Part 140 – Home is where the Heart is

As narrated by Aara:
aara home

To wake up at home was a feeling that I couldn’t put into words! I was soo excited! Everyone woke up for fajr and hopped straight back into bed after that!

We were tired, no doubt but 3 days in Durban was just too little time so I put on my tracksuit and tied my laces and as usual…my dad was warming up in the veranda.
daddys girl

My dad: bright and early sunshine:)

Me: (hugging my dad) haven’t jogged with you in ages dad and I wouldn’t miss it for the world

My dad: aww my have just grown up too fast

Me: getting soppy on me now daddy?

I smiled at my dad as he patted my head and then made me do a few warm up exercises before we hit the road. Durban air…that crisp sea breeze how I loved it!

After a 5km jog we were back home.

Me: YOU are getting old father

My dad: (giving me a light shot on my shoulder) old my foot…don’t let your mother hear that;)

Me: (I put my finger on my lips ) promise
…Dad can I borrow your car after I shower and change?

My dad: sure where do you want to go?

Me:(smiling a big gigantic smile) to see my Uzzi pops!

My dad: Aara you’re going to go wake him up so early!

Me: its Jummah dad I’ll need to be back before 12 so I’ll go have breakfast with Uzair

My dad: okay can take my car or I can drop you and when you done I’ll fetch you, your choice but parking on the beachfront is a bit of a nightmare

Me: love you daddy! I’ll go get ready!

And I showered and changed while Laeeka, Mari and Zainab snored away. I stood outside Zoheb and Immy’s room door and hesitated to open it. It would be rude to just barge in! Okay let me just peep and I tried the handle but it was locked! Agh! I was about to turn around and walk away when the door opened suddenly, starling me and the person who opened it!

Me: (whispering) Immy!

Immy: (yawning) Good morning Aara

Me: how did you ever hear me?

Immy: (yawning again) actually I woke up to go to the toilet so…(Rubbing his eyes) go right in I’ll be back in a bit

And he walked off. No, actually he walked straight into the toilet door! Then he gathered his bearings, opened the door and went in. I wouldn’t be surprised if he fell asleep inside there!

Zoheb was fast asleep. Awwww he looked even cuter when he was asleep. His mouth was slightly open and I couldn’t resist so I pulled out my phone and recorded as I …I shut his mouth with my finger…and it opened again…and again and again. I lifted his eyelids lol no luck he was so knocked out. Then I tickled the bottom of his nose and he sniffed in his sleep and rubbed his nose. I kissed him on his forehead and turned to go when….he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him.

Zoheb: (sounding so groggy) Assalaamualaikum Applepie

Me: (sitting next to him) Waalaikum salaam sleepyhead

Zoheb: hmmmm (he held my hand and seemed to drift off again)

And he was gone! I stared at him for a few seconds before I tucked him with his duvet and left the room.

My father dropped me outside Uzair’s apartment. I was always super excited to see him and as I got into the elevator I put a cloak over my clothes, a scarf and a pardah…Uzzi was in for a surprise :-p

And I knocked on the door…

Uzair:(opening the door) err, apa? Can I help you with something?

Me: (using sign language to show him that I wanted to come inside)

Uzair: Rrrright…. (Stroking his chin) Sorry, I think you got the wrong apartment.

Me: (shaking my head, then pointing my finger at him, then at me and joining my hands together)

Uzair: (his eyes going wide) Err, apa I think that’s really inappropriate! I err…. (Rubbing his neck) I’m married! So yeah…

Me: (I shook my head frantically and then did the most outrageous thing, I fell to the floor and grabbed his shoes!)

Uzair: Ya Allah! (Shaking his leg) Get off! Oh my god! (Trying to shut the door on me!) Get off me old lady!

Me: (pushing the door so it doesn’t close and howling loudly)

Uzair: (Backing up against the door to shut it) Why oh why does this shit happen to me?!

Silence for a few minutes…and then I slid a note under the door…”I’ve searched for you EVERYWHERE…ever since I saw you in India, I realised that you were my Shah Rukh and I am your Kajol”

Uzair: (reading the note) Hmm…. (His eyes opening in realization) Apaaa! (Opening the door and pulling the apa into his arms) Where have you been all my life Kajol?

Me: no man!! How did you guess so quickly!

Uzair: (raising his eyebrows like it isn’t obvious) which other lunatic is going to dress up like that and act like a crazy person with a crazier obsession with Shah Rukh? (Smirking)

Me: (laughing…) Errr point noted! (taking the parda off and hugging Uzair) Couldn’t breathe in there man!

Uzair: From no scarf to parda over night. Talk about being holy Aarooo (squeezing me to himself) How you been?

Me: Never been better actually…I might just die in this happiness since you’re squishing the air out of my lungs!

