Part 129 – Who’s behind Aara????


As narrated by Zoheb:

There was a sudden chill in the air…and the wind seemed to be blowing a little harder…I lifted my head to look at her walking away…when I saw what I saw…

Someone was standing behind Aara and she didn’t know!! I immediately started running towards her along with Nemo and Riza and we were screaming our lungs out, trying to tell her….when this person grabbed her and pulled out a sword and held it by her neck….my heart stopped beating….

This sudden action took her by surprise and she shouted loudly as he seemed to tighten his grip around her neck..

This person: Stand back or I will kill her infront of you!!

Nemo: (raising his hands in the air,as though he were surrendering) easy easy…who are you and what do you want?

This person:(with a loud, commanding voice) I am Oma from the Abategati tribe, on this full moon night, she has been given the honour of being sacrificed…and nothing will stand in our way!

Me: (watching Aara struggling) please… doesn’t have to be this way…

Oma: either she dies…or you all die

And before we could react….he threw something on the ground causing the entire area to fill up with smoke…and once it cleared enough to allow some visibility…they were gone!

Zee: the!!!

And everyone ran towards the house…
the hooded mna

As narrated by Riza:

What the hell was going on????? Was this even for real!!

Riza: stay close girls…we have no idea what we are up against but all I know is we have got to save Aara at all costs!

Zee:(shocked) the Abategati tribe…they still exist!!

Nemo: I thought you were lying!!!

Zee:(holding his head) no according to history..they did exist..I just thought maybe they were all dead by now…shit shit shit!

We stood at the door for a few seconds before I plucked up the courage to open it….

It was dark inside…and silent…

Me: Aaraaaaa!!!!

No answer…panic was written across all our faces…

Zee: (trembling and taking out his phone) I’m going to call the police!! This was supposed to be a joke…this wasn’t part of the plan!!

Me: wait what plan??

Zee: we wanted to scare you all but not like this…

Zoheb: (grabbing Zee by his collar) what nonsense!! If anything happens to her I will kill you I swear to you!!!

Zee: I’m sorry bro I really am…I didn’t plan any of this…

Me: zoheb…not now…zee call the police

Nemo: sure and they will take how long exactly to come here (throwing his hands up in frustration)

Zai: guys I think….

And then Zainab started screaming so loudly but by the time we turned…she was gone too!!

Zee: holy shit!! What the hell man!!??!!!

Arshad:(screaming) Zainaabbbbbbb!!!!

And then we heard it…this freaky…shrill laughter….

Zee: hello…police…

That’s when HE appeared infront of Ziyaad!!!…Ziyaad’s worst nightmare!!!! Someone or something…in that chilling scream mask…dressed in black!!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that we screamed until we had almost no voices left…Zee dropped his phone in shock and climbed over the sofa as the Scream man chased him! We were running all over the place…in different directions…I grabbed Laeeka’s hand and ran and before we knew it we were at the end of the long passage….and that room door was open…

Laeeka: (whispering and holding me) Riza…look…there’s someone sitting on that rocking chair!

Me: (swallowing hard) babe we need to get out of here…

Laeeka: (in total disbelief) how can there be anyone here when there’s supposed to be no one here???

There was someone dressed in white and with long white hair..sitting on that rocking chair with their back towards the door…

Laeeka: I’m not leaving here without Aara!

The person on the rocking chair: they have her…you won’t find her again…

And he/she/it turned around!!

Laeeka: oh my word!!!(Clutching at me) its the…its the…hillbillies!!

And we ran downstairs faster than we had come up!

My heart was beating violently…Aara and Zainab were missing…the others were nowhere to be seen either!

As narrated by Nemo:

Me:(tiptoeing through the dark dining room) Arshoo…read softly man

Arshad: (reading his 4 quls over and over again) Nemo I want to find Zainab and I want to go home!

Me: I want to find Aara dude

It was so dark it was impossible to see even though we were using our phones for light….

Arshad walked behind me…and suddenly started screaming blue murder!!!!

Arshad: aaaaaaaaaaaa someone grabbed my leg someone grabbed my leg!!!

I shone my phone light downwards…there was nothing holding his leg but we did hear a shuffle under the table. We bent down slowly and shone our phone lights under the table…

Me: (shouting) Its him its him!!!

A cold shiver ran up my spine as I saw his face just inches away from mine..when we looked under the table. Arshad and I were finished!! We ended up banging our heads under the table…and because it was so damn dark the best option was to climb onto the table!!!

This guy with that awful scream mask came out from under the table and started circling the table…walking around and around with a freaking axe in his hand!!!
watch out nemo and arshad

As narrated by Maariah:

Everyone had left me!! Not even Immy or Zee had bothered just grabbing my hand and taking me with them! I was hiding behind the sofa…I heard Arshad and Nemo screaming…I heard Riza and Laeeka screaming..but I was too scared to come out. I was on my knees just silently wishing this was all just a bad dream..when suddenly…someone tapped my shoulder…I looked up slowly hoping it was one of the guys…o my word!!!!

