Part 132- The Chain Ladder Climb

As narrated by Nemo:

Ziyaad was the perfect guide. He definitely knew his way around these parts. I’m not much of a hiking person but just being out here made me feel so relaxed. Zee and Mari chatted away ahead of us while Aara, Immy and I walked in silence until…

Aara poked me and motioned for me to look at Immy. I grinned as I looked at Immy’s sullen face…he was clearly not very happy about Mari “ignoring” him and talking to Zee non stop.

Me: and now?

Immy: huh?

Me: (eyeing Mari and Zee) that!

Immy: don’t ask

Aara:(grinning) it’s that bad Nemo

Me: why don’t you just tell her?

Immy: it’s not so easy

Aara: (laughing) he’s not denying it either!

Immy: sure sure laugh…how about some help?

Aara: with her…no ways

Me: Aara..

Aara: what? Any other girl Immy and I would do it with my eyes closed but not for Mari

Immy: (probing on) that’s the tip of your tongue talking, not your heart and you know it

Me: yeah and since it seems to be the season of love you might as well help the man

Immy: season of love?

Me: (looking at Aara) does he know?

Aara: officially, no

Me: Aara and Zoheb are a “thing”

Immy: (laughing to himself) they aren’t a “thing”…they are made for each other…they are a couple and that’s old news..even a blind man could see the sparks between them

Aara blushed and I clenched my fist…

Me: I guess I was blinder than blind then

Aara: no you’re not…leave it out now

Me: (my heart was really just waiting to burst) so that brings us back to Immy and Maariah..

Immy: no rush relax…Zee will be out of the way soon enough πŸ˜‰

Aara: (busting) out of the way??? Are you for real?? I hate to break it to you Immy but he’s coming with us to Durban!

Immy: oh come on why????

Aara: (holding her tummy and laughing) because that’s where he lives!!

Immy frowned and didn’t say anything else. I had no idea that he liked Mari in “that” way. So Riza and Laeeka, Zainab and Arshad, Immy and Mari and…Aara and Zoheb..leaving me alone. It’s not as though I didn’t pick up the vibes…I chose to ignore them. I didn’t think that she was serious. But hearing it from her mouth…and I drifted off to last nights conversation in the garden..

I was on the edge ever since she said that she was scared of losing “Siddharth” but once again, I dismissed that as one of Aara’s antics because of the prank she pulled shortly after that.

Me: so what did you want to tell me sweetheart?

Aara: (nervous and jumpy) remember that we said we would tell each other first if ever…you know…

My heart was literally hanging on a thread…did I possibly have even a shred of hope?

Me: yeahhh….

Aara: Nemo…I think…I think…I’m in love…

Me: really?

This was the moment of truth…a few seconds could change my life forever…

Me: I also wanted to tell you..

Aara: (cutting me off) no wait me first..I’ve been rehearsing this for a while and I just need to say it

I looked at her…her face was pink..she had this glow about herself. Looking at her now, I wasn’t looking at my best friend Aara…I was looking at a beautiful young woman Aara…how did I ever turn a blind eye to her all these years?? She was right next to me all along…and I never noticed.

Me:(softly) so say it then..

Aara: (smiling and biting her lip) say it?

Me: (smiling back at her) say it

Aara: ok…(Taking in a deep breath)..Nemo…Naeem..Nemo..

Me:(grinning) yeaaah that’s my name…

Aara: wait stop it stop it..(Walking around me)

Me: what on earth are you doing?

Aara: (still fidgeting) I..I..

Me: (holding her shoulders) stand still and tell me already!

Aara: (in one fast sentence) I think I’m in love with Zoheb!

Me: (it didn’t hit me yet) you what???

Aara: I think I’m in love with Zoheb!

Me:(shocked) you think or you know?

Aara: I think I…I know I know…(Covering her face with her hands)

I looked at her in total disbelief…tears fell involuntarily from my eyes…I could feel my heart breaking inside
broken heart
Zee: Nemo!! Dude are you dreaming?

