Part 103- Aara confides in Zoheb

As narrated by Arshad:

We made our way back into the garden with smiles across our faces. I put my arm around Nemo’s neck and yanked him hard.

Me: that was a top one bro!

And I thought of Nemo’s words to Zainab’s father

Nemo: the thing that we want is more beneficial to you than us..

Zainab’s father: (raised eyebrows) what is it?

Nemo: this guy is madly in love with your daughter (pointing at me and I’m sure I had turned all shades of pink!) You will never find anyone like him even if you travel the entire world… me on this one (laughing to himself) he spent R15,000 on a hot air balloon ride with all the frills just to surprise her…okay he’s a little nerdy but he has a heart of gold…please say yes?

Zainab’s father: (laughing and walking over to me) Arshad, is this true?

I was so nervous that all I managed was a nod..

Zainab’s father: well then I want to meet your parents!

We were over the moon to say the least!

Me: thank you bro

Nemo: you should thank that Aadil, he made the job much easier…Reez I need to know where exactly is his home and whether they’ve moved back to Jhb

Riza: why?

Nemo: if he says he’s changed and he means it then he’s gone for good but if that was a lie boet…he will be back

Zoheb: maybe we can talk to Immy…get a restraining order against him just to be safe

Riza: we probably should

Zoheb: I’ll give him a call now(excusing himself)

The girls turned to look at us as we approached the table. They were unusually quiet.

Riza: Zainab…good news for you…your dad wants to meet Arshad’s parents, he’s agreed for your marriage

Zainab: really??? Really reallly????

I smiled at her as she jumped into my arms and I spun her around and kissed her on her forehead.

Me: yes really really really…thanks to Nemo

Zainab: (hugging Nemo) thank you…for this and also for saving me from a relationship with Aadil

Nemo: (hugging Zai back) its my duty Zai…

Nemo: you ok sweetheart? (Putting his arm around Aara)

Aara: I guess

Nemo: want to talk about it?

Aara: no

Nemo: (raised eyebrow)Aara?

Aara: seriously…I’m fine I didn’t think I’d ever see him again but I’m ok

As narrated by Zoheb:

When I took my phone out to call Immy, I saw Aara’s message

“Now you see why I told you that there’s things that you don’t know and that you should know”

Oh Aara..why don’t you see it?

I made my way back to the garden…everyone seemed a bit more relaxed. Nemo and Aara were sitting next to each other and Nemo had his arm around her…and was talking very softly to her.

His words rung like alarm bells in my head ” you tried to touch MY Aara…you tried to touch MY Aara” Shoot me, I’m only human. I wanted to comfort her or just be next to her but I couldn’t. Nobody knew that we were together anyway. I sat down silently across her.

Laeeka: are there any more secrets that we don’t know about? Because I’m finding it very hard to accept that my best friend went through so much and I didn’t know a thing!

Aara: Laeeka…

Laeeka: no Aara…I’m not mad at you..I’m hurt
You didn’t tell me anything…you didn’t tell ME anything!

Riza: babe please

Laeeka: (ignoring Reez) so I’m asking all of you again…any more secrets?

And the glances that shot from Riza to Aara, Arshad to Nemo…answered that question. Laeeka had her head down so she didn’t notice it. Mari was another story on her own because ever since Aadil showed up her face just didn’t look the same…

Nemo: some secrets are better left buried Laeeks…

Laeeka: so they can surprise us like this??

Riza: Laeeka please!

Aara: I’m sorry Reez…

Riza: for what Aaroo?

Aara: for everything…Laeeka..I’m sorry (her eyes pleading)

Laeeka didn’t answer Aara…

Aara stood up and walked towards me

Aara:(fighting back the tears in her eyes) can we go now please?

Me: (standing up) sure

She didn’t greet anyone or say anything, she just walked silently next to me.

Me: (once we got into my car) it doesn’t change anything Aara…everything is still the same

But she looked down and kept quiet.

I drove silently all the way to her flat.
Aara: I want to show you something

And she walked back from her room with a book in her hand.

Aara: this is my diary…I’ve never shown it to anyone before. I want you to read it and then decide because I don’t want anything from my past to raise its head and shock you

Me: Aara please..

Aara:(tears streaming down her face) no Zoheb…this is who I am, this is why I was afraid to take a chance, this is why I am better off alone..

I took her diary and turned to a new page…..and I wrote todays date and…”I love you Aara,more than you know…nothing in these pages will ever change that…I don’t need to read this to make a decision, you need to read this to make a decision…I will always be yours…Zoheb”

I closed her diary and handed it back to her…touched her face and kissed her on her forehead.

Me: (whispering) no pressure okay…

And Aara hugged me!

