Part 98-The Engagement Part 5

Mere haath mein tera haath ho(When my hand is in yours),
saari jannate.n mere saath ho(all of paradise is mine.)
tuu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaa.(When you’re with me, what use have I for the world?)
tere pyaar me.n ho jaa’uu.n fanaa(I want to be destroyed in your love.)

I was standing on the bonnet of my car and trying my best to sing this song in tune…I think I had gotten all the words correct..I searched for the song most appropriate to how I felt and the meaning to this one-just hit it on the head.

I was not even 4 lines into it when I heard a giggle…was she laughing at me?

I tried to go on…and then I heard a sob…huh??

Me: Aara?

No answer.

I tilted my head to try and look at her…wait…wait..those sandals…that wasn’t Aara!!!

Me: hello?

What was I doing! I should just run away! This was going to be embarassing!!

And the person behind the rose bush stepped into the light and I almost fell off my bonnet!!! Who the hell was this?!!

Unknown chubby lady with thick brown glasses: (wiping her tears) hi…that was so sweet…for someone who would like to get to know me…I’m sorry..this is so…(And she came forward) I got your note to come outside (and she blew her nose hard) please come down

Me: (putting my hands out) uh uh…there’s been a misunderstanding…I didn’t send that note to you!

Unknown Lady: please…(Coming forward)…don’t hide your feelings now…come down pleeeeease

Me: NOOO(and I climbed onto the roof of my car)

Unknown Lady: please Zoheb…I love your name and you sent me that note!! Don’t deny it please (pleading)

Me: it reached you accidently it was meant for someone else!!(God help me)

Unknown Lady: don’t lie why are you feeling shy now!

Me: please…leave me alone!

Unknown Lady: you’re in denial it’s okay..just come down

Aara: ummm hi…he’s right…there’s been a misunderstanding…the little boy gave the note to you instead of me

Unknown Lady: oh?

Aara: yeah…sorry about that

Unknown Lady: you’re trying to cover for him, he sent me that note!

Aara: then why is he running from you? (Small smile) it’s okay…it was a mistake…we’re really sorry

And this unknown woman walked off in a huff!!! She must have thought that she landed herself a great catch!

Aara looked at me for a few seconds and burst out laughing!!!

Aara: you know, I saw your whole “act”

I put my head down. This was….embarrassing..

Me: I was trying to fulfil your condition…

Aara: busy street?

Me: (side smile) I couldn’t wait…

Aara: you can come down now(suppressing her laugh)

And I obliged.

And she started laughing again!

Aara: Zoheb you were such a sight climbing up onto the top of your car to avoid your newest fan!

Me: (head down)

Aara: (coming a little closer) better luck next time okay dimples…(And she smiled and turned to walk away)

And as she did that, I grabbed her hand and twirled her towards me. I put my arm around her waist and held her free hand. Now or never…now or never..

And I hummed the first line of the song and swayed with Aara…she was silent…surprised…shocked…and I mustered up the courage to softly sing my song for her…

mere haath me.n tera haath ho(When my hand is in yours),
saari jannate.n mere saath ho(all of paradise is mine.)
tuu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaa.(When you’re with me, what use have I for the world?)
tere pyaar me.n ho jaa’uu.n fanaa(I want to be destroyed in your love.)

tere dil me.n merii saa.nso.n ko panaah mil jaa’e (May my every breath find a shelter in your heart);
tere ishq me.n merii jaan fanaa ho jaa’e(I want to be destroyed in your love.)

