Part 149- Supper at the Moolla’s (Part 2)

As narrated by Immy:

Our meeting with A.K Moolla went better than I had expected. He was furious when Aara told him that Nuzayh still had evidence on Nemo, and asked us to meet him tomorrow with Nuzayh to “sort it out” once and for all. He also promised to help get Aadil off our backs, ever since we left Jhb no one had heard from Aadil and I found myself wondering if he was laying low and planning something big. I hoped not.

A.K clearly had a lot of respect for Aara and a soft spot for Nemo. Nemo was just damn lucky to have friends like these…especially Aara, because never in my life did I see people who aren’t related, care for each other this much.

I was sitting next to Riza, when Maariah plonked herself on the chair next to mine…startling me out of my daze! I need to stop being so jumpy around her gosh man I’m a detective for crying out loud! But here I was…acting like a wimp!

Maariah: why are you so edgy Immy?

Me: me? No no not edgy at all..what do you mean?

Maariah: (with an amused look on her face) THAT!! See!!

Me: errr….errrr…no not edgy ( oh hell what was I doing????)

Riza: (chipping in) he’s constipated!

Say Whaaaaaaat???

Maariah: (trying not to laugh) oh…sorry Immy

Me: I’m not constipated! He’s lying!

Arshad: (pulling a chair across Riza) well you look constipated! Maybe it’s the STRESS you know

Maariah: (eyeing me questioningly) what stress?

Arshad: (grinning) he has big plans Maripops beeeeg beeeeg plans

Me: uh uh Arshoo

Maariah: guys! Come on! Tell me too you three are being so….secretive!

Riza: oh you’ll find out soon enough

Maariah: why not now?

Riza: because

Maariah: because?

Riza: because you can’t

Maariah: Riza!

Riza: Maariah!

Maariah: Riza!

Riza: Maariah!

Aunty Salma: Maariah..

Maariah: (not realising it was now Aunty Salma calling her) WHAT!

And she turned around to face Aunty Salma who looked very very shocked at Mari’s “outburst”

Maariah: oh my word…I’m so sorry Aunty Salma…it’s this Riza (hitting Riza) and I didn’t..

Aunty Salma: (laughing) it’s okay relax…these boys are very naughty that much I do know…could you help me with something please?

Maariah: (giving Riza the look and walking away) sure

Me: Riza! Arshad! WHAT were you guys thinking???

Riza: relax man…(Laughing to himself) it’s all in the name of fun

Me: fun..bro..all my organs are tied into a giant knot I can’t even think straight

Zoheb: (joining us) how can your organs be tied into a knot?

And the three of us looked at him…as he smiled to himself while looking down

Riza: leave his organs…you have lipstick on the side of your bottom lip!

Zoheb: (wiping his lip and…looking a little embarassed) still there?

Arshad: (busting) tell Aara she must use colour stay then no problem

Riza: (grinning to himself) why? Is that what Zainab uses?

Arshad: (playfully punching Riza) eyyyy bro

Zoheb: (grinning) I’ll remember that Arshoo!

In my tension and nervousness for what we had planned tonight…I couldn’t help but laugh!

As narrated by Sahal:

Ebie had fetched me a little while ago from my friend’s house and we were on our way to Nemo’s when my phone rang AGAIN!

Me: Mummy you called me four times already! I’m on my way chill please

My mum: it’s a big night for your sister Sahal the least you can do is be here on time!

Me: (worried) what do you mean big night mum?

My mum: you will see when you get here

Me: (oh no it’s the “thing” she had up her sleeve) no seriously mummy please…tell me first please don’t go do something that may just turn out all wrong

My mum: Sahal!

Me: I’m serious mum what’s going on?

My mum: Naeem’s parents are going to ask Aara to marry Naeem tonight! But don’t say anything yet

Me: (shocked out of my mind) MUMMY! Did you speak to Aara first?

My mum: no son we are going to speak to them together

Me: mum please…just wait for me okay don’t do anything

My mum: Sahal…

Me: please mum I’m begging you

My mum: okay fine but hurry up!!

Me: Ebie step on it bro!

Ebie: that sounded serious…what’s up?

Me: Nemo’s parents are going to ask Aara and Nemo to get married…my mother wants it too and no one has spoken to Aara or Nemo about it! I don’t know bro…I just can’t shake the feeling that I’m missing something!

Ebie: Nemo and Aara??? wait…you don’t know?

Me: don’t know what…

Ebie: about Aara and Zoheb?

Me: errr… what about them?

Ebie: dude they are going out!

Me: what!?

Ebie: yeah…apparently it’s been going on for a while but they only told everyone in Drakensburg

Me: (slumping back into my seat) if my mother says anything…it’s just going to add unnecessary tension to everything!

