Part 154 – Selvan’s Wedding (Part 1)

As narrated by Aara:

I sat infront of my mirror while Zainab curled my hair and thought about my meeting with Uncle A.K. He really confused me. He didn’t get a chance to answer my question because his phone rang a second after I had asked..but anyway..nevermind when the papers come to me I’ll deal with it.

We looked gorgeous…if I may be vain and say so myself;)

Sahal: (suddenly standing behind me) you lovely looking ladies..mind if I have a word with my sister please?

Zainab: ofcourse you can…because I cannot wait to see the look on Arshad’s face 😉

As narrated by Sahal:

I stood behind my sister and looked at her as she looked at herself in the mirror. As much as we fought and were at each others throats for most of our lives…I had to admit (to myself ofcourse) that she was my inspiration. I drew a lot of my strength and courage from Aara…and well I guess the looniness and craziness was hereditary 😉 Aara was a brave, strong and very admirable woman but…she had just one weakness. Nemo. She would never admit it, but Nemo was her weakness. She could swear at him, hit him and even ignore him but at the end of it all, she would give in to him. And the same could be said about Nemo. Aara was not only his weakness but his strength too. A deadly combination but true. And he too, would give in to her for absolutely anything. It is therefore no wonder that everyone expected them to be together. I had thought the same thing too. But that’s the thing about love…it can happen anywhere, anytime and can catch you completely unexpectedly and with the person you least expected.

Aara: so…how do I look?

Me: (smiling and putting my hands on her shoulders) you look like you’re in love

Aara: Sahal!

Me: (sitting next to her and looking at the mirror) come on deny it!

This was weird. But we used to do this as kids. Sit infront of the mirror and have a conversation with each other.

Aara: (looking down and then lifting her head and smiling) is it that obvious?

Me: (grinning) actually no….Ebie told me!

And she gave me a smack at the back of my head!

Aara: so…what do you think?

Me: I think Zoheb is a great guy AND I think if you really like him you should tell mummy and daddy

Aara: (shaking her head) I can’t!

Me: why not?

Aara: if I tell them then they are going to push for marriage..not that I would mind but he hasn’t asked me yet…wait why am I telling you this?

Me: because I know something that you don’t 😉

Aara: (raising her eyebrow at me) tell me!!!

Me: hah!

Aara: you know you want to…come on Sahal tellllll me pleeeeease

Me: okay fine fine…uhm..mummy found a boy for you

Aara: (shocked) WHAT!

Me: mummy found a boy for you are you deaf?

Aara: seriously?

Me: seriously

Aara: who????

Me: that…I can’t tell you

Aara: oh come on!

Me: seriously Aara I can’t…it would create awkwardness and I don’t want to spoil your trip

Aara: I’ll pay you (reaching for her purse)

Me: (holding her hand) I don’t want money…give me some credit will you! I just want you to be happy…

Aara: is it bad?

Me: hmmmm maybe

Aara: Sahal don’t do this man…just tell me!

Me: promise you won’t go storming off and ask mummy?

Aara: I promise now tell me already!

Me: (looking down for a second and then taking a deep breath) Nemo

Aara: Nemo what?

Me: oh God woman! Nemo Nemo mummy wants you to marry Nemo!

Aara opened her mouth to say something and then stopped.

Then she opened her mouth again …and stopped again.

Me: listen you can’t exactly blame mummy because everyone thinks that you both will eventually end up together…

Aara: but Sahal…

Me: you like Zoheb I get it…it’s no trainsmash really, but mummy will ask you so I’m just giving you a heads up

Aara: (side hugging me) thank you…when did you grow up!

Nemo: (barging into the room) Aara we..

And he fell silent…and just stared at her. Holy crap! He was in love with her wasn’t he????

Sahal and Aara

Sahal and Aara

As narrated by Ziyaad:

Who would have thought that I’d be dressed up for Selvan Iyer’s wedding!!

I probably should have taken some calmeds before I got into my car!

The venue,mind you was the International Convention Centre (ICC). Selvan would probably say “High C C” anyway. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I waited for the others outside. There was no way that I was going to enter all alone!

Very soon, we were all together, chatting outside. Us guys looked dashing in suits. Riza in a black and white pinstripe, Arshad and me in full black, Immy in navy, Nemo in white and Zoheb in black and silver grey.

white suit
immy suit

The girls looked very, very edible. Shoot me, I am born wicked!

