Part 108- House Hunting & Your Hugs

As narrated by Laeeka

Remind me again who exactly is getting married? Riiiight Riza and I…then WHY WAS SHE HERE???

I was at my wits end but just sat silently in the backseat while we went house hunting. Riza’s mum insisted that she would have to have the final say in choosing our home after marriage and it was nothing short of a nightmare!

She was going to decide on the decor of the house from the curtains to the freaking fridge magnets!!

Riza’s mum: I still don’t know why you both don’t want to stay with me…it would save you on rent,lights,water,groceries

Riza: maa we’ve been through this already…and besides the two of us earn well enough to support ourselves

All the places she took us to see were within a 1 km radius of her house!!! Urrrrrgh

But at every place she took us to…Riza shot her down in her own style yet some of the places were actually quite nice!

Riza: no maa not this place

Riza’s mum: why not??? Its perfect!!

Riza: I don’t like the yard

Riza’s mum: what’s wrong with the yard?

Riza: its too square

Riza’s mum: too square????

I couldn’t help but chuckle and Riza’s mum shot me “the” look.

Riza’s mum: what Laeeka?

Me: nothing…err..nothing….Riza…your mum is right it’s perfect

Riza smiled slyly

Riza: enough Laeeka! I don’t like it and that’s it!

Hah that did it, Riza’s mum was satisfied that Riza had “scolded” me :-p

Riza’s mum: I just wanted you both close to me…because it will be so hectic for you both to come home for supper every night if you live far away son


Riza: supper every night???

Riza’s mum: yes you have to come home for supper every night!!

And Riza played his next card…I guess sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind…eventually

Riza: you see you see!! You women will drive me crazy!!

She jumped in her seat! I was beyond torn!

Riza’s mum: what happened son?

Riza: Laeeka’s mother wants us to eat by her every night…and you know I have my big assignment coming up…I already made it clear to Laeeka once a week by her mother, once a week by you ma…and once a week with our friends…but now ma you also (and he shook his head)

Riza’s mum loved Riza too much and anyone putting pressure on Riza (besides her) she would probably murder them with pleasure!

Riza’s mum: okay son relax…relax…maybe other people don’t understand (obviously hinting at me) but I do…once a week if that works best for you then my baby once a week it is

Riza: thanks Maa I knew I could always count on you…there’s this one apartment that I really really like, it’s my dream flat…Laeeka doesn’t quite like it but still I’d like to show it to you

Which flat was he talking about??

O MY WORD!!!! Riza winked at me in the rear view mirror as we pulled up outside the apartment that I had told him that I loved and that it was my dream home!!!

My heart went all soft and mushy and I just wanted to grab him and kiss him!

Riza: (as we walked through the apartment) so, what do you think ma?

Riza’s mum: its beautiful Riza…your choice is just too good!

I really wanted to laugh but…I had to hold it all inside.

Riza: Laeeka?

Me: I suppose it will have to do…

Riza’s mum: now Laeeka, marriage is all about compromise you can’t always have things your way. If Riza likes this then he must have thought about it nicely

Me: jee…

And his mum walked around the apartment for a few “instagram pics”.

Me: (whispering to Riza) I love you…

Riza: (whispering back) I love you too

Me: thank you so much

Riza:(winking at me) you should thank your new brother…it was his great idea

Me: Zoheb! No ways! Really?

Riza: (whispering) really really(chuckling to himself) I didn’t think he had it in him…it must be the influence of none other than….

Both of us: Aara!!

As narrated by Aara:

It was almost 5pm…most of the supper dishes were already prepared and luckily Zainab had come to help me. I was officially exhausted!

Zainab: that witch went house hunting with Reez and Laeeka today you know

Me: (torn with laughter- these words just don’t suit Zai) I can almost picture Riza’s mum on a broom with a long black hat, going around and around Reez and Laeeks house -patrolling it!!

Zai: in that case I hope she falls straight into a rose bush!

Me: (torn again) Zai!!!

Zai: I can’t stand her! And as for this Nemo did he go to buy the fresh cream or make the fresh cream?

