Part 138 – If you cant handle the heat…

As narrated by Arshad:

I had separated these pictures after looking at them more than one time just to be sure…

Me: look here (placing the pictures infront of them)

Zainab: is this…is this…(Staring at the picture)

They stared in complete disbelief…can you imagine how scared I was…I mean I was sorting out all these pictures alone!!
Five pictures out of the lot had silhouettes of someone…while we were having our picnic on top of the plateau where we had gone horse riding…I clicked this picture. In the background near the horses…there was a figure in white on a white horse…

I felt a chill run up my spine…

Then the second picture was around the bonfire..the same white figure was standing right behind Zoheb!!!

The third picture…which Maariah had taken of Nemo sitting on the long staircase looking at the sky through the massive glass windows…this figure was sitting across Nemo looking right at him!!!

The fourth picture was a picture that Aara had taken of Zainab with rollers in her hair…and this figure was sitting on the bed!!!

The fifth had to be the most chilling of them all…

It was our group photo that the butler had clicked for us just before we had left for our hike and this white figure was there also!! With its arm around Riza!!

Nemo:(eyes wide open) holy macaroni…she was parking with me on the stairs!! What the….

Zainab:(clearly freaked out) hello she was sitting on my bed!

Laeeka: while we were in the room!

Zainab: what if she was still there when we were sleeping…

Riza:( shakingly dusting his shoulder) she held my shoulder!!!

Everyone just stood glued to the spot…and looked at Ziyaad for answers.

Zee: (hesitating) this is unbelievable honestly…look guys I’ve hidden something from you all…the story that I had told you all about my grandfathers sister was a lie…she wasn’t my grandfathers sister…but the previous owners sister…I heard of it many times before but I thought that it was just an old folk tale around here (stammering and holding one of the pictures) I had no idea that it was real…I had no idea that the story wasn’t just a story and to think I come and stay here alone so often!

Ebie: (walking in) don’t talk crap man

Zee: Ebie look at these!

Aara:(trembling…and I could see that this wasn’t one of her pranks..I mean how could it be) what if…what if she’s standing right here now…

And if I say that we ran to our rooms to grab our stuff- would be a major major understatement! Because the speed at which we run up those stairs and ran back down with our bags, would give Michael Johnson a run for his money!

And to make things harder, all our vehicles were parked by the stables and the stables were all the way in the back!!

Aara: Zoheb!

Zoheb: (worriedly rushing over to Aara with her bags) what’s wrong?

Aara: Zaara! Zaara is still inside!

Me: its just a plant Aara!

Aara: (snapping at me) it’s not just a plant!

Zoheb: (putting their bags down and holding Aara’s face) I’ll get Zaara

And he ran inside

Me: you are more worried about your plant than if that ghost attacks Zoheb!

Aara:(looking at Zoheb running in) just shut up Arshoo

Zoheb was back faster than he went in…with “Zaara” in his hand. Man was this dude crazy about her!

Nemo, Ebie,Immy and Riza were now at the front with all the vehicles and as we hurriedly walked over to throw our bags in….

Ziyaad burst out laughing!!!

Zee: SUCKERS!!! (And he clutched at his tummy and almost choked laughing…his face was as red as a tomato!)

Zee: now THIS is what you call payback! You should see the look on your faces!! Classic toooooo good!Aara and Ebrahim you see…he who laughs last…(And he burst out laughing again)

Ebie: (raising his eyebrow) he who laughs last what?

Zee: I dunno…look at me duh!

Nobody found it funny and everyone just stared at Zee :-p

Zee: whaaat come on…I morphed those pics okay…and THAT’S your final experience in this “haunted” mansion;)

Laeeka: you stupid fool!

Zee: chill Laeeks come on…it was funny!

Everyone purposely ignored Zee and started loading the boots…Nemo and I decided to make a round of the house to check if anyone had forgotten anything since we had left in such a rush AND we came back with Immy and Aara’s chargers, Maariah’s glasses, Zoheb’s jacket, Zainab’s hat, Laeeka’s belt…okay you get it.