jitne paas hai khushbuu saa.ns ke(As close as fragrance is to breath),
jitne paas ho.nTHo.n ke sargam(as close as melody is to lips),
jaise saath hai karwat yaad ke(as close as the twists and turns of thought),
jaise saath baaho.n ke sa.ngam(as close as arms entwined),
jitne paas paas khwaabo.n ke nazar(as close to me as my dreams),
utne paas tuu rahana hamsafar(stay that close to me, my life’s companion).
tuu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaa.n(When you’re with me, what use have I for the world?)
tere pyaar me.n ho jaa’uu.n fanaa(I want to be destroyed in your love)
mere haath me.n tera haath ho(When my hand is in yours,)
saarii jannate.n mere saath ho(all of paradise is mine.)
rone de aaj hamko tuu aa.nkhe.n sujaane de(Let me cry today; let my eyes swell).
baaho.n me.n le le aur khud ko bhiig jaane de(Take me in your arms and let me drench you with my tears).
hai jo siine me.n qaid dariya voh chuuT jaa’ega(The river imprisoned inside me will break free),
hai itna dard ke tera daaman bhiig jaa’egaand (the pain is so great, it will wash down to your feet).
jitne paas paas dharkan ke hai raaz(As close as my secrets are to my heart),
jitne paas buu.ndo.n ke baadal(as close as raindrops are to the clouds),
jaise saath saath cha.nda ke hai raat(as close as the moon is to the night),
jitne paas nazaro.n ke kaajal(as close as kohl is to the eyes),
jitne paas paas saagar ke lahar(as close as the waves are to the sea),
utne paas tuu rahana hamsafar(stay that close to me, my life’s companion).
tuu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaa.n(When you’re with me, what use have I for the world?)I want to be destroyed in your love
tere pyaar me.n ho jaa’uu.n fanaa(.)
mere haath me.n tera haath ho(When my hand is in yours,)
saarii jannate.n mere saath ho(all of paradise is mine.)
adhuurii saa.ns thii(My breath was incomplete;)
dhaRkan adhuurii thii(my heartbeat was incomplete;)
adhuure ham(I was incomplete).
magar ab chaa.nd puura hai falak pe(But now the moon is full in the sky,)
aur ab puure hain ham(and we are made whole.)
My chest heaved up and down…this was our moment of truth…I looked at Aara’s hand in mine…the way in which she held onto my hand..her fingers entwined with mine…her gaze lowered. I wished that this moment could last forever and that time would just stand still.

Me: (whispering into her ear) condition fulfilled…

And she looked up at me, her eyes full of tears….at that point I was already so emotional myself because I had never done this before…and my heart was hanging on a thread because I had just bared my soul infront of her…

Aara: (clutching my hand a little tighter)

We said nothing…but our eyes spoke a language only our hearts understood.

She smiled at me, let go off my hand gently and walked backwards…my heart creating a new portrait of her…a new way that I saw her…the way she blushed…the way she smiled as she ran off towards the hall.

Flip flop…I got my answer…but I just needed to hear it from her mouth…oh gosh…I love you Aara!

As narrated by Aara:

I missed Riza’s surprise for Laeeka by being engulfed in my own surprise….oh myyyy he did it!! I had no words, no words at all…I didn’t think that he would do it! I bit my lip but couldn’t stop smiling as I took a seat next to Uzair, who looked at me questioningly.

Uzair: (raising an eyebrow) Ditched me? Not cool doll not cool (smirking)

Aara: I could never ditch you (pouty) buuut (whispering) I have something to tell you!

Uzair: Ooooo sounds serious… Do tell?

And I was about to tell him when…

Zoheb joined us at the table and sat next to Arshad. He also had a smile on his face that he was tried to hide…very unsuccessfully.

I couldn’t look up at him so I just stared down into my plate. I needed something sweet! So I reached across and stole Zainab’s dessert while she chatted to Maariah.

Zainab: hey!

Me: I need it…badly (and I closed my eyes as I took a bite of this delicious pineapple whatever it was)

Arshad: hey I didn’t tell yourl..I went out to my car just now and I saw someone standing on one of the cars, arms stretched out boss…I don’t know if he was talking to the sky or what…couldn’t see who it was but if Riza didn’t want this cd so urgently, I would have definately gone to see!

Uzair choked on his dessert!! Zoheb and I looked at each other knowingly…while the others laughed at what Arshad just said.

Uzair: (wide eyed and whispering under his breath) don’t tell me he did it?!

Me: maybe he was serenading someone?(Winking at Uzair)

Zai: in that case, that would be damn sweet! I wish someone would….

Arshad: uh uh…don’t (laughing)

Mari: you should have gone closer and heard what he was singing or saying

And I hummed the song that Zoheb sang to me…and all of them stared at me

Me: what? It’s a song that’s stuck in my’s my new favourite song

Uzair pinched me under the table and I pinched him back!

Me: did Laeeka like her surprise?

Zai: where were you? She loved it! You and Reez outdid yourselves…the flowers, the picture cd the confetti…his mother was ..(ℓ☺ℓ) you don’t wanna know!!

Zoheb: it’s a night to remember that’s for sure (smiling at me)

I couldn’t help but smile…and bite my lip..and smile…and smile..and smile…(ℓ☺ℓ!)

Arshad: what’s wrong with you? You’re smiling so much your face might crack Aaroo!!

Nemo: (joining us at the table) who’s face might crack?

Arshad: Aara…she’s smiling like something out of a mental hospital!

