Part 115- Caught off Guard

As narrated by Aara:

Life is a part of the good, the bad and the ugly. Not literally. Well not always anyway.

What are we?

Are we not human? Do we not make mistakes? Some are forgivable instantly depending on the amount of love you have for the one committing the mistake…some are forgiven over time..

But time…let’s just laugh out loud here…time waits for no one. And when we least expect it…the biggest reality of all our lives-hits us , in the form of DEATH…

Death…leaves us with mountains of regret…the longing for a second chance, an extra minute just to say…”I forgive you” but it’s too late.

So what was I going to do? I was human after all…I had been through a lot, it seemed as though my wounds had been reopened…and Maariah’s confession had been the salt on top of it.

One step at a time though…there were things that I needed to forgive within myself first.

I browsed through my phone as I waited for Immy.

Immy: sorry to keep you waiting…I had a little crisis at work

Me: sorted out?

Immy: yeah

Me: why am I here Immy?

Immy: (lighting a cigarette) straight to the point hey.. I think you know why you’re here Aara Ismail

Me: okay…..what do you want?

Immy: some help and if possible a few answers

I knew it! But how did he know? What exactly did he know??

Me: elaborate

Immy: the infamous Naeem Moola…you know, I couldn’t believe that it was really you both the night that I saw you at Maariah’s..after almost 2 years…I was a trainee cop Aara, the time when I first saw you both

Me: I really don’t know what you’re on about hey

Immy: Aara..I’m not here to fight so let’s just be honest with each other

Me: why can’t you leave things where they are?

Immy: can you live with that?

Me: I have been living with it, it’s not a matter of life or death

Immy: why?

Me: (sitting on my car bonnet) have you ever had a best friend Immy?

Immy: probably not as good as you

Me: (small side smile) I protected my best friend…it’s as simple as that

Immy: your best friend was involved in a hellava lot of shit though

Me: not completely by choice and you and I both know that

Immy: you guys are lucky that A.K Moola took care of it…I didn’t mean to scare you but ( taking out a file) I thought maybe you should see this

Me: (opening the file and all the colour drained from my face) I thought that…

Immy: there was no papertrail?

Me: (still shocked) yeah…

Immy: that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to see you, this file is not from the department archives..this file was given to me by Nuzayh Moola

Me: no! Seriously?

Immy: yeah and he has a few copies apparently

Me: wait how do you know Nuzayh?

Immy: (folding his arms) the night of Maariah’s “incident”, the drug lord that I was trailing for a while, was the one that was linked to Nemo. And that night he was the one that I had caught. I had been trailing him for a very long time, even though I was still a rookie.. that’s when I saw you and Nemo for the first time..Bruma?. I lost track of you eventually…and then I met you again at Maariah’s house… I followed you guys to CT, I’ve been following you all for a while now
That’s how I eventually ended up in Durban and how I met Nuzayh

Me: unbelievable!

Immy: wait…let me finish…I needed to know, something told me that there was more to what appeared on the surface…that’s when I started digging. You won’t believe the stuff that comes up when you look hard enough.
I found out that Naeem’s dad covered up everything that was possibly linked to his name …I don’t think even he knows that Nuzayh has this

What the hell man!!

Me: where is all this going?

Immy: easy Aara…easy…I didn’t expect you lot to be so…genuine…this whole drug thing isn’t just one person…it’s a ring…it’s bigger than we know…I thought that Nemo was still involved and since he was so high profile it would be easy to trace him back to the ring…BUT he isn’t involved anymore… I guess as I spent more time with you all I realised that sometimes one just needs to turn a blind eye on the past…there’s nothing there anymore to look back on

Me: so if one needs to turn a blind eye on the past…

Immy: like I said…your guys are genuine…I just thought you should know that Nuzayh has info on Naeem…I don’t know when or how he intends to use it but he will use it

Me: thanks…I guess (shrugging my shoulders and exhaling) I don’t know why…but everything just seems to be coming back

Immy: it’s called the circle of life

Me: hmm

Immy: also…(Putting his hands in his pocket) look whatever I tell you stays between us okay…Aadil is back in the picture…restraining orders are sort of worthless if you ask me…he has levelled a threat that he will get back at you and Nemo

Me: (trying not to show that I was shocked) did your new friend tell you that?

Immy: what new friend?