Now…we had four 4×4’s infront of us..Riza’s, Zoheb’s, Ziyaad’s and Ebie’s…

Ebie: okay so who’s going with who? Don’t launch me… I’d love some company please;)

Zainab: (laughing ) okay Ebie, Arshad and I will jump in with you

What the wife decides…you just listen and agree..never argue or even hesitate. Fullstop.

Nemo: (jumping in the front seat of Ziyaad’s 4×4) Zee you and me

Zee: (getting into the drivers seat)shot dude!

Immy: Maariah and I will jump in with Reez…(Winking at Zoheb)

And Zoheb had this little grin on his face..

As narrated by Zoheb:

It was just me and her. And it felt weird..but a nice and warm and fuzzy weird. Ever since Aara told me that she loves me…we’ve never been alone together as such. And now we were…and we were silent.

And when she said that she loved me…it wasn’t just me and was everyone!…I was now blushing so much that my face probably turned red! She fidgeted with her fingers…

Both of us together: (Me) are you…(She)Zoheb I

And we laughed for a second and then..

Both of us together: okay you first

Lol! And we laughed again and I motioned for her to carry on…

Aara: I can’t remember what I wanted to say now…

Me: (grinning…she was trying to back out) Zoheb I…(Trying to remind her)

Aara: (biting her lip and smiling) nothing

Me: (smiling to myself) okay..

Aara: okay?

Me: yes’s okay…when you remember you can tell me

Aara: (sinking back into her seat) applepie again…

Me: sorry my doughnut

Aara:(now sitting up) doughnut!?!

Me: okay sorry my cheesecake (I was so enjoying myself)

Aara: cheesecake???

Me: don’t like?…hmmm how about…my gajar halwa?

Aara: (raising her eyebrow) then you might as well just call me your pot of biryani!

Me: (I couldn’t take it anymore and I burst out laughing!) Come here…

And I pulled out the side pieces on both the front seats that made up the middle seat…making it a single long seat.. Motoring innovation at its best;) and Aara sat right next to me, put her head on my shoulder as I held her hand with my left hand. I slowed down into the left lane and stayed a safe distance behind Zee,Riza and Ebie. This weekend was going to be so difficult to spend any time with her because we were staying with her family…so I really wanted every moment of this drive to last forever.

Me: (softly) what did you want to tell me?

I could feel her smile against my shoulder as she kept silent for a few seconds before she said..

Aara: Zoheb…I wanted to thank you for climbing up the chain ladder with me…because those were by far…the best moments of my life yet (and she held my hand tighter)

Me: (squeezing her hand back) those were the best moments of my life too

And the flip flops were back with a bang! Because they were just doing what they do best inside me;)

But I was aching to hear those three words from her mouth again…with all this Maariah drama and my baby had to pretend as though nothing happened infront of Laeeka…I didn’t want to push her either

Aara:(whispering) Zoheb…

We were whispering to each other…yet we were alone…but even the whispering at this moment felt surreal!

Me: (whispering) hmmmm

Aara: (whispering back) I love you…

Flip flop flip flop…and my heart skipped a beat

Me: (whispering) say it again..

Aara: (I could feel her smile against me again) I love you…

Me: (couldn’t get anough) again…

Aara: (lifting her head up and kissing my cheek) I love you!

Me: and I love you…

As narrated by Nemo:

I noticed that Zoheb seemed to fall behind…I could see his vehicle..but behind three other vehicles. And he moved into the left lane. Neat. Very neat Zoheb. No guesses for why that happened.

Zee: so what’s the deal with Aara and Zoheb?

Me: (this guy was too straightforward for his own good- which is why we got along so well;) ) didn’t you hear…he sings for her

Zee: (laughing) yeah that’s just crazy and weird and..not normal if you ask me! I would NEVER sing for my girl EVER!

Me: (laughing too) I probably would

Zee: so why didn’t you?

Me: what?

Zee: why didn’t you sing for Aara?