Me: whaaat Arshoo how can you class me like that

Nemo: ya Arshoo she’s happy how..even though you should tone it down you are looking a little mad :-p

Me: (throwing a napkin at Nemo) very funny
Don’t forget we have a cop in our midst, I’ll just complain and Immy here will have you arrested (winking) oops can we call you Immy?

Imraan: (laughing) sure you can, all my friends call me Immy

Nemo: by the way, just chatted to Amien and crew..after “party” later on…nothing hectic but just all the youngsters getting together. I’ll tell you all when I know where and time and Immy (laughing) you’re included (winking at Mari)

Before I could say anything my phoned beeped

Zoheb: 🙂

He was sitting across me so every expression of mine couldn’t be hidden!

Me: 🙂

Zoheb: ………

Me: …………?

Zoheb: Aara…

Me: 😉

And I put my phone in my bag. I was Aara after all…I had to let him simmer a bit 😉

——————————————————–Author’s Note:

Riiiiight so here’s the thing. I’m in a really good mood so I’m going to be polite- kindly STOP with the Uzair bashing. I love Uzair to bits and pieces and I really don’t appreciate some of the anti Uzair comments. While I do appreciate that you guys love LLD and I love you all for that…it’s just..some of you take it to a whole new level of hate with the character bashing eg. Zoheb/Uzair. It’s a story, and a beautiful one at that, and it isn’t over, there’s so much more to come. You trusted me enough to follow me thru almost 100 episodes, you’ve made my journey writing LLD so memorable, please have a little more faith in me and trust me-the story is far from over.
Criticism is something that I won’t ignore but the rest of it is a little bit much at times. I will also reply to all your comments as soon as I can

Much Love,


45 thoughts on “Part 98-The Engagement Part 5

    his was just suuuuuuper duuuuuuuper AMAZING :’)
    Brought me to tears of laughter and joy and happiness!
    Shazoo you are AMAZING 😉 xoxo


  2. Ohh my wordb!he did it!!zoheb did it!! Lmao to d chubby lady :)) well dne zoheb!!! Gt me all smiling too 😀
    Nw y wud any1 wna bash uzzi!! Dam I luvv wen he runs hs hands thru his hair moments **;


  3. Ohh my wordb!he did it!!zoheb did it!! Lmao to d chubby lady :)) well dne zoheb!!! Gt me all smiling too 😀
    Nw y wud any1 wna bash uzzi!! He’s soo sweet n Dam I luvv wen he runs hs hands thru his hair moments **;


  4. Yay yay yay *jumping up and down* zoheb did it, whippppeeee. Zoheb n aara forever

    Uzzi u r the best and so r the rest of the characters. Just zoheb n aara r good together like riza n laeeka…..


  5. HahAhahaha LoL Chubby aunty u shud hav go giv Zoheb a nyc beeeeegggg hug lolZ…
    @author jus wana say all our comments r in d name of FUN… These characters dnt even exist,its all fictional that’s y we giv our opinions with humour ,no hard feelings 2 Uzzi nd Zoheb lolz ,we jus Loooovvveee NEMO a lot more *wink*… LLD rocks *hugs*


    • No hard feelings Mrs.F 😉 they r fictional but still close to our hearts..somewhere down the line there’s a little bit of us in each of them…or a little bit of what we would like to be;) *hugz right back at ya*


  6. I knew dat pic was reeza&laeeqs…or is it z♥a:)))whoever i love t pic….my love 4zohebs character grows stronger as t story progresses…cnt wait 4all t mystery between nemo&aara 2b revealed…tx 4lovely writting♡btw i thnk zohebs character is alot like uzzi♡


  7. Fanaa ho jaa wu!!!!!!!
    Aara and Zoheib flip flop
    I L♥√ع them together
    Thy sooo awesome and electrical
    Zoheib.U r a dream come tru
    I know u sooO nyc that Uzair had to
    encourage u to take it a notch up!!
    Ure modest and sensational and
    a tru gentleman

    All the characters r super!!!
    And thy all hav difrnt personlities
    And ur story rocks!!!!

