Part 131- Those three words…

As narrated by Zoheb:

I was going out of my mind with worry…it was almost two hours since Nemo and Aara were gone and everyone was now already in their rooms.

I wondered…was she telling him about us? Or Siddhart??? That reminded me…I needed to know who Siddhart was…ugh

Me:( while we were chilling in our room) Reez is Laeeka still awake?

Riza: yeah I’m chatting to her now..why what’s up?

Me: any idea if Aara is back?

Riza: (grinning) long ago

Me: (getting up) I’ll be right back

I knocked on Laeeka and Aara’s room door..

Laeeka: and how can I help you?

Me: errr can I speak to Aara for two minutes please?

Laeeka: it’s going to cost you..

Me: (smiling) anything for you Laeeks

Laeeka: hmmm ok right now I can’t think of anything but I will definitely think about it;) Aara is brushing her teeth so you can just wait a bit

And she walked off to Riza..I closed the door behind me.

Aara was a noisy bathroom character :-p. I could hear her singing a hindi song I remember hearing a few times and I decided to record it….I was grinning from ear to ear because this woman was so nutty and cute and crazy…and all these ways of hers made me fall harder and harder

the song aara was singing..

the song aara was singing..

She opened the door with a towel on her face as she carried on talking thinking Laeeka was in the room…

Aara: I have something to tell you! Infact I’ve been dyyyyyying to tell you but I had to tell Nemo first it’s this pact that we made…you know who Siddhart is right…Laeeks I’m totally smitten by him! He’s so gorgeous! I cannot believe it but…I think I’m in love…(And she squeeled excitedly ) why aren’t you saying anything are you sleeping?

And she wiped her face and threw the towel on the bed when she saw me..

Aara: oops (trying to suppress her smile)

Me: you’re killing me…

Aara: (opening her lotion bottle) how am I killing you Zoheb Patel?

Me: (walking towards her) please tell me who Siddhart is..

Aara: (smiling and biting her lip) what would you do by knowing?

Me: Aara…

Aara: Zoheb…

Me: stop it..

Aara: stop what?

Me: telllll me???(Now right infront of her)

Aara: (putting a dot of lotion on my nose) NO

And she tried to walk away…but I grabbed her hand and held her infront of me

Me: you’re mad at me…I know..I’m sorry..but

Aara: but what?

Me: what Zee said hurt…

Aara: what you did hurt too

Me: (cupping her face) I’m sorry…please forgive me

Aara: and if it happens again? Oh wait it won’t happen again because I have..

Me: Siddhart! Back to Siddhart! Who is he???

Aara: (she desperately wanted to laugh) go find out for yourself!

And she tried to leave again but this time…I pinned her against the wall..without hurting her ofcourse. Silence…my face inches away from hers..both of us breathing heart pounding

Me: (whispering) I can’t bare the thought of you loving someone else…

Aara: (whispering) don’t jump to conclusions

Me: wait… (And I took out my phone from my pocket and typed a message to Zainab)

Me: Zai who is Siddhart?

Zai: ey man I’m sleeping now!

Me: no you’re’re reading my message! Please and death situation here…

Zai: oh alright…give me two minutes

Aara: you have me pinned against this wall while you are typing out messages to someone???

Me: shhh…its actually quite nice this way…looking into your beautiful inquisitive eyes

Aara: (blushing but pretending not to) my oh my…you have a poetic bone in your body

Me: very very fiesty tonight are we?

Aara: oh no…its just me being me

Me: that mad at me huh?…time to get my heart broken (as I saw that Zainab had replied)

She had sent me a picmix…this dudes picture and my picture..he looks a bit like me!!

Zai: Siddhart…is Siddhart actor. When we first met you, all of us girls agreed that you look just like him! Idiot! Aara is talking about you when she says Siddhart! You can be so stupid sometimes Zoheb:-p

I was stumped!

Me: I don’t watch indian movies…but…you just made my night!!! Thank you thank you thank you Zai *hug* *rose*

Zai: enough with the buttering up already! Lol! You’ve got it bad and so does Aara;) I’m tired now go sleep too bye bye

Me: lol…bye ๐Ÿ™‚

Aara: (noticing me grinning from ear to ear) and now?