Me: let’s just say…I missed the boat

Zee: well you can always take a jetski and catch up you know;) it is NOT the end of the world!

Me: (raised eyebrow) what should I do?

Zee: (smug smile) whatever it takes

I looked at Ziyaad questioningly…he had a point though and I loved Aara very,very much..

Me: in cape town, Laeeka and Maariah tried to help…made me ignore Aara and act as though I didn’t need her but it didn’t work

Zee: (shocked) ofcourse it wouldn’t work DUMBASS! It would have pushed her away…and probably did- straight into Zoheb’s arms! Look, he’s a nice guy and all that but I knowww you and Aara…you and Aara are like you and Aara you know what I mean? You’re going to have to show her how you feel…tell her how you feel if need be just be straight up with her. Let her see “that” side of you. You my boy have mellowed up too much you need to be THE Nemo again!

Me: (sighing) well THE Nemo as you put it, was a jerk who got involved with the wrong company and ended up becoming a drug addict! There, I said it!

Zee: you’re joking right?

Me: nope…Aara and Riza used to pick me up from all the dodgy areas…my parents even took me away to Durbs for a while and then she came back for me…I put her through hell bro, but between Riza, Arshad and her…they rehabilitated me. I’m here because of them else I would have probably be lying in a gutter somewhere

Zee was quiet…he looked as though he was thinking hard, which was actually quite dangerous because it wasn’t his strong point!

Zee: but that’s it…you have a second chance…you’re fine now I mean I would never have thought that you were on drugs bro…life is short don’t lose your chance. It’s better to try and fail than not to try at all. Aara may be confused for a while but she rather be confused and then think and make a decision than not know at all. Think about it

Me: I have…a million times but I keep thinking about the past and…

Zee: that’s why it’s called the past dude…and that’s where it should stay! Riza,Arshad and Aara are so normal with you…come on don’t let the past hang over your head like an axe! And besides, while we’re in Durbs, I’m right by your side. Make a resolve to tell her within the next few days and just do it man…and don’t give me the whole “my friendship will be at risk” bullshit because you won’t have much of a friendship left if she marries Zoheb. And maybe you will find someone else but…I doubt you will ever find another Aara and you and I both know it

He was right. I had so many girlfriends. I have been around. I am 24 years old…I wasn’t a teenager, I knew what I wanted.

I closed my eyes…I didn’t want to hurt her.

Me: (remembering what it was that made me grin around that campfire) Ziyaad!!!

Zee: ey don’t scream man

Me: (laughing) I have an idea…maybe…Aara just needs to be shown that Zoheb isn’t exactly Mr.Perfect for her…coz you know…I think she’s got this image in her head that he does this and he does that..and she loves indian movies so it’s like in her head

Zee: yeaaah…?

Me: so what I’m saying is…show another side of him…in a nice way, call it a test of her love,…and show him the other side of her…test of his love.. so no one gets hurt..because I can’t hurt her

Zee: (grinning) nice way…yeaah there’s lots of nice ways to do the wrong things;)

Me: it wouldn’t essentially be wrong wrong now would it

Zee: not at all…like they say…if you can’t handle the shouldn’t be in the kitchen;)
right way


56 thoughts on “Part 138 – If you cant handle the heat…

  1. Omg … I had the shivers there for a minute hey =))
    Awwww … Aara and Zoheb are soooo damn adorable !!!! … Though still Team Nemo ๐Ÿ™‚ , coz he’s just tooo sweet :p
    Awesomeeee post as usual ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Nemoo sit in ur place. Aara is happy that’s all that matters. Plus zoheb will look after her. N they love each other. Nemo u awesome. But pleasee pretty please leave them


  3. Slmz! Shazia can u anyone else help me I’m looking for a blog that I can’t seem to remember the name the last post was ” the other side of sabeeha” it’s bout a girl called raeesa and I think her husband name is riyaad


  4. Ooh no Nemo jeaoulsy makes u nasty n nasty mkes u ugly. Havnt u hurt Aarah enough. When the truth cums out nemo boY I feel u sorry u gona loose her 4ever. If u truly love her ul wana c her happy not heartbroken.


