Part 145 – Keep Calm and Play Paint Ball!!

As narrated by Riza:

I was beyond torn with laughter as I tried to help Immy get up. This guy has got it bad! Maariah herself was so shocked at Immy falling off the fence and I could see that she was trying to suppress her urge to laugh and as for Immy…well his faced had turned every shade of pink!

Me: you okay there Immy?

Immy: (hesitating to look at Mari) errr yeah…I’m good

Maariah: I’m sorry, it’s my fault…I startled you

Immy: no no nothing like that…it’s not your fault

I rolled my eyes in classic Aara style at these two and shook my head. Tonight was going to be very, very interesting. This leg of our roadtrip was proving to be a blast already!

Nemo: (joining us) dudes and dudettes it’s time for paintball!

Now paintball is one thing that I would never say no to!

Me: you’re giving us a dose of extreme sports today Nemo…blew me away bro..this day is turning out to be absolutely awesome!

Nemo: (patting me on my shoulder) glad you’re enjoying Reez…(Gathering everyone) right guys..listen up…its paintball time and all of you need to suit up! We are doing this combat style so feel free to be rough πŸ˜‰

Ziyaad: and we are in teams…which we’ve already picked so Riza, Zainab,Mari, Immy,Zoheb on one team…Nemo,Aara,Laeeka, Arshad and I on the other…Sahal and Ebie can’t make it so it’s just us

Aara: (raising her hand) I wanna be on Riza’s team!

Ziyaad: ey…shush and do as you’re told :-p

Zee’s great ideas…*sigh*

As narrated by Aara:

I shot…and got shot…several times! And it was rocking!!!!! But Zoheb never shot me…not once…lol…how sweet!

I hid behind a tree completely out of breath when someone else decided to also take a time out behind the same tree.

Me: (pointing my gun at this person) hands up!

Nemo: (taking his helmet and mask off) it’s me man

Me: (slumping down against the tree) oh good…I’m beat

Nemo: (slumping down against the tree as well) me too

We sat in silence for a few minutes getting our breath back..

Nemo: so now

Me: so now what?

Nemo: what’s this thing that Immy has for Mari?

Me: (laughing to myself) how Nemo! He likes her!

Nemo: enough to marry her?

Me: it appears so

Nemo: but how man …eish…they aren’t even together how is he going to ask her to marry him! It’s just so stupid if you ask me

Me: some people can be together for years and never say anything…some people go out for so long and don’t end up getting married…he likes her, he wants to do things the right way so we should help him!

Nemo: (looking at me strangely) we should help him? You’re saying this Aara?

Me: I know I know…I never believed in things being done this way but Nemo…things change…we grow we learn we adapt we move on..and it’s the right thing to do anyway

Nemo: except for the fact that we are living in the twenty first century

Me: (ruffling his hair) exactly!

Nemo: and he actually thinks that she’s going to say yes?

Me: I think she likes him man

Nemo: (shaking his head) well we just have to wait and see won’t we

Me: Immy is so sweet and so cute Nemo I don’t think she’ll say no

Nemo: (chuckling at me) so sweetness and cuteness is what you would use to gauge if you like a guy enough to marry him?

Me: sweetness and cuteness is a MAJOR plus point

Nemo: (grinning at me) so why did you choose Zoheb then?????

Me: (playfully hitting Nemo) you are so mean!

Nemo: (waking up and trying to duck my shots) ouch woman..okay okay

But I put on my helmet and chased him…heck we were on the same team but so what! We were paintball addicts when we were younger and this just brought back so much of memories.

Eventually we were done…like really really done. We were such a sight! And all this running around brought on some serious pangs of hunger.

Nemo looked at me knowingly as I pleaded silently.

Nemo: uh uh Aara…one last time zorbing and then you’re all in for a sugarlicious treat!

Well no problem there Nemo…I’d do anything for food right now!

Aqua zorbing was fantastic!!! We were not strapped in this time and the groovyballs were filled with about 20 litres of water. I took in a deep breath as my groovyball was pushed down the incline.

And tumble, splash, tumble, tumble, tumble,bump, bump, bump….and SPLASH! So this is what it feels like to be inside a washing machine!!

And then for the final bit of our zorbing adventure, the groovyballs were tied on a long leash and we were pushed into the lake on the premises so we were literally walking on water! Every so often , two or three of us would team up against one unsuspecting soul and run into them, making them not only lose balance but giving them a hell of a fright too! Words cannot do justice to how absolutely amazing this experience was!

It was CRAZY but awesome! We were now wet, tired and hungry. Zee came around and gave everyone a t shirt that read ” I went Zorbing today!”, and for the heck of it we all changed into it, everyone’s a different colour.

We met at our vehicles to drive off to Nemo’s next choice of destination when I felt his arms around my waist.

Zoheb: (kissing my cheek) hey beautiful

I smiled and turned around quickly and I was about to say hey…when I was stumped and stunned all at I took in the sight of Zoheb in the brightest yellow shirt that I have ever seen!




8 thoughts on “Part 145 – Keep Calm and Play Paint Ball!!

  1. Aww … it was like Nemo and Aara had a very short heart to heart there hey =)) lol
    Awesomeeee post πŸ˜€ I so need to try out this Zorbing thing !!


  2. Awwwww awesome best way 2 end my Saturday nite!good 1 zee got zoheb wearing his favourite colour WakAka!love team nemo n aara hugs m kisses but not meeee getting lots hope 4 team nemo n aara


  3. Wearing A t-shirt given to you by someone does not change your personality it jus means u not a spoil sport lol and having a moment with ur bestie does not mean they going to get together they creating future memories haha


  4. I wud be heart broken if Nemo and Aara had to end up with each other,

    Dear author – when and if this blog comes to end, let it be like every post thus far, BRILLIANT, MIND BLOWING, DIFFERENT,EXCITING I cud go on…. (I don’t want the blog to end, but just incase!!!) so many blogs have ended cos it had to end or the author got bz with their everyday lives, whch is all fair, we all get hectic and its ok for things to come to an end, but it shudnt be for the sake of it. It is obvious that every post comes from a special imaginative place nd so the end shud b just that special. Sorry to bore u,



    • Dear LLD Addict

      I surely had a smile on my face when I read your comment last night. love the words that you used “special imaginative place’..i hope never to disappoint, although I understand that not everyone can be kept happy but it is a story, the end is already in my head even though we still have some time to go before reaching there. Sometimes, the special imaginative place seems so far away in the mixture of daily life that writing a post up to scratch seems like such a mammoth task. LLD is a dose of everything life throws at us, in little measures, and is a mix of real life and my hyper active imagination.
      That said, you can rest assured that if my brain cells continue to function properly (mental note to eat badaam πŸ˜‰ ), when and if it comes to an end, okay well theres no if, it will come to an end eventually, the end will be beautiful. just like how the entire story unravels at its own pace and perfect timing, everything will come together in the best way that I can put it and write it.
      writing is my passion and when it comes to lld especially, I will not let it be over half baked:)

      Much Love,


  5. lmaooo Immmy got it bad hey =)) #Busting
    and now its paintball shooting time *dancing face*
    lmaooo Zee is in action :p
    all the couples are split up =))
    Aara and Nemos moments are cuuuuute!!!
    yes sweetness and cuteness is so NemOness :p
    addding to it craziness and funniness :’)
    lmaooooo I wonder what Aara gonna say now =))
    I laugh she makes him take it out
    oR maybe she jus finds it cute :0 hmph
    excited for Immys proposal ;;)


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