Gaza Needs YOU!


As author of LLD I make a humble request to my readers to please support the initiative below.

***” GAZA NEEDS YOU” this Ramadaan kindly assist “Muslimahs Making a Difference” and “Sistrs4Humanity” in our Drink Pink campaign.The ongoing onslaught on our Palestinian brothers and sisters has been intensified and as an ummah it is our responsibility to assist in whatever way we can, alongside with sincere duaa.

We are appealing to you to partner with us in our water campaign which has 3 benefits:
1. Provide clean drinking water to the schools of Gaza.
2. Quench the thirst of a fasting person in a disadvantaged locality.
3. Empower a widowed or divorced Muslimah thereby affording her dignity as opposed to being dependant on welfare and handouts.

Bottled water may be sponsored individually or collectively as a family as well as purchased for personal use @ just R5 each.(Lillah only).
Clean,drinking water is distributed through Sawa’ed Relief and Development Org.

Please contact Sister Tasnim on 0812711977 or Sister Hassina on 0837773218

Banking details:
SISTRS 4 HUMANITY FNB Acc No: 62386737129 Branch Code: 221126 REF: Gaza H20


So this is what we are going to do…as united united human beings..let’s make a small effort to pledge towards this cause. It’s only R5 a bottle and I would love to think that we as a group can pledge atleast 1000 bottles?

Sister Tasnim Patel has advised that clean water for Palestine is purchased in Egypt and sent there via tankers.

Please comment below on the number of bottles that you would like to pledge just so that we can keep count of how many LLD readers pledged towards making this difference.

Thanking you in advance and a humble request for duas(prayers) for our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity, from Gaza.

With much hope,



23 thoughts on “Gaza Needs YOU!

  1. Slms
    I would like to pledge 20 bottles
    Will do eft shortly insha allah
    May Allah swt grant our muslims victory ameen


    • جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا‎​ to all!
      Come on people…we need more of you–no set cut off date at the moment please open your hearts and help us help Gaza in this small way Insha Allah


  2. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته.

    News Reporter exposes Israel on live television. She did what millions didn’t dare to do. PLEASE SHARE

    The next link has some pics, anybody- muslim or not will feel for them. They are our brothers and sisters in islaam. They are our fellow humans. I cried just looking at the pics. Its NOT a war! Its an ongoing massacre of innocent lives!!

    Oh Allah! Assist the ummah, alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters and grant us victory آمين.
    Oh Allah! Grant the oppresses hidayat but if it is not written for them, then destroy them as You see fit آمين.


  3. Salaams to all of u

    a very BIG thank you to all of you who assisted with the water. means a ton to me to have your support thru LLD.

    I seriously cannot wait to start posting again…6 days to go!

    Much Love and Lots and Lots of Thanks



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