Part 118- Maaherah’s First Attempt Flops

As narrated by Maaherah:

When I wanted something, I stopped at nothing to get it. I had it all figured out. I knew where he worked and lived and I knew where he played squash..and when.

It was almost 6pm, I was dressed the part. Let the games begin!

Naeem had definitely become more gorgeous since the last time I had seen him…and if he was anything like he used to be then I would have him eating out of the palm of my hand in no time.

He carried on talking on his phone as he put his gym bag down and took out his racket.

Naeem: no it has to be red…yeah….yeah…perfect…excellent…thanks

And he put his phone down and turned around.

Naeem: (startled) oh..sorry I didn’t realise that this court was taken

Me: (smiling a “sweet” smile) it isn’t taken completely..I’m kind of tired playing alone, would you care to join me?

Naeem: errr..okay I guess


After 15 minutes…

Naeem: (catching his breath) got to hand it to’re good!

Me: (leaning against the wall trying to catch my breath) I haven’t played in ages!

Naeem: I can’t help but shake the feeling that I’ve seen you somewhere…don’t take it as a cheesy pick up line but your face looks very familiar

Me: oh come on Naeem…I’m hurt..I had a little bit of hope that you would recognize me

Naeem: wooooah you know my name and I just can’t for the life of me remember who you are…

Me: (walking over to him) think 5 years back…campus…

Naeem: ummm still blank

Me: (wanting to raise my eyebrows but restraining) the pink duffle bag…

Naeem: nope

Me: (irritation starting to crawl in) pizza girl?

Naeem: errr…you used to sell pizza on campus?

Me: (man this guy was dumb!)No!! We all had this pizza thing don’t you remember???

Naeem: (looking a little flustered) no..I’m sorry

Me: come on Naeem….Meera??

Naeem: that’s your name?

Me: (way beyond annoyed but I didn’t show it) no Naeem my name is Maaherah but everyone used to call me Meera…we were a part of the same circle (sighing) I thought you would have remembered but I guess I thought wrong

Naeem: (hitting the ball lightly against the wall) campus was such a long time ago sorry

What the…? This wasn’t the same Naeem I knew on campus!! The Naeem I knew would have been all flirtatious smiles by now and would have already asked me out on a date!

Me: (getting my act together and working on a plan B) it’s ok…forgiven

But he didn’t even turn around!

Me: helooooo I said it’s ok you’re forgiven

Naeem: cool

And he went back to hitting the ball..

I sure as hell wasn’t going to push myself all over him and push him away from me in one meeting…I would have to now do things differently.

Me: see you around Naeem…I’ve got to go

Naeem: okay..bye (and he lifted his hand but didn’t turn around)

This was going to be harder than I thought!!

Later that night…

Urgh I wonder how much longer I’d have to stay with my brother! I couldn’t stand him and I know that he couldn’t stand me. Zoheb and I never got along-like EVER. He was everything that I wasn’t and I was everything that he could never be. Period.
I wonder if it ever bothered him that I was always our parents “favourite”. I mean hey, I knew on which side the bread was buttered but Zoheb…he seemed to be just fine on his own. If my mother hadn’t insisted on me staying with him I wouldn’t have even bothered meeting him!
And now he was bringing a friend over because SHE had a little” incident” tonight. Yeah right.

I heard the key in the door and I knew that they had come. I put on my best smile to give my brother and his friend a very warm and fake welcome..but when I saw her all the colour drained from my face…

“Well I’d be damned!…Aara Ismail, my brothers “friend”!”…I said in my mind ofcourse but I needed a place to crash even though Zoheb and I didn’t get along at all so…

Me: (extending my hand) nice to meet you Aara

Aara: (not putting her hand forward) you mean, nice to meet you AGAIN Maaherah?

Me: (shit…I thought that she would play along and act as though she didn’t know me…but who was I kidding this was Aara after all) yeah..

Zoheb: (raising his eyebrow) you two know each other?

Me: (before Aara could say anything) yes we were on campus together…seems like a lifetime’re looking well Aara

Aara looked at me for a few seconds with a straight face before she turned to Zoheb..

Aara: can you please show me where I’m sleeping? I’ve had a really long day and I just want to crash

Me: (forcing a smile) there’s only two rooms…so I guess you’re crashing with me! By the way are you ok because Zoheb said that he was bringing one of his friends who had a little incident tonight…is everything fine?

Zoheb: (chipping in) yes everything is fine and no..Aara will be sleeping in my room and I’ll sleep in the lounge (starting to walk towards his room) come Aara

And she gave me one last “look” and followed Zoheb.

Why the hell did she have to be in the picture AGAIN??

I came all this way for Naeem but he’s just not interested(not that I will give up trying)…and I’m sure that she has something to do with it! I mean they were together at the engagement and Naeem seemed very cozy and comfy with her…and now she turns out to be Zoheb’s “friend”. Something was definitely amiss…

And my dear,dear brother like a little lovesick puppy…I bet he doesn’t know that his lady love was in love with her Nemo as she called him. I grinned to myself…this was going to be very,very interesting and could just work in my favour…



8 thoughts on “Part 118- Maaherah’s First Attempt Flops

  1. Ohhhh hell no not more problems coming aara’s way. The girl needs some happiness now. Aara show this chicka what u made off!


  2. 😤 don’t like her. Nemo aara zoheb please put “miss high and mighty I don’t give up that easily” in her place and send her packing.
    Hope aara tells zoheb about his sister before she causes chaos


  3. Just so you know Maheera this time you won’t get what you want!!!! -_-
    Monkey bum just go fly back to durban and stay there forever!!!!!
    Zooo is so sweet compare to this thing -_-
    Nemo must remember you? Really now -_-
    It’s not gonna be as easy as you thought” … you don’t say :/
    It’s actually never gonna be what you want!!! 🙂


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