Aara: Zoheb…seeing him again was just…reliving my worst nightmare

Me: (engulfing her in my arms and stroking her hair)it’s okay…

Aara: (sobbing and holding onto me) everytime I try to take a step forward…something happens…I’m so tired I’m just so tired…

Me: (hugging her tighter as tears fell out of my eyes) let it out…just let it all out…you will feel better

Aara didn’t reply initially…but I could feel her breathing ease a little.

Aara: Laeeka was in hospital…that’s why I didn’t tell her anything…and Reez…Reez was torn inside yet he still helped me…it’s not like Aadil and I had a “thing” going…it was campus we were younger and immature and we had a class together. We gradually became somewhat friends and would study together sometimes in a group….and that night…that night he called me

Aadil: hey Aara what are you upto?

Me: nothing much, just finishing off my assignment

Aadil: work work and work…woman you need a life!

Me: (laughing) I take it you aren’t busy with your assignment?

Aadil: nooooo…I need a break..want to meet up for coffee?

Me: (looking at my watch) ermm sure okay, where about?

Aadil: we’ll think about it on the way, I’ll fetch you in a few minutes

Me: no its fine, I have a car I’ll meet you

Aadil: really its okay let me fetch you

Me: really its okay,I’ll meet you

After a regular coffee between two study pals and a lot of campus chit chat, we decided to go for a walk. The place was packed it wasn’t as though it was isolated but we ended up walking further and further away until there was no one in sight. I remember feeling in my jacket pocket for Sahal’s knife…

Me: I think we should turn around now

Aadil: nah let’s sit we’ll go back just now

And so we sat down on these rocks and the topic went on to school days. It seemed harmless, just regular banter I guess…until…Aadil put his arm around me

Me: (shrugging his arm away)what are you doing?

Aadil: I really like you Aara…

Me: thank you, but…don’t do that again ok

Aadil:(a sinister smirk draping itself on his face) ohhh but it’s okay for Nemo to hold you and hug you?

Me: Aadil…Nemo is my best friend..I don’t even know you well enough to put you anywhere close to him (and I stood up)

Aadil: does Nemo feel the same way about you?

Me: what are you talking about?

Aadil: its obvious isn’t it…(The look on his face changing)poor little Aara running behind hotshot Nemo who by the way doesn’t give a damn!

A chill ran up my spine…

Aadil: actually(walking around me)come to think of it…I don’t really like you…I mean sure you’re hot but the only reason I befriended you is because….(Laughing to himself)behind his don’t care a damn exterior… you’re his weakness aren’t you?

I backed up..

Me: Aadil…

Aadil: (kicking a stone) do you know Amreen Vawda? Ofcourse you know her…Nemo’s last “chick”

Me: what does this have to do with me?

Aadil: everything! Amreen was the one girl who I really loved but every other girl was in love with…guess who..NEMO! And Nemo the king of bullshit broke her heart and Amreen left…she left everything including me!

Me: Aadil this is so pathetic…I mean really…

Aadil: (getting angry) you think that’s pathetic? I’ll show you “pathetic” Aara! And I’ll turn your Nemo into “pathetic” also!!

Me:(anger,panic and disbelief flooding into my body) if Amreen really loved you don’t you think she would have chosen you!!

Aadil: Shut the F*** up!

Me:(telling myself to get out of this now) I’m going to forget this happened…sort your shit out, because if Nemo finds out what you did he WILL murder you!

I started walking away when Aadil grabbed my hand and yanked me towards him…

Aadil: (laughing) your Nemo won’t save you tonight!! I’ve taken pretty good care of that!!

Me: (screaming) let me go!!!

I could feel his breath on my face as he twisted my arm behind me. I tried to free myself…and slapped him hard across his face. But instead of taking him by shock he had only gotten angrier and grabbed me by my hair..and scratched my face while doing that.

He pushed me to the ground and tried to pin me down with his hands…
I booted him with every ounce of energy that I had in me and woke up quickly… but..this …this animal had no mercy as he kicked me in my ribs so hard that I went crashing into the rocks. I feared the worst…it was as though I could see my life flashing infront of me…and as I lifted my head and saw Aadil take off his jacket and starting to unbutton his jeans…I realised then that it was now or never. All I said over and over in my head was O Allah please help me O Allah please help me and Zoheb I charged at him with all my might and knocked him onto the ground and I ran…I ran as fast as my legs could carry me…I couldn’t go back to my car and I couldn’t go back to where we had coffee because…I was a mess…my jacket was ripped at the back, I couldn’t let people see me like this.. I dialed Nemo
But before I could even say anything…

Nemo:sweetheart..I’m kinda you back in a few ”

And he hung up on me. The only other person I knew I could trust was Riza…and he came.

I had two broken ribs, a scratched face and a mild concussion and a bleeding nose…the outer scars disappeared with time but the wounds inside didn’t even get a chance to heal properly…

I didn’t blame Nemo at all…Aadil was twisted and his reasons were…not justifiable not in the least

And seeing him today…it was as though…I could see the whole incident infront of me all over again…

Laeeka: (standing at the door with tears in her eyes) I’m sorry Aara…I’m so sorry

And she ran to Aara and hugged her. And the two of them cried as Riza(who had also been standing at the door all this while) and I wiped away our own tears and smiled at them.

