Part 110- Playing Dress Up-Part 2

As narrated by Immy:

Dress up only looks easy. Emphasis on the word “looks”. These girls do it with such ease it’s almost as though they are born to dress up!

We were really really struggling to put Zainab’s big wig on for her!!

Riza: ey man this is harder than I thought!!

Aara: (swinging in her hammock) we told you so!

Zainab: you guys are giving me a headache!! You all will end up pulling out all my hair by the time you all decide how to style this wig!!

Zoheb: sit still Zainab!

And Zoheb dug in more and more hairclips into Zainab’s wig to try al hold it in place.

But it still wobbled!! #ripped

Nemo: got it! (And he tied a scarf around Zainab’s head) that should keep it steady now don’t move

And the two of them stared at the huge palette of eyeshadow in disbelief!

Nemo: why would anyone require so many different colours???

And Zoheb and Nemo battled to get the colours right and then tone right…

Zoheb: (holding the mascara and his hand was trembling) ookay here we go

And he stood like a whole mile ahead of Zainab and did something and when he stepped back….

Arshad: (busting) babe you look like Highway Shiela!!

Laeeka: errr Zoheb you do know that mascara is for the eyelashes right??

Riza: wait we can do this….Maariah your turn how hard can this be…Bella Swan…she just needs to look a little dead isn’t?

We were torn!! These guys were really mad!

And Riza and Arshad plastered Mari’s face with a whole ton of powder and “tried” to do her makeup and then Riza handed her a backpack.

Riza: there you’re done!

Aara: that’s not done naauh

Nemo: (toppling Aara out of her hammock-straight onto the carpet) you’re next!

Aara: that hurt!

Nemo: (standing infront of Aara who was already dressed in a long red flair beaded skirt and black short sleeve top) Spanish girls…red lipstick, dark eyes and a flower in the hair

Aara: and you would know this because…

Nemo: I watch tv sweetheart

And Nemo made a royal mess of Aara’s eye make up while Zoheb ended up killing the already dead flower trying to put it in her hair!

Nemo: done…where are you going?

Aara: to wash my face!!

Riza and Arshad had made Laeeka’s face a dark avocado green and she looked like Fiona with sunburn!!

Zainab: you know what just get out all of you…you guys don’t know what you’re doing!

As narrated by Laeeka:

We looked like a table full of freaks!! Instead of date night, anyone who saw us would have probably thought we were at a Halloween party!!

Nemo recorded our hideous “memories” in his camcorder as Aara and Zainab started serving.

Immy: aah so this is why you asked what my favourite food was Aara?

Aara: aha…I hope you like it

Immy: I’m pretty sure I will thanks

Everything looked and smelled great! The steak with the works, the chicken and pur casserole,the butter chicken, the veggie casserole and…then Aara brought out in cute silver dishes, bindi and aalu fry with hot puri!

Aara: and last but not least (and she put it infront of Zoheb)

Zoheb: my mouth is already watering!!

And then she did the strangest thing….she sat down next to Zoheb instead of sitting in the empty chair next to Maariah!

Zoheb: (taking his first bite) mmmmmm you made my year!

Riza: (passing his plate to Zoheb) it smells yummy!! Can I have some ?

Nemo: (passing his plate to Reez) and me too!

Arshad:(passing his plate to Nemo) while you’re at it…me too

And the butter chicken,bindi,aalu fry and puri was the only thing that all the guys ate!!


As narrated by Aara:

Luckily I cooked extra of everything as I watched the guys devour the “indian” food.
I couldn’t help but grin to myself when suddenly..someone grabbed my right hand under the table . I looked at Zoheb as he played ignorant and carried on eating while he held my hand under the table!

Riza: pass me the juice please Aara

And I used my left hand and passed it.

Laeeka:(putting a piece of steak into her mouth) why aren’t you eating?

Me: just taking a break…..have a little heartburn

Arshad: you should drink some water

And I did so with my left hand

Arshad: (raising his eyebrow) left hand Aara?

Me: my right hand is…a little sore

And then Zoheb started tickling the palm of my hand and I sat there like a total idiot trying to suppress my laughter and trying to “calmly” free my hand!

It got worse!! And I couldn’t take it anymore and I burst out laughing!! Zoheb chuckled to himself knowingly.

The rest of them stared at me questioningly
Nemo: are you okay?

