Okay so I know this post is long over due but I had the most hectic week of my life on campus and was not even going to post today had it not been for the author of Life Love Destiny ( – go read it,it’s amazing!!) and her banging pots and pans in anticipation for this post,resulting in my putting the books away,getting off my butt and this one’s for you,Shaz! 😛
Oh btw,before today’s episode I’m gonna post a little review of the blog which was written by her and secondly , don’t kill me but from this post it’s back to Farah’s point of view which means you will not be finding out what happened between Riyaad and Alina until later in the story when it ties up with one of Farah’s deepest secrets..and no complains,a little suspense never killed nobody 😛 enjoy..



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2 thoughts on “PART THIRTY

  1. Thanks for introducing me to X0X0memongirl 😀
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