Laeeka: I should never have snapped at you (wiping Aara’s tears) you’re my sister and I hurt you..

Aara wiped Laeeka’s tears and they hugged each other again….

As narrated by Riza:

Laeeka cried all the way from Zainab’s house to Aara’s flat as I told her what went down with Aadil and Aara a few years back.

I didn’t regret the thrashing that we gave him. That was mild. It should have been much worse.

We had just reached Aara’s door when we overheard her talking to Zoheb and when I peeped in, she was sobbing in his arms and telling him about what had happened with Aadil that night.

My heart really broke for her…sometimes strangers come into your life unannounced and make themselves a place in your heart. Aara and I were not related by any family but she was my sister and I always considered myself lucky to have that relationship with her. She truly is one of those rare people that very few have the opportunity of knowing. Aara always thanks me for being there for her…but she doesn’t know that I draw my strength from her, …I didn’t know that a person was capable of being so strong and so forgiving until I watched Aara become Nemo’s strength, and I had watched her cry, I watched her laugh, I watched her sacrifice and I watched her silence…I watched life knock her down and I watched Aara pick herself up….

And I watched her now with Zoheb…and I couldn’t help but think at that moment that maybe my dua was answered…maybe…




18 thoughts on “Part 103- Aara confides in Zoheb

  1. That was soo touching ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Poor Aara has been thru soo much,n I’m glad thy all hav riza whus lyk their anchor,n zoheb is jus d sweetest!! I’m officialy a Nemo and Zoheb Fanatic!! Lol

    And What in d wrld did Aadil do to make sure Nemo wasn’t ther for aara!!

    Eishh I’m gna need a cupl boxes of tissues fr this season!!


  2. That was an awesoomme postt!!!!!!! Arrghh Adil u disgusting creature. Shame Aara don’t worry Nemo will be there to see to you in the next post hopefully where you will fall in love with him… Again #lmao #imaginingtoofar? Riza is just too cute! Love them all! #truebesties all 8 of them! โค


  3. AMAZING POST ! Oh em gee Zoheb cried for her โค๏ธ lol they need to tell everyone they’re dating ๐Ÿ˜ฆ man i cant wait for the next post !! or should i bring out MY pots and pans now ? Hahahaha.. Seriosuly though I can’t deal with this post #SO #AMAZING !!


  4. *sob*sob*sob**aara mus b so much lighter after every1 knowing about aadil…will need my twinsavers as more secrets are revealed…lovely post as always


  5. Ok so i gotta admit Zoheb is so sweet, really he is, but Nemo is a Sweetheart…. Uuhhmm tht suppose 2 mean his sweeter. Wink, lol. Hope thers a good Endin 4him too. He needs luv n ce as well. People of a troubled past mostly, mayb not always but mostly are 4rm Broken homes, disturbed backgrounds or weren’t given enuf luv, care n attention etc….. So they need mor T.L.C especially wen they tryin so Hard 2change. This story mayb Fictional but it relates 2 so many issues so many of people are faced with. Hope we all tk lesson 4rm it. #Emotional n heart wrenchin post.


    • you’re absolutely right…I wish everyone could look a little deeper because there definitely is so much to learn from LLD. I think almost all of our lives in some way or another is very similar to either all or even ‘a’ particular character and our lifestyles are very similar too. this is the reality of our lives and Nemo’s story in particular is filled with life lessons


  6. Awwwwwsome post!!!Awwww Zoheb & Aara โค .
    Wat a fantastic grp of frens. Always there 4 each other. L<3โˆšุน dem ำ‘โ„“โ„“ !;)


  7. *tears streaming down my cheeks….sobbing* Aara I feel you so sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
    I was traumatised jus by reading this -_- Imagine Aara ๐Ÿ˜ฎ *hide*!!
    Alhamdulillah she was saved!! Zoheb is so sweet esp the diary note!!
    Nemo0o u know I love u most…and now u always there for ur friends despite on campus hardly being with them! I’m glad u changed and regret ur past… even if anyone hates on u just know I’m like Aara and will always love u ๐Ÿ˜› … u are Aaras weakness and shes yours ๐Ÿ˜‰ … I still have hope for urllz happily ever after….YeS zoheb … Nemo’s Aara ๐Ÿ˜› Oopz he felt it coz it’s his gf *hide*!!
    Now Arshad and Zai gonna get married ๐Ÿ˜€ Lmao his a little nerdy ๐Ÿ˜› #Ripped but he surprise was best ๐Ÿ˜€ !! Aww Reeez u right Aara personlity is a one in a million….she’s been through a lot and yet she’s so strong and out shines the rest!! Nah uh Reeez…my dua is for Aara and Nemo #Hope xoxo


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