Part 144- A Need For Speed

As narrated by Nemo:

We had so little time in Durban and there was so much to cram into the next 2 and a half days.

What I had planned though would literally blow everyone away! The only clue I had given them was “A need for Speed” and instructed all of them to dress very casually with comfy shoes and no jewellery of any kind. Sorry Zai I know how much you love your bling;)

The guessing went on and on…quad biking…no…motorcycling…no…drag…abseiling…no….don’t sweat it guys because I shocked myself when I stumbled across this while searching for something different for all of us.

So you can imagine the look on everyone’s faces when we reached our destination!!

Riza: (taking his sunglasses off) NO WAYS!!

Zoheb: (standing next to Riza with the biggest smile on his face) gotto hand it to you bro…never ever expected this!!

Arshad: (mouth wide open) and we just frikking ate biryani!

Me: (chuckling to myself) well no one told you to eat like a python Arshoo:-p

Immy: (looking a little nervous with both his hands in his pocket) oookay…can we really do this?

Me: ofcourse we can Immy! It”ll be fun relax

Arshad: Immy isn’t nervous because of this Nemo..he uhm uhm is going to propose to Mari tonight

Me: (looking at Mari talking to Laeeka way behind us) are you serious? But you guys aren’t even together!

Riza: (as curious as me) yeah…what’s going on?

And Arshad and Zoheb filled us in on Immy’s plans and how all of us were to help him. This was insane!

Zoheb: okay…the ladies are coming this way

And we shut up. They had gotten off at the paint ball arena part of this park to look at what I don’t know…but they didn’t know that paintball was only next on our agenda for today…for now it was going to be…

Laeeka: (holding her hands to her mouth for a second) Oh my!! Nemo!! We’re going to be zorbing!! I can’t believe it!

Aara: (shaking her head) so THIS was your big secret? Well done Nemo…even I wouldn’t have guessed it!

Me: hello…you didn’t tell me what you planned for sunday and you gave me only half a day to plan my things…so its going to be half a day in full speed;) come on let’s go already!

Our instructor was just too awesome. After inspecting our shoes and checking to see if nobody had any jewellery on, he took us to what we would be “going into”. Groovyballs! I could see that everyone was a little nervous and a little speechless…as Mark told us about the different courses and shocked them all by telling them that I had booked the Kamikaze Run for everyone…and no one was allowed any partners, each of us would have our own groovyball to roll in. The Kamikaze Run is a 150m straight downhill run for those with a need for speed! You are strapped into your ball with a harness and just pushed down the hill. You can run, you can walk (unlikely) or you can just plummet like a bouncing ball!
We were going to do the aqua ball down the twister run after we hit the paintball arena- but I didn’t tell them that yet;)

All set and ready to go…I was the first one in line and Mark pushed the ball from behind and WoooooooooAaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

This was even more exhilarating than I thought it would be! Although it was a hell of a bumpy ride and I thought that I was going to bounce straight into space!! But it felt so amazing and so….just so…FREE!

I felt like a child all over again as all 9 groovyballs now bumped against each other at the foot of this magnificent hill that we were just pushed off! And everyone sort of chased each other and bashed the next one in utter ridiculousness and childishness. And I’m sure everyone was silently screaming out loud “One more time One MORE TIME!!!”

Another memory carved into our hearts…

As narrated by Riza:

Nemo had totally outdone himself BIG TIME! The zorbing was out of this world and I couldn’t wait to do it again!

I sat on the wooden fence with Immy and watched Laeeka, Aara, Zoheb, Nemo and Arshad on the go-karts. They boom banged into the stacks of tyres innumerable times…and to think that they were all licensed drivers!

Zainab and Maariah had their turn already and were chilling on the grass and chatting.

Me: so Immy…big night tonight bro

Immy: (twiddling his thumbs) Reez…I don’t know…(Breathing in) I don’t believe in the whole dating thing…so this just feels right

Me: (smiling) if it’s any consolation…I think she likes you too

Immy: (smiling a small side smile) I hope so…I just…you know this whole thing with Nemo and Aara and Maariah…I don’t think she’s quite out of it yet

Me: (this was coming) well…we can only move forward in life Immy..maybe this step forward is what she needs to move on…whatever happened happened…we can’t change the past

Immy: I know…

Me: (tapping his shoulder) don’t think too much..if your heart says it’s right then it’s right

Mari: (behind us) if your heart says what is right….?

And Immy, completely startled and in his state of complete nervousness…. fell off the fence!!






being  a child


10 thoughts on “Part 144- A Need For Speed

  1. Wooow dat sounds so awesome … Thumbs up 2Nemo 4carving another memory with his friends…
    Immy = detective = nervous = madly in love …
    I just cant picture itπŸ˜‚


  2. Amaaaazzzinnggggggg post πŸ˜€
    Can’t wait for Immy to propose πŸ˜€
    Can someone please give me a list of realllyyy good blogs ?? πŸ™‚


  3. oooh myyyy wooord!!!! that looooks soo coool!!
    I wannna go for that toooo inshaAllah πŸ˜€
    Nemo0o you a bossss mahn!!! *high five*!!!
    they shouldn’t underestimate you neh :p
    and plus paintball shooting and go karts
    *jumping up and down* now that’s jus awesome!!
    and immmy gooood luck bro :p
    she’s gonna say yess, jus breathe :p
    omw Immy fell off #Ripped   
    Mariii catch him there kanala :p


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