Part 107- Memories that Hurt….

As narrated by Maariah:

Me: what do you want Aadil?

Aadil: (laughing) you know Maariah I was ever so surprised to see you with your group…so I take it they don’t know anything?

Me: what’s it to you?

Aadil: two words….Aara and Nemo

Me: please Aadil just stay out of their lives please I’m begging you!

Aadil: I did…I went home, I reformed, how was I to know that Zainab was Nemo and Aara’s friend? My parents cut me off…because of your friends! I’m not done Maariah…oh no…this is just the beginning…I’m going to deal with Aara in the way she deserves and I’m going to torture Nemo by making him watch while I torture her!!!

Me: please no Aadil please..

But he had hung up. What do I do? What if it was an idle threat? What if it wasn’t? But the guys have a restraining order against him…shit shit shit…I picked up my phone….


Me: Immy I need to see you please!

As narrated by Nemo:

I parked outside Aara’s flat and thought about the recent ‘incidents’ between her and Zoheb…

Today more than ever, I dreaded going upstairs…today for whatever reason it reminded me of two years ago…well the bits that I did remember that is…


Arshad gave me this horrible medicine to drink…it was what 6 months since I was living with Aara.

Arshad: you’ve got to drink it all up bro

Me: its frikking horrible

Arshad: the shit needs to come out of your system…please we’re right here

Me: stop babying me!!

And I noticed Aara put her head down and walk away. She had gotten thinner, she was also much quieter…I didn’t even know that it was 6 months that I was living with her!! I remember nothing…

I literally swallowed the whole cup of this stinking medicine and shoved a piece of orange into my mouth.

Arshad: good…now let’s go wait in the bathroom

Me: why do we need to wait in the bathroom?

and before Arshad could answer that…I felt a rumbling in my tummy…it felt as though something was about to explode inside me and I ran to the bathroom…it was beyond nasty!! I thought that I was going to die!! Water came out of my eyes and nose…as I vommitted what seemed like everything in me…into the sink…Arshad stood a mile back!! I gripped onto the sides of the sink as this tornado inside me ripped through my entire body…shaking me violently. This is it! I’m definitely going to die!! I closed my eyes as the churning got worse…when I felt her hands on my back…

Aara: shhhh it’s okay….(And she rubbed my back gently)

My fingers had turned blue from gripping the sink so hard and Aara took my left hand in hers and I held on tightly

Aara: it’s going to be okay Nemo…just think of your happiest memory and focus on it

I couldn’t take it anymore and fell onto the floor…she sat down beside me, put my head on her lap and ran her fingers through my hair..

Aara: shhhhhh

As I shook violently, my body in spasms and soaking wet…I clutched onto her tightly and curled myself up like a baby…it was then that I noticed the hand that she had used to support me…blue…with my nailmarks all over it…

I don’t know how long we had sat there for…but it must have been hours as I drifted off into slumber…..all I could remember was seeing little Aara infront of me…pouting, smiling, bossing me around…pulling my cheeks…and I tried several times in my dream to reach out to go back to when we were younger…to start again…but she smiled and went further and further away..

**End of Flashback**

I hesitatingly made my way upstairs where the smell of Aara’s food made my taste buds do the macarena!

As I was about to knock on the door…another memory froze me to the spot…


Riza: if you don’t eat..then taking all these medicines is totally pointless

Me: I know what I need..

Aara: if you don’t like this…I’ll make you something else…what do you feel like eating?

Riza: stop it Aara!! He must eat what’s there, you aren’t his maid!

Me: I didn’t ask to come here you know!!

And I flung the plate of food onto the wall and stomped off to my room…

From my room I could here them whispering…

Riza: (comforting Aara) for how much longer are you going to do this to yourself A?

Aara: (she was crying) I feel as though I’m failing him and that I’m failing myself…

Riza: heyyy…listen…that’s not true at all

Aara: maybe my mother is right..maybe the only way to help him is to let go…

Later that night when Riza was fast asleep next to me..I woke up to find something to eat when I noticed Aara sitting on the floor in her lounge and reading Qur’aan silently.

I walked up to her and sat infront of her and when she raised her eyes to meet mines…her eyes were full of tears. We stared at each other for a few seconds and I wiped her tears…

Me: I’m sorry Aara…I promise that I’m going to try

She smiled at me as more tears poured out of her eyes and started reading her Qur’aan loud enough for me to hear as I sat quietly and tried to let the words touch the very bottom of my soul…

**End of Flashback**

I could still hear the sound of her voice…even then, it wasn’t the last…from the bits that I remembered…

She always told me to put the past behind me…don’t think about it just live! Then why was I thinking about it today…

Aara: (opening her front door) Naeem Moola! I thought as much that I had heard your car..why are you day dreaming??

I didn’t answer her as my mind wandered backwards when Aara shook me!

Aara: (shaking me) are you ok?

Me: hmm

And she looked at me as if she could read my mind…as if she knew what was eating at me…

She stepped forward and hugged me tightly

Aara: stop thinking about it Nemo…it’s long buried

I didn’t answer her as I hugged her back…wishing never to let go…wishing never to lose her…although a part of me knew that she was already slipping away….

——————————————————–Author’s Note:

I am beyond sick and miserable at the moment ( wasn’t going to post tonight-please can u forward the two bottles of nutella thank u very much ;-p)

I am loving the discussions that are coming up re: Nemo, the points that ppl are making and the angles from which u are seeing things. Keep it coming:)))

Nemo’s past won’t be resurfacing for the next few posts atleast as the group gears up for their next roadtrip.

I hope to post soon إن شاء الله !

