Part 122- You’re in BIG trouble Arshoo!

As narrated by Nemo:

All packed up and ready to go! Zoheb fetched me first then Immy and then Maariah. We were meeting up with everyone else at Aara’s flat since madam asked us to pick her up last.

Riza had just reached as we turned into her driveway and everyone chatted away. At 6am we were full of beans! I didn’t see Zoheb go up Aara’s stairs but I saw him coming down with her luggage and putting it in our 4×4. Ours being his but anyway..

And then she walked down the stairs , hoodie on, her glasses on (she always wears her glasses when she’s been fighting her sleep else its just for when she uses her pc) and..a potplant in her hand..huh?

Riza: and this? (Speaking for all of us here)

Aara: (with a broad smile on her face) everyone meet Zaara…Zaara (to the plant) meet everyone!

Laeeka: your plant has a name!?

Aara: she does:)

Riza: errr why is “Zaara” coming with us?

Aara: I can’t leave her alone Reez

Me: (trying to suppress my laugh) sweetheart…you have other plants as well do we need to go upstairs and fetch them?

Aara: that’s outdoor and my neighbour will water them..this one is my baby

Arshad: I always knew you were weird Aaroo but now you’ve outdone yourself :-p

Aara: (rolling her eyes at Arshad) atleast I don’t call my fish Rover Arshoo!

Immy: (bursting out laughing) wait …wait..Arshad your fish’s name is Rover???

Me: YES!! (Busting) we were all ripped when we heard that!

Arshad: haha funny…says the one whose name is Nemo! (And he stuck his tongue out at me)

Immy: and the doctor has a point!

Me: hey!

Immy: whaaat I’m just saying…

Aara: leave my Nemo Arshoo…I gave him that name so no picking on it

Riza: okay so are the 9 of us ready? Err sorry Zaara, are the ten of us ready to move or what?

Aara: not yet! Nemo come here!

Me: (standing next to Aara and Zaara) shall we?

Aara: ( smiling) as you all know that this roadtrip was planned by Nemo and I and you guys are in for a lot of surprises! We will take you down our memory lane and…

Me: share with you all the places that we used to “haunt” . Basically, once we hit Durbs you all are in Nemo and Aara country (winking)

Aara: so buckle up and let’s do this!!

It felt so good!! Everyone cheering and hugging each other out of sheer happiness!

Riza: your move madam who are you jumping in with?

And Aara looked at Riza and then at Zoheb and I…and she laughed

Aara: definitely jumping in with you bro!

I frowned and noticed Zoheb grinning…

Me: well Mari looks like you’re stuck with us!

Mari: 3 guys and a little lady..I’m going to sleep all the way to Drakensburg that’s for sure!

As narrated by Arshad:

So Aaroo decided to jump in with wasn’t surprised at all!

The 3 girls were in the back seat and were chatting away non stop..

And the food was flying back and forth:-p

Zai: I want to sleep a little(throwing her pillow into the back of the 4×4)don’t wake me up on our next stop

Aara: what were you doing that you’re so tired?

Zai: ask your other bro in the front (and she winked and climbed over the seat with a blanket)

Aara: (pinching me) so?

Me: we were on the phone…from about half an hour after you all left till like two hours ago

Laeeka burst out laughing!

Laeeka: That’s just mad!

Riza: eh pot calling the kettle black

Laeeka: cmon babe we aren’t so bad

Me: hah I don’t believe that for a second!! What about this Aaroo here?

Aara:(with a side smile) no no I don’t talk to boys at night uh uh

Riza and I : yeaaaaaah right!!

Aara: what? I’m a haari poyri!

Me: and this “haari poyri” has a lot of explaining to do..

Aara: (laughing) in due time

We were on a high…the four of us cracked jokes right until we reached our next stop. Okay we turned a few times to see what the others were doing and they also seemed to be having a good time.

I think we were laughing more at Zainab’s snoring than anything else and Laeeka captured it on her handycam!

Laeeka: shall we wake her up? (Pointing at Zai who was still snoring )

Aara:(shrugging her shoulders) she said not to wake her up

Riza: I need coffee

Me: I think everyone does

It was rather chilly outside and we put on our jackets and headed off into the Quick Shop for coffee.

