Part 142- Everything is Fair in Love and War

As narrated by Nemo:

I sat outside and stared at the little pond…our pond and remembered the last time that we had sat here together.

It was two days before we left for Jhb, before we took the next big step of our lives and thinking back at that day now…I realised that she was trying to tell me something…

Aara: so, (crossing her legs and sitting down next to me)..aren’t you going to throw in a five rand today?

Me: (grinning at her) for you to take it?

Aara: (acting shocked) me?? Why would I take your five bux dude!

Me: (laughing) well you’ve been doing it for years!

Aara: and you’ve only realised it now! (And she burst out laughing) they weren’t all in vain though you know…initially I used to spend it I mean hello I was what..9 years old! But after that I kinda saved them for you…

Me: you saved them for me?

Aara: (smiling at me) aha

Me: so where is it…(Nudging her) give me back my money woman!

Aara: oh shut up man.. wait here

And she went into the house and came back…with a book in her hand

Me: all those five rands turned into a book?

Aara: (rolling her eyes) I saved them all up and bought you this (handing the book to me)

Me: (holding the book in my hand) Our Scrapbook (turning the first page) hey! This is our first day at school! (Smiling warmly) and this is the time you knocked my tooth out!

Aara: (smiling) it was an accident…(Pointing at a picture) remember this?

Me: (smiling at the picture that she was pointing at) how could I forget…

Aara: well, this is the reason why I’m giving you this…so you don’t forget…ever

Me: (turning the pages) where’s the rest of the pictures?

Aara: it’s for our memories yet to come..that’s IF you don’t launch me when we go to Jhb!

Me: Aara…never..ever (my hand on my heart) you and me…(Squeezing her hand) we have too much behind us to ever forget each other

Aara: so we will always be together?

Me: always

Aara: promise?

Me: I promise…

And then she took out a five rand and tossed it into the pond.

Aara: I wish that Naeem keeps his promise because if he doesn’t..

Me: if I don’t…

Aara: then…

Me: then…?

Aara: (hesitating) then my heart will break…

And she looked at me…and the way in which she looked at me was just…for the first time it made me feel conscious of myself infront of her…there was something else in her eyes..something that I hadn’t seen before but couldn’t possibly be I mean..we were friends and I didn’t…I didn’t feel that way about her…and I was really looking forward to getting to jhb and starting my new life…no..maybe I’m just reading too much into things..

But I did forget. And I broke her heart…

Zee: (snapping me out of my thoughts) planning on going for a swim?

Me: (raising my eyebrow) dude this is a frikking pond!

Zee: (sitting down next to me) exactly! But you’re looking at it so intently I thought know..I mean it is YOU after all!

Me: very funny Zee boy

Zee: (taking out some papers from his pocket) yeah yeah

Me: and this?

Zee: this…my brother from another the jetski!

Me: I don’t follow…that doesn’t look like a jetski to me bro

Zee: oh God Nemo! I was rummaging through some of our stuff today and I found these…

Me: (looking at the papers) this is Aara’s handwriting…

Zee: a 6 year old list of her likes and dislikes and well ofcourse I tweaked it a bit;)

Me: (laughing to myself) ” the colour yellow on a guy annoys me to bits”…she actually wrote this?

Zee: (grinning slyly) yup

Me: bro we can’t use this…6 years is a long time, lots of things change and besides it’s just wrong!

Zee: (taking the papers from my hand) fine suit yourself…ultimately it boils down to Aara or no Aara and well I guess you’ve made your choice

I looked at him…then I looked at the pond..then at the papers in his hand and I stood up

Zoheb and Aara aren’t married and honestly, I think that Aara is in “love” with the idea of Zoheb and he does all these things for her so yeah, I think that she probably just fell for all of that. I don’t think that she really truly loves him.
I took out a five rand, closed my eyes and threw it into the pond…and I took the papers from Ziyaad’s hand.

After all, everything is fair in love and war..

As narrated by Sahal:

How do these people just make themselves so comfortable in someone elses house? I don’t mean it in a bad way at all but really…it hasn’t even been 24 hours since they are here and if you saw them right now, you woud swear they’ve been here for years!

They reminded me of…my sister!! Who by the way left me a long list of things to do, while she is no where to be seen!

The girls were helping my mother in the kitchen, Nemo,Ziyaad and Arshad were setting the lunch table and Riza and Imraan were doing something to my fathers car! I’m so sure that I heard the words “turbo charged” and ” modify” when I walked past them. *sigh* my father is getting older but he thinks he’s still 21!

I strolled into the kitchen and plonked myself onto a chair while I took in the sight infront of me. My mother going crazy preparing a feast for atleast fifty people and the girls giggling with her as they helped. Maybe they were laughing at the lettuce or carrots of whatever!

As I took the first sip of my juice, the phone rang and seeing that no one made an attempt to answer it and I hate answering the house phone..I hesitated but picked up,hoping upon hope that it wasn’t my mothers aunt Farida because she would go on and on about everything besides what she called to talk about!

