Part 125- Get your Prank On!

As narrated by Aara:

As we reached the door we bumped straight into Laeeka who seemed to have made a mad dash for the exit and almost knocking me over!!

Zoheb: woooah Laeeks what’s wrong??

Laeeka: (holding Zoheb’s arm and stuttering) iiiinsiiide (pointing to the house)

Zoheb: what’s inside???

Laeeka:(shaking) we saw someone!!

Zoheb looked at me and I innocently shrugged my shoulders.

Zoheb: let me go check..stay here

Laeeka: (pulling Zoheb) NO DON’T! Don’t go inside!

Zoheb: but the others are still inside!

Me: (trying not to laugh) stay with her..I’ll check

Zoheb: Aara no

Me: relax I’ll be fine

I walked into Zee’s mansion with a grin on my face…

Me:(shouting) guys…where are you all?

Zee: (shouting back) in here A

And I walked towards the sound of his voice…Nemo,Zee,Arshad,Mari and Immy were standing infront of the fireplace..

Me: it’s not that cold yet!

Zee: naa this thing cracks up on its own whenever it wants to, I have to get it checked out

Nemo: but its not like its an electronic fire place bru…

Zee shrugged his shoulders. Mari and Arshad exchanged glances…it was working!!!

Me: where’s Riza and Zai?

Nemo: gone to look for Laeeka…she says she saw someone I dunno

Me: why were you all screaming?

Nemo: (playing along) there was a really big spider hanging from the ceiling…

Arshad:(chipping in) Aaroo you should have seen it!! It was huge!! I’m sleeping in my sleeping bag tonight that’s for sure!

Nemo: (pulling me away) let’s look for Reez…where’s Zoheb?

Me: Laeeks ran out she’s with Zoheb

And when we were out of everyones sight…Nemo and I looked at each other and burst out laughing!

Me: tell me tell me!

Nemo: the “person” Laeeks saw is you know…

Me:(smirking) I know

Nemo: and the spider gosh sweetheart you should have seen them!! They were terrified! It “fell” on Arshoo!! I was beyond bust but had to try reeeealy hard not to laugh!

Me: everything else is set?

Nemo: yep..all set..the next few days are going to be…(Laughing) memorable that’s for sure!

Zee: (joining us) okay so the rest of your crew are inside as well..Laeeks is still a bit shaken though. Better get moving you guys only have 3 nights and 2 days here

Me: and half of today Zee(pinching his cheeks)

Zee: aha and half of today sweeeetheart (pinching my cheeks)

Nemo: ey hello…

Zee: yes…hello

Nemo: what??

Zee: you said hello

Nemo:(shaking his head) retard!

Zee: yes we know you are one

Nemo: ohhh so staying here and breathing in the fresh air has made you sharp huh..finally opened up the passages in your brain!

Zee:(winking) yeah now that you are here and you’re breathing in the fresh air your passages will open up too!!

Nemo: your mouth is like a scissors!

Zee:(sticking his tongue out at Nemo) as if yours is anything less than a razor blade!

Nemo: do you ever stop? I mean like really don’t you get tired?

Zee: don’t you get tired?

Nemo: No!

Zee: so?

Nemo: urrrgh

I was so bust that my stomach hurt! Zee and Nemo together after eons! I was so going to enjoy this!

Nemo: (looking at me) isn’t he like extra jumpy and hyper?

Me: I have to agree with Nemo here Zee you’re like…you’re an electric eel!

Zee: (shocked face) an eel???? Sweetheart you called me an eel???

Nemo: yeah about that…

Zee: (to Nemo)sorry sweetheart am I making you jealous…only calling Aara sweetheart and not you

Nemo: yeah yeah

Zee: what???no retaliation?? You’re giving up so easily (playful shocked face)what have you done to him Aara!

Me: me..uh uh I didn’t do anything

Nemo: (whistling and walking away) the winds of change “brazo” :-p
As narrated by Ziyaad:

Me:(finally completing the tour of the house) and that’s it…I had the whole place cleaned up yesterday

Riza: how often do you come here?

Me: atleast once in 2 months but sometimes I have to make flying trips back here out of the blue

Riza: howcome?

Me: there’s a lot of myth surrounding this place and if something happens like a hiker goes missing or some locals cattle goes missing then fingers are pointed back this way immediately even though they could be miles away from here


Arshad: why would fingers be pointed this way?

Me: (walking backwards and lifting my hands up) this house…

Mari: this…house..what?

Gosh I missed you Mari!

Me: this house has been in my family for ages…my grandfathers eldest sister had downs syndrome and well the family kept her here and away from the world…even my grandfather didn’t see her much. She had a care taker and the family would come over the holidays to spend time with her..but some holidays they just wouldn’t come…

No one said a word!

Me: (continuing) and years went by like that..and she got older and eventually when she died…(And my phone rang and when I looked at the screen it was
Aara :-p on time;). ) Be right back guys (and I excused myself)

As narrated by Nemo:

Laeeka: you brought us to stay in a haunted house!!!

Me: don’t be ridiculous…you aren’t supposed to believe in these things

Laeeka: Zee’s grandfathers sister passed away here!! And I saw that figure…or whatever it was!! I’m not staying here!

Aara: really now Laeeks…look at this place, its perfect!! Plus we have our own chef man…think of it as luxury camping πŸ˜‰

Zoheb: this place gives me the creeps!

Arshad: I’m with you there Zoheb..please can we book in somewhere else?

Me: you guys saw how excited Zee was to see us he’s going to be so hurt if we leave and besides if this place was haunted would he let us stay here? Would he stay here? Never! Come on we’ve got 6 hours till sunset and we’ve got places to’ll settle in soon enough

Keeping a straight face when I wanted to die laughing was just the hardest thing ever!
When Zee emailed us pictures of this place, Aara and I were completely bowled over…this house was old school old style..oozing elegance and warmth. But us being us, concocted this plan with Zee who has forever been a die hard prankster…to rig this whole house!!
All of us watch scary movies…now it was time to live the experience πŸ˜‰ and almost every cliche that scary movies have, and things that will make you jump out of your socks- was ready to jump out at them in this house :-p
A small part of me, when I say small I mean like really, really small part of me felt bad because I could see that they were already starting to freak out!

But, we called our roadtrips adventures of a lifetime for a reason.

So here’s to an experience I’m sure none of us will forget;)


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11 thoughts on “Part 125- Get your Prank On!

  1. Awesome post author!! Keep up the excellent work.

    Could someone please give me the blog site that has the characters, salma and aqeel thanks!


  2. Laughing like a mad thing =D =)) =D This prank is too goood πŸ˜› and Definitely if it’s planned by Nemo and Aara be ready for pranks #MasterPranksters πŸ˜€ Uhh Zee and Nemo together are hilarious =D Zoheb is also feels the place is creepy =D I definitely can’t wait for more *dancing face*!! Bt I must admit I’d be freaked out also =D !! Eh Nemo and Aara definitely creating memories of a life time with the crew πŸ™‚ many thanks to Zee too for the planning and cool company tooξ”Ÿ… xoxo πŸ˜€


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