Ramadaan Kareem


Wishing all my Muslim readers a very blessed and beautiful Ramadaan…may Allah SWT accept all your duas and may you reap the maximum benefit of this wonderful month.
Please remember our Ummah in your duas, especially our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Syria and Somalia

May Allah SWT grant us the hidaayah to become better muslims and above all-better people.

Unfortunately there won’t be any post tonight, LLD will resume إن شاء الله on 30/07/2014

Please make me maaf for any shortcomings on my part, and if I’ve ever hurt or offended anyone with my comments.

Much Love Always,


ℓ☺ℓ and….



14 thoughts on “Ramadaan Kareem

  1. Ramadaan Mubarak **

    One month widout LLD .. Oh no! Tis has to suck lol! Wont you surprise us now and than in between ramadhaan wid special posts? 😛

    Please? Pretty please? Lol


  2. But I don’t understand whyyyyy! Ramadaan is the easiest time to post! There’s no schools,work places or colleges opened,it passes your time and theres no distractions from posting! So why arent you ? 😦


    • becoz I have work…lol…and ramadaan is the time to focus on our ibaadah..for u guys its the calm sitting back n reading the post- for me its the nerve wrecking task of writing and finishing a post to almost perfection. I love writing lld but ramadaan comes once a year soo yeah..


  3. Ramadaan Mubarak, may اللَّهُ سُبْحَانَهُ وَّتَٰعالَي accept all ur ibaadah, have a peaceful month. Remember the Ummah in your duas


  4. Ramadhaan Mubarak to u n ur dear ones. May الله grant us health and the bail to to fulfil the rights of this month



  5. RAMADAAN KAREEM! To Ʋ too dear sister Shazia & to all the readers. May Allah grant us all the ability to spend our time correctly & become better Muslims during this Mubaarak month ​آمِيْن


  6. Finallly my exams are over !!! And I can finally read this blog up to date lol . I missed like 10 posts !!!! (The things exams does to a person x_X ) sooo instead of posting my comments on each post I’m putting it ALL here … hope u dont mind 🙂 …
    Part 107- Memories that Hurt…
    Aadil is like devil -_- . And woahh Nemo was soooo messed up x_X

    Part 108- House Hunting & Your Hugs…
    And the monster-in-law returns =)) Riza’s mum acts like one of those mothers in zee tv series who cannot let go of their sons to another woman lmao .
    Awwwwwwwww ….. Zoheb and Aara are sooooo amazingggg ❤ they superrr cuteee though I'm still team Nemo♥ lol

    Part 109–Playing Dress Up-Part 1…
    Ohhhh myyyy godddd =)) #Ripped !!!!! Riza as shrek …. I can sooo imagine that … and with the pony tails x_X
    "Laeeka: uhuh uhuh please do that in the bathroom I don’t want to see the tropical rain forest
    Zainab was torn with laughter! Nemo: yeah you never know, your hairbrush or whatever may just get lost inside there … " … I just could not and still cant stop laughing when I read this =))

    Part 110-Playing Dress Up-Part 2
    … Guys really don't know how to dress up hey =)) lol . Oooohh … there could be sparks between Immy and Maria 😮 :p

    Part 111- Everything Isn’t Always As It Appears…
    Okay my first thoughts were … "I am in love with you…I love you with all of my heart…and all I want is to just be with you…and you don’t need to be afraid okay I’m not going anywhere…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to upset you … " …. Zoheeebbbbb u are amaazinnggg . And then I was like HOWWW could Maria do that … 😮 😥 😮 😥 😮 😥

    Part 112- My heart…why do you cry? …
    😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 sooo heart breaking

    Part 113- Aara- From Riza and Zoheb’s Eyes ….
    Awww so cute moments of Zoheb and Aara 🙂

    Part 114- To Forgive or Not To Forgive …
    I hope Aara can forgive Mari 🙂 *fingers crossed* :p lol

    Part 115- Caught off Guard…
    Soooo cuteee postttt 😀

    AMAZINGLY AWESOME POSTS !!!! I just love ur writing 😀 Ramahaan Mubaarak … may u have a blessed month 🙂 ♡♥♡


  7. Slms Shazia
    Ramadhaan Kareem to you all the LLD cast , hope you have a spiritually uplifting Ramadhaan and a fun filled EID.
    Can’t wait for you to carry on and have all the characters and their drama back 😀*excited*.


    Btw I had dhaiwaras ( if that’s how you spell it ) and as soon as I took a bite I immediately thought of you , Aara and Nemo. Sorry there was no left overs to send for you 😝.

    #Team Nemo and Aara


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