Me: (laughing) errrr….(Looking at my watch) looks like he went to make it Zai

Zai: let me phone him…since he’s taking so long he might as well go home and fetch my bag

Me:(rolling my eyes) you came all this way and you forgot your bag?? Man do I feel sorry for Arshad!

Zai: (throwing a potato peel at me) very funny….I’m going to lie down also for a little while…just shout when Nemo comes

Me: go rest Zai…everything’s done thanks to you *hugging Zai*

And Zainab headed off to my room and closed the door. I had just put my hands into the dough when the doorbell rang…

Not wanting to disturb Zai I walked to the front door and turned the key using my elbow and infront of me stood a huge bunch of orange,red and pink roses!! ℓ☺ℓ! Ok no, the roses didn’t ring the doorbell but Zoheb blocked his face with it so it did sort of look as though the roses had legs for a minute there…

Me: I’m sorry, I can’t accept these

Zoheb: (still hiding behind the roses) why not?

Me: because I can’t…

Zoheb: please applepie….

Me: no…really…right now I just can’t take them from you

Zoheb: (moving the roses ) whyyyy?

And I lifted my hands and touched both his cheeks, marking his dimples with sticky dough mixture;)

Zoheb: aah forgiven…you almost gave me a mini heart attack!

And he followed me into the kitchen and placed the roses into two crystal vases while I carried on making my dough.

Zoheb:(sitting on the counter across me) 10 minutes and counting…

Me: for?

Zoheb: 10 minutes and 30 seconds…

Me: Zoheb…

Zoheb: 10 minutes and 50 seconds…

Me: what is 10 minutes and 50 seconds?

Zoheb: 11 minutes….the time since I got here…I could have gotten 11 hugs already..

Me:(I couldn’t control my own smile) stop it…your dimples aren’t going to make me melt today!

Zoheb: 11 minutes and 30 seconds…

Me: 11 minutes and 40 seconds…

Zoheb: my applepie…11 minutes and 50 seconds

I couldn’t help but laugh!!

Zoheb: my angel…12 minutes and counting

Me: my hands are in a dough!

Zoheb: but I miss you!! 12 minutes and 20 seconds…

Me: if I hug you I’m going to mess you…let me finish this first okay

Zoheb: but I love you… 12 minutes and 40 seconds…

My heart was beating so fast and even though I tried to play it cool and calm it was much easier said than done! His presence always did the strangest things to me…and every time we met I’d go weak in my knees and fall even harder….

Zoheb: 13 minutes and 20 seconds…

I closed my eyes…my back was turned towards him..deep breath….I turned around and walked towards Zoheb as he jumped off the kitchen counter.

Zoheb:(smiling his full dimpled smile) 13 minutes and 40 seconds…

I stood infront of him….

Zoheb: 14 minutes…and counting

I smiled and put both my arms around his neck and Zoheb pulled me into one of his warm and welcoming hugs.Hmmmm. The hug that had just the right amount of everything…I could feel the chains around my heart breaking…I could feel the weights being lifted….I could feel my feet letting go of the ground beneath it…as I seemed to be lifted higher and higher by a feeling that I had never experienced in this way before….



dream home


48 thoughts on “Part 108- House Hunting & Your Hugs

  1. Awwww. I just L♥√ع how Zoheib looks after Aara
    He’s amazing and fun and loving
    Flip flop has turned to melting the heart and knees
    He’s just tooo tooo cute….<3 ❤

    Neeemo tym to walk into the kitchen
    Just jokes. Don't want a heart ache
    attack on this lovely evening!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Yayy!! Goo reez!! Dt ws tooo good! :D. Laeeks he lurvs u toooo much!!! Lol bt I tnk I tnk d witch on d broom stik will still b flyn arnd!

    Awww Zoheb is soo adorabls man!


  3. Can we please have another post ? Loved it , Laeeka and Riza are too cute 😍
    Still team Nemo and will be forever 💗❤💜



  4. Reza awww man. You thee BEST! Even tho I’m team Nemo all these posts making me lean to team Zoheb lol *confused* cause they seem genuinely happy together and Zoheb is sweet & pretty amazing! Aww “but I love you…” How Zoheb was in this post was just too amazing!


