Part 127 – Skype Surprise :)

As narrated by Aara:

“Ziyaaaaaaaad”…that was everyone shouting for Zee…

Zee: (running up the stairs) looking for me?

Arshad: there’s someone playing the piano in that room you said no one goes to…

Zee:(confused) what piano?

Riza: don’t mess around bru..can’t you hear it??

Zee: no Reez honestly, I don’t hear anything

Nemo: (coming up the stairs) I can hear it from downstairs sure you aren’t deaf??

Zee: oh come on…I genuinely cannot hear anything..come let’s go look

Zai:(hiding behind Arshad) you go look we’ll stay here

Zee: (rolling his eyes at us) please man this house is not haunted!!

And as soon as he said that, the lights flickered. I felt a chill run up my spine..I don’t remember this being a part of the plan!!

Immy: I bet you didn’t see that either?

Zee: see what now?

Immy: nevermind..come let’s go check out that room

As soon as Zee turned the key in the door, the sound of the piano playing suddenly stopped. We followed him into this huge room and it seemed as though time stood still inside here. Everything was so….old.

Zee: (switching on the light) see, there’s no piano in here too you people are hallucinating

Me: there definitely was a piano playing Zee!!

Mari: OH MY GOD!!!

Everyone turned…and we saw what Mari was pointing at…on the bed wrapped in a sheet..was…was…A BODY!!!!

Zainab ran out of the room, followed by Mari and then Arshad..

Riza: WHAT THE F*** DUDE???

Zee started laughing…huh??

Zee:(busting) they just ran out!!

Nemo: and that’s funny to you???

Zee: chill man (walking over to “the body” and opening it)

I stood behind Zoheb and held both his arms from behind and peeked sideways slowly..

Zee: (yanking off the sheet to reveal….) Pillows man!! My brother did this on his last visit..he said if anyone ever breaks in and finds this they would drop everything and leave…and by the looks of the other three…(Laughing again) he was right!

Zoheb: you’re crazy…you nearly gave us a heart attack!

Immy: yeah..this house as beautiful as it is..its just freaky honestly

Zee:(winking) well, tomorrow night we’ll be camping out so you guys will have a break from “this house”

Zee locked the door behind him and asked us to join him outside soon. Nemo pulled me aside..

Nemo: all this wasn’t a part of the plan!

Me: I you think he just, you know…added extra things to everything?

Nemo: I hope so! Because I’m freaking out here

Me: and there definitely was a piano playing!

Nemo: let me go speak to him..see you downstairs

Everyone else had gone downstairs. I showered and changed and ended up dozing off! I woke up quickly and was just about ready to leave my room when I heard…

Me: can it I dreaming? (And I looked at my watch ..I had barely just dozed off…I walked out my door following the sound of his voice…and it just got louder and louder…where was everyone?)Yes I was definitely dreaming!!!

But the sound of his voice…and it came from Zoheb’s room…

Zoheb stood with his back towards me
And he slowly turned…NO FRIKKING WAY!!

Uzair: Close that mouth of yours and dive in here and give me one virtual skype hug Aarooooo!

Me: Uzaiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrr!!!!! (Running towards Zoheb’s laptop and hugging the screen)

Uzair: Geez Aara! I cant see anything you covering the camera genius!

Me:Don’t geez me where the hell are you? You just disappear on me!

Uzair: (laughing) Missed me THAT much hey? Has Zoheb not been giving you that TLC (wink)

Me: (turning pink) cute..very cute! but I did miss you A LOT..I get scared when I don’t hear from you!

Uzair: You worry too much Aaroo! For once let that ugly guy sitting there care for you. Im fine man! Never been better.
And i missed you tooo A!

Me: (laughing) this ugly guy here just gave me the best gift everrrr so I’ll excuse him for being ugly :-p

Uzair: Ouch man! (Laughing) Eh Zoheb we really giving you a hard time. Apologies man (laughing)

Zoheb: (tickling me) now I’m ugly huh…bro I’m having the time of my life so no apologies needed

Uzair: Get a room you two! I know i got you together but this cuteness is making me want to gag

Zoheb: (kissing me on my cheek and laughing) one for the road Uzzi..catch up with you again dude let me leave you two alone

Uzair: (saluting) Thanks man!
so madame, are you guys… Umm… Official?! (Laughing)

Me: (staring at Zoheb leaving) Uz Uz I’m officially smitten (dreamy eyes)…well everyone doesn’t know yet but they will soon

Uzair: …. S… Sm… SMITTEN! (Laughing and holding his stomach) oh god Aara! That was funny!You’re in love! My batchu is in love! So who knows?