Laeeka wore in a baby pink gown, Zainab in a teal gown,Maariah in a green gown and Aara in a light lemon gown.

Me: so shall we?

Riza: (laughing to himself) I cannot wait!

Nemo: (shaking his head) you Reez…uh uh

Riza: whaaat I just have this feeling that this night is going to be oh so memorable!

We produced our invite at the door and we were seated at a huge round table with three other Indian men and an Indian lady.

Zoheb ended up sitting next to the one uncle while at the end of our circle, it was Arshad next to the other uncle.

Not bad at all actually…the hall was tastefully decorated in turquoise, purple and gold. Loud but nice. Selvan was now either refined in his taste, or maybe his wife to be was the one with good taste. Who cares! I was just here because I had to be here, thanks to Riza once again.

The uncle next to Zoheb: so where are you from?

Zoheb: we are from Johannesburg Sir

Uncle: ohhh you a jozi boy and all!

Zoheb: (with a small grin) errr just jozi no…and all

Uncle: (totally unfazed) so you know that fellow Johnny from Jozi who sells all those fake jeans and shoes?

Zoheb: (wide eyed) you must be joking!

Uncle: no exse I’m not joking…”Foreal” he sells all those things!

Zoheb: errr ok no I don’t know any Johnny

Uncle: (shaking his head) can’t be man everyone knows Johnny!

Aara was sitting next to Zoheb and seemed to be enjoying this little interaction.

Aara: (grinning) I know Johnny! That same one?

Uncle: (looking very pleased) yeah that same one!

Aara: (looking as though she was going to erupt into laughter any minute now) yeahhhh that same one from that place over there that side by that other place near that big place down from that small house by one road passed that other place over there?

I was frikking torn!!!

Uncle: (high fiving Aara) same one!!! Ayyyy but you one clever cherrie I must say!

Aara: so….what are your names and are you guys related to the bride or groom?

The uncle next to Arshad: I’m Deva, he’s Brownie (the uncle next to him), she’s Aishwarya…(And he laughed to himself) not Aishwarya Rai now and he (pointing to the uncle next to Zoheb) he’s Bouncer

I bit my lip. Brownie and Bouncer???

Nemo: so you’re Selvan’s family?

Brownie: we aren’t related that’s why we are sitting here Boss, if we were related we would be at the front!

Oookay. Point taken.

Aishwarya: (looking straight at me) are you all related?

Do I frikking look like I’m related to Selvan????

Nemo nudged me and I could almost hear the wheels turning in my brain…

Me: actually yes…I’m Selvan’s step brother!

Deva,Brownie,Aishwarya and Bouncer stared at me in complete disbelief and I swear to you…their jaws dropped to the floor!


10 thoughts on “Part 154 – Selvan’s Wedding (Part 1)

  1. Woop Woop they all dressed so stunning uhh no nazr  and Nemo even almost drooling for Aara🙊!! See even Sahal expected Aara and Nemo to be getting married but now Zoheb Eishhh bruuhh why you came and stole Aara’s heart mahn😫😫😫 I wonder if Aara’s gonna get confused if she does like nemo🙊💭 but now wedding time lmaoooooooooo #Ripped  Aara knows Jonnny boss and Nemo and Ziyaad gonna prank these people #broken  Eh guyz have burfee for me neh 😋


  2. Wow all girls so pretty and all! And the boys to andsome😉! Aara nemo and ziyaad u guys are just to hectic! Oh man nemo now Sahal can see that you in love with Aara! Keeping my fingers crossed for my nemo ! How will Aara react! Cos she also not ready for marriage with zoheb! Aww I’m also feeling bad for Zoheb,! As for aara choosing between two guys that’s u have feelings for it bad!


  3. Was so looking forward to this post coz knew it was goin to be funny lol..
    They all dressed so perfect,especially nemo!! White suit, woaa he must be looking soo handsome ,coz I pictture him like Ryan Guzman..*luvstruk*
    Have to wait for soo many days to get th nxt post..mayb wil get a bonus post*wink*


  4. ​=))º°˚˚˚°ºнa♒ђåª•ђåª•ђåª♒º°˚˚˚°º‎​=))
    =))•´¨)¸.•*¨)=)) ¸¸.•´=D(¸.•´(¸.• =))
    # Hilarious. Aara is jus 2 cute mahn !


  5. Aaaa feel so heart sore 4 nemo!can’t wait 4 the day he tells aara wonder how she’ll react!These funny 3 must have drove all there teachers crazy


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