  5. ReeeeeeZ is a BoSs mahn 😀 … Reez and Laeeka are so cute mashaAllah (love struck) err dnt wry i sed mashaAllah so no nazr 😛 😉 =D (i know I’m lame =D) Stay cuteable forever please 😀 !! Your mil gets the award of being thee LLD Monster 😛 !! Err (covers eyes) Aara and Zoheb having Awww moments not for my eyes 😛 .. I’m seriously underaged for that X_x =D 😛 … They so haraam 😉 … Nemo0o didn’t ever date her coz he’s gonna to it the halaaaal way =D 😛 Chill mense I’m joking and bored =D and … I’m trying to console myself coz I’m kinda loosing hope 😥 but i have 1% hope and I’m living with that lil hope….. 🙂

    Errm……Before I ask Allah to forgive мε for my actions and sins, I sincerely ask uz for معاف for anything I said or thought or even did that might have hurt or offended uz…. even for annoying uz and drying ur eyes with my long lame comments… Please make me maaf… Remember me in ur duas to0o! XoXo…♡__HaAj!


  6. Its kind of cute how Riza takes care of her every wish nd he remembers what she wants.*cuteccouple*
    Zoheb and Aara jst love them to bits


  7. Thumbs up2 Reez&Laeeq…u’ll handled t situation so perfectly👍🌹
    Aara is falling harder 😍❤️😍Zoheb is 2sweet❤️


  8. Super awesome post shazia. Thank you😙
    Riza is too sweet. Handled his mum perfectly.
    Aara and zoheb 💕. Aara couldn’t resist the hug😋


  9. Awwww awwww awww awwww this was such a cute adorable post. Eeeeep i just adore zoheb and aara together, they are so superlicously cute! Hope they stay that wayyyy 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕


  10. Lovely post! Such loving couples! Oh shazia pls let Nemo find out bout and Zoheb quickly! Cos the longer it takes for him to find out the harder he is going to take! I really don’t want to see him hurt but ( #sigh#) I don’t have a choice! He’s been thru so much and never experienced real love even from his parents. I know that Aara loved him at one point and probably a part of her still does and will always!, but as he says he doesn’t remember that time when spent those months with Aara! And yes her action did speak a million words which Nemo didn’t see, then again Nemo couldn’t really see anything could he cos he was always messing with diff girls just for attention and when he realized true love , it’s snatched before he can take it! ……….in short just want to see Nemo have some happiness and love


  11. 🙂
    awwe what a lovely post !
    thumbs up for riza. hes amazing 😀
    aara & zoo… hmmm 😉
    has aara forgotton that zais in her room ? remember they wer not telling every1 yet…
    i really wonder wat went down bwtween mari & immy 😛 really want to know her story.
    thanx a mill once again for an awesome post !! xoxo :-*


  12. Oh laeekas certainly going to have her hands full with a mil laddat. 😓 buuuuut omg Riza is soo sweet 💗 this was a really cute post. So adorable.
    Ahhh zoheb is soo cute. Where can I get a zoheb. Does a zoheb exist? And omg the roses are so pretty. I’m a sucker for flowers 💐
    amazing post shaazia. Thank you and I hope you feeln better 😄


  13. Awwww Reez nd Laeeks jus soooo cute!!!! reez u toooo sweet man…
    errrr sorry no comment 4 zoheb n aara they jus breakin nemos heart more n more *sob*
    i really thnk nemo deserves lottssaaá happiness too….. the past is the past ,no1 is perfect ….hes a chnged guy nd we jus loovveeee d new improved nemo!!!
    dnt worry nemo if aara doesnt see hw great u r sum1 else deffffffffinitely wil….. we love u nemoooo
    #Team Nemo always nd 4evaaa


  14. Team nemo always n 4eva!dont worry no matter how much of ur past they put 2 push us away we always there 4 u!no1s perfect u changed n thats wat we love!p.s zoheb i hate u