Me: (folding my hands) the conversation that you and Maariah had in my balcony…was accidently recorded

Immy: (turning his head and staring at the sunset) yes, she told me about Aadil because he phoned her and threatened her

Me: makes sense…Aadil is Maariah’s old friend…naturally he would phone her first

I was being sarcastic. I had no reason to be. Immy had done nothing to me…

Immy: I can understand that you’re angry and hurt right now and I know that we’ve just met and I’m no Riza to you…but if you are even half of what everyone loves you for…I know that you will do the right thing..time may not completely heal all our wounds but it makes it easier to forgive and gradually forget too..and who would know that better than you?

Me: (a little speechless) please don’t tell Mari that we know..

Immy: I won’t..this is between you guys

Me: do I need to be worried about Aadil? Honestly?

Immy: I’m investigating him…tracing back as well and trying to pin him with a few other offences…do you need to worry about him-i would just say be careful, be cautious but with a guy like Zoheb watching over you, you don’t have to be too careful or too cautious (and he winked at me!)

Me: (confused) what’s that supposed to mean?

Immy: (grinning) Zoheb Patel. He’s quiet, he’s reserved but…but… but…he also has a lot of pull..and that’s about all that I can tell you there

Me: Immy no! Please please tell me?

Immy: (chuckling to himself) no can do…I wasn’t supposed to say anything in the first place but I thought that mayyyybe you need to know how lucky you are also, might make you feel a little better too

Me: (sigh) okay..

Immy: on a serious note Aara, we have to go over everything again because if for some reason Aadil can’t get a hold of you, he may go behind one of the others just to hurt you, so I’ll call you as soon as I’m ready for you and then we’ll meet up

Me: alright

Immy: (hopping off his bonnet) okay then, I’m off you drive safe and take care..

I turned around and walked a few steps towards my car before I turned around again

Me: Immy?

Immy: (he was still standing there) jee?

Me: thanks…for having faith in us and for telling me everything I really appreciate it and I’m very sorry for being rude to you

Immy: : (smiling a small smile) no thank you no sorry remember

Me:( small side smile) sometimes its necessary

And immy did a casual salute…β„“β˜Ίβ„“…and we parted ways…

As narrated by Riza:

Our Guys night out wasn’t anything wild and crazy. Sometimes you just need to chill with the boys. Aara filled me in on her meeting with Immy~it was nice to know that he was as genuine as us. So this is what we did…we had supper at Zoo Lake-wait for it- we sat on our bonnets and ate bunny chows!!!

Zoheb: I haven’t had these since…Durban

Zoheb was a sight to behold! He was so sceptical about digging into it and even asked for a fork and knife at the take away!!

Nemo: you’re joking right? Bro this is a bunny chow not a steak!

But he enjoyed it nonetheless!

Me: so guys…here’s the thing, our wedding date is set for 25 December…that’s only four months away..I want all of you to be my best men…please

Immy: wow ok..four best men?

Me: aha…I can’t choose any one of you in particular so all four of you it is

Arshad: it’s an honour Reez we’d be glad to oblige

Zoheb: and you..what’s your story?

Arshad:(sighing) well the first time mine and Zai’s parents met was a bit…okay and a bit awkward

Zoheb: how so?

Arshad: my mums surti and my dads urdu speaking…Zai’s family on the other hand there’s no half and half they are just surti

Nemo: does the differentiation still exist?

Arshad: okay they didn’t openly differentiate but I’m familiar with that vibe I just hope it wears off

Me: (shaking my head) funny how a language we don’t even speak can become a silent barrier in relationships…and all of a sudden its which village do you come from etc etc etc

Arshad: Zai’s uncle actually asked me which village I come from..bru …(Laughing to himself) I told him I came from Jhb!

Immy choked on his Sprite and Nemo patted him on his back barely controlling his own laughter!

Nemo: I say that’s a top answer Arshoo!

Zoheb: yeah I mean what difference does it make..she loves you, you love her…

Me: uh uh…welcome to South Africa boet…the next two weddings will be a real eye opener for you

Zoheb: you know, it’s only here where you see this and maybe India…(Chuckling to himself) I mean really now…who has so many uncles and aunties??? And why do they ONLY appear at functions??

Me: (laughing) you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Zoheb: you mean its worse?

Nemo: bru…every aunty will ask if you’re married, why aren’t you married, when do you plan on getting married, where will you live after you’re married,and you can bet on your lucky stars that she has atleast ten girls in mind for you already!

Immy: and if you say no….oh boy the grilling..

Zoheb: aah so you all get the grilling

Me: well you will too…just wait and do know that my mother is already “looking for a girl” for you?

Zoheb: what? No! Why?

Me: (busting) exactly!

Zoheb: I don’t really like weddings..

Arshad: Nemo here loves weddings..don’t you Nemo? Another reason why all our mothers love him more than us :-p

Zoheb: (shaking his head) bru..

