Part 114- To Forgive or Not To Forgive…

As narrated by Maariah:

Whoever said getting something off your chest made you feel lighter…clearly didn’t do what I did. I didn’t feel lighter. Immy was right. I needed to tell Aara and Nemo directly. He was surprisingly very calm about what I told him and even when he drove me home, all he said was things to motivate me…

Immy: everyone makes mistakes Maariah…it’s what makes us human

Me: I didn’t think things would turn out the way they did…honestly if I could go back and change things I would do it in the blink of an eye

Immy: there’s no point in torturing yourself about it. What’s done is done…you just have to work on fixing it

I didn’t say anything.

Immy: can I ask you something?

Me: yeah

Immy: were you in love with Nemo?

Me: everyone was in love with Nemo! I think almost all the girls on campus had a Nemo phase at some point

Immy: and yours wore out?

Me: eventually

Immy: how?

This is what you get when you befriend a detective!!

Me: I grew up I guess…I realised that it was all in my head because Nemo never loved me…and I think at some point that’s what drove me to push him away from Aara that despite all his girlfriends etc etc…he always had a soft spot for Aara and Aara unlike me and the other girls in Nemo’s group…she didn’t go with the flow…she sort of went against the tide if you know what I mean

Immy: strong and wilful

Me: I really do admire her…once I really got to know her I realised that she wasn’t fake…Immy when you’re 19 years old you aren’t thinking about what someones personality could be like, if they feel like competition you treat them like competition

Immy: I never thought I’d see them again…

Me: who?

Immy: Nemo and Aara

Me: wait..what.. you knew them?

Immy: not directly…I was a trainee cop and on several occasions I had witnessed drug name it…that’s the first time that I saw them. I remember the one time we were just about to raid this joint and I saw her dragging him out of there…he was on the floor and he was out of wasn’t a pleasant sight. She was scared you could just see it on her face but she dragged him with all her might and shoved him into I suppose what was her car and drove off…it happened again and again where either they got away or they got caught and were questioned but never ever ended up in jail….I always wondered why…the last time he wasn’t so lucky..she was outside and Nemo was still inside…I remember because I saw her sitting on the ground looking incredibly lost. Nemo was amongst those dragged out of the club that night and she just watched him go..handcuffed…drugged out of his mind and she didn’t do anything…these two triggered the curiosity button in my brain and I tried to convince my superior at the time to trail them…but…only two years later did I find out why he didn’t

Me: and why was that?

Immy: A.K Moola…Aara and Nemo seemed to have fallen off the radar, it was as though nothing happened…..until I met them again at your house

Me: Aara was never on drugs…

Immy: I know that…I knew it then too…how did Nemo get involved in drugs? He’s such a good guy

Me: bad company…plus no one stopped him because he’s Naeem Moola..nobody not even me…everyone thought that it was just a phase

Immy: hmm I see….look Maariah..I know that whatever you told me took a lot of courage on your part, I just need you to know…

Me: to know…what?

Immy: that I’m not going to run okay…just do the right thing, I’m right behind you

And he squeezed my hand gently…

Me: thank you Immy…

Immy: give it some thought…look there’s the Durban trip coming up in 3 days and then a week later Arshad and Zainab’s engagement. Amidst all the happiness…this news is really going to hurt Nemo and Aara…make lots and lots of dua…your friends seem very mature it may not turn out as bad as you think..

Me: I hope so…I really really hope so

As narrated by Nemo:

Me: ofcourse you can come over what kind of a question is that?…haha very funny…why would there be anyone here?…you! You just like poking your finger at me all the time!…huh? (Opening the door)

Aara: (grinning slyly) even if there was anyone here I’d still barge in just so you know

Me: (sigh) go check all the rooms madam

Aara: and the cupboards

Me: and behind the shower curtain

Aara: and the balcony

Me: aha andddd the pantry

Aara: and the freezer!

Me: (raising my eyebrow) why would I put anyone in the freezer?

Aara: (laughing) because it’s always empty!!

Me: aw aww!! Aara you’re so mean! (Throwing a cushion at her)

Aara: (sitting cross legged on my sofa) sit!

Me: wait…would you like something to eat or drink?

