Part 141- When Uzair gets Zoheb…

As narrated by Uzair:

Aara’s smirk said it all! And naturally…I would love to answer THIS call!

Me: (putting on a worried voice) hello
Omygod..Its… Its… Its Aara. She’s ohmygod

Zoheb: Uzair? (His voice panic stricken) what happened to Aara????

Me: Zoo. Its bad. She’s doubled over on the floor. I dunno what to do!

Zoheb: call an ambulance quickly…and give me your address I’ll be there now!

Me:( yeah right) i don’t have a homeline! And… My phone got no airtime. Ohmygod? Zooo what am I going to do?!

Zoheb:(sounded like he was getting angry) you just left her lying there like that?? Use her phone to call an ambulance!

Me: I have a phobia against people vomiting violently! Just now ill start vomiting and then… It’ll be nasty!
Err… I dont have the number for an ambulance

Zoheb: look I just left the house I didn’t tell anyone please just give me your address!

Me:(wanting to irritate him further) Somewhere by the beach… I just moved here so… Im not tooo sure where I live

Zoheb: UZAIR!! How do I find “somewhere on the beach”??? Go outside and tell me what’s the name of your building!

Me: (sighing dramatically) you JUST said I mustn’t leave her so i cant just leave! Drive up and down the beach road and Ill wave from my balcony okay?

LOL!! I couldn’t believe that I just said that! I could almost picture Zoo driving up and down the beach road with his head out the window!

Zoheb: Uzair you know I…(Grunting) fine!

Me:(desperately trying not to laugh)fine? I’m sorry what?

Zoheb: I can’t believe you kassum! Just stand outside I’m nearing the beachfront

Me: People will think im crazy if I stand outside like a lunatic! (Crumpling paper) i think the line is breaking up (crumpling it again) Zoo.. (Crumple)

Zoheb: no no no…what colour is your building??

Me: Byeee Zoheb. (Cutting the call and Erupting into laughter) Aara lemme go find your poor souled boyfriend. Poor guy. I’ll be back in a jiffy

Aara: (bursting with laughter) it was so hard to keep it all in!!! I know I know Uzair..when he comes up tell him you think the neighbour took me to the hospital and you dono which neighbour or which hospital! Good luck with keeping a straight face

Me: Aara! (Laughing) You’re so bad! Fine I’ll tell him that BUT as soon as he starts ranting and shouting me you come and show him that the love of his life is well and alive (winking and leaving the apartment)

I stood outside my building and sure enough Zoheb was zooming past! This was so ridiculous but nonetheless I waved both my hands until he saw me!

Zoheb:(getting off the car hurriedly) where is she????

Me: upstairs duh! I got the neighbour to keep an eye on her

Zoheb: (grinding his teeth) why couldn’t you just take her in your car??

Me: Dude. Phobia. Vomiting. I told you that on the phone!

Zoheb: for your best cousin???? Come
come now take me to your flat quickly

Me: (stepping out the lift) There’s my apartment door

Zoheb:(trying the door but it was locked) well? Open the door!

Me: You’re with my Aara and you cant even open a door (laughing fiddling with the door) Ta-raa! Thats how you open a door zooo

Zoheb: your Aara? That’s why you couldn’t even help her! Dude whatever (barging in) Aara???

Me: (chuckling to myself) I told you. Vomit and me is a NO NO

Zoheb: (getting more and more annoyed) Uzair where is Aara?

Me: (pretending to look shocked) wait what? She’s not here? I guess Rita took her to the hospital (shrugging my shoulders)

Zoheb: (shouting) who the hell is Rita??

Me: why do you keep shouting. Chillll. Relax. Rita is my neighbour man

Zoheb: (his hands on his head and breathing out) what’s Rita’s number? (Taking out his phone)

Me: (shrugging my shoulders again) Beats me. I don’t even know if she has a phone

Zoheb: (clenching his fists in anger) how are we going to know where Aara is or if she is okay? Which is the closest hospital to your place?

Me:(wanting to burst) Uffft Zoo! How does Aara deal with you! You ask so many questions! How about this. You use mufti google to answer all your questions while i go lie down. You made my head spin

Zoheb: (shocked) you’re going to lie down? While Aara is missing????

