Part 143- We Aren’t Just Friends…We are Family

As narrated by Nemo:

When Sahal shouted “grasshopper” it was all that was needed to make Aara and I let him go! We were terrified of grasshoppers!

Needless to say, he ran to his room and shut the door on our faces:-p

After namaaz and a hearty lunch everyone was ready to go. Today was my day. So whatever I had planned for the group, they had to willingly indulge.

And what I had planned…was a need for speed πŸ˜‰

As narrated by Immy:

Arshad, Zainab,Zoheb, Aara and I were together in Zoheb’s 4×4, as we followed Nemo towards wherever it was that he was taking us.

My heart pounded thunderously in my chest. Tonight was the night…I was so nervous…what if she said no??

Aara: (turning around and looking at me with the widest grin on her face) you haven’t told her yet have you?

I shook my head and sat a little straighter.

Zainab: hasn’t told who what?

Aara: Zainab!

Zainab: oh ohhhhh Immy…why are you being so slow?

Zoheb: fill us in also don’t be rude girls

Aara: (looking at me) can I ?

I shrugged my shoulders.

Aara: like everything?

Me: (taking a deep breath) okay

Aara: Immy is going to ask Maariah to marry him!

Arshad: Yoh! Immy! You guys are not even going out! Or are you?

Me: (shaking my head) no…and I don’t want to either…I don’t do the whole dating thing so…yeah

Arshad: does she know that you like her or love her?

Me: I hope so…

Zoheb looked at Aara..

Aara: what?

Zoheb: Arshad and Zainab are getting married…Reez and Laeeka are getting Immy wants to ask Maariah to get married to him…

Aara: ummmm so?

Zoheb: so…

Aara: so….you want to get married too? (Clapping her hands together as Zoheb smiled) so nice Zoheb! Don’t forget to invite us!

Zoheb: hey!

And she stuck her tongue out at him and winked. Eish these two!

Aara: (turning around again) back to you Immy…does it feel right?

Me: I have never felt more right about anything Aara..

Aara: ookay do you really really love her?

Me: with all of my heart

Zainab: (laughing to herself) but you haven’t told her and you’re going to ask her to marry you..dude you like…stepped out of a 1960’s movie!

I couldn’t help but laugh…and that just lasted for a minute before my tummy went into a knot again!

Aara: He has something planned for tonight and all of you have to help

Arshad: bru…they helped me when I proposed to Zainab and it was really you have nothing to worry about and I’ll be too happy to help too

Zoheb: yeah Immy don’t stress, we are right behind you. Just enjoy what Nemo has planned and take everything one step at a time and when tonight comes…just speak from your heart

Arshad: (laughing) or you could sing a song!

Zai: that’s actually not a bad idea!

Me: no no…(Chuckling to myself) I don’t have the guts that Zoheb had for that!

Aara and Zoheb blushed and didn’t say anything…

Zainab: breathe Immy breathe

Me: even if she says yes…

And I finally let out what was really, really worrying me, not because it just came out but because I really did trust them.

Me: I have no one…no family at all. Imagine how strange that will be…meeting her parents all alone and going through the whole thing not knowing a thing about traditions and oh wait…let’s see..for the wedding, IF that happens at all..when they ask how many seats to reserve for the grooms side it’ll be like…errr just one thank you

Zoheb: Immy Immy Immy….bro…relax…who says you have no one? You have us don’t you…we’ll be the grooms side bro don’t ever think that we won’t stand behind you

Arshad: yeah Immy you nut! And we’ll come with you to Maariah’s house to propose…(Laughing to himself)Zoheb can be your grandfather, Reez will be your father and I’ll be your bro!

Zainab: (busting) and Nemo can be your great grandfather! Coz you know he knows everything :-p

Aara: Immy…bottom line…you have all of us and whatever it is, not just for your wedding but…for anything. We are always here for you and once you’re in our circle…there’s no going back dude all of us are yours for life!

I couldn’t help but smile. It really did mean a lot. I had absolutely nobody to call my own and now I suddenly had so many people who were more than family to me.

And all at once…the nervousness and anxiety washed itself away as I realised that on this path of finding my way to Maariah’s heart…I found 7 other people who stood as beacons of light and hope in my dark and lonely life…becoming my bridge, lighting up my way and standing behind me.

I was no longer alone…I now had the rare and precious love of a family that I had always yearned for…Shukr Alhamdulillah( thanks and praise be to Allah)….

Authors Note:

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers. May your Eid be filled with loads of happiness and great memories! Let’s not lose the essence of this beautiful day.

Remember me in your duas..

Much Love,



12 thoughts on “Part 143- We Aren’t Just Friends…We are Family

  1. Lol! *smiles and giggles* as always πŸ˜‰
    Ooohhh Zoo wnts to propose πŸ˜› and…gooodluck Immy!! She’s defo gna say yes :D…I hope 😐
    Thnk u luvly authoress!! Andd Eid MoooBarak to u too!


  2. Ooo lala! We have laeeka and reza, then Zainab and Arshad now Maariah And Immy and it looks like zoo also wants too! Then ms shazia we gonna have four weddings and a funeral cos if zoo n Aara’s get married my poor nemo will die(lol)! Wishing u a splendid eid!


  3. All the best immy. From no one to stand by ur side u have niw sn instant family. Father brother grand father and great grand fatherπŸ˜„
    Zoheb don’t feel left out ur turn coming soon to propose to your aara.
    Aara you are too muchπŸ˜„πŸ˜€


  4. Aara u put zoheb in his place 4 mentioning wedding,just put all these ppl on their place also…..hehe Mr zoheb thinks his to clever!


  5. This is really what you call true friendship aside from marriage and lovers and what have you ,they will go through anything to help each other in any situation friendship is a bond built on trust without it you have nothing lol so always be their for your best friend s you never know when you might need them


  6. Oooooh!!!Immys goin 2 propose 2 Maari. Can’t wait 4 dat nw. Hp Maari says yes. πŸ˜€
    Immys fortunate 2 hav bcum a part of dis wonderful grp. These r wat Ζ² call tru frends.:)


  7. You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends…. but than you get immy who chose his family too! Awwww I love the bond they all share *big smiles* Excited for nemos plans *jumping up and down* And ofcz Immys proposal *butterflies*!! And all of them gonna help with Aara planning so its definitely gonnna be amazingly cute *love struck*!
    Lmaooooo Aara is tooo funny clapping hands =))
    Huhh uhhh Nemo is a boss that’s why he knows everything :p Oooh and Sahal got them lekkkkkkker  Grasshopper?? seriously?? lmaooo I’m also scared of them don’t worry uz are nt alone on that   
    Eid Mubarak tooo β™₯ (altho’ I’m delayed)


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