Aara: oh my…politeness…not now maybe later…first we need to talk

And her tone went from chirpy to down right serious…

Me: what’s up?

Aara: (handing me my camcorder) connect this to the tv

And I did and she skipped past all our nonsense from the night at her flat…

Me: Maariah and Immy…

And she turned up the volume…

Me: what the F***??

Aara was silent. I stared at the screen in disbelief.

Me: she used to call you to go and pick me up???Anonymously???She knew??? She didn’t say anything!!! O hell no!

Shit. Shit. Shit.
And all of it came flooding back…I wasn’t always so out of it that I didn’t know what I was doing. I had hurt Aara on innumerable occasions. I had suddenly started hating her…now it all made sense

Me: my group..

Aara: (cutting me off) Nemo don’t

Me: no Aara…how much longer are we going to avoid talking about it?

Aara: it’s over it’s done why do you want to bring it up again?

Me: (raising my voice a little) because I think about it all the time!

Aara: why are you shouting?

Me: (lowering my voice) I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…Aara..(breathing hard)..when I had my group…almost everyone used to instigate me against you, a lot of lies were spoken, but the worst part was….I believed them…I chose them over you….I treated you so badly but you still stayed…no Maariah or anyone else is completely to blame because it’s not like I was high 24/7…I hurt your feelings….I hurt the one closest to my heart in the worst possible way…I started hating you…how could I hate you…

Aara looked away…

Me: looking at this video now…I’m not taking Mari’s part but ultimately I’m the one to blame…

Aara: are you done now?

Me:(shaking my head) no…I also…I raised my hand on you

Aara: you pushed me Nemo that’s it…before you could hit me Reez stopped it…I’m not justifying it but you were not yourself

Me: I pushed you and you cut your hand…for which you required 5 stitches….why Aara…why did you stay why did you look after me…why did you fight with everyone for me?

Aara: how can you not know the answer to that? Nemo, if our roles were reversed you would have never given up on me either

Me: Aara I was as good as dead…you made me live again…I was an ass, a jerk , I was a pig! I troubled you so much I made you cry so much…

Aara: (sitting down next to me) you and me…we’re like this (and she joined her two fingers) if I had lost you I would have lost a piece of myself and besides…I stayed because I am your best friend and I couldn’t risk any other he she it taking my place you should know I’m the jealous type (winking at me)

Me: Aaroo…he she it???

Aara: (grinning to herself) YES!! Because you behaved like a total doofus no doubt

Me: I’m sorry sweetheart…I know I know…I’ve said it many times but no matter how many times I say it, it won’t be enough for me

Aara: (side hugging me) if I had to do it all over again I’d still do it…but please huh…don’t do it again

Me:(tickling her) you can slap me if I do

Aara: errr…I actually did slap you a good few times…it’s good that you didn’t remember that

Me: (holding my cheek impulsively) you really slapped me?

Aara: reeeeeealy hard also…but leave that now…what do we do with the whole Mari thing man?

Me: (taking in a deep breath) she was also wrong no doubt but…Aara just leave it…let her come and tell you rather…

Aara: (shrugging her shoulders) a lot has changed…I don’t think I’m so forgiving anymore…and I can’t seem to swallow the fact that she did everything knowingly…I mean we are the same age for crying out loud! She didn’t think twice before making those calls…she even said that she was happy about it! How can anyone be so vile??

Me: you forgave me didn’t you…

Aara: don’t you dare compare! Maariah plotted and planned things so connivingly she bloody did it on purpose man! She knew what she was doing and for what??? Because she was jealous that we were friends? I mean come on seriously now!Fair enough she and I, we weren’t that close then…but we are now…that’s what bloody hurts man!

Me: don’t get angry..shhh

Aara: don’t get angry? (And that seemed to have ticked her off) I know what I went through…what about Riza? As if he had nothing better to do ?and she was Laeeka’s friend too how could she do that knowing that Riza would be the one running to help me?? After everything Nemo!(And she sat down again and held her head)

Me: (kneeling down infront of her and looking up through her hands)

Aara: what are you doing!

Me: see who’s shouting now!

Aara: I’m not shouting!

Me: (suppressing a smile) no…you’re singing right?