Me: awwww you’re laughing at me!! Ermmm officially..I know, you know and Zoheb knows (sticking my tongue out at Uzair) unofficially everyone knows but I know they are waiting to hear it from my mouth

Uzair: (running his fingers through his hair) One word. Nemo?

Me: (lifting my hand up to copy Uzair then deciding against it :-p ) I’m going to tell him soon..once we’re in Durbs

Uzair: (raising his eyebrows, opening his mouth to say something then shutting it) Well all I can say is… Good luck Aaroo!

Me: luck and lotsa duas…although I can’t shake the feeling that somethings going to happen..I did try telling him you know but something always comes in the way

Uzair: (his eyes going big) You WHAT?! You tried telling him?! Eh my duas are with you sister

Me: (sitting back against the chair) aha..Nemo’s up to something because he asked me to wait until Durban soooo yeaah

Uzair: I know its not my place to ask, but does Zoheb know this? This thing to for you to wait until Durban?

Me: what not your place to ask? I’ll pinch you thru this screen juuuust now! Zoheb…initially wasn’t too pleased with the whole waiting thing, but he’s cool now. Uz he’s so easy going its unbelievable! He’s like the ying to my yang bro (laughing)

Uzair: First smitten. Now YING AND YANG?! Who are you and what on Earth have you done to Aara?! (Laughing)
I know Aara, I know. But I mean… What of this ‘thing’ Nemo has planned, what if its…
(Running his fingers through his hair) what if he confesses he has feelings for you?

Me: (covering my mouth with my hands) please no…I hope its not that and if it is then…I don’t know if I can ever tell Zoheb

Uzair: Honesty my darling, is key. I think Zoheb already knows Nemo feels something for you. Its your call, but if his confession is that, you have to decide

Me: (long pause) but but but

Uzair: Your call. (Sigh) Zoo trusts you to do the right thing and so do I. I think the sooner you tell Nemo about you and Zoheb the better. Like ripping a band aid off. At first it might sting, but it will heal sooner …Excuse the medical talk! I was assisting with medical aid

Me: wonderful comparison just by the way…and wise words as usual (winking at Uzair)I get what you saying and I will just take it as it comes and hello..medical aid where?? I can’t track you down at all!

Uzair: Thanks thanks! Relationship Guru Uzair is in the hooouseee! (Laughing at his own joke) Ive been around Aaroo! Was in the mountains of Nepal for a while, then Kenya for a few weeks now Im home!

Me: I will kick your butt back to Nepal!!! (Standing up and pointing at the screen) YOU ARE IN DURBAN!!! And you didn’t tell me!!! You didn’t tell me!

Uzair: Well since you’re apparently ‘kicking my butt back to Nepal’ I guess I wont be here much longer (winking)
Calm down Aara! Im not here for long, travelling to South America soon…

Me: very funny smartmouth! I don’t care when you’re going you just stay put for now!!!

Uzair: (putting his hands up to surrender) Okay Okay mummy. Hmm… Any special reason I should stick around? (Raising an eyebrow) No wedding bells any time soon eh Aara? (winking)

Me: wedding bells uh uh…weddings scare me dude…and I don’t need there to be a special reason to see you because you know you are always off somewhere I don’t know when you’ll grace us with your presence again

Uzair: So exactly how you going to do things the ‘halaal’ way missy?! Oh please! Now that Zoo is there you dont need me

Me: ooh mufti sahab…let me just enjoy the bliss for now (sticking my tongue out) you know there’s no one in comparison to you (batting my eyelashes at Uzair)

Uzair: (laughing) Fine fine, enjoy the honeymoon phase! Wheres all this kindness coming from? (Winking)

Me: aw awwww! You think I have an ulterior motive! Not cool not cool

Uzair: (laughing) Teasing you Aaroo! I know I’m lovable

Me: with a justifiably big head! :-p so now tell me, how many days before you hit south america? I’m going to be in durban for 3 days only 😦

Uzair: This big head is filled with knowledge that helps little missy YOU with your relationship problems! (Smiling smugly) Dont worry your pretty little head I’ll make time to come see you

Me: haha…you better! And I’ll come c u too..don’t restrict me to just one visit

Uzair: Im staying on the beach front so bring your cozzie! We can go swimming with the sharkiess (laughing)

Me: bring my cozzie!! Haha talk about halaal n encouraging me to wear a cozzie

Uzair: We’ll go buy you one burqini (laughing) oh my god! Yes! I know what im getting you for eid!

Me: (busting) in your DREAMS! I’ll buy you one then we can be matching matching(holding my tummy and laughing) just saying you know I think you would make a very pretty girl :-p

Uzair: Doll, I KNOW I’d make a pretty looking chick. (Running his fingers through his hair). Seriously though, you and Zoo come pay me and my new apartment a visit

Me: as long as there’s good food to eat when I come u can count on me coming😉

Uzair: The good food will come from wrap it up! Or steers! Or even better, milky lane!

