Part 156- Selvan’s Wedding (Part 3)

As narrated by Arshad:

I quickly neatened the tablecloth and looked up. This evening had really started off with a frikking bang!

I lifted my eyes only to meet Aara’s and she looked at me questioningly. I so badly wanted to laugh but motioned with my eyes for her to look under the table.

And she did.

Lol! Aara looked up again very quickly…shock written all over her face!

We couldn’t exactly ask them I mean Hello this was Bushknife Brownie at our table! But someone else had been watching our silent conversation…

Nemo: (lifting up the tablecloth) what are you both looking at?

We tried to make him stop but too late…

Nemo: (quickly neatening the tablecloth and whispering to everyone at the table) guys there’s people under our table!

Zoheb: (lifting the tablecloth) what do you mean people….

Riza: (also looking under and then quickly sitting up straight) what the…

Bouncer: shhhh…don’t tell anyone ok we’ll give you all some free dvd’s

Nemo: (shaking his head) boss you knew they were under the table?

Bouncer: ofcourse…we put them there!

Laeeka: (also taking a peek) o my word!!

Nemo: whyyyy?

Aishwarya: well the invite said four and we couldn’t leave them behind it’s so rude!

Nemo: so you hid them under the table? How did you get them in here in the first place?

Brownie: long story bru long story

Zoheb: (standing up and pulling two chairs from another table) please just get them out of there

Brownie: (looking at Zoheb and I honestly thought that he was going to pull out that bush knife again) you know…I’m actually starting to like you!

Zoheb just nodded but broke into a smile when Aara side hugged him infront of everyone…shocking our four pals at the table.

So…you’re probably wondering..who was it that was under the table?

Zee: errr…aren’t you going to introduce us?

Bouncer: yeah yeah ofcourse…this is….errrr…this is…hey Aish what’s the children’s names again?

Aishwarya: (hitting Bouncer on his head) you forget your own childrens names!!!

Bouncer: (wincing in pain) okay okay…sorry man

I was highly amused. More so because I somehow pictured Zainab hitting me on my head if I forgot our kids names!

Aishwarya: this is my son Vinay and my daughter Aashka

They were so cute and I felt so bad that they were sitting under the table! When I first peeked at them, they had this terrified look on their faces.

The little girl: (to me) why were you trying to wear her sandals? (Pointing at Zainab)

Me: huh? Who’s sandals?

The little girl: (in a sweet soft voice) I could only see the colour of your clothes and now I know it was you…why would you want to wear a ladies sandal with your suit uncle?

Nemo and Ziyaad looked at each other as they burst into a fit of laughter. Even Brownie and Bouncer joined in.

Brownie: (laughing so wide we could see his multiple gold slits in his mouth) all that is for vit ous…we Indians…we tune with the eyes only or play one lekker song….just imagine you dancing in the rain I mean we don’t expect to really go and get wet in the rain that’s stupid so just imagine… and the cherrie must get the message otherwise…(shaking his finger at us)

Nemo: (still laughing) otherwise we must pull out the bushknife?

Brownie: (high fiving Nemo) ayyyyy you are a sharp ou!

Zee: (grinning) you heard Arshoo….talk with your eyes bru and you’re lucky, you have four eyes so it will be easy for Zainab to understand!

Zainab blushed and linked her arm in mine.

Zai: jealous much Zee?

Zee: me? Jealous? Riiiiight and the earth is square dudette


As narrated by Laeeka:

After another 20 minutes, the bridal couple finally made their appearance and Selvan had come to our table as soon as he spotted Nemo. I thought that was really sweet.

Selvan: (hugging Nemo) Naheem you came!

Nemo: (winking at us) wouldn’t miss it for the world bro

Selvan: (stepping back) how do I look?

Nemo: you look like you wore all your Diwali fireworks :-p

Selvan: eyyyy you and your mouth!

All of us wished him and then watched the entire wedding procedure. It was delayed and long but very interesting. The last Indian wedding that I had been to, I was more back stage because my client needed to change outfits so often so this time, being able to sit and enjoy it was really such a treat!

Durban was proving to be so enjoyable! But two more sleeps and we would be on our way home where we had two engagements to prepare for. And well, our lives to get back to.

Our company for the words could really describe it. These were just the most colourful characters I’ve ever had the opportunity of meeting and I mean that in a good way. After the strictly halaal veg supper we moved to the front of the hall where we met a few more of Nemo and Aara’s school friends and even took a picture with the bridal couple.

But the real “fun” was yet to begin as Selvan took the mike and started thanking his family for everything and then he stunned Nemo, Ziyaad and Aara by thanking them too…

Selvan: Hi (I) av (have) saved the best for last…for a reason. Naheem….Ziyaad and Haara…thank you very much for those wonderful years that we spent schooling together. Hi (I) was always the reserved and shy guy…and never ad (had) the courage to really live my life. But, being with you guys taught me some of my greatest life lessons and as (has) played a very big part in moulding my character today…even though we parted ways and Hi( I) hardly ever saw you guys over these few years but I used to find myself thinking at different junctions of my life…”what would Naheem do?’…if ever I saw anyone laugh it almost halways (always) reminded me of Ziyaad…and when ever I saw something crazy or insanely ridiculous….Haara was the first face that popped into my ead (head). You three may not see it now and may never realize it..but a big part of Selvan Hiyer (Iyer) is oo (who) ee(he) his (is) because of you and I just want to say thank you from the very bottom of my eart (heart). It really is so wonderful to see you all still together for so many years and I wish you all a lifetime of appiness (happiness)

Zee: (his hand over his mouth) frikking ee ee ee learnt so many things but blerry couldn’t learn to talk properly! Im sure even his romantic talks with his wife would want to make her run a mile away from him!

Riza: (laughing to himself) please just shut up will you

Selvan: please guys..will you join me here for a few minutes

Zee: (shaking his head) oh hell no!

Aara: (whispering) oh come on man…I don’t like this any more than you do but we cant exactly back out now can we?

Nemo: (grinning) time for haction (action) Haara

Aara: shame man’s his wedding day and he’s emotional. I had no idea that he thought about us in this way and all we ever do is laugh at him

Now this was a HUGE wedding. There was easily atleast 1200 people here…

The three of them reluctantly made their way onto the stage and the look on their faces was totally priceless as each of them was handed a mike:-p



9 thoughts on “Part 156- Selvan’s Wedding (Part 3)

  1. That family is awesome whack jobs =)) !!! Looooll
    “Zee: (his hand over his mouth) frikking ee ee ee learnt so many things but blerry couldn’t learn to talk properly! Im sure even his romantic talks with his wife would want to make her run a mile away from him!” …. #Ripped !!!! I cannottt stoooop laaauugghhinggg !!!! =)) but seriously … I agree with Zee … Couldn’t he learn to talk properly ?!? Jk … =D poor guy , shame x_X howwww do you come up with all of this Miss Shazia ?!?!!! it’s so good !!
    Thanks for the amazing post 😀


  2. #Dead        they literally had humans under the table too    they just got offered free dvds for not spying    Aww Zoheb is sweet to give them chairs    and Arshad #Ripped you seriously can NOT forget your kids names   Zai will need to whack you 😛 and wearing Zai’s sandles #Ripped    it just got more eventful with selvens speech and now calling them to speak    *fingers crossed* JazakAllah for the awesome hilarious post! Had me ripping lika retard :p


  3. I loved every bit of this post 😂
    It just made my day.
    Thank you Shazia for taking out your time from a busy schedule and posting for us. You never fail to surprise us with all the crews drama.
    Best blog I’ve ever read. Keep it up 👍

    Can’t wait for tonight’s post *excited*



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