Me: Shes your girlfriend not mine (laughing)

Zoheb: (completely bewildered) she’s your COUSIN! And you guys are SO close!! (Looking around) wait…you said she vomitted all over…(Raising his eyebrow) I don’t see anything?

Me: (eyes going wide) Uhh… Maybe she cleaned it up. Or Rita cleaned it up! Yeah!

Zoheb: (shocked again) you made her clean up after herself in THAT condition? What is wrong with you man? (Holding Uzair by his collar)

Me:( uh uh Zoo NOT the collar!) Oh how I wish Aaaaraaaaa was here. Because Aaraaaaa would shout at you for hurting me. Aaaaraaaa!!

Zoheb: (getting irritated) Aara would definitely be very disappointed in YOU! And you are NOT going to lie down YOU are coming with me to look for her!

Me: uff…. FINEEE! Zoo fetch me my shoes from my room.

Zoheb: (eyes wide open) are you for REAL??? Go get your own shoes!

Me: Its sooo far man. Please please pleaaasee

Zoheb: (grabbing my collar again) ENOUGH!

Me: Now now Zoo, if AARAAA were here would she approve of you holding me by the collar?

Zoheb: (letting go off my collar) I’m sorry dude…it’s just…she’s not just my girlfriend she’s my life…you have no idea what’s going through my mind and heart right now

Aara stood behind Zoheb and put her finger on her lips…
And motioned for me to make him go on..

Me: Zoo…. I’ll get my shoes and we’ll go find Aara

Zoheb: thanks bro…(Turning and aara turning to stay behind him) I cannot bear the thought of losing her or anything at all happening to her…(Shouting from the lounge) dude did you find your shoes or did you go to buy new shoes?

Zoheb had his back towards the table and Aara was now sitting on the table-right behind him

Me: (shouting from my room) Err…. Yeah gimme a sec! Make your self at home

Zoheb: (mumbling to himself) make yourself at home…hurry up Uzair!

Me: Yeah yeah (coming out of his room) Which shoe matches? (Holding up two) black? Or grey?

Zoheb: (stumped) UNBELIEVABLE!!!! You’re worried about which shoes will match!! We have an EMERGENCY!

Me: BROO! I’m Uzair Bobat. I can NOT walk out the house looking like a clown.

Zoheb:(throwing his hands up in the air) forget it I’m outta here I’ll find her myself!

And as Zoheb took a step forward to go, Aara hooked his shirt with Uzairs hanger:-p.

Zoheb: what the..

Me: And I am out of here! Have fun you love birds (winking)

Aara: ayyayyyay wait Uzair!

Me: GEeeeeeee

Zoheb: Aara!! (Hugging Aara) you’re okay? Wait…you’re okay? (Looking at me) Uzair….

Me: (Bursting into continuous laughter) it was..(And I burst out laughing again)

Zoheb: you two!! (Shaking his head) very funny! Very very funny!

Aara: (poking Zoheb) you hashed my Uzair!

Me:(chipping in) Oh the way you were shouting at me! (laughing) it felt like you were my father man! Eish! Aara your children will be scared of Zoo

Zoheb: (grinning) I’m sorry Uzair…for shouting and for grabbing your collar…now you see what happens to me when anything happens to her? (Side hugging Aara) and fyi…you will have some good stories to tell OUR children (kissing aaras forehead)

Aara looked at me wide eyed

Me: Yeah you stretched my t shirt. Aara tell your hot shot boyfriend he owes me a new t shirt (smirking)

Aara: don’t let him get away cheap…we’ll take him on a shopping spree and max out his credit card;) (walking over to me) I need to get going though bro (hugging me and whispering in my ear) he said children!!!

Me: (looking at her sarcastically) No duh! What else are you going to have? Baby lizards?! (Shaking my head) Talk to him Aaroo (hugging her back)

Aara: (biting her lip and smiling) bye Uzair…I’ll see you tomorrow

Zoheb: (shaking Uzairs hand) make maaf again bro…

Aara: very cute Zoheb first you rattle him and then you ask for maaf

Zoheb:(embarassed) Aara…

Me: (laughing) Its all fine Zoo! You just keep her safe. See you later Aaroo

And they both walked out of my apartment hand in hand. They really were the cutest, and I had no doubt that Zoheb would hold her close to his heart. This was Aara we were talking about! She deserved the moon and the stars after all she went through, and I was just hoping Zoheb would give it to her.


