Part 148- **Bonus Post**- Supper at the Moolla’s (Part 1)

As narrated by Aara:

After Selvan left, we rushed off to Gateway in our bright coloured t shirts and came out with much more than we actually needed! The boys had gotten their stuff and well…us girls…I mean you know…there’s no such thing as too much shoes;)

shopping bags

new shoes

I was so tired but we had a looooong night ahead. Supper at the Moolla’s!
For once, I didn’t mind going there…I needed to speak to Uncle A.K and close this chapter once and for all. Everyone dressed in their smart casual best and looked polished from head to toe! My mother however, was excessively excited about going there and that was a first because she isn’t normally like this at all. Something was definitely up with her.

Immy was so nervous that Laeeka had to give him calmeds! He was actually considering not going ahead with tonights plan!

And finally, we were outside Nemo’s house. Everyone was silent…the big gates opened and we drove inside.

Funny…when the gates of my house opened, the feeling was totally different. Here, on the other hand…it was just dread, dread and more dread! I looked at Nemo reassuringly as we got off our vehicles and he nodded. He didn’t feel as though he was home…

Aunty Zameera welcomed everyone in and asked the boys to join the other guys braaing while us ladies sat in the lounge. Eventually, my mum went off with her somewhere in this giant house and while Laeeka,Zainab and Maariah engaged in random talk with Ammarah…I wandered off on my own.

I don’t know why, but I had this sudden and strong urge to see “that” place again…and instead of using the elevators..I used the stairs. Well, where I was headed, one didn’t need the elevator eventually because up the two huge staircases…and down the long passage…then up another flight of stairs…and another long passage..finally brought me to where I wanted to be. I hesitated initially…but then opened the door.

The room looked as if it hadn’t been touched since the last time that I was here….there was just a basic bed and nothing else. Papers were thrown across the one side of the room….the window was so tiny you couldn’t even see outside properly. How did he ever manage to stay here like this???

I slowly sat on the bed as flashbacks of that day raced through my mind.

It was Ammarah who had called me…begging me to come and take her brother away and that it wasn’t true that Nemo didn’t want to talk to me…they never told him that I used to call.

She said that his cries used to pierce through every corner of this house but they would turn a deaf ear…she begged me to take him away or he would surely die being locked up like that.

She had arranged everything…no one would be home..

A tear fell from my eye as I bent down and picked up a piece of paper from the floor when something under the bed caught my eye. I struggled initially but eventually got a hold of it. I dusted the cover gently…this was….this was Nemo’s diary! Without thinking I slipped it into my bag.

All these papers….all these drawings…were only of suffering. One of the pages shocked me….and I swallowed hard as I read the words…


Another tear escaped my eye as I thought of Nemo back then..

“You know that isn’t true sweetheart”

And Nemo sat down beside me.

Me: (nodding my head) I know

Nemo: what are you doing in here?

Me: (shrugging my shoulders) I could ask you the same thing

He looked down for a few seconds

Nemo: my father was looking for you, he said that you wanted to talk to him…so I looked for you all over and when I couldn’t find you, I figured you’re probably in here

Me: I probably shouldn’t have come in here…bad habit I mean this isn’t my house

Nemo: (laughing softly) well then I guess you wouldn’t be Aara now would you…by the way, why do you need to speak to my dad?

Me: nothing that important…I just need to ask him something

Nemo: (raising an eyebrow at me) you won’t tell me?

I looked around the room again…this would finally be the end of it. I kept him away from so much before this…I wasn’t going to drag him into it again.

Me: (forcing a smile) nope not even you

Nemo: (lifting his hands up) ok…I surrender…but don’t give me forced smiles now madam…come on let’s go downstairs

As narrated by Nemo:

Aara nodded and stood up. When I walked into this room and saw her sitting on this bed…my heart sunk.

I wished that she never had to see me in that my very worst…frightening even my own self.
The years that tore us apart…shredded the canvas of our friendship into unrecognisable fragments….she had slowly and steadily stitched back together with a needle of hope and a thread of love.

I refused to believe that this was the end…we could never end up like this. There had to be more to our story…and nobody, not even Zoheb could change that. And I say that with no ill feelings at all.

Why is it that when the time is right, the timing is wrong?

Hearts get broken often…and time does heal all wounds…to a point. But other times, time itself is the biggest catalyst in this whole “game of destiny”…because as time passes, that love only becomes more and more intense and it becomes impossible to love anyone else….

But…my sad stories aside. We were here in Durban to enjoy, and so enjoy we will! I just hoped that this night would pass by quickly because I didn’t trust my family for a second!

Eventually, we were back with everyone. Aara vanished again and even Immy was nowhere to be seen.

It must have really been my lucky night- because Nuzayh wasn’t home! He had some function at his inlaws and even Aaliyah was out of town.

My mother seemed to have gone all out because everything was done so beautifully. It actually made me feel nice that for once, something was done by her…for me.

Me: (walking up to her) thank you mum…for doing all of this I really appreciate it

My mum: you’re welcome Naeem

And then she did the strangest thing ever….she put her arms around me and hugged me and didn’t let go. I didn’t want to let go either…I was overwhelmed and my heart felt as though it would burst!

And while holding my mother…I lifted my eyes to see Aara and my father smiling at me.

“Thank you”…I mouthed to her.

Because I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you…

our story

our story 2

our story 3

Author’s Note:

As you guys know, I normally end a season at 50 episodes…but, after much thought I have decided to extend season 3 as it is impossible for me to complete season 3 within the next two posts. So Season 3 will extend for the next maybe 8-10 episodes but I will give you all a heads up.



8 thoughts on “Part 148- **Bonus Post**- Supper at the Moolla’s (Part 1)

  1. Thank you shazia for the extra post! The more the merrier, can never get enough of LLD! Well the crew is having a Braai at the moollas! Shame such sad memories for nemo and Aara! I think Aaara mum is going to speak to Aunty zameera bout nemo and Aara getting married that’s y she so excited bout being there for supper. Aaaw Immy is getting panick attacks! Don’t worry Immy the crew is with u! Yes nemo leave all the sad stories cos that’s the past and no need to look back so focus on the future cos that’s what’s in your hands now and enjoy the Braai . So sweet his mom went out of her way and hugging him and not letting go made nemo so happy!
    Team nemo


  2. Wow author u never fail to impress us …..LLD is like a drug which I am addicted toπŸ˜†πŸ˜†..I Jst started reading it lately and I can’t get enough of it …Thanks #team Zaara! All the way plz don’t let them ever split up nemo is gonna get a girl who’s different from the rest, nemo needs to bring the new character in the game Jst my opinion …but u knw what I love about this blog is that the author has her own story and she doesn’t state the obvious or do what every one else wants ..she makes it different and special …I guess that’s why this is my favourite blog……can’t wait for the next post…how often do u post?
    Thanx 😊


  3. while everyone gets happy for the braaaai Aara wanders off and goes to THAT ROOM Aaah mahnnn and ouch at the memories… Eishhh she just took nemos diary? :/ she’s gonna find out he likes her :p Aww his mum actually hugged him πŸ˜€ annnnd this post was awesome yet so touchy and teary x_x #lovedit


  4. So good 2c Nemo’s parents behaving warmly 2wards him…his mums hug and his dads smile…cross fingers hope no hidden agenda’s….

    Aara ur mum is def. up 2somethng at this braai;))))


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