    • lol!!! nemo’s past revelations are not there to push any1 away from him- u know him as changed, the story is telling you how and why he changed.

      a lot of ppl feel that aara is unfair in choosing zoheb over nemo because nemo loves her now. all the years that she loved him, and he was just ‘experimenting’ with other women and he didn’t know about aara’s feelings for him are totally justified by some because hes nemo and because ‘ he didn’t know’
      it’s almost as though aara is expected to have just waited for nemo to realize he loves her and just live happily ever after?
      is that really life? is that really a life that u wud want for urself?
      nemo would never know what she means to him until he sees her with someone else and only then will he feel the same pain that she felt over and over again over the years whenever she saw him with someone else
      we can justify aara as well- she doesn’t know how nemo feels about her so let’s forgive her the way some of u blindly forgive nemo
      given- everyone makes mistakes and no body shud b judged, but in life don’t we all pay for the mistakes that we make?
      what if nemo never fell in love with aara? and poor aara just sat and waited…but now because he loves her I suppose it doesn’t give her a right to move on in her life?


      • Point taken, no one should wait for another person their whole life. For all they know, they could have wasted all those years, so pat on the back for Aara for being strong and chosing to move on!
        And what’s even better is that through EVERYTHING Nemo is, and will always be her Best Friend :)…. And Zoheb is her happily ever after 😉 Ta-raaa everyone is happy! 😀
        Now lets all go eat Friday rice and lentils 😀 😀 😀 xoxo Jummah Mabrook err’one xoxo


  15. @ author i’d lyk 2 say we can clearly see u hav a prefference 4 zoheb nd thats fyn bt i thnk we all allowed 2 feel n comment hw we want … we dnt justify that nemo was right in hw he used 2 experiment as u put it with other girls bt its not lyk he knew nd purposely mde her feel that way…. i dnt agree that he should b punished nd mde 2 feel d same way bcz of past mistakes he made …. nd after all da hurt aara saw him gng thru she should b most understandin of hw strong nd chnged he is n he deserves 2 b given a second chnce
    #thats just hw i feel


    • Its not abt preference. Dubain is right, one shudnt have to wait their whole life for any1 with a great chance of having wasted all those yrs
      We know nemo didn’t purposefully make her feel that way~should she not be affectionate towards zoheb because of that? Because nemo will get hurt?
      When I said rnt we all punished for the mistakes we make I didn’t mean that now nemo must suffer suffer suffer. Along the road to redemption there are more thorns than petals, one has to suffer the consequences of their actions, sometimes even after completely regretting it-its just the cycle of life
      Aara has always and will always care for nemo~he is strong now, he is fine now~all because of her! If she didn’t care hed probably be rotting in a gutter somewhere…
      The irony abt it all~now that he’s ready for his chance, she’s already taken hers.
      She sacrificed her love for him to bring him back to his healthy normal self, when Aara did that , that’s when Nemo started falling in love with her
      Now life has given her a chance with someone who can take care of her~dont shoot her
      And please, don’t stop the comments, every1 is definitely entitled to their opinion with all due respect I take no offence and hope no offence is taken to mine
      As the writer of this story, to single out a particular character as a preference would be injustice to the hilt. I’ve been branded as being Team Nemo once and now ℓ☺ℓ Team Zoheb…its cool I have to play both sides of the field anyway;)


  16. yip u right u shudnt wait ur whole life 4 someone but a true frend doesnt hide her relationship nd feelings 4rm another close frend if she doesnt feel bad about it hey…if aara is happy with zoheb y doesnt she jus tel nemo so he can carry on with his life nd find happiness also instead of hiding it nd mkin him fall 4 her more n more!!!
    # dnt worry i dnt hav a gun so i cnt shoot aara lol altho id jus looovvee 2 shoot zoheb haha # jus jookkiinng