As narrated by Zoheb:

I had the biggest smile on my face watching her pick a whole lot of different cakes and pastries and chatting with the staff. We were at Bread Ahead, and she was choosing everyones favourite!

Looking at this happy,beautiful, energetic woman…I couldn’t believe that she loved me. And overwhelmed with this feeling, I gently slipped my hand into hers. Just perfect.

Aara: (to the teller) what’s my damage?

The teller: (smiling) your husband has already taken care of it mam

Aara: my hus..? Ohhh…(Looking at me…her face turning pink)

That’s it. This is what I wanted. For the rest of my life.

I suppose because we haven’t spoken about it before, considering our relationship is still so new and fresh, Aara didn’t know how to react to the words ” our children” and “your husband” and she looked extremely cute just caught off guard like that!

When we got back into my 4×4, she made me put everything into the backseat except for a smaller cake box that she held in her hand.

Aara: Do we need to go home right now?

Me: (with an amused look on my face) err..I don’t know…would your parents be upset if we don’t?

Aara: I don’t think so…my father dropped me off by Uzair so..

Me:( trying to suppress a smile) but they don’t know that you’re with me now…

Aara: ummm (hesitating)…

Me: ummmmmm?

Aara: do you want to go back home now?

Me: (finally letting out the smile that I was trying to hide)my home is wherever you are…so…where do you wanna go love?

I think I took her by surprise with that line because her face turned pink again..

Aara: (smiling a soft,warm and subtle smile ) I want to show you something…
zoheb home


Jointly written by the authors of DOAD and LLD:) bringing us to the end of our LLD weekend special. Have a great week ahead!

Much Love,



29 thoughts on “Part 141- When Uzair gets Zoheb…

  1. OMW OMW OMW LMAO this post was tooooo goood! #Ripped
    I loved how Uzzi annoyed Zoheb =D #Hilarious
    Thumbs up dubain and lld authornesses :p
    As for the aara and zoo’s future :/ Nah man ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    The best was Uzzi which shoes black or grey #Ripped
    I can read this post just to laugh again =)))
    This prank was toooo coool ๎’ ๎’ ๎’ ๎’ ๎’ ๎’ ๎’


  2. Surprise post! Yayyyy!!!!!!! *dancn up n down*
    LoL uzzi n aara r too much! Poor zoo,dryv up n down d beachfront =)) awwww n zoo says thee most adorable things!!!


  3. Lol lol lol … Uzair ur sense of humour is brilliant .
    Cnt stop laughing, u actually stood outside &

    “Our children” “your husband”…he’s getting there Aara ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So sweet 2c Aara all so pink;)))โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜
    Woooo a treat in the small box 4rm bread ahead…yummy


  4. For days and days I’ve been a silent reader, but 2day, I was overly excited . .

    Ms LLD, ur story is honeslty one of a kind and full of humour,suprise,tears and memories!totally in love with ur Blog and My Zoheb!โ™ก #Hands_off_Him #TeamZohebAlways ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ms DOAD!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ felt so good seeing ur name mentioned ๐Ÿ˜€ DOAD is one of the best blogs ever! Hope u well ๐Ÿ™‚ Let Zaheer know he was always ours ๐Ÿ˜› out of sight, but not out of mind ๐Ÿ˜‰ #LoverOfZedz ๐Ÿ˜›

    ุฌูŽุฒูŽุงูƒูŽ ุงู„ู„ู‡ู ุฎูŽูŠู’ุฑู‹ุง for co-writing ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m sure u’z had fun writing these posts.. We definitely enjoyed reading them.. Hope we get more co-joined post ๐Ÿ˜€ Love u both โ™ฅ #Zaheer & Zoheb lol..