Riza: yeah you’re acting a little….mad

Me: (trying to stop it) I’m..ok…I just thought of something and couldn’t help it

And this idiot tickled me even more and I burst out laughing again!

Arshad: (laughing at me laughing) I’d love to know what’s so funny..why don’t you share?

I struggled in vain to free my hand but his fingers proceeded up my wrist and that was a no go zone because I could never ever handle being tickled on my wrist!!

Me: (laughing like I was slowly going crazy) I’d really like to strangle someone now

Zoheb: that deep? Who’s ticked you off so much now?

Me: an idiot!

Zoheb: and that’s why you’re laughing? You’re weird Aara

Me: I need to go to the toilet!

But Zoheb didn’t let go off my hand.
Everyone stared at me, their food midway to their mouths!

Zai: so go to the toilet then

Arshad: yeah why are you advertising it?

Me: (pleading) I need to go to the toilet!

Zoheb:(chuckling to himself) Aara go to the toilet then why are you still sitting here?

Nemo: are you sure you’re ok?

And Zoheb finally let go of my hand…and I had to now make as if I really did need to go to the toilet. Idiot!!

When I came back to the table, I didn’t risk sitting next to him, I picked up my plate and sat next to Maariah.

Zoheb pouted and looked at me with a little grin..I just glared back!

Riza: you know what I was thinking about the other day…the BA and LLB clash…remember that?

Nemo: can’t forget that one!

Me: you were our enemy Nemo..and this Maariah also(nudging Mari)

Immy: okay explain…I’m lost

Riza: at campus like during breaks/holidays etc…there were essentially two popular groups…the BA’s who were obviously the Arts students and then the snooty LLB’s…the law students..and we were always at it until one day one of the law students..our Nemo here decides to have a blastoff, knockouts between the two…and it started with an impromptu concert where Nemo openly dared Aara to compete against him on an Indo-Spanish number.

Immy: interesting…

Riza: and Mari at the time was also a law student so she was Nemo’s partner and well, no other guy except me had the guts to stand up against Nemo so I was Aaroo’s partner

Immy: so who won?

Riza: (winking) who do you think?

Zoheb: Nemo and Maariah?

Laeeka: no man Reez and Aara

I glared at Zoheb as he grinned to himself…this man was starting something that he was going to regret…

Nemo: they cheated that’s how they won otherwise you know…not easy to win against us

Me: ahahahaha and I suppose I cheated when I whipped your ass and beat you in the drag race?

Immy: (choking on his coke) no ways!!

Me: yes ways…I beat Nemo!

Nemo: (with a cute smile) that’s the downside of teaching a chick all your tricks

Zoheb: well she tore the Beamer we hired in CT!

Me: uhm we have a cop in our midst…just now Immy here will give me a late speeding fine

Immy: actually….if and when you guys are up for it….I know a place where we can you know…race

Riza and Arshad’s mouths hung open!!

Riza: like illegally legally?

Immy: (chuckling to himself) you could say that..

Riza: I say let’s relive the BA-LLB clash!!

Arshad: but where does that leave Paeds and Architects?

Nemo: errr nowhere (sticking his tongue out at Arshoo)

Me: don’t worry Arshoo…medical people are always an essential backup when the BA’s and LLB’s clash….Architects on the other hand well there’s just no place for them (winking at Zoheb)

Zai: mean! Zoheb you can take my place don’t listen to Aara

Zoheb: thanks Zai…atleast someone cares about me (winking at me)

Me: ay hello..Nemo..what did we call this date night for and what are we doing?

Nemo: oh yah…(Laughing) sorry, okay well the BA- LLB clash is still on just by the way AND the surprise we wanted to share with you all is…we want to go forward with Leg2 of the roadtrip!!

Riza: I’m impressed! (high fiving Nemo)

Nemo: we thought a mini weekend away would take care of Zainab’s and Mari’s dream destinations…Mari’s being the Drakensburg and Zai..well…Ushaka Marine World

Immy:(surprised) your dream destination is Ushaka Marine World?

And Laeeka,Riza,Nemo and I burst out laughing.

Zai: yes!

Laeeka: that’s great guys…it would be lovely to get away yet again

Me: so we were thinking that we would all drive to Drakensburg and then drive down to Durban..everyone stays at my house

Riza: let me know when to book the RV

Me: actually, seeing that its a short trip and because of the Drakensburg I was thinking you could borrow your dads 4×4 and then Zoheb also has one so it will be enough for all of us

Riza: consider it done…I’m so glad that you both are doing this without me pushing you to

Me: Immy that means you also!

