Part 130 – Everything is fair in love, war and friendship ;)

As narrated by Ebie:

Aara is a crazy chick! Ziyaad (my big brother) called me to help him with their pranks and I ended up teaming up with Aara to scare him and the rest of them! And Emily, our maid and Zulu, one of our butlers were sport enough to play along with us. I winked at Aara while we watched all of them on cctv..

Me: check Nemo and Arshad out!!

Aara: (laughing) a free show dude…and wait…Zoheb is in the passage..time for me to “reach out”

And she winked at me…this mansion had lots of secret passages and doorways and we were literally behind the walls. I had to do this one with her for sure!!

Zoheb leaned against the wall…which wasn’t really a wall. It felt like a wall, it looked like a wall but thanks to my genius brain -we used a plastic background that was palpable…with that jelly feel if you pushed your hand through it. So Aara had grabbed Zoheb around his waist through the “wall” itself!! And I couldn’t resist grabbing his neck!! We were beyond bust as Zoheb screamed and started reading his kalimas.

Aara: thank you…my mood was so off this evening and now with you I feel as though I’m 13 again!

Me: don’t mention…Zee always gets me with his stupid pranks so on my part its payback time for my big brother and anyways…everything is fair in love and war….AND friendship πŸ˜‰

Aara: he’s going to kick your butt though just so you know

Me: haha…I know ;)…come let’s get moving our final “act” is about to start

And I held the mike in my hand…that was linked to the speakers we had installed around the house..

Me: (whispering into the mike to give “that” effect)hmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm psssssssssssssssssst

Aara covered her mouth with her hands and her face was as red as a tomato!

Me: (whispering again) in the centre…under the glass lights…a sacrifice will be made…the Abetagati will rise again….(And I made this howling sound that made me question my own intelligence!)

Aara: too good!

Me: (grinning) shall we?

And Aara and I went down the secret passageway towards the ball room as we called it. It was really just a huge, huge room with massive glass windows and as kids Zee and I use to run across the floors there with only our socks on;) let’s see if they can figure out which room we were talking about….

As narrated by Zee:

That voice echoed through the house…
“In the centre under the glass lights” and I repeated it to myself a few times…

I’ve got it!! I know where they are!!

Me: (shouting) guys guys come out wherever you are I know where they are

Mari: (dashing into me) she’s she’s (pointing behind her) she’s following me!!!

Me:(holding her) Mari there’s no one behind you

Zoheb: (holding his neck) Ziyaad please tell me you have some answers

Me: I know where they are we just need the others

And I shouted for the others.

Riza,Laeeka,Nemo and Arshad came out from wherever it was that they were hiding and we walked together towards the ball room. It definitely felt “safer” being together!!!

The ballroom was at the centre of the mansion and was a distance away from where we were. Every creak and tiny sound seemed so much louder as we walked in silence, not knowing what to expect. Aara and Zainab were missing and there was also no sign of Immy.

I opened the massive wooden door to the ballroom…and we entered one by was so dark and the moon seemed to be hiding behind the clouds…the trees cast eerie shadows across the glass windows…

Suddenly…a flame appeared and moved towards the centre of the room. It was that horrid Scream man carrying a flame torch! And within seconds…he lit up a big circle of candles around someone whose face we could not see..

Zoheb: Aara Aara is that you!!!

The Scream man: be witness to the rise of the Abetagati…be witnesses to history!!!

And he laughed a shrill an horrible laugh that sent shivers up my spine! Everyone had tears in their eyes as he turned the person in the centre around to face us…my heart sunk…it was Zainab! She had a tape across her mouth…Arshad ran forward but stopped when the Scream man held a knife to her neck!

I thought that I would pass out..this was becoming a little too much…

Laeeka: can’t we try negotiating?

Riza: there has to be a way out of all of this….let’s ask them to take one of us guys instead…hello, please let her go..take me instead!

And voice shouted back..”No,I don’t like your hair!!!”

riza's hair

riza’s hair

Nemo: even the spooks know your hairstyle sucks bro…(Shouting) take me then???

And the voice shouted back…” Your nose itself would fill our whole pot”

nemo's nose

nemo’s nose

Nemo: b******* !!

Arshad: take me…let Zainab go..where’s Aara???

No answer.