  5. Hey patient much! We can’t! Nemo still has to get on the jet ski! I know how feel! Every time I read bout zoheb and Aara my heart just brakes! Sometimes I feel like just giving up on reading LLD! But I can’t do that to our lovely author! @ Dubain I really loved ur blog and looked forward to it like how I look forward to LLD but have to be honest was very disappointed with the ending! Was team Yasmin and Uzair and now team nemo and Aara forever!! Also want to say thank you Dubain and Shazia for really making us laugh and for taking us in to another world! Love u guys! Keep up the good work


  6. lmaoo SK! I’m the same like you, just lld is too addictive that’s why I won’t stop but with gujii girl I stopped commenting and I’ll read only if my sister says did u read gujii girl then I go read otherwise, I don’t read. We take blog heart breaks to a different level :p


  7. don’t give up nemo fans we need to over throw dis author n get nemo back into action….love nemo n aara n won’t give up..doad cum on give us some nemo power….uzzi go find Ur love n leave nemo n aara alone….nemo n aara plzzzzz


  8. Big hug to u Haaj! @ Dubain u owe us one by not letting uzair n Yasmin be together now we counting on u to help get nemo and Aara together!(wink) I know u a zoheb fan


    • That’s for sure becoz it is my blog after all. Depression or not, I’m shocked at the total lack of respect from one human being to another. She’s just 1 tho- really tired of the bashing tho, don’t think that I deserve it.
      While we r on the topic, even the fact that I’ve cut down to two posts a week has put me on the receiving end of many pplz side comments yet both posts put together is more than many many or even any other bloggers entire week of posting.
      I put my all into writing a proper post, given the fact that I have a business to run and have commitments towards my family but unfortunately it isn’t good enough and ppl seem to forget that blogging is my escape and my leisure and pleasure.

      Some actually make me feel like crap. If they r so upset with certain things in the story line maybe they should start writing a story and all of us will comment?

      Live and let live. Being passionate about a story is one thing but being vindictive and nasty is another. I’m not aiming this to any1 in particular so please…

      Thanks SK for that much needed hug:)


  9. Oopz Maaaaaaaf shaz *covering face*
    I really didn’t mean anything bad *lowering head*
    and I beyond love lld even tho
    I’m on the the other team I still love lld!
    omw I feeel so bad! please make me maaf!
    much love *hugz*!! maaaaf again….

    @S.K hugs back at you. btw I was team Zah in dubain :p


  10. And we love u too! ( group hug) # shazia, haaj and me! Let’s meet at bread head for some comfort food! Shazia for been bashed and haaj n I for nemo# lol! Meet ur at midnite!


  11. Even better! I was just thinking if ms Dubain paired uzair and Yasmin at least he would have been busy with Yasmin rather than pushing aara away frm nemo ! What do u say shazia ms Dubain should take some bashing too! Lol


    • Naa u gotto look at it from Uzairs pov. Here’s this guy who’s got this lovable awesome cousin Aara and he knows everything tht has gone on in her life n everything she’s been thru n she comes up n tells him abt this charming guy who’s swept her off her feet. So, he can c that she’s happy right and naturally wud want her to follow the course of her happiness other than being caught up in sumtin toxic from her past. If Aara was ur sister n u cud c how happy she is with Zoo and u know what she went thru wid Nemo- u wud want her to be with who she’s happy with and who u kno has it in them to look after her even tho she doesn’t need it I mean she can take care of herself but..u kno what I mean. Human nature, we want what’s best for us and what’s best for those who we luv, where ever there’s less risk and less chance of being hurt. Call it a safe haven perhaps but that’s the way that our minds work. Yeah if Aara was like 18 or 19 then maybe she too wud take the risk but she’s 24, she’s already seen a lot of life n so has Uzair


  12. Poor Zoheb !!!! They really testing his love …. But he’s soo sincere that he’s passing with flying colors !! Yippeee ……
    Hope nemo’s prank just makes every1 see how much he loves Aara n how they r destined to b together ….

    They will spend their LIFE together,because
    They LOVE each other and
    That’s their DESTINY (Destiny is what’s meant to be, what’s written in the stars, your inescapable fate.)

    Aara n zoheb 2getha 4eva !!!


  13. oops realy sorry shazia didn’t mean overthrow in dat sense meant like try n get more of nemo n aara…realy sorry..pls make Ur blog …n u rite I Cudnt b able to better Ur fantastic work…realy sorry n hugs…


  14. The commentz r a blog on itz own lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ ….Haaj n Gang r to cool with the comments
    this blog is way to awsme …..
    just love the teamimg up LLD & DOAD totally awsme

    keep up the good wrk ms authoress



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