This…thing…or I don’t know what…with long black hair covering its face…I could only see a little bit of the eyes….it seemed to be kneeling on the sofa and glaring at me!!!!
I froze for a few seconds before I tried to get away….moving backwards..knocking down stuff as I tried to get away….and and and…it let out a piercing cry that made me want to die!!
behind u mari

As narrated by Zoheb:

I have no idea where in this house I was right now. This trip suddenly seemed like such a bad idea! It was my fault Aara was taken….if I hadn’t gotten upset and snapped at her, she wouldn’t have left the group, she wouldn’t have woken up and walked away…I needed to find her…I needed to find her now!
I leaned against this wall for a few seconds…when I felt two hands hold me around my waist and moved upwards until they held me under both my arms—-I froze…I felt my blood run cold….i plucked up all the courage in me to jump forward and turn around but…there was nothing there…so I leaned against the wall again….and this time the hands went straight for my neck….!!!!
watch out zoheb

The lights in the house flickered on and off again…and the ‘drumroll’ played in the background….the moment of truth had arrived. It was time to gather everyone to the centre of the mansion…where it all began…

Now for what you didn’t hear:…..(wasn’t going to post this today but because I haven’t been posting as often as I used to…here we go) As narrated by Aara:

Okay so now I really wasn’t in the mood for what I had planned, considering I had planned it earlier on and then Zee had to go and shoot his mouth- leaving Zoheb and I are in some part of Limbo!

The person behind me: pssst…5 more steps towards you and we are on…are you ready?

Me: (whispering) honestly…no..but I don’t exactly have a choice since you already jumped out at me! Didn’t I tell you it was supposed to be one of the other girls you idiot!

The person behind me: well why were you walking towards the house smartie? We’ll just have to improvise a little okay…just scream already woman!

Me: (whispering) I really don’t feel like screaming

The person behind me: : well Missy you will have to!

Zoheb,Nemo and Riza: (screaming) Aaraaaaa behind you!!!!!

And the person behind me rushed at me and tramped my foot so hard that I screamed so loudly…and it was so not fake!

And the guys started running towards us!

Me: oh shit my toes Ebie!!, now now, do it now!!

And Ebie (the person behind me)rushed forward and pulled out a long huge knife which I thought existed only in movies! But anyway….

Ebie: stand back!! or I will kill her infront of you!

Me: (whispering) geez bro you couldn’t find a smaller whatever this thing is??

Nemo:easy easy…. Who are you and what do you want??

Ebie: I am Oma from the Abatagati tribe, on this full moon night she has been given the honour of being sacrificed…and nothing will stand in our way!

Me: (whipering) seriously…Oma?? Is that even a name?

And Ebie threw this ball thing on the floor and the entire place was filled with smoke!!

And we ran for our lives, into the house where Emily and Zulu were waiting..

Ebie: we are ready whenever you are Aara..(Peeping through the window) and they are already bolting towards the house! Go go go!!

And I went into my hiding place…
It was time to give Ziyaad and Nemo a taste of their own medicine;)



20 thoughts on “Part 129 – Who’s behind Aara????

  1. ƗƗeƗƗe”̮ƗƗeƗƗe
    Dat was soooo cooool!!!
    I was stressing abit…no lie….but it was sooooo awesome!!!
    Thnx for the AWESOME post…ƗƗeƗƗe”̮ƗƗeƗƗe


  2. You really had us there I thought maybe Aadil was there scary stuff… thanks for t extra post though really had me freaked out lol it was like watching scream all over again not like I was ever gonna plan to watch it ever again shew you better post real soon too gripping storyline can’t wait for everyone reaction


  3. This post gave me chills up my spine mahn!!! Freaky much =)) lmao Aara planned it alll with ebie =)) #Ripped LMAO Nemo and Zee definitely got pranked =)) Arshad is reading quls omw that’s like my mum, she would have read too (angel face) =D When Marii thinks she’s hidden…bam a tap on her shoulder (aaaaaah)!Zoo getting hands on his neck -_- I’d be cold blooded too. Yoh Riza and Laeeka seeing someone in the scary room 😮 this house never fails to be mysterious *grin*! A experience of a life time mahn!! LMAO I’d be screaming like a mad thing! Whew at least you told us Aara knows who it otherwise…..we would be dreaming of it tonight =)). Awesome post As always 🙂 Lmao time to find out they pranked *smirk*!!


  4. Shoooooh!that was reeeaaallly scary mahn!
    Thumbs up Aara.;) that was soo cool.They all freaked out.Time to find out da truth. 😉
    Awwwwwwwsome post sister Shazia!


  5. What a superb post. I CANNOT wait to read abt every1’s reaction when they find out they’ve been pranked. D scariest pic was dat girl from “the Ring”…. Yoh, I will faint b4 I can even scream!


  6. Wow!!! What an excellent post, I felt all their fears thru ur writing…
    Can’t wait to read everyone’s reaction wen they realize Aara was behind this whole scare. Btw who is Ebie?


  7. Lmao shazooooo plzzzzz don’t give us such posts at night =))
    I was freaking out last night and like a bung brook =))
    I sat on the chairs with my feet on top thats how bung I was =))
    Every sound freaked me out even =))
    I was laughing at myself for being so bung =))


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