Part 147- Selvan Iyer

As narrated by Nemo:

It was as though our frame in time had stood still..even the kernel of corn that flew from my mouth was hanging in mid air…

Selvan Iyer! Sixth grade right till matric…ROYAL PAIN! We had only bumped into him once since high school was over and now AGAIN!

Selvan was an overall nice guy except for the fact that he was really quite irritating, he was a neat freak AND he had a phobia we couldn’t quite understand…he couldn’t handle anyone coming tooooo close to him but for whatever reason he was always behind me and Aara when we were in school. I heard that he had gone overseas so what were the chances of us ever seeing him again right?


Because he was right here in front of us…on our holiday..IN DURBAN! *major cringe*

Unfreeze. And the kernel of corn landed on Ziyaad’s lap!

Selvan: what you guys don’t recognise me?

Me: (acting as though I don’t recognise him…maybe that will work) err no…do we know you?

Selvan: Naheem!!!

Everyone else had these huge grins smeared across their faces…any broader and I swear their faces would have cracked!

Aara: (making big eyes at me) ofcourse we remember you Selvan! How could we ever forget you?

Lol…I knew exactly what she meant when she said that!

Selvan: (shaking Aara’s hand) good to see you Haara!

Errr Right. About that…

Selvan: Ziyaad you too!

Zee: hello Selvan good to see you bro

Selvan: (ruffling Zee’s hair) and you lost so much of weight!!!

Laeeka looked at Zee amusingly..

And then he shook everyone elses’s hand and introduced himself until he stood infront of me again

Selvan : (grinning to himself) still don’t remember me Naheem?

I was so going to crap myself laughing!

Me: (extending my hand) you have to stop calling me Naheem bra…years have passed but the “H” still escapes you!

Selvan: (laughing) Hi (I) can’t elp (help) it..(Clearing his throat)…studied abroad, using therapeutic tactics to stop it but now and then it just appens (happens)

Me: (trying to contain myself) I get…no more washing your hands every two seconds? I mean you shook everyone’s hands in one go dude!

Selvan: aah about that…(Pulling off a skin coloured glove of his hand…I would never have guessed!) Better safe than sorry!

Aara: so…howcome you’re in Durban?

Selvan: Haara…still as pretty as ever…(Smiling) I’m getting itched! (Hitched)

Zoheb: huh?

I was now unable to control myself and I burst out laughing!

Me: congratulations Selvan! Who’s the HUNlucky girl?

By now even Riza and Arshad were laughing…but this was wrong

Me: just messing with you bro you know me

Selvan: I’m chilled bro no stress…you guys have to come to my wedding now that you’re in Durban!

Me: can’t bro…thanks though but we are a BIG group and we couldn’t impose like this

Selvan: come on Haara! You all must come!

Aara: errr no Nemo is right we would totally be imposing and we really appreciate the invite but no…

Selvan looked disheartened and he tried convincing everyone again. Zainab looked at him as though he were a few cents short of a rand! Well…that he was.

Selvan: please guys…some hof(of) my best years were spent with you both…please come

Aara and I looked at each other in silence until…

Riza: (grinning) come on Haara..let’s go man he’s asking us so nicely

Aara: (raising her eyebrows) Reeez!

Selvan: then its done..let me go get an invite from the car…hall (all) of you must come tomorrow night okay..

And Selvan ran off to his car..

Me: so we are off to a big fat indian wedding tomorrow…thanks Riza

Riza: shame man…he was begging us to come and how bad can it be? It’ll be fun I’ve actually never been to an Indian wedding before so I’d love to go

Me: dude you only met Selvan you didn’t meet the rest of his family

Aara: well anyway…we are going now so…we need to get you guys something to wear…there’s enough of my evening dresses at home for us girls unless you boys wanna go drag queen

Zoheb: (laughing at Aara) I cannot believe you just said that!

Ziyaad: (cashing in) I guess there’s a whole lot that you don’t know Zoheb

Zoheb: (holding Aara’s hand) not that it would change anything

I shook my head. Ziyaad’s tactics were getting us nowhere slowly!

not u again

**Bonus Post Tomorrow**


2 thoughts on “Part 147- Selvan Iyer

  1. Ooooh My Woooord #Ripped   
    he was a ROYAL PAIN #Dead   
    the corn froze then landed on zee instead of zoo :p
    I have O.C.D like selven #Broken   
    I wash my hands whole day   
    my sister and bestie better have thought of me when reading this post   
    where can I get those gloves? :$
    Haara still so pretty & Naheem hw cud u forget him? #Ripped    now they going to the wedding coz of reeez x_X    Eish Zee we clearly not winning 😦
    JazakAllah shazzz … u had me ripping alot   


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