Ramadaan Memories- 1


Hope you all are well! Thank you for bombarding my inbox:-p…lol..so I have decided to do a few Ramadaan Memories posts as I get the time. Please don’t get confused, it doesn’t pick up where the last post left off. These are flashback posts, memories of the casts previous Ramadaan.

Ok then, enjoy:)



As narrated by Riza:

We would break our fast at the masjid every night and as much as we used to be beyond starving-just watching everyone else eat was enough to fill us up!

Really, 10 minutes before Maghrieb Salaah and the average man could push down one dozen samoosas, half a dozen pies, two bowls of haleem and a naan and one litre of milkshake!! Unbelievable! We always bolted for the first saf and completely cut out the risk of us being the victims of one too many atom bombs…if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

Although once when it did happen to us Arshad and I were thoroughly ripped when Nemo told the uncle who “did it” on our way out of the masjid that…

Nemo:(loud enough for quite a few people to hear because they had all thought it was one of us!) you musn’t do that Uncle you must go make wudhu!

Needless to say, the Uncle disappeared faster than a genie!

Nemo: gobble and go huh…blerry hell these people eat so much and so fast you’d think its the first time in their lives that they’ve eaten!

Arshad: and to think that so many people in the poorer countries are fasting without a proper iftar and sehri

Me: some even without sehri and iftar bro

Nemo: defeats the purpose if you ask me

Arshad: dua dua and more dua dude

And we were off to Arshad’s house where we were invited for iftar by Aunty Sawleha.

We were greeted at the door by Aara who was also invited. Aunty Sawleha sort of adopted Nemo and Aara during Ramadaan because they were the only ones out of the lot who lived alone.

Nemo: you look so cute with a scarf on!

Aara: (rolling her eyes) so do you…with your topee I mean…what happened to “my hair is my crown”

Nemo: eish this woman…always picking on me

Aunty Sawleha: Naeem come eat why are you standing there

Nemo: coming Aunty Sawls…you know this Aara here must start her par par whenever she sees me

Aara: (sitting next to me at the table) I didn’t do anything he started it!

Aunty Sawleha: (shaking her head) you two…I give up! Eat now…just now will be tarawee

And Nemo and Aara continued their banter as the meal progressed. I smiled to myself. They were slowly becoming themselves again…it was two months since Nemo was living on his own again and he was doing so well….
As narrated by Nemo:

After tarawee I dropped Riza off, then dropped Arshad and fetched Aara and headed off to leave her at her flat.

Me: why so down?

Aara: (shrugging her shoulders) it feels so odd to live alone again

Me: (a small smile starting to form on my face) aha…so what you’re saying is…you miss me!!

Aara: (trying to suppress her smile) I didn’t say that!

Me: but that’s what it means!

Aara was zapped. β„“β˜Ίβ„“! I loved it when that happened!

But I knew what she meant…I felt lonely too…especially now during Ramadaan it was just plain sad to eat sehri alone…we were lucky Aunty Sawls insisted that we come over every night for iftar.

Me: tell you what…since tomorrow is friday…

Aara: (raising her eyebrow) I know that tomorrow is friday…

Me: let me finish woman…since tomorrow is friday and you finish work at 2,what we’ll do is, we’ll drive down to Durban and spend the weekend with the Ismails:) we can always have iftar on the road

Aara: (jumping up in her seat) REALLY??

Me: (smiling) yes really

Aara: why didn’t I think of that!

Me: I don’t know…you tell me :-p

Aara: Nemo really really really?

Me: yesssss Aaroooo really really realllllllly

Aara: (squealing in delight) thank you thank you thank you

Me: errr are we saying everything three times three times three times?

Aara: oh shurrup

As narrated by Nemo:

Traffic was a killer!! We had iftar on the road and read tarawee in Estcourt. It was so cool being travellers as the folks called us! I went to the masjid while Aara was welcomed at the Muazzin’s house by his wife to perform her salaah there.

We didn’t tell Aara’s family that we were coming so you can imagine the looks on their faces when they saw us enter their yard!! Priceless!! Aara has this gigantic extended family and almost every night after tarawee they would meet up for dessert or just a chat. A chat that would last atleast two hours! Which suited us fine since it was almost 11:30 pm when we drove through those big gates towards the house where my best memories were created…

Aara:(shrieking as she jumped off the car..dropping her phone and handbag and water bottle) Mummy!!!

Maa: (shocked) Aara! Baby you’re really here!

And she hugged her as they both cried. These Ismail women were famous for their waterworks…didn’t I tell you…β„“β˜Ίβ„“..they were the backup suppliers whenever Umgeni Water Board ran on low :-p

I picked Aara’s stuff off the floor and smiled from ear to ear as I claimed my share of Maa’s hug.

Me: missed you Maa

Maa: (now letting go of Aara and hugging me with both her hands) Naeem my baby…(And she cried again) you’re ok my darling?

Me: now I’m just perfect Maa

I really did miss her. She cared for me more than my own mother did. Always.

Aara was busy meeting and greeting all her aunts and uncles and I followed suite. We were so tired from the drive but our spirits were renewed once we saw everyone!

And the next mornings Sehri as you can imagine- was surreal! It felt good to have sehri as a family…not just by yourself…you know you and your sad bowl of cereal.

Aara didn’t dare pick on me infront of her parents and now Sahal was the target of her comments.Haha…atleast i’ll have a break from Miss. Smartmouth ;-p

After fajr everyone jumped back into their beds. It was almost Zohr and our princess still hadn’t woken up, she had locked her door so we couldn’t even barge in and shake the daylights out of her.

I tried phoning her several times from outside her room door before she finally answered

Aara: (yawning) yes Nemo

Me: did you come home to sleep?

Aara: aha..

Me: it’s almost zohr you need to wake up

Aara: can read zohr until 4 ish so its okay

Me: uhuh…sleeping for the whole day defeats the purpose of fasting Aaroo you keep telling me that

And she cut the call!

Two minutes later I heard the door unlock and Aara stood infront of me in her 3/4 pj’s, her fluffy slippers that looked like she was standing on two cats and her hair was a mess!

Aara: I’m up

And she walked to her mothers room and threw herself on that bed and was knocked out again…


ramadaan 1


12 thoughts on “Ramadaan Memories- 1

  1. Thank u thank thank u!! πŸ˜€ (since we sayng tngs in 3 tdy :P)
    nemo is too much! Bak up suppliers fr Umgeni and standn on 2cats! LoL!!!!


  2. Thank you Shazia ! Loved it. Nemo and Aara are so cute and Nemo has such a strong relationship with Aara’s mum.
    Thank you for brightening my spirits πŸ˜ƒ



  3. Hey! Thanks shazia! Great post as usual! This nemo and Aara are just too much! Such a splendid friendship they! Love reading bout these two they really had some good monents as well! So far their friendship has handled a lot hope it can still !


  4. Awwww Awesome Awesome Awesome post!!!
    Nemo + Aara are too cute 2getha…their relationship is lyk no other!
    They deserve BEST COUPLE award….if only they could be a couple *sigh*
    Thnx Shazia 4 the great post!! *hugs*


  5. Jazaakallah for the post πŸ˜†
    Best author ever πŸ˜™
    That Nemo & Aara kinda friendship❀

    So glad that you decided to post in Ramadhaan…


    • Dear Zana,

      aww that’s sweet Thank u:) Nemo seem sto have made dhaiwaras popular πŸ˜‰
      Ramadaan is going way too fast if u ask me. Please rem me in ur duas Insha Allah..take care πŸ™‚


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