Nemo: whaaat…I enjoy the food and the …atmosphere

Me: (ripping) like hell you do…Nemo loves weddings because he loves the “prospects”

Nemo: naaaa uhuh…used to love the prospects a long time ago…not anymore

Immy: well, there’s no harm in looking I guess

Me: (I almost fell off my bonnet) Immy! Bru! You! I didn’t see that one coming!

Laeeka: and I bet you didn’t see this one coming… and they say only women gossip!

Me: (turning around shocked…was that…Laeeka??) babe! What are you doing here?

Laeeka: (shooing Arshad away and sitting next to Riza) I came to visit :-p

Zainab: (also appearing) yeah me too

Arshad: (surprised) didn’t you have work to do?

Aara: ( also making an entry…and she winked at Zoheb and broke a piece of his bunny chow and put it in her mouth) HAD work to do

Mari: so we thought we would surprise you all!

Nemo: (raising his eyebrow) but it’s guys night out!

Aara:(digging further into Zohebs bunny chow) says the guy who barged in on our girls night out?

Immy: (offering his bunny chow to Mari) you girls are hellava sneaky I must say

Laeeka: but we also heard everything…man you guys can gossip!!

Mari: yeah weddings and aunties and villages eh Arshoo…and prospects and what not(nudging Immy)

Arshads face had turned pink! Even Zoheb,Immy and Nemo were stunned…how much did they hear?

Aara: (grinning to herself) this feels so good!

Zoheb: (hesitating) what does?

Aara: the look on all of your faces! Infact girls…are you thinking what I’m thinking…

Me and the rest of the guys were clueless but these….these nasty little mean little senoritas were telepathically linked!!!!

And before we could say anything, they had pulled out their phones and clicked!!

Eish…women…can’t live with them…can’t live without them *sigh*




8 thoughts on “Part 115- Caught off Guard

  1. Uhh sometimes forgiving seems hard … but when u do forgive u feel lighter… like a burden off ur shoulder πŸ˜€ ! Yoh that’s alot abt Nemo hey… and Nuzayh is a blerry idiot -_- hate him with all my soul πŸ˜› … eish immy dnt tease Aara with Zoo u increasing her love πŸ˜‰ !! ehh Zoo is so laadida he cudnt eat with his hands he needed folk and knife #Laani_of_the_Laani πŸ˜› *laughing alot*
    Lmao lmao lmao Thee gals are boss mahn πŸ˜€ they gate crash with style and still snap pics of the guyz all shocked =D haaai Aara u don’t need to make it obvious and eat all Zoo food :/ !! Immy: there’s no harm in looking I guess #Ripped … Heyy Nemo I also like the weddings πŸ˜› the fooood and looking at the bride and groom to see if they a cute couple or NoT πŸ˜› … Jzkkkkkk for the awesome post Shaz πŸ™‚ xoxo


  2. Lol its tru! Men are the biggest gossipers! Lol zoheb!a fork and bunny?seriously!

    Hmmm glad to see immy is a gud guy! Nw he’s lookn owt fr my nemo *dancn* eish Nuzayh is jus a piece of wrk!


  3. Immy is for keeps mari. I don’t like what she did to aara but every1 deserves a little happiness. As for aadil, ohhhhhhh zoheb u better beat the s*** out of him n save ur aarooooo πŸ˜€


  4. What an awesome post.
    Good characters blending in,
    Looking out for each other!!

    What an entrance gals!!!!!
    Yeessss yessss men do gossip

    What jaat?? What gaaam?? #jozi. Arshooo!
    β„“πŸ˜‚β„“. β„“πŸ˜‚β„“

    Aara & Zoheib. Sharing. ❀ ❀
    Thy should get married first!!!!


  5. ….so nemo has a chance 2prove dat he can stand up4himself-he might jus learn a thng or2 4rm zohebπŸ˜‰
    Amazing-love t way t story is going.thank youπŸ’


  6. Thank you for an awesome post shazia😘
    Hope Nuzaiyh doesn’t cause serious problems.
    Aara you giving you secret away only eating from zoheb. Sooo sweet
    And zoheb wanting to eat bunny chow with knife and fork 😁
    Aara and zoheb πŸ’•


  7. Immy is a good man. Glad he’s helping Aara. Seems like we goin 2 be havin drama wid Aadil.
    β„“β˜Ίβ„“ ! Aara eating Zohebs food ❀ . Those 2 r jus tooo cute! The girls gate crashed & overheard the guys convo Lmao!Awesome post!


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