Part 135- Around the Campfire Part 2

As narrated by Maariah:

We often hear the phrase…”The lives we lead are determined by the choices that we make”…and it played on over and over again in my head. I sat across Aara and Zoheb and watched them as they whispered to each other and giggled…as Zoheb held her tighter and as she looked at him with adoration. I should be happy for her…she is my friend. But I wasn’t. Shoot me- it wouldn’t change the truth!
Somewhere down the line…inbetween the things that I had done…I was responsible for Zoheb and Aara being Zoheb and Aara…today, here, infront of us. I looked at Nemo who seemed and looked very normal to everyone else but every so often I would notice that glint of hurt in his eyes…every so often I noticed how he just stared at Aara for a few seconds before he snapped out of it and looked down.

We are unable to change the actions of our past, but are always able to try and rectify the wrong that we’ve done. My mind was made up- tomorrow I would confess everything to Aara….

As narrated by Laeeka:

Supper was surprisingly good! Well done to our boys;) and now everyone just chilled around the fire. It was so dark and quiet…it was almost scary!

Zee: let’s be nasty!

Me: (snapping out of my thoughts) I’m sorry…what?

Zee: you heard me…let’s be nasty!

Me: elaborate….

And everyone was suddenly listening…

Zee: each of us asks another one of us a question about any one of us…no matter how bad…and we answer HONESTLY

Me: (grinning) do you want to start a war?

Zee: why not? Come on it’ll be fun

Nemo: game on bru!

Zee: oookay…let me go first…Zainab…

Zainab: (covering her face) oh man why meeee

Zee: (laughing to himself) this persons most annoying habit…(And he moved his finger around and finally stopped at….Aara!!)

Aara: oh boy

Zainab: ummmm (looking at Aara and then at Ziyaad)

Zee: (trying to suppress his laugh) be fearless Zai..tell us!!

Zainab: Aara’s most annoying habit is…she talks too fast almost ALL the time..there I said it!

Zee: and that’s it?

Riza: (busting) don’t expect more…I mean from a person whose dream destination is Ushaka Marine World!

Zai: not funny Reez!

Ebie: (almost choking) your dream destination is Ushaka?????? Really????

Everyone was torn with laughter and Zainab pouted..

Zainab: Ebie…what’s Ziyaad’s most annoying habit?

Zee: hahaa…you’re cute!

Ebie: welllllll…Zee’s most annoying habit would have to be his disgusting tendency to burp so awfully bloody loudly!

Mari: Ziyaad! We didn’t hear you burp at all since we are here!

Zee let out a HUGE burp…and then another and then another and had the biggest grin on his face!

its a guy thing

Aara: uuurgh gross dude!! If you were any closer to the fire you would have blown it out! Disgusting…very very disgusting

Zee: (burping again and by now all the guys were in stitches) why, Zoheb doesn’t burp?

Aara: like you? I doubt it!

And to irritate Aara and for the heck of it…Zoheb let out a huge burp as well!

Aara: (shocked) ZOHEB!!

We were literally rolling on the floor! After Zoheb, Riza,Nemo and Immy followed suit and burped even louder! Apparently, burping loudly was a “guy” thing hmph…then why didn’t…

Me: what about you Arshoo and you Ebie?

Arshad: uhm..these are garish men Laeeks..Ebie and I here are of the refined sort…what you would call gentlemen ๐Ÿ˜‰

Zainab: (holding Arshad) awww yes you are

Nemo: waaaa…eat that…Reez tell us all what’s Arshoo’s most annoying habit?

Riza: (chuckling with Nemo…and then he stood up and started walking around the fire…oh no he didn’t!) Arshad’s most annoying habit(and Riza burst out laughing as he put his hands on his belt and pulled his pants up every few seconds!!!)

Nemo and Immy fell backwards laughing! Riza had imitated Arshad SO well because Arshad really does do that! Every few seconds he fidgets with his pants and pulls it up! Yet he wears a belt!

Arshad was dumbstruck!

Riza: sorry bru (still laughing and he sat down on the other side of Aara)…

Aara: (also still laughing) that was nasty Reez (and they high fived each other) are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Riza and Aara burst out laughing again until tears were coming out of their eyes…

Zee: like really now! Tell us too!

Riza: (holding his tummy and trying to talk) sorry..(And he started laughing again) Aara..

Aara: (wiping her tears and trying to stop laughing) once…Aunty Sawleha scolded Arshad infront of us for doing that…and her words oh my God…she told him…(Laughing again) she asked him if he had …(Busting again and sighing) I can’t do this…

Riza slumped against me and promised us..still choking on his words..that he would tell us when he was “settled”

Arshad was laughing at himself!

Aara was still laughing when Immy threw the same question at her

Immy: Aara…what is Nemo’s most annoying habit?