Me: (taking a deep breath in and leaning my forehead against her forehead) you never seize to amaze me

Aara: now I’m confused…

Me: (taking a few steps backwards and looking at the picture Zainab sent me) Siddhart hey… (And I showed her my phone)

Aara turned all shades of pink as she lowered her gaze…

Me: (my dimples doing their thing) so…what is it about this Siddhart guy?

Aara: (looking at me with that look that she gets everytime she’s upto something) I love Siddhart

Me: (grinning…she was going to make me work for this one) hmmm why not say…I love Zoheb..

Aara: (chuckling to herself) Zoheb? Zoheb who?

Me: you see now…

Aara:(grinning) no…I don’t see…care to enlighten me?

Me: I’m dying to hear it from you…

Aara: reeeealy…wow just two minutes ago you were dying because of Siddhart and now you’re dying for something else? Not good to die for things dimples ๐Ÿ˜‰

Me: you’re going to make me work for this aren’t you?

Aara: (coming closer to me and smiling) I….

My heart started beating faster….

Aara: love….

And faster….

Aara: you…

She said it!!! I wanted to jump up and touch the sky!!

Aara: guslavia…I lurrrve Yugoslavia

Me: (in complete disbelief) what!

Aara: I love Yugoslavia

And she grinned again,winked at me and planted a small kiss on my cheek.
say that u liv me


As narrated by Riza:

No one went back to sleep after fajr even though all of us looked like zombies. Zainab was in such a daze that she almost went tumbling down the stairs!
No one spoke…everyone went straight to the kitchen- we needed caffeine BADLY!
We were leaving in a bit anyway…for our hike and climb and would camp out for the night.

Me: (stretching) thanks babe (and I kissed Laeeka on her forehead after she handed me my cup of coffee)

Zee: (laying a map out onto the table) there’s two ways to get to where we are headed..both are very interesting routes, I was thinking we split up into two teams, Ebie and I will head each team since we are familiar with the terrain and then we meet at the chain ladder…be warned…the chain ladder is not for the faint hearted so those who want to climb can climb, those who want to hike can hike but you can think about it when we get guys okay with splitting up?

Arshad: yeah why not

Zee: okay so who’s coming with me and who’s going with Ebie?

Mari: we do it the old fashioned way (And she started writing down everyones names on pieces of paper and put it into a bowl) you and Ebie choose…(Winking)fair and square

Ebie: (putting his hand in the bowl) I’ll go first…okay let’s see…Riza

Zee: (putting his hand in) Nemo

Ebie: Zainab

Zee: Maariah (and he actually grinned a little)

Ebie: Zoheb

Zee: Immy

Ebie: Laeeka

Zee: Aara

Ebie: Arshad my bru that leaves you with us…(To Zee) which route are you taking?

Zee: I’ll take the harder one

Mari: why????

Nemo: come on Mari how hard can it be…hey Aara…is my camera with you?

Aara: yep

Nemo: charged?

Aara: errr what do you think?

Nemo: (stealing Aara’s coffee and drinking it quickly) just asking

Aara: (hitting Nemo) that was just wrong!

Nemo: (winking at Aara) I need the extra caffeine to put up with you :-p I have a feeling I’m going to end up carrying that huge backpack of yours anyway

Aara: haha funny

Ebie and Zee looked at each other and Zee shook his head…

Zee: (grinning) I rest my case….shall we?

And we zipped up, put on our beanies and headed out. It was freezing!!!

Zee: according to the national snow report, snow fell on some of the higher peaks late last might just be in luck

Aara: Dimples…that would mean part of your wish is coming true!! Climbing a snow covered mountain!

Zoheb: hmmm you remembered

Aara: ofcourse I remembered

Nemo: (shaking Zoheb’s hand) congratulations bro

Me: congrats for what?

Nemo: he knows…see you guys on the other side..come on sweetheart

And Aara and Nemo walked off together as Zoheb and I watched them for a few seconds. Nemo bumping Aara from the side causing her to almost fall over and then quickly holding her arm to catch her. Her backpack really was too big! Aara chasing him and then giving up. And ultimately, they ended up swopping backpacks. Lol, Nemo was right!

