Part 104 – Breathe and Release

As narrated by Aara:

Run…. Run…. Breathe…Release… Run…. Faster….. Faster…. Faster….. Each step, a way forward, each step, a triumph over the last. As my running shoes thumped against the tar, it was just me and the road ahead…

Leaving everything behind…no anything…just the feeling of pure freedom as I sprinted on . I loved it! The thrill that came from this feeling. My terms. My conditions. My world.

I finally stopped at my “finish line” and checked my stopwatch. Not bad, 19mins 5kms. I was about to do my stretching exercises when I was knocked down from behind-landing me straight into a flower bush!!

Me: what the hell man!!

And I turned around to see Nemo struggling to get his shirt out of the rose bush across me!

I burst out laughing!!!

Nemo: Aara help man

Me: no! (Dusting myself) serves you right! Why did you knock me down like that?!

Nemo: because I was calling and calling and you weren’t answering

Me: I had my earphones on dummy (and I picked it off the ground)

Nemo: bad habit!

Me: (walking over to Nemo and helping him) this is MY time remember

Nemo: I know..(Finally freed) shux man I think I need stitches!

Me: in your brain…yes definitely!

And we sat down on the grass together.

Nemo: I tried calling you last night but your phone was switched off…are you ok?

Me: yeah…I’m fine…you did a good job punching that shit (chuckling to myself)

Nemo: I wanted to kill him!

Me: and go to jail?

Nemo: nah my bras and I would have hidden the body (winking at me)

Me: ohhhh yes…yes..the awesome foursome

Nemo: (smiling to himself) but are you ok Aara?

Me: why wouldn’t I be? I mean I have Hulk,Iron Man,Thor and Captain America protecting me (winking at Nemo)

Nemo: cute. Although I can’t picture Reez,Zoheb or Arshoo as Thor naauh :-p

And the two of us were torn just thinking about it!

Nemo: seriously though, it’s my fault…Reez filled me in on the whole Amreen Vawda thing…I would never have thought that someone as insignificant as her would spur a reaction like this from Aadil

Me: but that’s the thing…they were all insignificant to you weren’t they?

Nemo didn’t answer and had his head down.

Me: can I ask you something?

Nemo: aha

Me: why did you have so many girlfriends?

Nemo: (shrugging his shoulders) I was stupid…it was never the thought that “she’s the one” it was..shit man…it was an “image” thing at the time…I was just very very stupid

Me: image thing huh…and what about now?

Nemo: what about now what?

Me: now as in…now because you aren’t the old Nemo anymore, you don’t go crazy over the next pair of legs that walks past you…planning on settling down?

Nemo: (raising his eyebrows) next pair of legs??? *shock* Aara!

Me: whaaaat? Its the truth!

Nemo: but babyyy (making dreamy eyes at me and putting his arm around my shoulder and changing his voice a little) I’ve changed….I’m a bad boy turned good :-p

Me: that is such a pity! I’ve always wanted a bad boy..agh man I guess that scratches you off my list now

Nemo: Aara wants a bad boy? As in THE Aara wants a bad boy?

Me: (punching Nemo lightly) the problem with you is, you have a heavenly image of me in your head…

Nemo: ofcourse…with the halo as well (smirking)

Me: (lifting both my hands up like a bird) damsel in distress style :-p

Nemo: damsel yeah…distress HELL NO! I’m sure you could have beaten the crap out of Aadil without our help (winking)

Me: maybe not (standing up) I haven’t practised in a while come on( jumping up and down on the spot with my punches ready)

Nemo: I am not going to box you

Me: oh come on man(throwing a punch into the air)

Nemo: (standing up) Aara this is stupid

And I punched him in his shoulder…a little hard and I hopped around him trying to irritate him into fighting with me as I hummed “we will we will ROCK you” and each time it came to the “Rock you” part I flung a punch in the air! #ripped

Me: come on Nemo….(And I cackled like a chicken) chicken much? Too scared that a girl might actually knock you down?

Nemo had a grin on his face as he folded his arms and watched me hop around him. I punched him in his shoulder and he tried to grab me but I ducked :-p

Me: ( I cackled like a chicken again) Nemo is a chickkkeeeeeeen!

And he put his leg out and tripped me! But caught me before I could hit the ground*relief*

Nemo: chicken?

Me: we are supposed to be boxing not tripping!

Nemo: (laughing to himself) everything is fair sweetheart πŸ˜‰

Me: (still hopping up and down)

Nemo: why are you behaving like a grasshopper today?

Me: because…I just feel so happy…happiness is like jinxed with me anyway so when it comes…it feels sooooo good…I wanna go home for a few days!

Nemo: so much in one go *sighing* you know…idea…let’s all go!! I mean Mari wants to go to Drakensburg and Zai well…(Laughing to himself) her dream destination is Ushaka Marine World! So let’s make it a mini roadtrip!

Me: I like I like!

Nemo: can you stop hopping please!

Me: (standing still with my finger on my lips)

Nemo: what is wrong with you???

Me: (my finger still on my lips) can I talk?

Nemo: (folding his arms) YES you may

Me: thank you! Its a great idea! How about we have a date night because we haven’t had one in ages since we are all in each others faces so often these days!