Zoheb: or me please but let them go…please…

Nemo: doesn’t this all seem a bit weird? I mean Riza’s hair, my nose?? Doesn’t ring any bells?

Arshad: his hair is big and so is your nose!! He has a knife against Zai’s neck!! This isn’t a joke!

Zee: I know this house in and out..let them go and we will let you go or else…I’ll lock you all inside!!

” Don’t forget bro…I know this house too”..the voice shouted back.

And suddenly and totally out of the blue…there’s a trumpet playing…wait..could it be? And frikking hell “Badthameez Dil” is blaring across this room as…as…lmao..a spotlight shone on a guy in a black pants and white shirt



Me: Ebie you dog!!!!!!

Aara: uh uh..don’t take a step forward…

And Aara enters, with a smile on her face and a mike in her hand.

Aara: you’ve got to meet the starcast! Come on in Zulu!

And Zulu entered wearing a white nightdress, with a white wig on and he walked straight towards Riza and Laeeka who jumped back as Zulu took a bow;)

Laeeka: (hitting Zulu repeatedly while he was in his “bowing” position) it was you!!!

Aara: can come out now

And Emily entered also in a white night dress, with a wig of long black hair covering her face and she stood infront of Maariah.

Mari: (closing her eyes) go away go away

Aara: (taking the tape of Zainab’s mouth) our costume and make up artist Zainab

Zainab laughed and took a bow..

Aara: Our chief co -ordinator and “voice”…Ebrahim aka Ebie

And my younger brother stood next to Zainab and took a bow

Aara: and now for theee most scary performance of the evening…Zee,Nemo and Arshoo you guys were classic..(Busting) thanks to our “Scream” man….Immy!

And the “Scream” man took off his mask to reveal a very,very smug Immy!

And Immy stood next to Aara and took a bow..

Riza: this was supposed to be funny?

Aara: well, if you look at it the other way around ofcourse it is funny!




And then everyone burst out laughing!!

Aara let out a sigh of relief as all of us sat down on the floor, still laughing and each one telling their bit of what they had just experienced. Emily and Zulu were given the rest of the night off as the other two helpers spoilt us with trays of desserts and snacks. The lights were now on and we could enjoy being in this magnificent room.

Zainab: so Zee that story about your aunt was it real?

Me: (laughing) errr no

Zoheb: I don’t get one thing though…someone or something held my neck…(And he held his neck impulsively)

Aara and Ebie looked at each other…

Ebie: it was us!

Nemo: (with his arm around Aara’s neck) you actually got us! Well done sweetheart!!

Aara: (playfully punching him)Nemo you and Arshad were the pits man! (Laughing) climbing onto the table? Iike really??

Nemo: eh…we didn’t know it was a prank and this Immy here made it look so real! Really Immy I must say I didn’t see this side of you!

Immy: you know Aara and her ulterior motives…(Chuckling to himself) but I also felt 13 again for sure! Thanks “A” (smiling) for allowing me to be a part of it

Aara: you’re welcome Immy
As narrated by Aara:

Everything went off so well, and they were not too offended about the whole thing. Even my mood was better! And ignoring Zoheb helped a lot :-p

I caught him staring at me a few times and I just pretended as though I didn’t notice..

Part of his irritation was justified. I’d feel bad too if I were in his shoes but…

Nemo: (snapping me out of my thoughts) who’s Siddharth?

Me: he’s a guy

Nemo: I know that…but WHO is he?

Me: (pinching Nemo’s cheeks) why should I tell you?

Nemo: because…Aara..howcome we don’t know him? And you “like” him? And he’s not muslim!

Me: so?

Nemo: what do you mean so?

Me: he’ll convert what’s the big deal

Nemo: you! Are full of nonsense this is one of your tricks too isn’t it?

I grinned at Nemo and pulled out my phone.

Me: (putting my hand around the screen so no one else could peep) see…

Nemo: oh…ohhh that’s Siddhart Mal..(And I covered his hand with my mouth)in that case you’re forgiven..but he’s so ugly A!

Zai: (chipping in) he is so NOT ugly

Nemo: oh you too Zainab

Zai: yesssss he’s damn hot. I’m taken otherwise you know…uhm uhm

Arshad: (nudging Zainab) ehhhh

Zai: (side hugging Arshoo) you know I love youuuuuuu

Nemo: ewww ewww…. well Aara here can dream on also

Me: who asked you? Which reminds me…I need to talk to you

And everyone suddenly kept quiet as if I was going to tell them too:-p Bleh;)

Me: alone

Nemo:(standing up) let’s go

Zoheb’s face really had question marks all over it..