Ps: Fast Track Adz has come up with two lovely ideas incorporating some of the characters from LLD. It will in no way interfere with the storyline though. Will post up info tomorrow(sorry R, I’m in bed and too lazy to reach for my laptop*hide*)

Much Love,



25 thoughts on “Part 107- Memories that Hurt….

  1. Wiping my tears away…that was such a terrible tym,nt jus fr nemo bt for all of them!thy hav come soo far!

    Maari plss for goodness sakes tl thm!

    Get well soon Authoress!! N thnk u fr d post 🙂


  2. AwwwW. جزاك الله خيرا و أحسن الجزاء for posting
    Hope u get well sooner thn soon

    Neemo. Sowrie about his past
    But Aara is Zoheibs
    Riza knows them soooo well,
    & he paired them, thy meant to be

    🙂 🙂


  3. Jzk 4the Heartbreakin post shazia. Cryin face. Nemo n Aara, breaks ur heart wat they’ve been thru. They both truly luuuvvv each other really, they can’t lose tht. No, plz No, they jus meant 4 each other… Anyways On a serious note U are jus too Good. A new post Even tho u sic? Big bear hug 2u. Allah grant u shifaa quickly, so we get another post quickly also. Jus kiddin #wink. Big hug again, Get well soon.


  4. OMG authoress 😥 This post was like urm so damn heartbreaking </3 I was all emotional aswell :p my heart goes out to Nemo 😦 he has been through so much and being a drug addict and having to stop is torture to the fullest -_- and he has overcome all that with his best friend and true love Aara 🙂 she is strong and her strenght is just something else..
    Maariaaaaaah what have you done tell them sooner before it gets too late n things become worse :/ and nooooooo 😥 Aara can't slip away from Nemo they a match made in heaven and nemo will die without her or worse get worse than what he was in his past..Zoheb you nice but really you can't get in to the Aamo/Nera love story NO JUST NO! These few posts of the Nera history is just so emotional and heartbreaking they really been throught way too much 😦


  5. Yes Maria confide in Immmy please and then get something done…Aadil go smoke ur socks -_- !! Uhhhm Nemo0o I love you forever and ever 😛 … and yipz I’m sobbing for this post to0o *hide* … Nemo said his trying…he even sat by her wanting the ayats to penerate in his soul 😀 (it was hard time indeed). Nemo has these flash backs now after thinking of the incidents between Zo0o and Aara 😥 …. his drowning in fear of looosing Aara x_X … and his feeling Aara slip away from him 😥 😥 😥 !! (In the flashback) Aww Aara was so sweeet…she sat by him and told him he’ll be fine….he had his head on her lap…*love struck* they so cute! Nemo0o dnt hope to find out soon because its gonna break u like its breaking me already 😛 …. fingers crossed for tonight 😉 plus Nemo and Aara match in the dressing up theme thingy 😀 …. I fear the day when Aara & Zo0o tell them all they together *hide* what if nemo has a heart attack…? Xoxo


  6. Allah grant you shifa 😀 …. Hope u feeeel better soon *hugz*
    Extra thanks for tonights post 🙂 LLD makes our day♡
    Share with me the nutella to0o please 😛 I really need comfort food 🙂


  7. 2 big Bottles of Nutella tied up in pretty pink ribbon are on tgeir way to you Shazooo 😉 We can all have a nutella partaaay 😛
    Hope you feel better sooon :* xoxo


  8. Ohh. I just watched ” merei yaar kei shaadie”
    Aara. No way. Falling in L♥√ع with zoheib
    & thn choosing Neemo, will b a wrong decision..
    Obviously, that’s just a movie…

    But Shazu ur story deffinitely has more meaning and depth,and much more realistic. I just don’t wanna c that end…. Hªª=)) hªª=)) hªª=))

    I just hope Aara can b looked after, she’s done
    her share of “babysitting” now its her turn to
    b spoilt rotten. ❤ 🙂 Zoheib&Aara 4 now&forever!


  9. :'(:'(:'(
    awwwe thanx a million shaaz for yet another awesome post
    #nemo & aara forever# 😛
    even if eventually zoo sweeps her off her feet & rides with her into the sunset :-/ i still keep aara & nemo close together 🙂
    maari good chance to confide in immy & start something 😉
    plz tell him everything… ur friends lives depend on it 😐
    get well soon shaaz …
    while dubain sends u the nutella il send some “sick soup” made with love..
    rest well …
    take ur time & hurry up with the next post 😀 just kidding…
    hope the winter blues keep away :O


  10. Our miss authoress is not to well! I’m sure when she feeling better she post! Hope u get well soon Shazia! Missing my Nemo😔! Oops I meant Aara’s Nemo!😉


  11. damn u aadil.go find a wife n make babies already…leave the lld crew alone dude otherwise….. d fans r g0nna cum wid their rolling pins n frying pans.back off bro.hope u get well soon ur blog.tnx a milli0n


  12. LMAO! Aadil get a life -_- I’m sure you not 12 that needs to get revenge on your best friend because your girlfriend liked him. Like thanks you made your appearence in the past, we don’t need another aPpearence, so disappear please. Thank you. Bye now, Aadil. *waves* 😛 -_- . Nemo mere Bachoo! I Love you tooo much ❤ 😛 I really don't wanna read you get your ❤ broken. I'm scared that u'll get all aggro and then all the emotions burst and the waterworks start when you get home and then uurggh, I'm gna be sobbing for you already. Piece of advice Nemo: keep the tissues ready. This is going to be one of the worst heartbreaks ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries already* really wanted Nemo and Aara to end up together. Well I guess destiny has something else stored for them…… OR NOT. I hope. Okay. Thanks. Bye now. *waves*


  13. yayy ! #dancing#
    great to hear ure well again 🙂
    cant wait for tonights post…
    wonder if the “sick soup” helped 😛


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