Aara: (hitting me with a cushion several times)

Me: (trying to block her shots) heyyyy are you taking out all your revenge on me in one day?

Aara: how can you be so candid about it?

Me: (holding her hand and the pillow) because we’ve been through much worse

Aara: fine I will think about it

Me: calmly?

Aara: calmly? Like hell I will!

Me: Aara…I’m not going to tell you what to do…but maybe just hear her out

Aara: IF she tells me…you know what I can’t understand is..4 years have passed since all of this started…it’s taken her 4 years to realise what she did???

Me: calm down….shhhh…breathe

Aara: stop talking to me like I’m mad!

Me: (holding my head) I can’t win with you…okay vent it out..just let it all out

Aara: (shaking my shoulders) it’s not about winning and its not about venting!…it’s about things that hurt…people that hurt..agh leave it (looking at her watch) shit..I have to go…this is not over

Me: its almost 6 where do you need to go now?

Aara:(getting her bag) I’m meeting Immy

Me: howcome?

Aara: no idea…he asked if he could meet me and I didn’t have any reason to say no

Me: let’s go for a movie after that? My treat!

Aara: I wish…I’ve got two articles to complete and with all the leave I’ve been taking I’ve got to work my butt off before we hit Durbs

Me: (sigh) okay..thanks for you know…letting me know what happened last night

Aara: can’t say its a pleasure…but…I guess there’s no point in hiding it either

And she hugged me and left…

Everytime I want to tell her….something stops me. The past always comes back…always. And just when I thought everything was quiet…this whole Maariah thing pops up from nowhere! I know Aara was more hurt than angry right now…

I don’t remember most of what I did when I was out of it…but what I do remember is enough for me to regret it for the rest of my life..

I was beeped out of my thoughts by my phone…BBM group chat…

Riza: guys night out tonight?

Laeeka: where?

Riza: errr babe….GUYS night out

Laeeka: that’s what I’m asking…where???

Arshad: I’m in…wherever it is

Zainab: ……

Laeeka: fine! Then we’ll have a girls night out!

Zainab: good idea!

Zoheb: time and place bro

Riza: Immy….Nemo?

Immy: sure…I’m heading off to a meeting just now but I should be done by 7

Laeeka: Aara!!!!!! Maariah!!!!!!!

Mari: ok Laeeks let me know the details

Me: @ Reez…count me in. I’ve just been ditched for a movie :((

Riza: lmao! So…what you’re saying is.. we are your second choice??

Laeeka: Aara!! Where are you???

Zoheb: she’s driving Laeeks…I’m sure she’ll reply to you soon πŸ™‚

Laeeka: ohhh are you with her?

Zoheb: nope…I’m still at the office

Me: yeah and I don’t think Aara will make it…she said she had work to do tonight

Zainab: lmao Nemo…I guess we can now assume that she’s the one who ditched you for your movie :-p

Me: hmph

Aara: Zainab get off your ass and get ready…I’m coming to fetch you in an articles and your photos go together remember? No night out for you uhuh

Arshad: bwahahahahahahaha….wait aren’t you supposed to be driving????

Aara: yeah…so??

Arshad: no bbm and driving Aara I thought that all of us agreed on that!

Aara: chill man…I’m stuck in traffic

Riza: why are you overworking yourself A ?

Aara: deadlines…plus Dbn trip…work is a nightmare at the moment

Riza: take it easy…

Aara: I will…my big haired big bro :-p

Laeeka: β„“β˜Ίβ„“! I will cut his hair in his sleep after we get married!

Aara: #bust…I’ll sponsor the scissors :-p

Zoheb: Aara…Laeeka…

Aara: hmmmmmm

Zoheb: that’s just nasty :-p

Laeeka: we know πŸ˜‰

Me: Laeeks I think that hair can be framed! The last of Johnny Bravo :-p

Arshad: you know, you three your mouths are rotten! I wonder what you must be saying about the rest of us *cant watch*

Aara: aaah…Laeeks…Nemo….he wants to know…shall we tell him?

Laeeka: you have a funny way of pulling your pants up five million times a minute even though you wear a belt!

Me: Lmao! Lmao! Lmao! I can’t believe you said that!!! *shock*

Arshad: five million times a minute? That’s not even possible!