    • lol ms authoress, u never goin to win.. u hit it on the head when you said “blindly forgive nemo”.. its astonishing how women can overlook his total_jerk days by the “everyone makes mistakes” line when it comes to a fictional character like nemo, but honestly in real_life which girl is willing to give a ex_drug addict, brothel goer, emotionally messed up guy a chance? Even if he happened to be your best friend? Would you honestly marry someone with such a colourful past? So why do we want for aara what we wont accept for ourselves? And please cut me the `we cant judge’, `hes human, we all make mistakes’ yada yada self righteous justifications. It is what it is. We should just be grateful aara gave him tht second chance and privelage if remaining best friends.. honestly dont knw many ppl who would be so forgiving.. its not like she cut him out of her life so its a win_win for her and i think of everyone she deserves the kind of free falling love zoheb is giving her.. dont get the hatred for zoheb tho.. lol. Jus cos aara fell in luv with him? Like i said before, theres alot of reasons for her to not choose nemo, but not a single rational reason not to be with zoheb.. and now im off to the slaughter, nemo fans await me 🙂


  17. I just want to tell you that you are an awesom writer with loads and loads of talent.
    You have myself and my wife both hooked on this and well done really amazing writer


  18. I agree with MRS F if shes sooo happy y is she hidding it 4rm every1?????esp nemo since she n zoheb can c the signals his sending 2 her!which means deep down she feels shes dng sumthing wrong!!!!n @ the author ur saying that in ur 1st reply that aara should just w8 4 nemo n live happily ever after…then u said “is that reaally life” then i want 2 say is finding the macthing pendat of sum1 u bumped in2 in the airport REALLY life!!!!!!!!thats just impossible n taken 4rm a movie thats far fetched,but thats just my thoughts,b4 any1 jumps down my throat its big nite 2nite make me maaf n rem me in ur duaas


    • ℓ☺ℓ o God….the pendant is one singular incident, it is used as an example to show u a glimpse of taqdeer. It could have been a phonecall, a letter a msg in a bottle perhaps?

      I really do feel bad becoz sum of u Nemo fans really do love my written character so much that url r willing to fight with me for him :-p

      Why isn’t Aara telling Nemo?? That’s the question of the moment…nope it’s not because she’s not sure of her relationship with Zoheb and its not because she feels that she’s doing something wrong with Nemo. There are ppl in her life who matter more to her than Nemo or Zoheb, she will not tell anyone anything before she tells them first. I’m sure by now you guessed who:)

      No need to ask for maaf don’t be silly…its a fictional story our lives don’t depend on it

      But me too, if my comments have hurt in any way-please make me maaf


    • Lol. When the author said “is this really life” it was rhetorical.. meaning is this any way to live? Not, does this happen in real life? Which is the way i presume you took it based on your comparoson with the pendant incident.. i peronally thought that was a really nice touch.. no offence to anyone.. lets go get ready for big night now 🙂 pls rem the entire ummah in all your duaas.


  19. @ moon jus lyk u dnt get the ‘hatred for zoheb’ thng … we dnt get the ‘hatred for nemo’ thng…. u dnt understand us n we dnt understand u i guess.


  20. Whoa there @ moon in which dream world r u living???theres 100z of ex druct addicts out there who got a 2nd chance n now r living decent lives married with kids


  21. Haha lol. Trust me, i dont hate nemo or any character for that matter, fictional or real. Lol. Everytime i analayse this story and try to draw lessons / food for thought, this is what happens. Shew, im out fo sho my last comment here. Peace out peeps 🙂


  22. @Shazo0o it’s actually a excellent reflection of your writing that you got us all falling for a fictional character and love for Nemo brings out alot from us 😉 … it’s as if a big part of our hearts is stolen by Nemo 😛 !! So no matter what he does we can’t stop loving him *dreamy eyes*!! Love youuuuu toooo much tooo! *hugz*


  23. Right on Haaj! U rite nemo has stolen our hearts and I guess he’s pass also makes us want to love him more! Besides I think most if not all of us have experience the ‘ don’t know what u had till is was gone’


    • And I think because of his pass we don’t want him to be heart broken … we want him to keeep shinning and smiling 😀 … Stay awesome Nemo 😀


  24. lol 😀
    very interesting. shaaz tell us about mari plz. pwetty pweez ! #batting eyelashes# & #puppy face#
    cant wait for tonights post ! 😛


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