Me: (snapping out of it) sorry what were you saying?

Zee: I said we are almost there..are you going to be climbing the chain ladder or not?

Me: I dunno…is it bad?

Zee: there’s nothing holding you bro you’re climbing up a ladder against the face of a cliff..its just 30 metres but if you fall you’re falling hard…if you’re afraid of heights then I suggest you don’t do it

Me: 30 metres is not bad I’ll climb

I looked behind me but Aara and Immy were no where in sight..

Me: where’s the other two?

Zee: (laughing) ahead of me…I came back for you because you just trailed off behind us for I don’t know how long…its almost 3 hours that we are hiking you do know that

Me: 3 hours already!

Zee: bro are you okay?

Me: yeah just a bit tired

Within a few minutes we joined everyone else…

Zee: so this is how its going to go down..we are now beneath the northern face of the Sentinel at 3165m! And the next on our list is the Chain Ladder climb after which we are going to hike for another half an hour were you guys are going to get a terrific view of the Tugela Gorge and the Tugela falls and you can explore the Mont Aux Source plateau. This (his hand in the air) makes up part of the famous Amphitheatre That’s where we are going to be camping tonight and then tomorrow morning, we will then head up to the top of Mont Aux Sources peak and we’ll end the day with the Gorge walk. Sounds good enough?
the chain ladders

Zoheb: sounds very good

Zee: so who’s climbing up the ladder?

Laeeka: this thing looks so rickety! I’m going to walk thank you

Riza: come on babe its not that bad just don’t look down

Laeeka: and I suppose you’re climbing right?

Riza: ofcourse

Laeeka: good luck…I’m not breaking any bones I’ve got to get married in two months but I’ll gladly push you down the aisle in a wheelchair

Aara: (busting) I cannot believe that you said that!

Zai: I’ll join you on the walk Laeeks..I also don’t wanna be breaking any bones

Arshad: Zainab!

Zai:(pulling Arshad’s cheeks) don’t feel left out I’ll also push you down the aisle in a wheelchair baby

Ebie: okay then I’ll walk with you…I’ve climbed this a few times already…rest of you are climbing right?

Everyone else: YESSS!!

As narrated by Zoheb:

Aara was standing next to me watching Riza, Arshad,Nemo,Mari and Zee tackle the chain ladder.

Me: (whispering to her) scared?

Aara: (looking at me) a little

Me: do you want to walk?

Aara: maybe..

Me: let’s walk then

Aara: but you want to climb

Me: walking with you will be just as exhilarating:)

Aara: (smiling softly…and holding my hand) it’s okay we’ll climb

Me: sure?

Aara: I mean…it’s a once in a lifetime thing to do and the others seem to be doing alright

Riza: (reaching the top) wooooooah super super cool!! Come on A what are you waiting for??

Arshad: (now reaching the top) I guess we don’t need those wheelchairs after all! (And he high fived Riza)

Mari and Zee reached and Nemo was almost there too.

Me: shall we?

Aara: ok..(She was trembling though)

Aara took her first step onto the ladder..and I climbed onto the one next to her

Aara: Ya Allah!

Me: just don’t look down…focus on the ladder baby

We were almost halfway up when Aara…looked down!

Aara: o my word!! We are so high up!!

Me: don’t look down keep going…you’re halfway there

Aara: I can’t I can’t I wanna come down!

Nemo: (shouting from the top) Aara are you okay?? I’m coming down!

Riza: (holding Nemo) bro from the top you’re not really going to be able to get her!

Aara started crying…and she clung to the ladder.

Aara: I want to come down..

Me: hold on tight…I’m coming

And I quickly climbed down the ladder that I was on. Luckily, I didn’t have a fear of heights…but I don’t blame her for being scared -we were really high up with nothing supporting us at all.