    R&L A&Z Z&A I&M N&…
    Plz find a model for neemm


    • ℓ☺ℓ tazz ur comments rock!! Nemo…is on a journey, Nemo fans shouldn’t feel too heartbroken because life love destiny that’s what its all about..Nemo will grow and how too…their story will reach a full circle. We are definately far from over:)


      • Life love destiny :”)……Sometimes the best Always comes after the worst 🙂 #Hope #LLDFanForLife 😀
        beautiful lessons to learn from lld 🙂
        Much love thanks a million for awesome blog! xoxo


      • Yeah!!!!! I’m sure u won’t disappoint the neemo fans, this btw isn’t about Zoheib and Neemo, its about the Aara and what she’s been through, and how she’s handling her emotions..friendship…love

        Can’t wait to read the next season
        **Shazia can just put all the seasons in a novel form & send it to me… Thatl b soo cool. ∕Ɩ∕Ɩω∂h 🙂 🙂 :p


  8. @shazia
    Remember that time when aara went with nemo to his family function thingy and they matched in purple???(Aww)…and then thEre was that chick who said “whatever nemos fathers name is”‘s son naeem will be hers, and then aara walked in and she said some things about aara like why is she here and stuff…?who is she and why did she disappear….that was like a firecraker waiting to bust…no that would look pretty ,like zoheb and aara being together….horrific!!! #bringonthedramashaz


    • Glad sum1 remembered 😉 she is coming…she didn’t make it to season 2 becoz the road trip took longer than expected, but you will def c her in season 3 with a whole ton of drama…becoz she is a fire cracker waiting to explode. Also, another mystery n totally negative character entering in season 3. Nailbiting season to look forward to. Mystery girl is related to one of the characters btw


    • @shazia☺️ my gut feeling …she’s realated 2Zoheb🙊am i rong? Btw if poasible can u give us details of Riza’s surprise…i get t just of t surprise so if nt possible no stress😘


  9. Zoheb my man !!!! U go boy!!! Perfect couple*dancing* as 4 nemo I really hope u find tru love U r sweet n deserve sum1 gud .


  10. Seriously awesome post. And unzair bashing is just not on man. Uzair bobat is the man! always has been! Zoheb is just dreamy…. the story may have looong to go…. but I do hope zoheb and aara end up together. They feel RIGHT!


  11. WOW! Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! It keeps geting beter. It brought tears of joy 2 мε. Zoheb is sooo romantic. He’s a dream cum true. L<3√ع ur writing sister Shazia. Keep up da gr8 work.


  12. Yay, team “ZAara” I’m so glad Zoheb did it! So well written! Loved it. Can’t wait for more!!! Zoheb and Uzair “dreamy face”


  13. #Ripped the fat lady that blows her nose loud wants Zoheb #bust
    She even tellls him nt to deny his feeling #Ripped
    Zoheb climbs on his rooof as if she has germs =)) or more like a scard kid 😛
    Zo0o she is coming to haunt ur dreams 😉 u better read ayatul kursi 😛
    That Zo0o and Aara moment -_- !! *crying* *hide*
    I wanna know the Riza surprise *jumping up and down*
    Maaaaaaaf Doad and LLD authors…..I wnt be mean again *hide*!! Xoxo


  14. WoW thaT was realLY somThing
    Love it too. Bits
    I rate This blog 100
    Plzz could u post 2 tomorrow

    Hands up to UZZI

    When is season three starting ?
    Part 100 ?

    Keep up the great job

    Luv ya Z/A


  15. Sorry 2 the author 4 wat u call Zoheb n Uzzi bashin, lol I jus think it wasn’t as mean as u sayin. Personally I feel u don’t apreciate the Nemo fans comments as much as u do 2 the zoheb comments, I’m assumin bcoz u 2 prefer Zoheb? Its ur story n the characters u created, so uuhhmm if we chose Nemo as a preferance, like those who chose Zoheb (n well also did do sum Nemo bashin) doesn’t tht mk the comments intrestin? Its all in the name of fun 4sure. No offence tho. The story is amazin, this jus my feelins. Hugs


    • None taken;) I hope I didn’t come across as rude *shock*
      Like I’ve said before, my favourite character is Nemo…and its difficult to put him thru pain but, he’s the character who I really want to see grow and he will. It will be a heartfelt story, both zoheb and nemo fans will be reduced to tears. But that’s like 2 seasons away *hugz*


  16. Lol. No offence, jus voiced my opinion n well thnx 2u 4 being open n not tkin offence. N a Big thumbs up n A Very Big THANK YOU 4 givin us such an Awesome, Gripping, Emotional,Hilarious read. Thoroughly NjOY iT. I think our emotions jus get the better of us @ tyms. But once again U really did n I trust u will carry on DOInG a great JOB with the Story we all can’t stop Readin…. Wink. #Can’t stop Bein a NEMO FAN tho. Lol, now Next post PLZ


  17. R we. Getting one tonight ??
    Plzz can we

    The sooner we get part 100 the sooner the 2weeks can start

    Favourate blog
    Jus luvv it !!


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