Blog Call

ℓ☺ℓ don’t get too excited now-it’s not a new post 😉

This is a shoutout to all you bloggers out there! If you think we should read your blog, please send me a short write up (max 5 lines) about your story and send me the link as well. (Just leave a comment, your email addy will come up on my side and I will liase with you thereafter)

Links and descriptions will be put up at the end of LLD Season 2 so all of us will have something to read:)

@xoxomemongirl you’re at the top of that list 😉 I owe u a shout out from like eons ago *hide*

Here’s to reading some more interesting stories *raising my glass…errr cup of coffee rather- burning the midnight oil writing the next post*

Much Love Always,


Ps: there’s sooo many of you yet our FB page has sooo few likes. Hit the like button if you luv LLD 😉 and follow LLD on twitter please:)



17 thoughts on “Blog Call

  1. Hi shaz .can u or 1 of the good bolggers out there make a site like http://www.scarletlights .its a site were all blogs in Kuwait get updated.u will also notice the bloggin world started in 2009 .unfortunately some really good stories r in half Arabic n half English. If some1 can make a site lyk scarletlights then we will not have to wait for updates or go to each blog seprately to check for updates.check it out then u will know wat I mean. thanx


  2. Lol @livelifedestiny! Yeah our Nemo is already on twitter. You spend your time figuring it out Zoheb lol but Nemo get your head back to Aara cause Zoheb is progressing way too quickly that side *wink* neither have facebook. Sorry I can’t like the page *cant watch*


  3. Salaam.
    #sorry for commenting soo late. Returned from my Umrah trip a while back and just caught up with your blog.
    Please do share my blog. Keep up the amazing blog. I love your blog Mashallah.
    Tc. Duas. Slm

    .~>Diary Of A Veiled Princess…!<~.

    A True Story-Blog Journey Of A Guji Girl In Quest Of Knowledge & Then L♥√ع

    Enjoy & spread a thrill read of:

    *Twitter: @1veiledprincess


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