I started climbing the ladder that Aara was on until I reached her. I put my feet on the bars that her feet were on and kissed the tears that were on her cheek.

Me: we’re going to do this together okay

And we took a step together

Me: (trying to lighten up) don’t look down and panic…if I fall then no more Siddhart

Aara: (laughing through her tears) don’t say that

I engaged her in conversation as we took another and then another step upwards..

Me: why?

Aara: because…

And another step

Me: because what..

Aara: because I’ve gotten too used to having you around

Me: aww that’s all?

And another step

Aara: because I can’t live without seeing your dimples…

Me: breaking my heart baby…that’s all?

And another step and we were almost at the top..

Aara: because…

Me: because…you love yugoslavia?

Aara: (smiling) no

Three steps more and we were done..

Me: (whispering) then?

Aara: because…I love you

My heart skipped a beat…she just said it!

Me: guslavia..right I get’re going to get me again

Aara: no..I love you. fullstop

Me: my ears are a bit blocked…come again?

Two steps to go…

Aara: I love you Zoheb

If we weren’t climbing up the face of a cliff I would have carried her and spun her around

Me: can’t hear you Applepie…

And we were at the top…

Aara: I love you!

And she reached the top as I took my final step and stood beside her, pulling my beanie off

Me: were you saying something because I think my ears are blocked because of the altitude (rubbing my ears)

Aara: (screaming) I said I love you Zoheb!!!

And that did it…everyone fell silent and stared at us..shocked! Aara, realising what she had done-covered her mouth with her hands as she stood there completely stunned.

Me: (smiling a full dimpled smile at her) I love you too

And I engulfed her in a tight hug while everyone now whistled and cheered and clapped- even complete strangers who had made the climb as well!

I honestly felt on top of the world…Aara in my arms…and madly in love with her.

Good things ultimately do come to those who wait after all πŸ™‚
anzrumi love


51 thoughts on “Part 132- The Chain Ladder Climb

  1. No ! This isn’t happening * can’t watch *
    My heart is literally breaking for Nemo πŸ˜₯. No matter how charming Zoheb is nothing beats Nemo’s character and charming ness

    Still have hope for #NemoandAara


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my god, Agreeeed ❀
    I still ship Nemo&Aara 😦 together they are UNSTOPPABLE !!
    I Can not wait to see Nemo's reaction after what Aara said… πŸ˜€ #Anxious


  3. Ya allah…i would neva try dat chain ladder…
    Aara is really a brave sole;)
    She finally said it…wooohoooπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    Nemo u still gotta tell A how u feel bout her!


  4. *stops breathing* Nemo0o tears fell involuntarily… that was my breaking point πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ!! Nemo0o you breaking inside and so am I … I think Aara is feeling sorry for nemo thoπŸ™Š but she loves zoo too much. And she screams she loves him and they just had their first…officially public momentξ™πŸ˜—πŸ™ˆξ’ Nemo cover your eyes I know this is too much for you to see πŸ™ˆξ‘ξ„πŸ™Š!! If there’s anyone that wants to send me tissue…sure I need themξˆξ“ξ‹ξ #HeartBrokenξ€£ #TeamNemoβ™₯


  5. Absolutely amazing awesome post.
    Just loved every minute of it.
    Naeem don’t be sad. Someone somewhere is made for you.
    Aara found her someone zoheb πŸ’•
    Drakensburg is just too beautiful
    And immy don’t wait for ever to tell mari


  6. Totally exciting. Shame poor Aara starting crying really felt bad for but it least her agony was over in a few min……….. My poor nemo his heart is so broken and he feels all alone! Shame Aara also cut him off when he wanted to tell her that he’s also in love ……. She didn’t even ask him after that ….. Tears frm his eyes just so sad sad sad………! Totally impossible for their friendship to last cos don’t think nemo is going to handle them cuddle and sweet talking each other all time! Dam nobody would be able to handle their love one being held by another even though they are In love! # team nemo#