Me: (picking up the receiver) the number you have dialed does not exist…never did exist and will never exist..please don’t try again

And I hung up. I grinned to myself, assuming that no one had heard me when I got a hard shot on my head with a dishcloth!

My mum: (eyes wide open) SAHAL!

The girls were torn with laughter!

My mum: (trying not to laugh) check the call log and see who it was! And don’t ever do that again!

I nodded. But I really wanted to laugh!

As I was about to check the call log, the phone rang again and I answered as absolutely politely as I could…

Me: Assalaamualaikum, Good Morning, Goeie More, Namaste,Vannakum, have reached the Ismail residence how may I help you?

My mothers mouth hung open! Classic!!
And I shouted…

Me: Nemo!!! It’s for you!

Nemo: (ruffling my hair as he took the phone) Hello…waalaikum salaam…I’m okay… we got in really late last night…it’s charging in the room…no I won’t forget…jee…jee okay…salaams

My mum: your mummy?

Nemo:(his arms around my mother) jee..reminding me about us coming there too

Laeeka: wait we are going to your house too?

Nemo: yebo

Laeeka: errr can we..

Nemo: (laughing) err no Laeeka you can’t :-p but don’t worry it’ll be cool don’t stress…you’re coming to my house not your inlaws so don’t get worked up 😉

My mum: yeah atleast she has inlaws…see now Riza and Laeeka, Arshad and Zainab are getting married this year (looking at Maariah) now you Maariah must be next and my Aara also

Nemo: only Aara and Maariah? What about me?

My mum: if Aara gets married then so will you silly (gently pushing Nemo’s forehead)

So that’s what she had up her sleeve! Oh mother you are wicked! I shook my head…my mum better ask Aara first before making any decisions because both of them are hot headed! But before mummy had a chance to elaborate…Zoheb and Riza walked in with a stack of cake boxes in their hands!

Riza: before anyone attacks…the macarons are mine!

And before I could open my mouth to say “HELL NO” she grabbed me from behind and kissed my cheeks!

Aara: (now pulling my cheeks) Sahal my fat lil cute lil irritating lil elephant!

Me: (wiping my face) ewwwww yuck stop it will you!

Aara: awww my bachooo ( hugging me tighter) I miss youuuuuuuuuuu!!

Me: (trying to get her hands off me)mummy!!!! Tell her to stop it!!

And I woke up quickly and turned around to walk to the lounge when I caught Aara looking at Nemo and then at me…oh no…oh no no no…I turned on my heels and ran for my life…but not for long…as both of them tackled me from both sides and dropped me onto the loungesuite…tickling me so badly that I couldn’t even laugh properly!!!

Me: (trying to break free) get off me you two!!

Imagine…I’m 19 years old and still get tickled my by sister! They just wouldn’t relent though!

And I knew only one thing would get them to stop dead in their tracks…

love and war


15 thoughts on “Part 142- Everything is Fair in Love and War

  1. …making a scrapbook of memories is so sweet of aara
    Aara is an amazing friend!!!

    Sahal is tooo adorable…feel like pinching this cheeks;)


  2. Simply love the nemo and Aaara moments! They just know when each other is thinking when they tickled attacked Sahel! …… So nice we also going to nemo house! I hope they nice to everyone


  3. Nemo Nemo being a bit self fish. U had ur chance n u sliped up. Breaking up aarah n zohebs gona get u nowhere the truth is bound to cum out then u gona hurt Aara 4 a second tym . Wake up to reality boy ur loss is sum1 elses gain. Zoheb truly luvs Aara.


  4. ℓ☺ℓ!Sahal is so cute & mischievious lyk his sis.
    Neemo is goin 2 cause it big time now. 😦 ɪ̇Ƒ he hurts Aara he ωɪll only spoil his relationship ώĩ†̥h her.


  5. Thank you for a lovely post.
    Nemo don’t assume that aara only “loves” what zoheb does for her. Maybe its so much more that non of us can see. I’m sure time and your prank whatever it is ur up too will reveal all thats in aara’s heart.
    Sahel you right your mum better speak to aara
    Aara and zoheb 💕


  6. Awesomeeee post 😀 !!! I have a feeling Sahal’s gonna blurt out what his mum is doing =)) … that will definitely make them stop dead in their tracks !


  7. Awwww Aara was tryna tell Nemo she loves him
    ooh mahn and nemo didn’t realise *crying*
    but it’s better late then never right :p
    she can’t stand the colour yellow on a guy #Ripped
    it does look horrible I gotta agree =))
    lmaooooo Sahal is toooooo coool and funny
    you be my twinny Sahal :p
    lmaoooo Aara and Nemo tickling him was so cute :p
    ooh oooh and maaaa is funnny =D
    if Aara gets married obviously you get married silly =D
    Everyone probably bit their lips in the moment =D
    just a look at each other & knew what to do *grin*


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