Blog Roll…

I think I’ve taken my break a little too seriously;) this list was supposed to go up a few days ago…my humble apologies:)

In no particular order:

1.Diary of an Arabian Girl

This is a fictional story about an 18 year old girl, Fareeha Moosa her parents are Dr Ayoob & Salma’s her mum who is a school teacher decided to move from Riyaadh (Saudi arabia) to Houghton (South Africa).


Farah,the Queen Bee of Crawford ‘s life of Laudium Mansions,sports cars,pageants and country clubs begins to seem meaningless as she finds true love and unburies terrible secrets of the past whilst trying to track a blackmailing stalker

3. Zubeida in Stilletos

4. Rediscovery

And these below, links weren’t sent in but they are such beautiful reads:

5. Forever a Mess Up-

6. Pathway to Paradise – (excellent)

7. A Journey in a Journal –

If I have missed out anyone who has emailed me their links please let me know, I will edit it into this post.

and now for a little reminiscing…

Diary of a Dubain –


Relatable 101-

To the Author of R101- if you’re reading this and I really hope you are- I can honestly say that I am speaking on behalf of all your fans when I say this- PLEASE COME BACK…we really miss you (okay we kinda miss Meez more;) jokes aside…we really miss you and the R101 crew. We would like to know how R101 ends or just something pretty please…*tight hugz* #high on hope

7 days to go….

Have fun πŸ˜‰

Much Love,



28 thoughts on “Blog Roll…

  1. YipppppZzZz Relatable 101 Authorness plZz come back!!!
    U make the world a better place πŸ˜› !!!
    We overly misssssing MeeeeeeZz πŸ˜₯ !!!
    Ooh Nemo is so dark,damaged and twisted like Meez πŸ˜›
    PlzzZz come back aNd give us a happily ever after with Meeeez and Amaaaanii #HopeForUrReturnSooooN

    The Count down begins… #SeaSon3 #LLD #GotMyTissues
    6 days & counting… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› xoxo


  2. Jx sooo much sister for the shout out..was wondering how I suddenly got so many referrals from this blog…

    Enjoy ur break..or what’s left of it…


  3. Okay now i’m really confused,i dont want to read too many so between xoxomemongirl and memongirl16 which is better?


    • both are different stories and while I haven’t read memongirl16 yet, I have heard that its lovely. I do read xoxomemongirl and I love it! the story line is gripping and very different.

      my suggestion would be to read the beginning few chapters of both and decide for yourself, because every1 has different tastes πŸ™‚


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