Ebie: why is everyone like Nemo and Aara have to be together? Because even Ziyaad rants about them one way

Me: childhood friends…plus they gel so well together I think everyone thinks its the right thing to do but the thing is…ask…you know what I mean? Aara is my sister she’s damn annoying but I love her to bits and even though I know that no one can force her into doing something that she doesn’t want to do…I’d hate for any feelings of discomfort to arise

Ebie: I hear you bro

Ebie really was driving very fast and we reached the Moolla’s really quickly. I rushed inside to look for my mother when someone grabbed my hand

Me: (turning around) what!

Aara: (raising her eyebrow at me) well hello to you too!

Me: not now Aara

Aara: what’s wrong?

Me: nothing yet…listen I need to find mummy do you know where she is?

Aara: Sahal what’s wrong?

Me: Aaraaaaaaa…please just answer the question!

Aara: only after you answer my question!

Me: Aara…ey nevermind (jerking her hand off and walking towards everyone else)

I finally found my mum and managed to get her to go with me into one of the rooms to talk.

My mum: Sahal are you going mad? Why are you so out of breath like this??

Me: (trying to get my breath back) Mummy you can’t do it

My mum: can’t do what??

Okay so I realised that I obviously couldn’t tell my mother about Aara and Zoheb…that would have to be Aara’s responsibility. But the least I could do, is watch my sisters back.

Me: how can you all be so old fashioned and propose marriage to Aara and Nemo like this?

My mum: (looking at me weirdly) that’s it? I really thought something had happened I mean look at you…you look so tense and worked up

Me: (rolling my eyes at my mum) mummy we get our dramatic side from you (winking)

My mum: seriously Sahal..tell me, is something wrong?

Me: (trying to put up my most convincing face) Aara and Nemo live in Jhb…what if they like other people and…and…and…you guys are going to end up embarrassing them infront of their friends! All I’m saying is…talk to them…separately… and then decide

My mum: what nonsense Sahal! Naeem and Aara have been together forever! It makes perfect sense for them to get married to each other and I don’t think that anyone would love your sister more than Naeem does so there’s no question of there being other people as you put it

Me: Mummy please…you’re only going to embarrass’re going to embarrass Aara and Nemo..just talk to them alone please that’s all I’m asking…you think you’re giving them a surprise by doing this but you’re going to be giving them a shock instead!

My mum: (looking at me in shock) Sahal…

Me: (holding my mothers hand) please Mummy…explain to Nemo’s parents that now is not the time

My mum: Sahal…does Aara have someone?

I felt very bad lying to her but…

Me: I don’t know…she hasn’t told me anything

My mum: (almost tearing) does Naeem have someone?

Me: (shrugging my shoulders) I don’t know either..

My mum: I really want them to get married to each other…they are perfect for each other

Me: mummy…my darling, my sweetheart, my beauuuuutiful mummy…chillll

My mum: (wiping away a tear) you’re right…I’ll go speak to Aunty Zameera now

I exhaled in relief as my mother left the room…disaster avoided. Next step would be to tackle Aara!

I closed the door behind me and went back to everyone else, as though nothing had happened.

But…someone was in the ensuite of the room that we were in…and had overheard everything…



11 thoughts on “Part 149- Supper at the Moolla’s (Part 2)

  1. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜ƒ riza and arshad u guys are too much
    Aara and zoheb ๐Ÿ’• behave urselves ur in some else house. Well done๐Ÿ˜Š
    oh man can’t watch. Wonder who could be in the room.


  2. Immy has a constipated look #Ripped ๎’
    and Marriii u making him more nervous :p
    as for zoheb and the lipstick #Dead ๎’ ๎’ ๎’ seriously at someone else’s house? ๎’ ๎’ and Arshoo still say’s use colour stay and reez asks is that what zai uses #Broken ๎’ ๎’ ๎’
    and then Bam ๐Ÿ˜ x_x #tension
    Eishhh lucky Sahal told his mum otherwise it wud hv been embarrassing -_- but Aara mum is ryt.. Nemo and Aara are perfect! Eishhh who heard everything? *suspence*


  3. No no no.nemo is a very selfish person.aara was always there for him n he gave her nothing but grief.aara also needs some happiness in her life.if nemo really cares about aara he will stand by her n not damage her relationship with Zoheb.zoheb was also through a breakup n he knows wats its like.he fell in love with aara for all the right reasons.sahal is right.this proposal needs to stop even before anything is said.Nemo fans I got nothing against him except his selfishness towards aara.if he n aara r meant to be it will happen otherwise…………….


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