My heart made a silent dua for them as I watched them go…their friendship should always remain intact no matter what. I had never seen the likes of Nemo and Aara in my life and I doubt I ever would. Theirs was the kind of friendship that came around once in a lifetime…if you were lucky. The kind that could withstand anything. Aara has always been the stronger of the two, picking Nemo up…standing like a wall between his troubles and him. And now when she’s starting to enjoy a happiness that is new to her…letting her guard down…living…I hope that Nemo can gone hikingbe the wall between her troubles and her….


17 thoughts on “Part 131- Those three words…

  1. Comeon Aara… U still have not said those 3words:((((
    Will b nice 2hear Nemo’s pov…
    O & a hike wid a campout kewl…
    Im sure it’s gonna b very interesting between Aara.Nemo&Mariah


  2. Super awesome post shazia
    Nemo you are so sweet for congratulating zoheb๐Ÿ˜˜
    Btw dil walhe dulhan was one of bestest movies eva๐Ÿ˜
    Can’t wait for the adventure in the mountains
    Aara and zoheb ๐Ÿ’•


  3. Sitting against our sliding door….and crying๎‘๐Ÿ™ˆ just see how cute Nemo and Aara are…I rest my case with Zee๐Ÿ™ˆ. My heart breaking…Nemo congratulated Zoheb๎‘๐Ÿ™ˆ. This is the calm before the storm….His definitely heart broken๐Ÿ™ˆ. They so cute…drinking from her coffee and then bumping her and before she falls catching her๎„†. They grouped up perfectly “Mari & Immy” and “Nemo & Aara” with Zee๎…๎‰๎’๐Ÿ˜Ž๎ . And “Riza & Laeeka” and “Arshad & Zai” and Zoheb with Ebie๎…๎‰๎’๐Ÿ˜Ž๎ . Excited for about Nemo and Aara’s walk together!! They definitely have a friendship not even possible in real lifeโ™ฅ. Love Nemo&Aara moments…โ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅ xoxo


  4. Nemo and aara the friendship that stands the test of time.
    Ameen to your dua reez hope there friendship always remains strong no matter what


  5. @ haaj! Me cumin to join u against the sliding door! I nemo is def heart broken he’s just being strong! Wander what’s going in his handsome head! But as he mentioned they not married yet!


  6. I understand the friendship between nemo and aara however i deeply think that there are certain behaviours that need to stop once one of the friends are in a relationship. Calling her sweetheart and bumping her…It doesnt seem appropriate to me.


  7. @zahxp! That’s so true but! Will zoheb be able to handle it! Cos to everyone else and including nemo and Aara that behavior is like normal for them! That’s y zee made that statement that he thought they would have married by now! Will Aara be able to let go of nemo? Considering she never did even in his worst times


  8. Love the sweet moments of nemo n aara toooooo cute those 2 buuuut haaj we all joining u @ sliding door very heart breaking,nemos got such a good heart 2 congratulate zoheb even though he Def suffering


  9. @S K and @patient much Awww come join me……but bring comfort foood ๐Ÿ˜›
    Nemo needs a pat on his shoulder ๐Ÿ™‚ he congratulated Zoheb…
    Aara is falling for Zoheb…but I wish Nemo catches her before she falls completely like how he catches her when he bumps her *puppy eyes*!
    This is one of those post I read million times and cry…
    @ZahxP That’s why Zoo gets all edgy with nemo coz he feels Aara is his…but for everyone else its just Aara and Nemo being Aara and Nemo ๐Ÿ˜‰


  10. Loved loved loved this post shazia.!
    Lmao at the ‘ I love youu..guslavia ๐Ÿ˜€ ‘

    Aara and zoheb too cute.. its like finally they getting together.. nemo just needs to find another girl and they can all live happily ever after ๐Ÿ˜‰


  11. Plzzzz post conversation between Araa n nemo. Awesome writing… Love,laughter, tears, smiles, fear n adventure all in one. Entertaining read for sure. Jus the suspence is killing…. Wink. Really wanna kno wat was nemo’s responce


  12. Oh my gosh… *Speaches* I started this amazing blog and finished it today. I actually never believed people could write so amazing. Until I read this blog. And I laughed, cried and everything. AMAZING๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜€โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜Š


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