Uzair: You and your big mouth! I missed you cuzzy, so let me enjoy squishing you!

Me: So good to hear that from your mouth! So good to be missed! (Hugging Uzzi tighter) I missed you toooo! Now give me some food already kiddo coz I’m starving!

Uzair: (laughing) I know right! I’m probably the only person that will ever miss you (winking) Everyone else probably gets happy when you leave (roaring with laughter) I cooked some pasta for later. Want that?

Me: (pouting) Awwww…breaking my heart I tell you. Errrr….you cooked? Right. Can I rather have a can of fish or something:-p

Uzair: (his hand over his heart) OUCH! My cooking is actually amazing! You learn a lot while you travel. So no can food for you missy!

Me: (grinning) okay okay…peace (pulling Uzair’s cheeks) I’d love to try your hand food… (Fake tears) My Uzzi can cook… (Sniff) you’re all grown up!

Uzair: Oh Ms. dramatic! … Or should I say MRS dramatic now that you and Zoo are together. (winking and laughing to himself)

I took off my cloak and made myself comfortable at Uzair’s table.

Me: It’s so unbelievable…I mean there’s a whole new step of life in front of me and to think Uzair, it’s like just yesterday that we were kids.

Uzair: Yesterday? Aara you still are a kid! (laughing like he said the funniest thing ever)

Me: (laughing at Uzair laughing) Youuuu!

Uzair: Meeee! (Laughing) All I’m saying is if you were a grown woman you would not be playing charades in cloak and parda!

Me: (clicking my tongue) I had to get you how! Can’t be boring…but the look on your face (busting) was priceless!!!

Uzair: Eh seriously! I thought some weird aunty was coming to propose! (Running his fingers through his hair)

Me: (torn with laughter) You called me an OLD lady!! Uzair, the way in which you shook your leg and how you closed the door! (Almost falling off the stool) you were shit scared!

Uzair: Who wouldn’t be?! I know I said I wanted to get married… But not to one freaky apa kinda person that shows up at my door step (shaking his head and laughing)
(Leaning his head to one side) By the way… You haven’t said anything about my place? What do you think?

Me: (getting off the stool) So far so good. I’m loving the sleek modern look of it all. Be kind and give me a tour so I can comment on the rest of it

Uzair: You want a tour of my teeny tiny apartment?

Me: Oh it’s not teeny tiny, it’s yours! And I want to see everything please (batting my eyelashes)

Uzair: Well mi lady, this is my amazing kitchen where I burn all kinds of things (smiling warmly) Over here is the lounge, breath taking view of the beach! To the side we have the door to my balcony where I have a very lonesome breakfast. To the other side is the door to my bedroom. Come. And it all looks sleek because dearest Nuha furnished this place. (Leading me out his room) Here’s the guest bedroom so if you or Zoo or Nemo or anyone ever needs a place to crash my house is always open! That’s about it really.

Lonesome…I stood still in the passage and looked at him…

Uzair: Do NOT look at me with pity Aara.

Me: (still looking at him in that way) Are you okay?

Uzair: (sighing) Yes. No. I dunno (shrugging his shoulders). I’m not not okay but… (Leaning against the wall) I just don’t stick around here. I always keep moving. I can’t stick around here.
Well… At least not until I find a bichari nice wife (wink)

Me: (leaning against the wall across him, and taking in a deep breath) you don’t need a bichari, and wherever she is she won’t be a bechari. She will be the luckiest woman alive…to have her taqdeer written with yours (tears filling in my eyes) because she doesn’t know yet…what a gem you are and how pure that heart of yours is (tears now falling from my eyes)

Uzair: Aara no don’t cry! Not for me at least. I didn’t want this pity I was just.. You know… Speaking my mind.

Me: I could never pity you Uzair…(Still crying) but I know what it feels like…to be alone especially after loving someone…come here (hugging Uzair and still crying)

Uzair: (tightening his grip around me) Don’t hold onto the past Aara. You’ve got Zoo now. Don’t let the past drag you down. You’re a fighter. You found love. It gives me hope that I will find someone someday

Me: I can’t see you like this…

Uzair: (smiling) I’m not always like this. Only with people I trust. And I trust you Aara to keep this to yourself… Please

Me: (nodding and holding Uzair’s face, a few tears still escaping my eyes) may Allah give you more happiness than you can contain…more love than you ever wished for and give you someone who understands your every heartbeat. (holding his hand against his heart) because I know…and one day she will know the value of this (gently tapping his hand against his chest)

Uzair: (shaking his head in disbelief) What on Earth do I do with you Aara… You worry too much! Ameen to all of that madame. Now no more crying (wiping away the tears) okay? In time I’ll find someone and I’ll be sure she passes the Aara test! (wink)

Me: (nodding again and laughing a little while sniffing) okay…but…I’m here okay. Anytime, anywhere…I’ll coming running or flying or whatever…but I’ll be there

Uzair: (smiling a lopsided smile) Thank you Aara. For coming here, for listening, for making dua for my amazing dream wife! (winking and laughing)

Me: (linking my arm in his) always a pleasure…let’s christen that balcony and eat outside together

Uzair: Ill cook us up something AMAZING it will blow you away (breaking out into a full smile). Wanna help?