Zainab: don’t worry love…we’ll buy you braces :-p

Riza: roflol!!

Me: Mari….β„“β˜Ίβ„“…she keeps putting her hair behind her ears every few seconds…like she’s checking to see if her ears are still there!!!

Laeeka: omw!! #ripped!!! YES she does that!!

Aara: and as for Zainab…oh shux..copperZ…laterz

Immy: haha Aara I saw that…

Aara: :-p

Arshad: woman-eyes-on-the-road!!!

Zoheb: β„“β˜Ίβ„“!

Aara: okay okay Arshoo

Arshad: this Aara never listens!

Aara: …..

Arshad: go away already!

Laeeka: Mari you and me then..

Mari: β„“β˜Ίβ„“…pvt Laeeks

Riza: you lot…conference call now!

Laeeka: what are you boys upto??? What do you have planned????

And nobody replied….. :-p

Author’s Note:

I’m terribly sorry for not posting I have just been incredibly busy. I will try and cram in two more posts between tomorrow and Saturday…..after which there will be no more posts until after Eid.

Much Love,




nemo and aara


10 thoughts on “Part 114- To Forgive or Not To Forgive…

  1. Noooooo! ONE WHOLE month without LLD πŸ˜₯! I don’t think I’ll survive.
    This post was super as always. They are soo funny.
    Aara and Nemo have the cutest and sweetest friendship ever. Come on Nemo , tell Aara otherwise I’ll tell Aara for you ( no I won’t 😝)

    Can’t wait for their Durban trip *excited*
    Keep up the good work shazia πŸ‘

    I love this blog πŸ’—



  2. Aara was a boss mahn….she wasn’t the go with the follow dead fish type πŸ˜€
    She was the..put me with the wolves and I’ll come back leading the pack πŸ˜›
    Eish…good luck Mariii…I’m scared for ur part too x_X coz yoh that was a terrible thing to do! See…jealousy makes u nasty…nasty makes u unnazrable (ugly)…unnazrable (ugly) makes u have no friends πŸ˜› haaish maybe that’s why I didn’t take a liking to u from the beginning of the blog *hide* sorry..nt sorry!
    Immy…u my friend…because u sed Nemo0o is a good guy πŸ™‚ … πŸ˜› Shoooh immy has history with Nemo and Aara…yoh he knows of the past!
    Okay so u know IM SMILING coZ it’s of Nemo…And it’s a with Aara! Ooh I’m smiling more because…of what Aara sed of her & Nemos friendship πŸ˜€ and how she showed with her finger indicating their closeness *dancing on the kitchen table* …. pepepe no matter who wants to break it…. they can’t! πŸ˜€
    They soul mates and will be happily ever after #Hope_β™₯ #Hope_β™₯ #Hope_β™₯
    The bbm chat #Ripped …. Arshad & his pants #RippedForDays And Rizas hair opart #bust they will cut it and frame it =D !! Eyy that reminds me of my gift to someone was ticket to go to the barber πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ =D Hmmm Night out…. ?! Ooh Yippeee Shazo0o but a eid gift will be great neh πŸ˜› xoxo


  3. Beautifully written sister Shazia
    Hope Immy helps Mari n Aara keep their friendship
    Mari was wrong in doing what she did but it ws at an age where it was everyone to herself with regards to Nemo i.e. every girl wanted to be called his n it must have been eating at her for her to have confessed to Immy


  4. Awwwwww absolutely cute post!!! i jus looooovvee Nemo+Aara 2getha..cumon Nemo tel her hw u feel pleeeez … Nemo u tooo cuteee!!
    Mari good luck Aara is steamed up lolz


  5. Yes ! Nemo don’t be afraid tell Aara how u feel! U will never know how she feels if u don’t tell her! Hey Nemo remember kuch kuch ….. Kajol also realized she loved Rahul after Tina came into the pic! So tell her so URL can have an happy ever after sooner rather than latter! As for Zoheb I’m sure he is sweet enought to understand that his part in life was to make Nemo realize his love for Aara! Sometimes some ppl need a little help ….. An angel to help them along the way and that angel is Zoheb he knows what it feels like to love some one who doesn’t love u back the same way! I’m sure he will do the right thing after seeing the bond they have in good and bad times!


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