**Bonus Post**- Aara’s 16th Birthday Surprise

**Aara mentioned once that Nemo planned an awesome 16th Birthday surprise for her–so this is how it went down, from 16 year old Aara’s eyes ๐Ÿ™‚ **

As narrated by Aara:

I was never extremely big on birthdays…in the sense that we didn’t do the whole huge party thing but we would cut a cake, maybe have a few friends over and I WOULD GET PRESENTS!

I frowned at myself in the mirror and tried to look angry in a way that still made me look pretty. This just wasn’t fair at all! Today is my 16th birthday and we won’t be doing anything! Two reasons…one being that my parents had to rush to P.E late last night, family emergency and the other being…exams! Why did exams had to come in the middle??

When I got to school it was even worse…everyone was so busy stressing about the paper that we were writing that they seemed to have forgotten about me…even Naeem didn’t wish me.I hope all of them fail! Hmph!

Okay I take that back :-p

As soon as we were done with our paper…the school secretary’s voice could be heard in every classroom across the p.a system, making a “special” announcement. Well that’s what she said anyway. There was going to be …and she used the word special again….a “special” assembly in ten minutes. Did someone die? Why would they have an assembly in the middle of the day?

And our wonderful, chirpy, bald haired principal stood infront of us with a big smile on his face.

The principal: Good Day boys and girls…we have assembled you all here today for a very special reason. Sometimes the five minutes taken out of our lives for someone else…is a five minutes we can afford to throw away but for that person it’s worth more than we will ever know..

Okay..someone was definitely dying!

The principal: And one such person is in our midst today….and we would like to take this opportunity to wish her a very Happy Birthday so please dear students…join me and my staff to sing a very Happy Birthday to this special young lady!

Shame man…this girl must be really ill and in her last stages! So I decided to sing happy birthday for this girl with my whole heart!

It was so amazing…the whole school sang along and so did I…and I noticed Ziyaad grinning at me but I didn’t bother because he was just annoying!

And the principal went on with everyone (including myself) giving him a solid backup…”Happy Birthday to you….Happy Birthday to you….Happy Birthday dear Aara….”


I looked at Ziyaad and he burst out laughing! And before I knew it…other people were looking at me too…in shock and ..and..and…sympathy!

I was singing Happy Birthday for myself????

The principal: Aara dear will you come up to the podium please

Right. Oh God!

The principal: (trying to help me up the stairs) easy easy…one step at a time

Me: Sir…what’s going on?

The principal: (softly) I had no idea about your condition dear…I’m so sorry

Me: what condition??? What are you talking about?

Now our principal was truly a one in a million! He was chilled out and very easy going and he loved Naeem and I !

The Principal(softly): Aara…it’s not easy to accept my dear..but know this..we are all with you

Me: Sir! There is nothing wrong with me!

The Principal: But Naeem said…

And Naeem appeared with a cake in his hands and a broad, warm smile on his face…as he walked onto the podium.

Naeem: Happy Birthday sweetheart! May you see many many more!

The Principal: Naeem you said she..

Naeem: I know I know…I’m sorry…I didn’t have any other way and Sir you know Aara here likes everything loud so…you know

The Principal: (twisting Naeem’s ear) very naughty Naeem very naughty (and he laughed) you two..(Shaking his head) ok nevermind let’s get on with it

Me: you planned all of this! I am…(Looking at everyone…well the whole school actually…cheering and whistling) completely bowled over…thank you Moolla you made my day(and I side hugged him)

And as I cut the cake, balloons filled the entire assembly area amidst cheers and the sound of hundreds of hands clapping. This was by far the best birthday of my life!

I pulled Naeem by his tie and fed him a piece of cake.

Me: I can’t believe you actually did all of this for me!

Naeem: (having a second piece of cake) my first friend…my first bestie..it’s the least that I could do

My first friend…my first bestie…my first love…could it be?

As I looked at him a warm and tingly sensation filled my heart…my first love!

Naeem: (interrupting my new found realisation) and this…(Taking out an envelope from under the cake box) is your gift and now I think we better get off this podium!

And boxes of cakes were brought in to be shared with everybody…this was so amazing! I was literally dancing on the air…this would be just perfect…best childhood friends…best teen friends…best partners.

Our story seemed to be straight out of a movie and I wished that like the movies and fairytales…ours too would have a happy ending.


14 thoughts on “**Bonus Post**- Aara’s 16th Birthday Surprise

  1. Aawwwww this post was so cute…
    My first friend,my first bestie, my first love**tooo sweet***
    ,…now getting hurt by ur first love scars the heart the most;(


  2. Awwww soo cute!! Only my Nemo could do this ๐Ÿ˜‰
    My first friend,my first bestie…now his first love!!
    Thank you for the post ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. Awwwww Wat a cute post!aara n nemo adorable nunu pies,Mwaaaahs!Ofcourse aara there’s Def a happy ending here its soon coming 4 u n nemo(I hope lol)thanx shaz u just brighten this gloomy day!


  4. And then she met Zoheb and realized she could be happy with someone else… And Nemo and her remained best friends forever and Nemo married a cutie of his own and they went on double dates and became best couple friends and their kids were besties and they ALL lived happily ever after. Love it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Awww
    Surprise party at school
    so nunukies,
    hmm I smell conflict with our zoheb fans,
    but I’m always team Nemo & aara
    See, this just proves that aara really loved Nemo


    somebody give me HAND!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. AwwWww this is jus thee SWEETEST post !!!! Nemo u r jus tooooo sweet…Nemo + Aara r jus PERFECT 2getha!!! Nemo + Aara 4eva…thnx Shazia 4 d awesome post!!
    #high five MisS Muslimah


  7. Lee yessss yessss I have to *biiiigest smile*
    Had a hectic day so only got a chance now :p
    This was beyond cute *love struck*
    Nemo very nawty very nawty #Ripped
    He just shook his head coz he couldn’t believe how cute they were :p
    My first friend…..my first bestie…..my first and last love *puppy eyes*
    You had me ripping when Aara sang and thought the prsn is dieing =))
    Nemooo only you can come up with such ideas :p #Boss ๐Ÿ˜€
    team NEMO AND AARA FOREVERโ™ฅ #LoveThem #Hope
    ShaaaZooooo u made my weekend ๐Ÿ˜€ jzk #Hugz


  8. My first friend my first bestie those are the best days of our lives in life everything always changes but whether there’s a happy ending or not ur best friend will always b ur best friend nothing can change that


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