aara know Mari did to her and Nemo! #team nemara# my name for Nemo and Aara(wink)


    • Hey:) Aara’s pov will be shown in the season finale when she makes her choice(well its abt time Aara 100 episodes later :-p ) all I can say is last few posts going to be wow acc to me and to everyone I’d just like to say-BREATHE ℓ☺ℓ…anything can happen LLD is far from over unless I die well in that case maybe haaj can take over 😉


      • Oooooohhh MAN Fingers Crossed!! Aara if u knw wats good 4 u u’ll Choose NEMO *wink*…Pleeeezzzz choose NEMO,if u break his heart Aara ,u break all us Nemo Fans hearts Toooooo*sob* *sob*!!!
        @Author this is toooo much suspence ,post next post quick pweeezzz… Lol


  14. This blog is gonna make me go grey! If it’s not Aara behind that pot plant I will die! Why do all these damn blogs have to have so many complications 😦 why cant one atleast just make two people get together without all this problems and beating around the bushes!


    • If this damn blog is going to make u go grey, maybe u shud stop reading it? Jus saying..
      There has to be really now..if it were that straight forward would any1 ever read it? I honestly wouldn’t.


  15. I really love this blog and hope with all my heart that Zoheb and Aara end up together its just that,author,with all due respect and just in my opinion,i feel like the way you write has changed just a teeny bit,just about the part when Uzair and Nemo or Uzair and Zoheb are talking,I feel like each of them utters a huge paragraph at once and idk theres too much talking at once.. Its like for example it should be like: ‘what colour is the banana?’ ‘The banana is yellow’ ‘i love food’ ‘i love food too’ ‘you’re such an idiot’ ‘hey! No im not!’ ‘Are you going tomorrow?’ ‘Yes i am’ – thats how you used to write. This is how you write now- ‘what colour is the banana? I love food.youre such an idiot! Are you going tomorrow? “The banana is yellow,i love food too,hey!no im not! And yes i am going tomorrow’ i think the old way is better


    • Lmao!!! #ripped- ur comment had me in stitches!! Okay, the reason why the nemo-uzair and uzair-zoheb and uzair-aara convos are like that is becoz there’s 2 of us writing those parts and we rnt sitting next to each other n writing it. U gotto imagine each one talking…bcoz they rnt saying it one go eg. Uzair-Nemo are u in love with Aara? Because u sure as hell used to act like an idiot and u know Aara she’s a tough girl. Nemo- I knowwww she’s stuff…its just..becoz I was an idiot that’s why I’m unsure of whether I shud tell her or not but yes def yes I do love her. Becoz it can’t be Uzair-Do u love Aara Nemo-Yes I love her Uzair- u used to act like an idiot! Nemo-yes I used to act like an idiot Uzair-Shes a tough girl Nemo-yes she’s a tough girl
      Gotto use ur imagination chika;)


  16. OMW!!!! Can’t wait n can’t look. Lol Aara finally gona mk a choice?? Dunno wat 2say, mus I read or not? Aara plllzzzzz don’t diassapoint Nemo plzzz my sweetheart, pretty plzzzz. I jus can’t handle a No to Nemo. He,ll b totally Broken. U mean the world 2him. Pretty plzzzz. I,ll tk u out 4 dinner, eat as much as u want doll werever u wanna go, All expenses paid, fettuchini, steak, prawns, chocolate cheesecake, desert drinks, lol! Jus say yaa 2 Nemo.


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