Aara: (trying to stop laughing) Nemo has no patience in traffic…like absolutely no patience…this once, we were stuck behind this old car on our way to work and the cars on the lanes next to us refused to give us a gap and our lane was moving at a snails pace because of this Nemo here, got off the car and he started banging the boot of this car with his fists and then he started pushing this car…completely terrifying the person driving it until they couldn’t take it anymore…(Laughing again) and then she got off…I promise you her car actually shook when she got off..she was HUGE and when she stood infront of Nemo (busting again) he looked like an elf infront of her!

Everyone was in stitches yet again…

Aara: (continuing) and she thought that Nemo was trying to hijack her so she started hitting him with her handbag!!

Nemo: (laughing ) and you just sat there and carried on drinking your coffee!

Aara: I was so shocked…and well I love coffee…(Laughing again) but it was so hilarious because at one point she caught Nemo by his tie and tapped his forehead with her big fingers

Nemo: her fingers looked like sausages man!

Immy:(completely torn with laughter) how did you ever get out of it?

Nemo: well we didn’t know you back then sadly so there was really no getting out of it….I had to apologise and eventually she understood that she was holding up traffic and she was a learner driver sooo yeah end of story

Aara: (smirking) no Nemo…not end of story

Nemo: No Aarooo end of story shush

Aara: anyway so Nemo ended up…

Nemo: Aara uh uh..

Aara: I’m sitting between Reez and Dimples here sooo…yeah…as I was saying…Nemo drove her to work just to get out of the traffic jam!

Arshad: haaaa he has a thing for fat ones eh…first this mama and then Anga

Nemo: (playfully showing a fist to Arshad) don’t tell everyone now;)

Aara: and she was so sweet…she hugged him and even gave him a kiss on his cheek when he dropped her off…Nemo driving this little blue Colt Galant was such a sight!

blu colt

Nemo: (winking at Aara) yeah yeah have fun

Zainab: okay next question is for….you Zoheb…what was the most hair raising moment that you’ve ever experienced? Like something that really gave you goosebumps?

Zoheb: hmmmm…apart from Ebie and Aara grabbing my neck through that “wall”…the moment that gave me goosebumps was when we realised that we had met before (and he bumped Aara gently)

Zainab: I don’t quite follow…

Zoheb: (smiling)Aara and I bumped into each other a few years ago but we didn’t see each others faces

Zainab: (frowning) I still don’t follow…

Aara: (taking out a chain from inside her clothes) see this pendant?..when we bumped into each other a piece of this pendant got stuck onto my jersey and I kept it…and we realised it recently only when Zoheb pieced the missing piece of it that he had kept…so yeah…that’s how we figured that we had infact bumped into each other

I was floored! How often do you get this?

Me: you’re right Zoheb…it does give that goosebumpish feeling..

Ebie: hmmm so its like one of those movie scenes I see I see…I can actually see Aara singing that song from Dil to pagal hai!

Aara: (bust) shut up you monkey! Right Ziyaad…craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Zee: (grinning so broadly I thought his teeth would fall out) A there’s been plenty but this has got to be the craziest by far!!!

And he dropped to his knees and crawled (on his knees) over to Maariah! O MY WORD!!

Zee: Maariah…I’ve known you for years..and I’ve missed you like crazy…

I looked at Aara and she looked at Immy..

Zee: the thing is…we shouldn’t miss a chance that comes around again…I was a fool not to do this before…

I noticed Zoheb nudging Aara and Arshad looking at Zainab shocked…

Zee: but…I’m not going to let this chance slip by…

Nemo’s mouth literally hung open! I mean all of us could see that Immy had a thing for Mari…Riza however…was grinning like a little idiot! My fiance I know, but his timing can be so OFF sometimes!

I felt so bad for Immy…the look on his face was terrible…he looked so sad and almost heartbroken!

Zee: what I’m trying to say Mari is…will you…(Swallowing) please will you…..
say what

20 thoughts on “Part 135- Around the Campfire Part 2

  1. Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god !!!!!! Whaaaaattt is Zee gonna ask Maariah ?!?!?!?! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ … must be a stupid question and he’s fooling around or what if its marriage ?!?!? …. poor Immy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . Lmao … Nemo always gets involved with Hugeeeee woman =)) !! Awesomeeee post ๐Ÿ˜€ Tooooo funny =D I’m still laughing !!


  2. Lollollollollol…my tummy is hurting laughing sooo much…
    This post was post welcoming … Came at the ryt time
    Lololololol…my cheeks are nw sore;))))


  3. hahahahahahahaahahaha
    I think we needed this laughable post ๐Ÿ˜›
    never had one in a loong time ๐Ÿ˜‰
    lmaaaaooooooo Zee is Pranking them for sure!!!
    his sucha a hilarious idiot =))
    the burping was epic =)) (leme shh *cough* =D)
    Arshad and his pants #Bust
    I know someone that does that & we always make fun
    Poor Nemo =)) Always duuhh things happen to him.


  4. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘Wow Another Great post๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘

    Wasnt Nemo upto something at the end of da last post??

    Cant wait for da nxt post


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