Immy: (looking at Mari) I wouldn’t miss it for the world

After the boys cleared the table and helped us load the dishwasher, Zainab cut the Ferrero cake and I tactfully ignored Zoheb as everyone discussed what we were going to do in Durban.

Zoheb motioned for me to sit next to him on the sofa but I turned my nose at him and sat next to Laeeka

He in turn smiled that dimpled smile and blew me a kiss!!

Immy: let’s play the one word game

Arshad: one word game?

Immy: yeah one of you challenges the next one just by a single word, and that person associates that word with someone- at the top of their head..the first person that comes to mind and let it flow..max 5 words…eg…Laeeka…ummm water

Laeeka: Zainab

Immy: fire

Laeeka: Aara

Immy: wind

Laeeka: Nemo

Immy: sunshine

Laeeka: Riza

Immy: rock

Laeeka: Zoheb

Immy: see…it’s simple…who’s next?


28 thoughts on “Part 110- Playing Dress Up-Part 2

  1. Lol I cn imagn a bunch of monsters all sittn @ d dinner tabl! Bust!!
    Aara n zoheb r tooo cute! I’m surprised the othrs fint catch on yet ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. Aara and Zoheb behavior at the table and off the table were like so oblivious! I mean even a bilind man can see that some is going on bet these two! Shame man poor nemo ( can’t watch) is gonna get his heart broken! Cos let’s face it even if Nemo accepts hers and zoheb relationship ( which will be like swallowing poison) their friendship can never be the same cos Zoheb ( or any other man ) won’t want their girlfriend to close to anyone else leave alone a guy friend and esp the friendship that Aara and Nemo have! …………… Oooooooo and the word game don’t know if Mari is going to say something cos so stressed out now


  3. Zooooooooooooooooooooooo and Aarooooooooooooooooooo โค โค โค
    Sitting on the dinner table and tickling Aara! Zooo! Where are your table manners ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Nevermind! They are just such a CUTE COUPLE ๐Ÿ˜€ xoxo


  4. Failed failed failed ๐Ÿ˜‰ uhh the guyz failed ๐Ÿ˜› #BeyondRipped
    I’m starving and lissing for butter chicken and purii now *droool*
    Uhh uhh these two kebaaabs making it so obvious ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    they gonna find out soon anyways -_-……Seriously Aara *ripping* of all things u chose to say u wanna go toilet #Ripped…Lmao plus they eating ๐Ÿ˜›
    This game is confusing x_X … Zoheb & Rock__ his heart is a rock..he stole my Nemos gal and doesn’t even feel bad abt it ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜ฆ …!! shame ๐Ÿ˜›
    Miss D is right no table manners ๐Ÿ˜‰ that’s why Aara cnt marry him =D =)) ๐Ÿ˜›


  5. I agree with u SK … Zoheb+Aara gna destroy the friendship nd relationship of Nemo+Aara!!!!
    Seriously Aara cnt u jus tel nemo already nd save him even more heartbreak of findin out himself with urs n Zohebs obviousss behaviour….
    @haaj u so right Zohebs heart is a rock…. a solid solid rock lol
    #poor nemo hw much mre heartbreak can he tke ….first his family nd nw Aara breakin his heart *sob* *sob*


    • Uh uh mrs f:-) its zoheb who had enuf heartbreak..he n nemo had similar childhood, but zoheb had his heaet crushed alredy by the gal who left him fr her best cnt happen to him agen man.nemo was the heartbreaker rem..but shame mn, dnt worry, hell find a haaro poiri ๐Ÿ™‚ aara is taken hehe..


  6. no no nooo this soo not on nemo n aara suppose to b together miss aurthorness um begging u pls let nemo find out I can’t handle him being in da dark….wonder if he’l still b allowed to call her sweetheart…..nemo heart broken…..sob…sob


  7. lol @ xo if zoheb had his heart broken already he should knw best wat it feels lyk n not b the cause of breakin sum1 elses heart ….aka our nemooo


  8. Aara and Zoheb are great together, Nemo lost his chance and should take it like a man and if Aara is really his best friend he will be happy for her,. He will find someone that will be perfect for him.


  9. I’m still team Nemo and will always be. Awesome post. I just fall more and more in love with this blog everyday ๐Ÿ’—


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