Me: Ooo pasta AND something else…defo bro..and I can fill in you in on the latest while we’re cooking…(Laughing) I still can’t believe you can cook!

Uzair: No mushy details about your love life though ok I’m warning you now…. Err… Aara. Just to get an idea… how experienced are you in the kitchen? (Raising an eyebrow)

Me: oh you’re cute! I’ve been living alone for almost five years dude..I can cook;)

Uzair: Well just in case your skills have a malfunction today (slipping an apron on) I’m protecting my white shirt!

Me: THIS I gotto have!!! (And I whipped out my cellphone and clicked a pic)

Uzair: (striking a pose) I know. I’m just THAT hot!

Me: (laughing out loud) smmmmokiiing hot! Now give me an apron too please. Don’t wanna be going back to my Zoheb all dirty. I didn’t even tell anyone that I was coming you know, well except for my dad. The rest of them are probably still sleeping

Uzair: All your excuses… We all know you didn’t want to share me with everyone (winking) that’s why you came alone. (Laughing)

Me: that’s also true(blowing a kiss to Uzair) but seriously…we got in like really late last night and my bones are actually sore from all that climbing in Draks (washing my hands and putting on the apron) You remember Ziyaad?

Uzair: Ziyaad… (Stroking his chin) Hmm… Name rings a bell but you’ll have to jog my memory doll.

Me: That friend of ours man…Nemo and I were in school with him and he used to come home sometimes during the holidays. Oh wait wait, now you’ll def remember. The day you and I went to watch Deep Blue Sea and I told you this is my friend Ziyaad…THAT Ziyaad who came flying down the escalator in Gateway and all my milkshake fell on his face?? Remember?

Uzair: Why do you make me remember people through their most embarrassing moments (laughing hysterically) THAT dude!

Me: (laughing thinking about Ziyaad’s face splattered with milkshake) because it’s no fun otherwise;) so we stayed with him in Drakensburg at this huuuuge mansion…and sooo much happened! What are we making anyway? Because you’re not letting me do anything!

Uzair: (looking down at the pepper he was chopping) Stir fry! It’s quick and easy (winking) here you can cut this! Sounds like you guys had a blast of a time.

Me: (cutting the pepper) we did! But not without a good dose of drama (and I filled him in on the whole Maariah thing in one breath) and…I also told Nemo… Finally… I took your advice and I told him

Uzair: (eyes wide in shock) WHAT?! WHEN?!

Me: I think it was the night after we reached Draks. Ziyaad passed a comment that Nemo and I were childhood sweethearts etc. etc. and how there was no place for a third person, and it really hurt Zoheb and I realised then that I was wrong, not Zoheb not Nemo, I was wrong so the right thing to do was to tell him and tell everyone.

Uzair: (taking in a sharp breath) Poor Zoo man! And poor Nemo… And why the hell are you only telling me NOW??

Me: (covering my mouth) I forgot. (Laughing) couldn’t get a chance to skype after that coz we were climbing mountains but yeah…the cat is out of the bag. The cat being me I guess (confused look) and he was, happy for me. (Looking down)

Uzair: (looking at me long and hard. Opening his mouth to say something but shutting it just as quickly) Come. No more boy talk. Let’s cook!

Me:(grinning at Uzair) done! You do however have to join us on our 3 day partyyyyy

Uzair: Excuse me?! What??

Me: Not excuse me what…you heard right the first time. (pinching Uzair). Make it sharp now my tummy is growling like a starving wolf from Alaska!

Uzair: Well if you stop abusing me maybe I could cook! Now what party are you on about??

Me: (laughing and poking Uzair with a fork) This leg of our roadtrip Uzzzzziiii! We are spending the next 3 days including today in Durban. I’d love for you to join us, if you can’t give me all 3 days then at least some time from each day?

Uzair: (running his fingers through his hair) I’ll try Aara. I’m a little tied up… But I’ll try okay?

Me: A try is good enough for me because your try is mostly a yes :-p (side hugging Uzair) That looks good! And it smells great too! (Rubbing my hands together) and it looks done too!

Uzair: Attack my food why don’t you! (laughing) No promises A. I’ll try

Me: (dishing out ) Can’t talk now… Red alert starvation mode!