  5. Nemo you and Zee are not being really good friends if you intend on doing this Aara. Just like Maria . Nemo you say you love but you don’t do something like this to win someones heart. So not on.
    Hopefully what you do will push Aara and Zoheb closer together


    • lol! give the guy a break zanaaaa he wud never do anything to hurt aara. and wud def not pull a’maariah’ stunt on her. call it little tests in the name of fun…aara does need to know that he loves her and zee is right, she rather b confused and then think n make a decision but who knows maybe she wont be the one realizing that nemo loves her maybe Zoheb will;) and then it will b interesting to watch what happens next. next week sees the return of uzair as well…so its going to be one major fun filled Durban trip :))


      • Willing to give naeem moola a chance to tell aara. But he doesn’t have to make Zoheb ๐Ÿ’• look bad. Aara can decide what she wants to do with nemo confession. I think zoheb already saw that nemo has feelings for aara. Yay for uzair. He is definitely on Zohebs side๐Ÿ˜Š


  6. Yess Nemo!! You liked her before Zoheb realised he liked her so You deserve this chance! If it doesn’t work out at least you tried! #teamNemo also Ziyaad is one of my Favs!! ๐Ÿ™‚ plus he said he doesn’t wanna do anything that’s going to hurt her so its cool! I’m with Nemo on this one!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ya go guuuuy go get yo gurrl.
    I’m looking forward the love “test”
    And oh my goshhhh zee and his pranks are too good

    Can’t wait for another post

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Yaayรฝyyy Zee u jus bcame my fan … thnx 4 encouragin Nemo 2 get his girl!!! All d best Nemo ,hpe everythn works out in ur favour*wink* #Team Nemo Always nd 4eva….


  9. Go go go nemo….. Best of luck. N Zee u are officially my next favorite character after Nemo. Big hug Zee. Lol finally a little hope again for nemo. But I’m not getting my hopes up too high. Nemo has been heartbroken already don’t want that again for him. Dear author plz be soft with nemo. Lol. Awesome post as always.


  10. Nice 4 the zoheb fans 2 feel Wat we felt 4 a loooong time now!hip hop hooray!well done shazia(just don’t hurt nemo again please)u the women of my heart @ the moment*wink*don’t get worried I love men also!hehe


    • I don’t think us zoheb fans are really worried of nemo being a threat, aara got what she wants at the moment and that’s all that counts and as for nemo he knows his friendship is more important than to try and hurt aara some more lol she will find out at some time wat zee and nemo caused and that would also make nemo as mean as Mari… Wats the difference between wat Mari did to nemo and wat nemo wants to do to zoheb??? Good luck my friend patient much and all zoheb haters… Lol every girl needs a boy best friend*wink*


  11. Well said;rums.. if nemo knew he loved aara before zoheb then for flips sake he had countless opportunities to tell.her. why beat around the bush and play games to ‘test’ zoheb and aaras has the right to do that;.def not in the name of fun..i doubt aara wil.find this funny when the sh*t hits the fan as it always does when you do something like this.. i just dont think its fair on zoheb since he had same uobringing as nemo but risr through the ashes like the phoenix lol.. n still had to endure the betrayal of his girl once before.. aara went through enough to.finally reach this stage of happiness..nemo needs to feel this pain..a lil hearbreak will only make him stronger..he needs to find his inner strength
    . 24 years old? Dude;too old to be playing games:p if u want a her. No need to mess around with ppls feelings.. and as much as maari was wrong in what she did; the truth is by calling aara;aara was able to help nemo or else who knows where nemo may have ended up..not condoning what she did but jus nemo fans always say the past is the past and i do hope nnemo finds his other half..or rather she finds nemo lol..jus hoping and praying this blog doesnt dissapoint with the “girl ends up.with best friend”ending..soo cliche..zoheb getting aara is refreshing from.that old story:) keep uup the good work shazia!