    • Lmao #bust! Foolish little bum face?
      Sorry Team Nemo -i know a lot of hearts broke last night *handing you guys boxes of kleenex*
      Just a thought tho- this is the first time that nemo has felt this pain..but our dear Aara has felt this pain, this knife in her heart over and over again with Nemo and as we all know, women are way more attached and emotional so imagine how she must have felt all those times?
      Not saying that Nemo deserves it, no one deserves to be hurt but that’s life isn’t it?
      Zoheb and Nemo are very similar, their backgrounds r very similar but both turned out very very differently. Both their characters were given these similarities for a reason
      All said and done- Team Nemo I love you guys…your attachment to Nemo means that I’m doing my job well;)
      Ps:@ nazeefah mosam–your comment on twitter last night had me in stitches :-p

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Well finally the cat is out the bag but Nemo and Aara’s friendship should not break because of this they are meant to be best friends you always still need a best friend , at the end of the day all is fair in love and war and friendship


  8. True Aara should have told nemo a long time ago and yes their friendship was meant to last! But how can it now that’s nemo loves Aara more than that! This is first time he really loves someone( even though he had others)! Also will zoheb be able handle the way nemo and Aara behave and that the fact that he calls her sweetheart ! ( just thinking)………. To all Zohed fans I know he’s a great guy with a lot to give off and I know nemo is not the best person in world but who is? Allah gives us chances after chances to try improve ourselves and now that nemo is back on track. I think he deserves some happiness


  9. Honestly i think Aara is rather selfish 2 cut Nemo off when he wants 2 talk bout hw he feels nd scream out she loves Zoheb wen Nemo is hurtin so much… thats not a definition of a GOOD FRIEND !!! thats thinkin about HERSELF…. she could atleast giv him a chance 2 talk !!! i really had an incy wincy bit of hope that Zoheb cud fall off that ladder lol *joookess*
    Nemooo i feel u soooo sorry*heartbroken*
    We looovvee u NEMO !!! cnt wait 4 ur true love 2 cum along


  10. At least my comment had the effect I wanted it 2 have u always try 2 justify the wrong u do 2 nemo by bringing out his past its the past its gone it should b forgotten n I don’t c any similarities between nemo n zoheb the xtremely different


    • If everything were just black or white there wud be no drama now wud there?lol-justify the “wrong”I do to nemo? Really now?…nemo and aara’s conversation was written few days ago, was saving it for after a few posts but I’ll prob end up posting it tonight..and like I said…these reactions only mean one thing- I’m doing my job right;) keep it coming –Shazia Author


  11. @shazia! I totally agree with u that Aara has felt this pain over and over again! But nemo for one never knew Aara loved him in that way and two he was hardly in his senses that’s y he never saw that she loved him! All he saw was Aara being there to pick him up and wipe his nose everytime he fell! And now when he ready to give back everything to her, he’s lost his chance! I know u say that zoheb and nemo have similar background but I don’t see them as being similar! I just don’t understand how nobody helped nemo with Aara! I mean they are all friends and Zohed only came in now into the pic! ( sorry shaz just a few things goin on in my head) # see the spark has started the fire and now def something will get destroyed!


    • Laeeka and Maariah tried to help him remember?
      This is just the irony of it all- when he realises it, she’s slipping out of his hands. And Nemo loves her he loves her truly, it doesn’t compare to what he may have felt for any1 else. I know where I’m taking this story, hearts will break -you guys have trusted me thru 132 episodes even tho I’m the brunt of a few pplz very nasty comments over different mediums of social networking ever since last nights post buuuuut—-its an honour and a pleasure because it shows me how much LLD is loved. That said, trust me through the next few seasons~LLD has been a memorable journey thus far and Allah willing, it will remain in your hearts even when its over


  12. past is past y is Nemos past always held against him??? i mean didnt he feel terrible about it nd apologise?? and ddnt Aara FORGIVE him? i jus dnt see y it keeps croppin up weneva his pain is mentioned! Nemo nd Zoheb are DEF NOT D SAME AT ALL!! gota agree with patient much nd sk on that..


