Part 157- Selvan’s Wedding (Final Part)

As narrated by Aara:

By now we understood that we were expected to talk…right here..on stage..infront of ALL these people!

Speaking infront of a crowd has never been an issue but this was so unexpected!

Selvan motioned for us to say something and Ziyaad went first…

Ziyaad: (into the mike) Selvan is a great guy thank you

And he acted as though he was walking off the stage when something I didn’t anticipate happened…

Everyone started laughing!!

Ziyaad: (milking it) well he said I should say a few words so I did!

And again laughter!

Ziyaad: well anyway now that I am here…and since this is a wedding let me just voice my opinions about some things …

I put my hand to my head….oh boy

Ziyaad: firstly…ever since Selvan entered, that aunty over there (pointing at a lady sitting in the front) has been crying so much! Ok no scratch that, she hasn’t been crying…she’s been howling! I actually initially thought that maybe there was a wolf in the hall!

The entire hall echoed with the sound of laughter!

Nemo: (whispering to me) Aara…he’s going to get shoes thrown at him!

Ziyaad: (smiling from ear to ear) may I ask why you were crying please aunty?

This aunty was beyond ripped…she laughed so hard that all her jewellery on her body was shaking!

Ziyaad: no seriously…are you crying out of joy that wow Selvan actually got married orrrrr are you crying for Selvan’s wife that oh shit I feel sorry for you my child!

Again…everyone started laughing!

Ziyaad: now the wedding card…has Selvan and his wife’s picture on it..whoever convinced Selvan to do that I need to shake your hand please…because this guy for as long as I know him his profile picture has always ridiculously been ” no profile picture but I swear I’m hot!”

By now, along with everyone else…Nemo and I were laughing too!

Ziyaad: I’m sorry (looking at Selvan) I actually meant “ot” not hot :-p now Selvan’s picture is going to be in everyones glass cupboard in the lounge…you know the one where you keep all the wedding memorabilia still in its cellophane wrapping with all that china that you bought solely for display…

And roaring laughter again..

Ziyaad: I mean seriously what is it with us Indians…even my mother has one of those “display” cabinets that no one can touch until she’s dead and then too the daughter in law will take over

He didn’t even give the crowd to laugh properly when he continued…

Ziyaad: (turning to look at Selvan’s wife) now you know what you’re inheriting one day!

Me: (whispering to Nemo) Zee is like free entertainment Nemo!

Nemo: (laughing) well, let him do the talking it’ll save us both from doing so

Ziyaad was really just something else altogether. Nemo and I stood next to Selvan and watched Zee thrill everyone with his witty one liners until he decided that, thank you very much this was enough for tonight.

Ziyaad: well it’s been awesome the food was delicious, the company was insane and overall it’s turned out to be an amazing night

And with that, he walked off the stage to a standing ovation. I had a broad smile across my face…Ziyaad the Shooter. Well that’s what he was called on campus and he had outdone himself yet again.


But now we had bigger fish to fry as Ziyaad left the stage WITHOUT us.

Nemo: (coming forward and grinning) we aren’t as clever as Ziyaad so…all we are going to say is thank you Selvan for inviting us, this is definitely one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever been to and we wish you and your lovely wife a very happy married life

Selvan: (hugging Nemo) thanks Naheem….Haara aren’t you going to say something?

I smiled and shook my head.

Nemo: (winking) I spoke for both of us Selvan

And as we started to make our way off the stage…

Selvan: guys wait…you av (have) to join us for our couples dance I insist

And almost immediately a whole lot of people, a lot of them around our age group, our friends from school included, made their way to the large square platform infront of the stage.

Me: (shaking my head) I don’t want to dance Nemo

We were surrounded by all these people who kept forcing us into their group. I tried to make my way out of there with no luck.

Nemo: (holding my hand) we can push passed them..come

But we had gotten pushed right into the centre!

Selvan: (holding his wifes hand) come on you two…do this for me

My eyes frantically searched for Zoheb and when I finally spotted him, he smiled and nodded….

As narrated by Nemo:

She worriedly looked in the direction of where the others were sitting but she couldn’t see properly with the sudden crowd around us.

Her eyes searching…searching for his…

A pang of hurt and anger suddenly filled my heart. She needed permission?? She needed permission to be with me?

I watched her as she tried to move out from the crowd. I didn’t want her to go, but I held her hand in an attempt to force our way out of this big circle of people around us.

When we were forced back into the circle…the look on her face broke my heart.

After a few seconds…Aara found what she was looking for and stopped and stared at him.

Selvan: (holding Aara by her shoulders and making her stand infront of me) I don’t know when Hi (I) will see you guys again…let’s make a memory that will last a lifetime…

Her eyes glistened as she tried to compose herself.

Me: (swallowing hard) is it so bad to have to dance with me for a few minutes?

Aara: (shaking her head) no…it’s not like that

Me: (taking her hand in mine) so can we just forget everything for a few minutes….after it’s over everything goes back to the way it was

She looked at me for a few seconds and then nodded silently.

This is what I deserve after treating her the way I did. This is what I deserve after hurting her and breaking her heart over and over again…

The lights went out and a spotlight fell on the lot of us…and as the words of this song played, baring my heart and soul to the one I loved…I had wished that these moments would last forever…

It felt as though it was just us…just me and her…and I didn’t take my eyes off her. She never once looked up at me.

Why did we feel like strangers? We had years of memories behind us, years of togetherness, years of friendship. It’s not like we are dancers but Aara and me…we’ve done this before but tonight…it was different. She was a little uncomfortable…a little uneasy…a little tense. If it was Riza and not me, it wouldn’t be this way. If it were Arshad and not me…it wouldn’t be this way.

And that’s when it hit me….it was me!!