  12. bwahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahaha
    Seeing the other side of Zoheb fans are fun *explodes in laughter* feels nice neh? :p
    Lmaoooooo Uz going on like Nemo is gonna hurt Aara #Ripped he clearly said “I don’t wanna hurt her”!
    Oooh Yess Tas … Zeee is my becoming my favourite after nemo toooooooooo!! He’s soo cool and crazyyyy and he teams NemoOooooooo so thats bonus :)! “Ofcz its wnt help dumbass .. it will push her straight into Zohebs arms” #Ripped ๎’ ๎’ ๎’ lmaooo too funny!!
    Game On ๐Ÿ˜€ Nemo and Zee *whistles & cheers them* :p
    and Zee prank was funny even though they didn’t laugh it was hilarious hw scared he made them =))
    zoheb how cud you forget the jacket aara gave u ๐Ÿ˜‰ ? lack of love huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  13. Well said Haaj…*highfive* Nemo nd Zee u go guys!!!!
    Cnt waaiiittt for next post gna be sooooo exciittiiinnnn 2 see Nemo nd Zee in action!!! *happydance*


  14. Rums n xo – well said !!!
    N I doubt Zoheb leaving his jkt was lack of love – he actually went bak for Zaara !!! That’s true love now !!!!

    Hmmm Nemo … Not good , every1 has faults , n Aara can find out for herself — no1 is goin arnd n making ppl see ur faults *rolling eyes*………. They actually covering up for u !!

    Hope this so called ‘test’ just pushes her CLOSER to Zoheb *tongue* !!!!! Hahahahaha

    Team ZAARA !!!! All the way !!!
    Destiny @ its best …. Lol


  15. Every time I read lld n see That there’s gonna be a war between Nemo&&Zoheb!! N I see Zoheb im d lead…I comfort myself by thinking of a war between memom n surti!! no matter how by how much d surti is winning by =)) Memons never learnt how too loose =)) memons r kanjoos with their love n money….n pizza:-P noo offense to Memons n surti’s…im just one crazy nutcase who loves making fun of my own jaat=)) #MemonByHeartโ™กโ™ฅ


  16. @Mrs F *high five back at ya*

    @ Anon I put wink face =D it’s a joke for crying out loud =D Zoheb fans getting alll hyper =D relax your guyz tonsils =D zoheb loves her and it’s jus to add more fun to lld not a train smash yoh =D

    Bwahahhahahahahahaha :p this is tooo funny like chilll we’ve cried buckets for nemo this is nothing u going through =D now we can call urll Nemo haters coz uz going on like hes planning on poisoning Zohebs food or something =D relax and breathe :p


  17. Ummm..why are people so quick to pull the haters card..not one zoheb fan ever said anything remotely hateful about nemo, most actually wish him well.. noone wishes him ill or dead etc.. and noone is shouting here to relax our tonsils lol.. its just we dont feel its cool or funny ti play with peoples emotions orintefere in their relationship..theres cleaner waysof having fun.. yes, if he wants aara to know how he feels so she can mk a better informed choice, its as simple as telling her.. I jus dont like playing mind games..someone will get hurt regardless of the intention..anyway you can’t fight destiny.. zoheb and aara locket meeting =destiny.. zaara alllllll the way ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooooooooooh bhen :p you not a hater, you will only be one if Aara ends up with nemo Jokes =)) Erm what other word do I use? Nemo dislikers? okay I’ll say team Zoheb if that makes you happy apa khala bhen =)) and really relax your tonsils isn’t mean =D it’s just saying breathe, Calm down :p =D And if they do something funny jokingly no one will get hurt :/ unless Zoheb gets emo over jokes then I dnw hey ๐Ÿ˜ … lmaooooo when uzzi takes zohebs part then u happy so ofcz we gonna be happy with Zee taking Nemos part :p


  18. Sharp sharp haaj. We got the bashing first. N now wen the tables are turning then it ain’t so pretty anymore. Hey hey nemo haters….. Tk a chill. Nemo won’t hurt aara. But it is fair to giv him a chance. His mite not even get her still n U’s already up in arms. Hahaha. Lol. How’s that feeling?