    • No nemo and zoheb are not the same personality wise- I’m talking abt their family backgrounds and early life. Both have parents who don’t care, siblings who don’t care, both were alone.
      Nemo’s past isn’t held against him. When I remarked that its the first time for nemo yet many times for Aara- I’m not picking on his past simply asking you guys to try and feel how bad it must have been for her to have gone thru it over and over again
      As far as Nemo’s past is concerned- Aara is the one who never brings it up, but Nemo (if u were in his shoes) its not easy for him to forget that he did whatever he did


  13. Nemo is a good guy he has the patience to listen to and do everything for Aara but he only gives her the friendly type of love its always been like that with him, Zoheb on the other hand reached out to her and showed her more , its 2 different types of love that you cannot compare …i agree at some point Nemo wanted to be more than just friends but he never expressed his feelings to her and my guess is it probably wouldnt last for long and it would ruin the good relationship they have its a confusing situation for her so he should except it and move on!!! Aara and Nemo still have their good relationship and Zoheb and Aara …………….you know .


  14. i dont thnk ther relationship wil be the same anymre … if u remember in previous posts Zoheb was jealous of how close Nemo nd Aara were… nd anyways in reality can u possibly watch someone else love the girl u love ??? i dnt thnk so


  15. I jus dnt see hw Zoheb is a great guy??? Initially wen he jus came into d picture nd joined ther grp he clearly figured ther ws sumthn gng on btween Nemo nd Aara yet he stil chose 2 fall 4 her nd RUIN Nemo nd Aaras relationship!!! whers the greatness???????Heres a great guy…Nemo congratulatin Zoheb even tho his heartbroken nd in so much pain nd ws preparin 2 confess his love 2 Aara

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Thanks shazia! But my heart is just so broken for nemo maybe it’s cause I knew a nemo once in my life and he was just messed up but not with drugs! He just thought differently and everyone was easily irritating with him and just wouldn’t give themselves a chance to understand him and realize what gem he was under the rocks! And I sometimes wander if I was his Aara! Cos everyone always wandered how we got along’ ! I hope that one day he finds love like I did and move on!


  17. Even though my heart is breaking into a million pieces for Nemo, I’m happy that at least Aara got her happy ever after with Zoheb bcoz where Nemo is concerned he took Aara for granted and all the tyms that he hurt her n she picked up after him. Even though Nemo loves her I don’t think he’ll appreciate her the way Zoheb will bcoz he’s so used to having her pick up after him n cover for him. They truly have a friendship in a million hope it stands even after she’s with Zoheb
    Aara plz forgive Mari for what she did, she was young n naive n help poor Immy get Mari bcoz I’ve been there n know how it feels wen u saw Nemo hurting u tym n again
    Aara n Zoheb r sooo cute n he truly is head over heels in love with her, hope there love lasts n Nemo also finds his happily ever after( time to introduce a new girl into the pic miss author *wink*


  18. Uhm guyz I’m just as heart broken as all nemo fans….(trust me im hellova dramatic too…I sat and cried, then went to do kitchen duty still sobbing, so u see the drama queen i am -_-) but I was just thinking maybe the way some are speaking to the Author isn’t appropriate at all…Sure raise ur concerns and speak your thoughts but there’s a way of doing it, right? Being nasty to the Author is just hurtful mahn. And it’s the same Author that writes so excellent that we all love her character Nemo! If it wasn’t for the way she wrote of him, we’d never be such die heart Nemo fans. So maybe just be a wee bit more gentle in your comments please.