Me: done deal! So what’s this I hear you considering “seeing” girls after ramadaan?

Uzair: Eh man! How you heard about that? But i’m putting that on hold. Can you keep a secret?

Me: oooh I have my sources:-p ofcourse I can try to maybe maybe keep a secret 😉 kidding bro what’s up?

Uzair: Planning a surprise umrah trip Insha Allah for my parents….

Me: WOW! That’s super awesome Uzair I’m so happy for you and so proud of you too(hugging the screen again)

Uzair: Aara man! Again! Im seeing darkness!

Me: (laughing)oops sorry sorry (and suddenly the leg of the chair I was sitting on gave up and….)

Uzair: (his mouth dropping wide open) gumph ( and then continuous laughter)
(Wiping a tear away from his eye) Ohmygoood! Aara (laughing) you CLUTZ! You okay?!

Me: errr just a second….(Standing up) ouch…(Looking at Uzair and a grin coming up on both our faces before we broke into a fit of roaring laughter again)

Uzair: (shaking his head) I really have missed you bro!

Me: (still laughing)I’m a bro now?!! me toooooo and thank goodness no one else saw me fall! anyway dude..lemme love you and leave you I cannot wait to see you!

Uzair: Stay sweet Aaroo! Zoo is helluva lucky to have you and he better keep you smiling doll

Me: (smiling back at Uzair) let’s hope the happiness lasts bro that’s all

Uzair: Ameen to that! And to you doing it the halaal way (winking) See you soon!

Me: (laughing) Insha Allah! Luv ya bro..salaams

Uzair: Love you tooo!

I switched off Zoheb’s laptop and ran downstairs and out into the back yard where the guys were already braaing and the girls were chilling around the bonfire. It was so collllld. I walked towards Zoheb who seemed to be having an interesting conversation with Ziyaad.

Me: (standing next to him and tip toeing coming closer to his ears and whispering-because even though I was tall Zoheb was still taller than me) thank you…that was very,very sweet of you

Zoheb: (suddenly putting a piece of steak into my mouth) you are most welcome

Zee: very very friendly huh

Me: (winking at Zee) jealous much?

Zee: (hitting his chest once) burning Aaroo I’m just burningggg

Zoheb grinned and fed me another piece of steak

Zee: I mean I’m standing here for so long and I don’t get samples!

Me: you have hands :-p

Zee: errr so do you!…so are you two you know..together? Because you didn’t say anything and no one else did either

Zoheb and I were silent..

Zee: me and my big mouth..sorry…awkwardness..I should have known better- you and Nemo are like cuty cuty childhood sweethearts man! There can’t be place for a third (laughing to himself) but I actually would have thought you guys would have been married by now already man!!

Me: Ziyaad…

Just then Ziyaad’s phone rang and he excused himself.

Me: Zoheb, I’m…sorry

Zoheb: it’s not your fault…

But it was my fault!!! And I could see the hurt in his eyes even though he denied it…I waited too long, I would have to tell everyone soon, very soon…

Authors Note:

Thank you Dubain01 for writing the Aara-Uzair convo with me and for lending LLD Uzair yet again:) *tight hugz*

the old room

the room at the end of the passage



falling ch

uzair and aara


8 thoughts on “Part 127 – Skype Surprise :)

  1. Lmao Nemo and Aara are freaking out also #Ripped
    That dead body #Busting #Ripped
    Arshad even ran out #Ripped =))
    I gotta try that nyc at the hotel next tym I go holiday 😛
    Uzzziiii hiiii Mr 😛 Aara felll off the chair #Ripped =))
    Zeee is ryt….they cuty cuty childhood sweethearts ;;)
    Oopz Zoo is hurt x_X JazakAllah for the lekkkkkkker long post 🙂


  2. Uzzi’s words of wisdom👍👍
    Aara it’s up2u knw…
    The longer u leave it t more painful will it b 4Nemo&Zoheb:(
    So it’s fare&square…Nemo&Zoheb hurting*wink*


  3. Aara please tell everyone already and speak to zoheb about nemo so called plan for durban. Please don’t break our zoheb 💕💔 otherwise you will have all of us to deal with (just kidding)you love him too much to hurt him. But please tell him about naeem. Listen to uzair
    Awesome post shazia


  4. THAT was an AMAZING post !!!!!! Ms Author and Ms Dubain … You guys writing together is like … I Don’t even have words to say how amazing it is !!!!! Thanks for the Aara and Uzair skype session !!! It was beyond awesome 😀


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