Part 124- Let the Games Begin!


As narrated by Zoheb:


Me: I can’t just pull over Zai traffic is really heavy at the moment…

Zai: please…

Nemo: for what?

Zai: I want to apologise to Arshad…

Nemo: no..this is not a movie where you just start running around anywhere, your punishment will be to sit here quietly and think of how you’re going to make it up to him and think of how you’re going to start behaving!

I wanted to laugh! Start behaving? I didn’t see this side of Nemo!

And everyone was silent…I missed my Applepie, how I wished she came with me.

As narrated by Aara

The Drakensberg:

And finally, we had reached. I smirked as Riza asked if we were taking them into the “bundoos” as the 4×4 climbed and climbed higher into the mountains. They had no idea what Nemo and I had in store for them. The Drakensberg was Maariah’s choice of destination, and even though I was still very upset with her-a promise made is a promise we keep.

Laeeka: we are just going and going with no sign of an end!

Me:(winking at Laeeks) patience little one patience

I had a map and well I was an ace Geography student in my days so it was a piece of cake. My first career choice was to become a geologist but my dad frumped and said ” do you want to dig in the bush for a living?”. “That would be archaeology dad and no even they don’t dig in the bush for a living”. That fell on deaf ears though. And well my second career choice was journalism but that too was shot down to a point. If I had my way, I’d be a freelance journalist covering the Middle East, instead I am a journalist and editor in one- sitting behind a desk. *Sigh*.

After a solid hour of mountain driving we reached our destination. Nemo was almost immediately next to me as I got off.

Nemo: ready for this?

Me: (chuckling to myself) I wonder if THEY are ready for this!!hey, any luck with Zai?

Nemo: you know me man(winking at me)
They should be okay soon

Everyone stared at the magnificent sight infront of us. A singular sprawling mansion in the middle of nowhere…

Riza: what is this place?

“Welcome to the bergs people” a voice said from behind us.

Riza: (turning around) Unbelievable!!! Ziyaad!! Is it really you??

Ziyaad: (shaking Riza’s hand and hugging him)in the flesh bro! Man is it good to see you!

Riza: the feeling is very,very mutual it’s been way too long! What are you doing here?

Ziyaad: inherited the place..tell you about it on our way in let me greet the others quickly

And Ziyaad walked over to Nemo and I

Ziyaad: if it isn’t my two favourite people!! Aaraaaa (hugging me) and Naeem my brazo (hugging Nemo)

Nemo: don’t act so surprised we’ve been talking to you for days now :-p

Ziyaad: yeah smart mouth but its been almost a year since I saw you both(turning to Arshad) Arshoo my man what’s up (hugging him)

Arshad: good bro..good to see you!

Ziyaad: Laeeeeeeekaaaaaa (hugging Laeeka) I see you’re still with the barber shop hey!

Laeeka: (laughing) what to do man

Riza: yeah and I’m standing right here you know!

Ziyaad: (hugging Zainab) you have changed a lot Zai!

Zai: (still feeling down) I know…how are you?

Ziyaad: never been better!

And Ziyaad stopped at Mari. He had a very soft spot for her-that we all knew.

Ziyaad: hi beautiful! (Hugging Mari and lifting her up)

Hah the look on Immy’s face was priceless!!

Mari:(smiling) hi right back at you handsome

Ziyaad: (to Zoheb and Immy) now you and you I don’t know but (extending his hand to Zoheb)I’m Ziyaad

Nemo: (chipping in) Zee this is my bro Zoheb

Zoheb: nice to meet you Ziyaad

Nemo: and this is my bro Imraan

Immy: (shaking Zee’s hand) good to meet you Ziyaad

Zee: likewise guys!

Ziyaad was a bundle of energy! We were on campus together but after campus he moved away. We still kept in touch though, the perks of social networking I guess, and Nemo and I bumped into him in Durban last year. Zee inherited this estate from his late grandfather and ever since then he’s more here than in Durban! An outdoor junkie to the hilt! And we decided that he would be our perfect wilderness guide for this leg of our roadtrip. Aaaand…Zee was crazier than all of us put together! And together, we had a good couple of tricks up our sleeve;)

Zee: don’t worry to unpack your boots now let’s go for a tour of the house

Me: you guys carry on we’ll be right behind you..(Turning to Zoheb) I need my camera from your boot please

Zoheb: (watching everyone go and grinning to himself) thank you

Me: (smiling to myself) my pleasure

And he turned me around and engulfed me into one of his warm hugs…

Zoheb: (quickly giving me a peck on each cheek,my nose,my eyes,my chin and my lips) I missed you

Me: (doing the same to him through all his blushing and gorgeous dimples showing)I missed you too

Zoheb: (taking my hand and walking towards the house) so Zaara huh?

Me: (linking my arm through his and holding his hand)aha…Zoheb and Aara equals Zaara

Zoheb: love it!

And before I could say anything, we were startled by a whole lot of screaming!!!

Zoheb: (holding my hand a little tighter) what’s going on??

And as we ran towards the house, I felt my insides go hip hip hurray…lol..I could picture Ziyaad with a whole lot of minions doing the mexican wave!!!~I didn’t want to give it up-it took hours of planning and by the sound of those screams it definitely was GAME ON!!

game on

the drakensberg


15 thoughts on “Part 124- Let the Games Begin!

  1. The I more I read bout Aara and Zoheb being together the more I feel bad for nemo! I’m just so afraid for him cos I can see Aara really likes Zoheb and now Nemo has this wonderful surprise planned! I really don’t wAnt to see him get hurt ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ข! Still believe that Nemo and Aara belong to together ( fingers crossed)


  2. Lmao Nemo0o #Ripped I also didn’t see this side of him =D =)) Shame she must have really felt bad =D x_X . Aaras dad makes me laugh =D..” You want to dig in the bush for a living”? =D welll journalism was my dream career ;;) (Maybe that’s why i like summaries posts ๐Ÿ˜› *thinking*)
    Zeeee sounds awesome and crazyyyy =D Uhh laeeka u still with the barber shop hey #Ripped =)). Immy getting alll protective over Mariii Olalalallalaa ๐Ÿ˜› but dnt worry Zee is brozoned ๐Ÿ˜‰ !! *Acts like i never read about Zoo and Aara =Zaara ๐Ÿ˜‰ * I still live in a world of hope for Nemo and Aara as soul mates ๐Ÿ˜› Minion show ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I wanna see tooo ๐Ÿ˜› . Zee is more crazy then all of us put together” .. ?? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ huh then he really is CRAZEEEEE ๐Ÿ˜›


  3. Im with u SK..Haaj nd LLD fanatic !! i wish ther cud b mre Nemo+Aara moments…they jus sooooo much betta 2getha but Ms Shazia jus loves mkin us Nemo fans cry… its ok tho no matter wat we’ll always be TEAM NEMO+AARA !!!! Nemo deserves da best nd i hav hope thats jus wat he’ll get!!!*wink*


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