    P.s: Shaz I’m still waiting for my tissues πŸ˜› #TeamNemoβ™₯


  19. team zoheb and aara πŸ™‚ #Zaara πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
    sorry nemo 😦
    when aara tried telling you in the past you should have listened then…
    its too late now, shes happy, dont ruin her happiness!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Absolutely amaaaazing post !!! ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ #Aara & Zoheb 4ever ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀


  21. i dnt knw who ur comment is referrin 2 Haaj bt i went bck 2 read my comments nd i neva direct anythn 2 da author jus 2 da storyline nd otha comments… buuut if any of my comments were offensive 2 da author im sorry Shazia… i guess we Nemo fans feel 4 Nemo lyk da Zoheb fans feel 4 Zoheb … i dnt thnk any1 means 2 offend u in any way ,we jus voicin our opinions nd views regardin da blog*hug*


    • No one in specific πŸ™‚ … just a friendly reminder for us all since it’s a heart breaking season for us team nemo. Let’s be gentle with our words even though we so sad for nemo *hugs to Nemo & team nemo*.


  22. Eish !!!! Things r heating up here !! Both in the post and the comments ………

    Anyway ……. Seems like Nemo is handling the news well and hopefully he’ll get used to it also !! He always relied on Aara wen anything went wrong – he’s strong enuf now to stand on his own …so he’ll manage wonderfully.. And soon the right 1 for him will come along !!! Mayb he’l meet her now in Dbn on their trip … Hahahaha

    Anyway … U GO AARA !!!!! Yayy .. U told him and every1 else too … U can see that Zoheb really appreciates every small thing abt her … N treats her like a queen … Enjoy Aara – u and Zoheb both deserve this …
    Miss Author ….. I really don’t envy u … But u doin a great job … Keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

    • Finally someone put things in perspective πŸ™‚ they all deserve happiness.. but after aaras perpetual heartbreak and zohebs heartbreak, no two people deserve each other more!!! To the person that said zoheb is not a grwat guy because he chose to fall for aara?! What even! No one chooses to fall in live, it just happens and she and nemo were not in a relationship EVER! And all those concerned about zoheb “handling ” their frienDship, I don’t think it will be a prob cos zoheb fell for aara with full knowledge of her friendship ti nemo and it hasnt deterred him…
      But back to the point..nemo and zoheb aside, I think as women we should all just unite and be happy for aara! This is her moment and she fully deserves every bit of it..nemos a big boy, he can take care of himself..lets aara have her moment πŸ™‚ #zaara allll the way…


  23. That’s terrible! :O I’m Team AARA & Nemo. My hearts breaking. I think aara deep down loves Nemo!, and for zoheb Nooooooooo I am going to find that twit and kick his fat buttocks. unfairrrrrrrrr. 😦 . Zoheb is a good guys but Nemo is the best. zoheb should fall of the cliff. And Nemo should be aaras lifesaver

    Liked by 1 person

  24. aww…this was totally heartbreaking. I still have hope 4 nemo n aara. Zoheb should go on a cruise n drown lol no thats alil mean. Would love to know what aaras reaction was when she saw nemo tear involunarilly….or did he n0t show that he cried…i wonder. Dear author keep up d excellent work we all love n appreciate it. much love


  25. Wow!! I think we reacted more to Aaras confession then Nemo:)!! But guys calm down!! We must keep in mind that the author knows wat she’s duing n its her blog so she can do wateva she wants!(Even if she wana kill Zoheb she can)*hint hint* and another thing is she has planed the whole blog till the end soo she knws th future for them but WE dont,soo let’s jus hope for the best:) and and and not forgeting she’s the one who created such a lovely Nemo for us that we fell inlove with him n are hurting for him:) there’s no Rainbow without a little rain sooo now that it already rained for th Nemo fans let’s jus wait for OUR rainbow:)! .. P.s: my dearest author I trust u with my heart sooo plz dont break it:)… Psssht I jus wana confess somthn*i too was hoping zoheb wud fall down the cliff*(mean I know ,but that’s jus how Nemo fans rolls wen they upset:)… #TEAM NEMO&AARA forever<3 !

    Liked by 2 people

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