Riza: (looking at Aara sitting with Zoheb and I, gorging on a chocolate chip muffin while the others went to the toilet) didn’t you just eat ?

Aara: (with her mouth full) so?

Riza: (rolling his eyes) howww??

Aara: go away

Riza: (nudging Zoheb)be prepared your food expense is going to triple!!

Zoheb: (laughing) I don’t mind

Riza: so you admit it then?

Zoheb was stunned and looked at Aara and she also stopped eating. Lmao! This was classic!

Aara: Riza!

Riza: what? I didn’t say anything wrong did I..

Zoheb grinned to himself while Aara glared at Riza..she was so cute really

Soon enough we made our way back to our vehicles and drove off. There was just no mobile network and that sucked big time!

About half an hour later…

Riza: babe can I have a bottle of water please?

Laeeka: sure (turning around to get one from the back)guys….where’s Zainab?

I turned around quickly…

Me: what do you mean?

Aara: (moving the pillow and blanket) she’s not here!!Reez pull over!

Zoheb stopped right behind us and all of us got off

Me: Nemo is Zainab with your’ll?

Nemo: err no she was with you guys

Riza: please just check nicely

And Immy looked in the back of Zoheb’s 4×4

Zoheb: I don’t understand..she was with you all, what’s going on?

Me: was the back closed properly??

Laeeka: Arshad if she fell off which I doubt, they (pointing at Zoheb,Nemo and Immy) would have seen her!

Immy: could someone please…

Aara: Zainab’s not here Immy and we have no mobile network as well to even phone her

Me: (both my hands on my head) she must have gotten off at the garage…shit shit shit!!

Nemo: (busting) I can’t believe this!! You forgot Zainab!!You actually left your wife behind!!Man do I feel sorry for you you’re in beeeeg trouble!!

meet zaara

big trouble


13 thoughts on “Part 122- You’re in BIG trouble Arshoo!

  1. Hahahhahahahha Aaara named her plant 😛 that’s her baby Zahraa sucha cuteable name 😀 … I can trust her to give her kids cute names 😛
    Road trip begins 😀 😀 😀 …. Aara went with Riza to avoid awkwardness 😛
    She’s eating again =D =’) at least I’m not alone eating alot 😛
    Zaaaaai snoring #Ripped and Arshoos fish is Rover #Ripped
    Omw omw I’m ripping loud here that Arshad forget Zainab =D
    My sister is saying I’m mad to laugh for blogs like this bt who forgets there wifey to be =D lack of love, I hope not =D jokes Arshoo bt Hahahhahahaha at least I can laugh in my tears 😛 (Nemo just know I love u)


  2. Hehe surprised that noone pointed out aaras plant name is actually a subtle giveaway to the group about her and zohebs couple status… zoheb +aara= zaara 🙂 not zahra haaj lol..looking fwd to the hometown too.. durbs roxxx 🙂


    • Lmao lmao Shaz just told me that after I commented =D
      It’s Zaara– coz Z+Aara 😛 you’re a genius hey 😀
      I didn’t even realise I spelt it wrong x_X =))


  3. Zainab has been taken by Aadil thats what I feel I just hope its not one of his wicked plans to get them 🙈 & Aara is just too cute Zaraa for Zoheb & Aara 💑


  4. Awesomenesssssss. Aint the word. She calls Neemo ovr by her side!!!!!!!!!
    Zaara is an add on to AARA. As in Zoheib completes Aara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeaaaah yeaaaaahhh atleast its not Naara!!!!!!
    Hªª=)) hªª=)) hªª=)) Hªª=)) hªª=)) hªª=))

    Neemo, u might be Aaras fish, but Zoheib is her breath of Air. As in ZAARA.


  5. Me Bad!!!!!!!!!!!
    What happened to Zainub!!!!
    Arshu, didn’t even chk in on her when he came bak to the car!!!!!!!!!! That’s sad mahn!!!!! Hªª=)) hªª=)) hªª=)) Hªª=)) hªª=)) hªª=)) Hªª=)) hªª=)) hªª=)) Hªª=)) hªª=)) hªª=))


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