Part 99-Season Finale(Part 1)

As narrated by Laeeka:

I was reduced to tears as I watched Riza’s surprise. A collage of memories on a digital canvas…and then the biggest surprise of all…a giant glass ball decorated in pink and red roses descended from the ceiling…hidden by the gold drapes…no one would have guessed it was there. And as soon as it descended..he took my hand and walked me into it…and as it spun slowly to a soft and subtle instrumental of Tum Hi Ho…little gold and white “snowflakes” floated around inside the ball. Both of us had tears in our eyes as we held each others hands…I knew what Riza was trying to say to me by this gesture…that inside the whole world…we will create our own little world where it will be just the two of us…and it will be magical…

He didn’t have to argue or stand up to anyone…but what he did showed everyone without any words.

Me:(whispering) I love you

Riza: I love you too…

All our cousins and all our friends whistled and cheered. I will never forget this moment for as long as I lived…

As narrated by Arshad:

The After Party:

Riza’s cousins were mad! Like really, really mad! This after party that was supposed to be as Nemo said ” just the youngsters getting together” but it was something else altogether!

The venue was Riza’s cousin Azhar’s house and there were SO many “youngsters”. I mean we didn’t even see half of them at the engagement. Okay maybe this party was actually for those who weren’t invited to the engagement hmm…

Zainab: I’m not feeling very comfortable here

Me: (putting my arm around her) comfortable now? (Winking)

Zainab giggled as she put her arm around my waist.

Maariah: I hate to be a third wheel but please can I sit here?

Me: sure (who was I kidding)

Maariah: thanks…it’s a little awkward here

Me: where’s your Immy?

Maariah: he’s not my Immy!

Zai: you guys look so sweet together Mari…n think of it this way…if you marry him you will never have to worry about security for your house or your shop ever again!

And Zainab and I laughed at her lame joke!
I kissed Zainab on her forhead…

Zai: I don’t see Aara, Uzair, Zoheb, Nemo where are they anyway?

Me: Nemo and Zoheb are helping Amien set up the tables by the pool…Aara and Uzair are probably somewhere around

Mari: yeah Immy is helping them also

Zainab looked at me and the two of us burst out laughing!!

Mari: oh whatever man (and she rolled her eyes and got up and left!)

As narrated by Maariah:

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to sit with Imraan…I mean he was alone and so was I.

Me: mind if I sit here?

Immy: not at all(straightening up in his seat)

Me: so, are you bored yet?

Immy: why would I be?

Me: because you’re sitting here so quietly

Immy: oh…(Laughing)..I actually sat down now only…you have a really wonderful group of friends you know that…all of them..are just so amazing

Me: (smiling) I know…and I’m very lucky to have them

Immy: and I’m sure they are just as lucky to have you

I couldn’t answer that. I looked up at Nemo and Zoheb high fiving each other over something and laughing together like two long lost buddies. I had tried to make Nemo something he was not…how was I even a friend?

Immy: Maariah….

Me: hmmm…oh..sorry, my mind just drifted off

Immy: Maariah without being too forward, I’d really like to get to know you better…

Me: (looking him in the eye) trust wouldn’t…

Immy had a confused look on his face because I didn’t say what I said with even a hint of sarcasm…I genuinely meant it!

As narrated by Nemo:

This party wasn’t so bad after all! We played a few games, sat around the pool and just chatted to everyone. It was quite enjoyable actually…the only thing was….Aara and Uzair were missing! I saw them when everyone got here and I saw them again sitting on Riza’s car and talking. And Aara with all her hand movements is so hard to miss :-p
But now there was no sign of them…

Me: Reez any idea where’s Aara and Uzair?

Riza: (laughing to himself) two words Nemo….chocolate cheesecake 😉

Me: whaaat….Aara needed cheesecake now?

Zai: she’s been eating sweet stuff the entire evening that one

Laeeka: well she’s earned it…she helped Reez pull off such a beautiful surprise (side hugging Riza)

Riza: a surprise she wasn’t there to see though…speaking of which…neither were you Zoheb…I don’t remember seeing you with everyone else

Zoheb: I …(And his phone rang) hello….hi…hi..

Me: how many times are you going to say hello and hi bro?

Zoheb: (putting his finger on his lips to motion me to shush…and he slowly walked away from there)

Me: strange…so dude and dudette, when do you both plan on getting married?

Riza: (pulling Laeeka closer) very soon I hope

Me: aaah…impatient much I see

Riza: very very impatient(kissing Laeeka’s cheeks)

Me: Laeeks he was considering picking up a Moulana earlier to do a jhat pat nikaah!

Laeeka: you should have let him (putting her head on Riza’s shoulder)

Me: eyyyy you people are too sweet sweet now just now the rest of us will become diabetic!

Laeeka: Nemo!!!

Me: whaaaat…but’s been epic…Riza’s tasks, the dares, the truths (winking), the road trip…the bungee jump!!! The engagement…everything…has just been so beeeeeauuuuutifuuuuul!!