Nemo: firstly…CALM DOWN…gosh sweetheart you’re so hyper today! Date night it is…we’ll plan before that though so we know what and how to say what we say

Me: oookay

Nemo: (laughing to himself)it’s so good to see you so happy you know that…and to think that if you hadn’t done what you did…I wouldn’t have been standing infront of you today to watch you in such a good mood…you gave me a second chance sweetheart…I’ll never let you down again

Me: why are you thinking about that now?

Nemo: just…life is short, life is tough and who would know that better than us…even after everything that I put you through, you’re indifferent, you still look at me in the same way…you’re still the same Aara

Me: I don’t have any reason not to be..look at you now…you’re stable…you’re healthy, you’re working…you’re human man and everyone makes mistakes

Nemo: now I have to think about the future

Me: hmmmm elaborate?

Nemo: settle down have like 10 kids trade in my beloved Beemer for a kombi

Me: (bust) oo don’t forget the big stomach and chappals

Nemo: never!! I’m going to be a cool daddy!

Me: first find a wife dude!

Nemo: all in due course…by the end of this year I’m done with my articles and I’ll start my own practise then

Me: life waits for no one Nemo, we both know that too well…if the time is right it’s right

Nemo: so then you tell me?

Me: (blushing) you’re making me eat my own words!! I take it back…(Laughing) when the time is right and I know for sure I’ll tell you first

Nemo: duhhh you have to!

Me:(smiling from ear to ear) YES

Nemo: something is definitely up with you!!!

And my phone rang…

Me: hello

Zoheb: hey beautiful

Me: (still smiling) hi

Zoheb: (laughing) hi

Me: hi…

As narrated by Nemo:

I was about to say “are you only going to say hello and hi!” when it hit me…could it be? And I recalled the night of Riza’s engagement when Zoheb received a call and was like hello hi hello hi and then he disappeared! And Aara wasn’t there either…

No, it can’t be…she would tell me…wouldn’t she?




21 thoughts on “Part 104 – Breathe and Release

  1. Amazing post!! Aww their friedship is just too awesome! A&N ❀ love you two! Did Zoheb have to phoen 😦 yes Nemo *sigh* unfortunately! Don't worry better things are waiting for u! Just because your past was bad doesn't mean u can't get the BEST!! #iloveNemo #aiAara smh! Great post as always!! "Nemo: (raising his eyebrows) next pair of legs??? *shock* Aara!" #bust #lmao


  2. “Nemo: cute. Although I can’t picture Reez,Zoheb or Arshoo as Thor naauh :-p

    And the two of us were torn just thinking about it!” Agree with you Neems (my nickname for Nemo) #aweirdoneiknow #lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nemo and Aara are the cutest ever *puppy eyes* & *love struck*
    Aara all happy chappie and jumping like a grasshopper πŸ˜›
    Nemo0o is bad boy turned gooood *dancing face*
    Nemo0o u the one….yes u the one for Aara #Hope
    Wooohoo0o mini road trip to durbZz *dancing face*
    Zai wants to go ushaka marine world #Ripped
    Did Zoheb have to call -_- he jus spoilt the moments πŸ˜›
    Eh Nemo0o is a smartie pants πŸ˜› he guessed ryt….
    Nemo0o it is what u thinking πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ *heart broken*
    *tearing….sobbing….hiccups…burrys head in my pillow* xoxo


  4. Finally some happiness 4 Aara. Sorry nemo u hAd ur chance to get Aara n u lost it cus u were to busy lOoking @ other womens legs u messed up bra lol.Zoheb n Aara u Guys r a cute couple. #team Zoheb + Aara


  5. Aaawwww sooooo Cute n hilarious too. #lovestruck. Nemo n Aara are jus meant to b with each other, N I agree with u Haaj, zoheb jus spoiled ther moment. (Sad Face).


    • Nemo and Aara are so cute neh *puppy eyes* he even tripped her jus to catch her in his arms πŸ˜› … Zoo0o is 2014s best spoiler -_- πŸ˜‰


  6. Awww nemo realization finally dawning upon you mxm feel bad for nemo.
    But she still your aara


  7. AARA!!!!!OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!for a journo your being pretty dumb!!!! 😐 …..nemo found “the one” ….its yoooouuuuu!!!!!!!!….and also….zoheb is using you as a rebound!!!! 😐 …just wait till his his LONDON LOVER comes back into the picture…then you’ll wanna go and cry in nemos buff arms….but guess what …he’ll already have moved on with a broken heart…and then….you’ll be all alone….so dump zoheb like ____(insert word of your choice here NEMOERS)he is……and go to the ONE who deserves you….who’s you ve been there for and who is being there for you and puching the crap outta douchebags like aadil…..shaaziaaaaaa I hope you reading this and sending every word to your inner writer !!!


  8. So shazia u sayin Patience… Does tht mean we can still hav hope 4 nemo 2 b with Aaraa??? Oh MY *whoop whoop *happy dance. Best news in a long tym. *hugs. @ nemo fans. Kp on hoping. N @ lldfanatic ur comment!!! lol, I’m ripped.


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