31 thoughts on “Part 157- Selvan’s Wedding (Final Part)

  1. Ripped by zee’s speech. I actually couldn’t breath properly because I was laughing soo hard 😂

    I want to cry for Nemo. My heart is breaking for him 💔. Please Shazia with a cherry on the top can they end up together. I like Zoheb a lot but Nemo and Aara are perfect.

    Thank you so much for the post 😘



  2. Heartbreaking….. Can’t nemo move on if he ain’t gona get Aara? Jus asking, No offence. Plz don’t shoot me….Wink. but His hurting for soooo long now. How much longer can he hide his feelings????? How much longer is he gona hurt? . 😢.


  3. I agree with u tas I mean ok his not getting aara(her loss) now can’t he find am else I mean do sent he deserve happiness like all the other couples UNFAIR


    • Lol u make me laugh. ..five more parts for season to end lets jus call it a build up. Life isnt black and white n it isnt always easy for a person to simply just move on. Nemo has been through it all,hes had his fun n now hes truly in love he isnt going to giv it up or find someone else at the drop of a hat. Some ppl really do love for life. All I can say is that every emotion of life and love will b seen.look deeper read into it I don’t put hours of thought into it for it to b read at surface value

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The emotions of tonights post were amazing. So well written. I love the way this blog is so real. The pain nemo is feeling is real life. You can’t always get the girl. You can’t always win. (Team Zoheb)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. If this was awkward…. O no imagine his confession to aara*hide*i do feel 4Nemo😥
    Zee is tooo much…i was hoping he didnt go overboard,shukr he neva😅
    Imagine wat zoheb mus b feeling!!!


  6. No man! 😎 be positive ☺! Aara and Nemo are going to end up together! And as for mister Zoheb… His Going to be a old chap with 72 cats🙉😊

    #teamNemo&aara #forever

    Viva Nemo and Aara! ❤💙

    Keep up the magnificent Work

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Well I’ll be dammed! Poor Aaroo what’s happening to u! I think Aaara is starting to get a bit confused! Especially since Sahal told her that her mum found a boy for her! Just thinking maybe deep down Aara stil loves Nemo! U know the saying ” u first true love never dies”………………………………. As for ziyaaad ur totally awesome! We gonna miss u when crew gets back to jhb!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Aara is still in love with nemo thats y she didn’t want to dance with nemo coz she was feeling guilty n rem she told uzzi she knows nemo hinting at something but dsnt want to find out in case it isnt wat she thinks it will hurt tooo much team nemo all the way


  9. Ziyaaaaad is sucha classic =)) =D =))! Dude you really do know how to steal the show! *whistles and claps for you* Hahaha Free entertainment =)) he couldn’t forget the company was insane cos of brownie & ’em =)) and ……. Selven thinks Nemo and Aara are a couple x_x =)) Dude I wish they were but that’s life hey! It was so touchy for nemo…and I agree with SK, she probably felt more awkward knowing that her mum wants nemo and her together…. as for nemo finding someone else uhh uhh that can’t happen, Aara and Nemo gotta be together♥ awesome post!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Why is it that everything good in life always has to come to an end there’s a time when you feel inseparable from your best friend and then 1 day you feel like strangers , it really doesn’t have to end that way ,after all you have been through alot in life growing up together , you share the best secrets no one will ever know about loll let the good memories over power the bad ones , you dont have to be lovers to be best friends , i think its us ladies that makes the situation seem bad in times like this and the guys are always trying to keep things normal but i guess everything will fall into place with Aara and Nemo as soon as Nemo finds his other half


    • But that’s the thing Nemo loves Aara how will it just go away and move on?… well if Aara and Zoheb do get married (I hope doesn’t happen) then nemo will have no choice but to move on… right now there’s still hope, I mean Zoheb mum can pop out of a 90’s movie and force him to marry some nice nice girl :p =D =)) btw I think guyz do have awkward moments and moments when they dnw what to do but they don’t show it whereas girls make it evident, no?


      • Lol i’m happy with the way things are between Aara and Zoheb but my point is that Nemo and Aara’s friendship doesnt have to be awkward just because Aara is with Zoheb , the way she reacted on that stage with Nemo i think she was abit insulting to Nemo i mean how do you forget all the things you’ve been through and be insulting to that person that forsakes himself so she can be happy, Zoheb knows Aara’s history and where she came from so he would understand the closeness , love and friendship are two different aspects ,you can love someone and still be friends with someone else no need to throw anyone away especially when your best friend cares so much for you , then i’d say Aara is the bad one lol but in life we always make mistakes but theres always space for forgiveness
        and yeah team Aara and Nemo ur best bet is to hope for Zoheb’s mum to pop out of a 90’s movie like Haaj says


  11. @Rumz yoh okiii now I understand what you mean 😀 Aara should have been normal with him that’s why he said can we forget everything for while, right? interesting hey. I wanna learn how to look deep into post like how rumz does it mahn :p … That’s another reason I love lld so much, the fact that I learn alot of things beside the entertainment side :p Oh yes fingers crossed for Zohebs mum :p =D


  12. ZOHeIB !!! PlZ Zoheib common pop the question to Aara. Nemo go find another girl. Aara is NOT ment 4U. Plz can tonights post be lonnnnnger !! Thank u soo much.


  13. Salaams, jazakAllah sooooo much for the awesome, amazing, funny, heart wrenching blog. I love it and want to cry when there aren’t new posts. You really are a great writer. I’m definitely on team zoheb and Aara. Please, pretty please with lots of cherries on the top. Let then stay together. Nemo and Aara have been through tooo much and everything together, that if they end ip together, what’s there to learn and enjoy and dislike in the other person??? Love the durbanites and all (lmao). JazakAllah again for this awesome blog. ( sorry I don’t comment often, will try to)


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