    • Lol, we not feeling it ๐Ÿ™‚ whatever it is you felt when you were bashed lol. I doubt any zoheb fan is feeling bashed or fear him losing aara. We know they belong together..and we are all for nemo making his feelings known, just in a more reasonable, mature way.. someone is bound to get hurt when you do things like this even if you have good intentions.. anyway I just hope all ends well for everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yeaaah everyone laughs about Nemo fans being all ahem now it’s zoheb fans turn :p feeeeeeel it and let it go bruh :p lmaoooo if zoheb and aara end up together I’ll just comfort myself with #Ismail&Asmaโ™ฅ while I cry over Nemo :p


  19. I comment on this blog more than any other blog because i love it and the lessons we gain from it..its doesnt necessarily mean im feeling bashed if i do comnent. I mainly wanted to reiterate that playing with peoples relationshops and feelings is not cool. Just in case some creative folks want to try this at home:p i think the biggest lesson to take from nemo is if you love someone, tell them before its too late instead of waiting for the boat to pass and resorting to silly games..

    Liked by 1 person

    • @ xo ….. I’m with u ALL the way !!!!!

      Keep up the Zoheb spirit …….
      We wish well for all n just don’t wanna see Aara hurt anymore !
      Mind n emotion games aint gud @ all

      ” An intelligent person learns from their own mistakes, but a genius learns from the mistakes of others.”
      So Nemo – b a genius n learn from Maariah’s mistake …… No silly games

      Z A A R A !!! Foreva


  20. Zee is fulling tricks n loves getting everyone worked up.
    Zaara are so cute together, hope their love stands the test of Nemos test
    Wonder what Nemo is up to
    Btw Shazia wen is the next post?


  21. it seems nemo fans are still upset about what happened to them in the past ,lokl its the past get over it ,now its your time to be happy if you carry on like this you might miss the opportunity of seeing nemo trying to win aaras heart just like nemo missed the opportunity of saying his feelings to aara in the past *hugz & kisses to the nemo fans*
    i do not hate nemo i just think nemo and aara make good friends while zoheb and aara have more than that going on and it is still early stages you never know whats going to happen next
    once again good luck TEAM NEMO


    • Lmaooo elaborate abit more on the way we carrying on? Bcz the only thing I’m doing right now is laughing at Zoheb fans getting hyper over a joke that Nemo and Zee gonna pull *laughing loud*. Lmaooooooo I’m not upset with the past … I’ve cried over it and I’m over it … I mean Nemo himself said he’ll give up his happiness for hers so why should I go on about it? It’s just abit of hope for us thats all :p


  22. Jus gota say NEMO FANS i love u guys……
    @ Rums u got it wrong hey….we not upset nd neva wre, jus felt sad 4 our Nemo nd wat he had 2 go thru due 2 Zoheb snatchin his love*tongue out*
    we’ll NEVA miss d oppurtunity of seein Nemo tryin 2 get Aara bck nooo ways..not possible sorry nd we sooooooo happy bout wat Nemo is upto right nw ….cnt wait 2 see wat he got up his sleeve
    We dnt hate Zoheb either, we jus dnt ike him 4 Aara lol *wink*
    hugs n kisses bck at ya


  23. Zoheb and aara just have a sparkle about them , and they deserve to be together , nemo is just a good friend and he should realise that , be there for aara be happy for her , and move on with his life , team #zaara all the way


  24. Lol i had such a good laugh reading all these comments. I love the discussion it has brought up. Im wid nem0 all the way, hes just too good. Keep up the great work Shazia. Much appreciated.


  25. I have to share this with you guys lol I had the weirdest dream last night…it was about lld lol in it Laeeka had a boy baby and Zoheb cheated on Aara.hmm… Maybe I’m just over thinking. It was hilarious tho


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