Arshad: (putting his harm around me) and for me as well! We had some top moments bru!! Remember Faseeha? (And he chuckled to himself)

Me: leave Faseeha…remember your space muffin night!

Arshad: (busting) that’s the thing…its good that I don’t remember :-p

Zainab: I’m glad I got to see you like that babe (winking) and now look at those two (eyeing Mari and Immy)

Riza: hmmm a possible love story in the making huh

Me: we need a cop on our side!!! With all the shit we get up to we could use some back up!! (High fiving Riza…and Arshoo trying to high five also but missing it ℓ☺ℓ!)

Riza and I looked at each other and burst out laughing and the two of us tackled Arshoo…dropping him to the ground…

Arshad: we are grown men!!

Riza: Arshoo we are so glad you never got into med school coz then we would never have met you boss!

Me: yeah bru…eish from where to where (catching my breath) what a journey!

Riza: I love you all…just so you know that

And everyone chipped in with their I love you too’s…so cute!

I missed my chocolate cheesecake…but forgiven…since she’s spending time with her favourite cousin. I won’t lie, all I could think about was what was I going to say to her…little did I know that someone else beat me to it…

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13 thoughts on “Part 99-Season Finale(Part 1)

  1. WoW!wat an awesome surprise 4 Laeeka. Riza Ʋ rock bru! Zainab teasing Maariah wid Immy #Ripped. Zai & Arshoo r too cute together. Luvd d post.gr8 writin as always.


  2. Oh man my heart is breaking! Nemo is gonna find out about Zoheb and Aara! Pls don’t disappear Nemo! Aara will soon realize u are one tru love!


  3. Ooo Eem Geee *love struck*…..aNd the Award of my favourite LLD couple goes to………*drum roll*………Riza and Laeeeka *love struck*!! They super duper cuteable mahn *blushy* & *butterflies*!! A moment to be treasure and remembered by me to0o 😀 !! That surprise left me saying Awwwwww
    Lol Nem0 u my favouritest don’t worry 😉 Reez and Laeeka can’t come between us 😛 !! U and Aara are g0nna be my favouritest couple one day 😛 #Hope !! Ooh Eh Eh Marii and immy is a love story in the making 😉 …. what did Marii do *nail bitting* & *fingers crossed*!! As for Nemo and Zoheb bestie moments #LoveThem *jumping up and down* they also kodack moments after my Nemo & Aara moments 😛 !! Aara is eating cheesecake alone 😛 haai she must share with nemo 😉 ….. Aara seriously Zoheb singing for u got u bad neh 😉 u jus need sweet things now 😛 … what happened to Zoheb? *Raised eyebrow*!! Hmm Nemo I’m already crying for u….. *heart broken*…..*big hugs* Xoxo


  4. Gonna miss LLD😢! Going try and help Nemo with depression! Next season he gonna do exactly what Aara to stand on a car sing on a crowded street! Well at least u tried man😉! Also at least u got practice for your next girl! By the way why did Zoheb walk away while onthe ph! Mmmmmmmmmm sounds mysterious! Is there something bout Zohed we missing! Looks like Nemo is not the only one with issues


  5. Dear shazia
    I’ve recently started reading this blog and I really like it, I’ve become attached to the characters like really badly.. Most of all is Nemo and Aara. Please don’t let zoheb end up with her, please give Nemo another chance.. It’ll be quite a sad turn if zoheb gets her.. Add another character so that zoheb gets another girl. This Nemo and Aara story is really touching. I cannot wait for season 2..hope its soon cos I need to start studying for trials.

    Your loyal fan


    • Dear Loyal Fan,

      You’re a guy!!!!!!! One of the few guys who actually comment and I wish more of them would instead of being silent readers *yes you and you and you and you over there too*.

      Thanks for ur kind words I’m glad you’re attached and I hope that you learn something from the guys in this blog becoz then tsk tsk…your love of your life will be super duper lucky!

      The nemo and aara story is really cute and sweet, and don’t get sad, its not over yet 😉

      Season 3 starts in two weeks so that wud be 3 june, but there will be a bonus post in this 2 weeks

      Enjoy and all the very best with your trials



  6. Loviiiiiing the blog as always and forever! !!!!!
    BUT PLEASE PRETTY please give NEMO A CHANCE/crying sob sob)
    Zoheb will find some1 ELSE…..
    Ara N Nemo 4eva

    Lol plz pretty pweez u miss author u so awesome pweez let nemo get HIS Ara **


  7. Zoheib was telling neemo to shu!!
    Cos he didn’t want the caller to know..
    Probably entrace to his cuzi who wants Neemo

    Anyways…….. I can’t wait for the finale

    I’m sowire Mari. I know thrs lots on ur mind.
    But no one can change destiny.
    Zoheib was gonna b a part of Aaras life
    U enjoy with immy. COOOOL going!!!!!


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