Uzair: (rolling his eyes) Drama queen! See my food IS good!

Me: (chuckling as I made myself comfortable in Uzair’s balcony) Your food…is deeeelicious! Either that or my tummy is just being grateful for whatever its getting to eat (busting)

Uzair: Its delicious (laughing) Not being conceited. Just honest (winking)

Me: (smiling warmly at Uzair) it is…you know it’s true what they say…home is where the heart is…and being here in Durban, eating a home cooked meal by my favourite cousin, watching this gorgeous ocean in front of us…it’s so good to be home!

Uzair: So move back then… Not that I’m around much here, but who knows, when I find my wifey we can double date (laughing hysterically)

Me: Ha ha I don’t have to move here to double date (blushing) besides, I can’t leave Joburg now.

Uzair: Have you.. Err.. Discussed your ‘future’ with Zoheb? Or is it still too soon?

Me: Isn’t Zoheb supposed to do that?

Uzair: There’s no handbook to how relationships work Aara. You got to go with your gut. If you WANT to discuss the future, bring it up. If not (shrugging his shoulders) then no biggie.

Me: (laughing) not not not…definitely not…that I will leave for him to do although I know that he’s not just “trying” this relationship. It’s more than that and who knows (sitting against the chair) maybe I will get married sooner than I thought

Uzair: (choking on his food) (spluttering) I’m sorry (coughing) what?!

Me: (l looked at Uzair in shock and passed him some water) It sounded that bad?

Uzair: Bad?? No way doll! I’m just…. Shocked. (Taking a long look at me) You’ve really fallen in love. I’m so proud of you Aara

Me: (blushing ) the last time we chatted…on skype when I said that I’m allergic to the “M”word…a lot changed since then. I got really scared while climbing the chain ladder and I froze and Zoheb he just…he just left everything and he climbed with me…he spoke to me to keep my mind off the height and he…Uzair…he’s something else. I realised then that he loves me so much and I feel as though I’m not scared anymore to love him right back

Uzair: (breaking into a wide goofy smile) Aaaroooooo!!!!! I can so hear them wedding bells ringing! (Laughing) I better be the best man or whatever you call it!

Me: (laughing and sort of springing up) excuse me best men are from the grooms side you my dear are from the brides side so you have to be my bridesmaid :-p look at us! Wedding, best man, wedding bells!

Uzair: Your big blue backside I’m your brides maid! Pff! Over my dead body. Well we shall ‘invent’ a best man for the bride’s side (winking) everyone must just deal with it!

Me: (ripped) last time I checked, my backside was neither blue nor big! You will be my best man and one of my witnesses. And if I have my way it will be a small intimate nikaah. Don’t want the frilly drills and stage and all that nonsense.

Uzair: No frilly drills eh? (Laughing) We’ll see what your mother has to say to that! With the amount of people she knows, and her love for inviting people over your wedding will be HUGE!

Me: (cringing) that’s another thing! Well, we will see what happens…I’m actually getting cold feet now (laughing) and you know…

And then my phone rang…I showed the screen to Uzair with a smirk, ‘wanna answer?’

Uzair's Creation

Uzair’s Creation

aah Durban...

aah Durban…

Jointly Written With Pleasure by the Authors of Doad and LLD 🙂

****Thank You Dubaingirl *tightest hugs****


11 thoughts on “Part 140 – Home is where the Heart is

  1. Been ages that I havnt commentd… Ms dubain I miss your blog a lot!! Havnt found a blogger as dedicatd as you yet.. Lld is verrry close tho 😛 ookkkaay jst a small sugestion… A plot twist…urrm zaheer dies frm a car crash leavn yasmeen heart broken n uzzi comes n marries her n gvs the child a fathers name?? Urm he also gets his love after all … Wat say??

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Plz with a cherry on the top let aara marry zoheb. Why does it have to be that just when she’s happy with zoheb, nemo now wants to come in between. When she loved him, he didn’t like her. He put her through hell and nw when she’s finally getting happiness, he wants to rob her of it. If he can’t give her happiness, that doesn’t mean don’t he must give her grieve… aara and zoheb!!!! Best couple ever:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That apa prank on uzzzzziiiii was toooo goood #Ripped
    He was so bung =D Eh Aara and her pranks are too coool :p
    Awwwwwww Uzziiiiiiiii you’ll get ur cute wifey soon :p
    Uzziiii even said Nemo can use his flat? Aww uzzi so you don’t
    hate nemo after all :p Uzziiiiiiiii can cook and I can’t even cook =D
    He even wears an apron soooooo cuteable :p
    Did aara just record Zoo snoring? #Ripped  
    Haaai Aara is thinking of her wedding with Zoo -_- not cool :p


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