Nemo was my best friend, we had a history together…I may not have tried hard enough to tell him about me and Zoheb but I would tell him….tonight…I would tell him…now
***Last call for anyone doing anything for Palestine- special post goes up tomorrow***


16 thoughts on “Part 130 – Everything is fair in love, war and friendship ;)

  1. Lmao when ebbi said “Riza’s hair” n nemos nose ouch didn’t c dat 1 coming. Aarooooo please don’t hurt Zoheb he luvs u way to much . N u really don’t wana loose him.


  2. Aara got Nemo and zee really nicely. Loved this post.
    πŸ™ˆ Aara is going to tell Nemo , Aara please don’t break his heart because he loves you 😊

    #team Nemo and Aara



  3. πŸ˜„this was too good! At least they took it in good stride! …….. πŸ™ˆ I’m getting panick attacks shaz! I’m so worried bout my nemo………. The sparks bet zoheb and Aara is the fire that gonna destroy nemo! ……… It their friendship gonna be strong enough…….


  4. Ebie and Aara are boss 😎! Lmao this was just epic ! Omw the Zoheb part had me ripping more because it was Aara and Ebie! I actually move my neck and shoulders thereπŸ™Šξ’! I was just wondering if Zai is part of it coz she disappeared and yesss she was! That part was a ‘what the faloodas’ is happening ?! Eh Immy did the scary part and freaked Nemo0o and Arshad and Zee lekker! This prank was too good. Hats off to the starcast ! And Aara showing Nemo the pic but he didn’t get itπŸ™Šξ„ξ’! And Zaii still says he’s hot  Now Aaras gonna tell Nemo of her and Zoheb ξ„‡πŸ™‰πŸ˜©ξ’ξ‘ξ’ *fingers crossed* *biting nails*….Excellent writing Shazo0o ! #TeamNemoβ™₯


  5. Ooh my heart goes out for nemo so hard to choose zoheb and nemo both great guys I wudnt wanna be Aara hope this truth doesn’t push nemo into bad habits again his just changed too much and come too far from his past


  6. Conversation with nemo long over due.
    At least nemi will where he stands.
    Aara after your talk witj naeem please don’t ignore our zoheb. Like you said you would also feel bad
    Aara had lots of helpersπŸ˜„
    These friends are the coolest😎 if it was anyone they would have been furious
    Aara and zoheb πŸ’•


  7. Ohhhhhh Nooo Poor Nemo *sob*
    Aara u helped Nemo get thru a bad phase in his life and after all that i hope u not gona be the cause of him going back 2 that!!!
    my heart breaks 4 u Nemo bt dnt worry if Aara chooses Zoheb ur chance for true love wil cum nd that girl is gna b damn lucky !!! # Team NEMO Always nd 4evaaa


  8. Well !!! It wasn’t Aara that pushed him in2 that condition b4 …. But it was her who pulled him out …. Mayb his love for her is purely based on the fact that she was always there for him , from small and always got him out of trble …. Whereas he never was there for her …. She needs this pampering from Zoheb – whose such a romantic and who treats her like a queen ……. She deserves this ……
    Team Zoheb n Aara ….. Forever !!!!


  9. Yes! Aara was always there for Nemo! And now when he’s finally got his feet on ground he gonna be stumble and fall! Nemo knows what a jerk he was towards Aara and he has realized it and now he wants to make it up to her! Nemo given the opportunity will love and treasure her for he knows that all that he was and is and will be is because of the love she has for him! This true love that Aara has for nemo which never dies! Only hope it not too late for them!


  10. AMAZING POST, as always.*insert heart here* Very creative I must say, Lets give a round of applause to………………our dear, amazing Miss Author Shazia. Excellent writing………
    These are friends who just experienced thee most frightening event and yet would still laugh after being found out that they were pranked……………..
    Can’t wait for the next post


  11. This blog is just tooo good.
    I think this would be my favorite post ! β™₯

    OH and you said ” I covered his hand with my mouth” Instead of ” I covered his mouth with my hand ” #Im Dyinnggg trying to picture how one would do this. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™‰


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