Part 160- The Amazing Race (Part 2)- Fish It Is!

As narrated by Zainab:

vict str market

I rubbed my eyes and let out a very un-lady like yawn. When I get home I was going to sleep for a full 24 hours. wait make that 48!
As much as I was thoroughly enjoying this trip I was beyond tired. Now for one final task…I yawned again as I opened the envelope.

“Make your way to the Victoria Street Market and go to stall number 15 where you will get further instructions”

I was suddenly wide awake!

Riza: (chuckling to himself) this should be fun relax Zai

Me: we’re not just going to a market…we are going to a market as instructed by none other than Aara…I cannot relax!!!

I started biting my nails in anticipation of what lay ahead…

It was still very early so Durban town wasn’t busy at all and we had found the market quite easily…but this place was bursting with people! I held my nose with my hand…just picture it…an empty stomach and a horrible fish stink! Not good…not good at all.

Arshad: (taking my hand off my nose) doing that here will probably be deemed as being rude babe…let’s find stall number 15!

Arshad and Riza seemed very excited about this and Laeeka looked more asleep than awake:-p

Riza: (finding stall number 15 and greeting the lady at the table) Good Morning…we were sent by Aara (showing her the envelope)

She didn’t say anything, but gave us another yellow and black envelope.

” Welcome to the Victoria Street Market! At your designated stall, you will have to sell any ten fish as fast as you can…and don’t bother cheating because I have all your wallets with me”

Arshad: (laughing) she stole our wallets while we were sleeping!

Riza: (also laughing) how hard can this be…ladies are you ready?

Sell fish. We have to sell fish. Take in…swallow…digest. Okay done. We are selling fish!

Zoheb: (sneaking up behind us) up for some competition guys?

How nice! They had the table right next to us!

Nemo: (grinning at us) did she steal your wallets too? Because she took ours and she even emptied out the 4×4’s coin compartment!

Laeeka: we didn’t even check our car yet but I’m sure its probably empty too

Arshad: (winking) you should feel quite at home hey Nemo…like you selling your relatives or something

Nemo: huh?

Arshad: errr hello…finding nemo…get it?

Nemo: (patting Arshad on his back): dude…it’s a little too early for your lame jokes

We were given aprons and disposable gloves and we candidly stood at the table waiting for customers when Zoheb, Nemo and Immy took things into their own hands…

Nemo: (dangling a fish in each of his hands) come get your fresh fish here!!! Come on come on it’s a fresh catch!

I burst out laughing!

And then..everyone was caught off guard by a flash…

Ebie: (grinning broadly and clicking away) one for the road my man! These pictures are going to be deadly!

Riza: hey how did you get here?

Ebie: making memories Reez…Aara has assigned this task to me now come on you guys don’t have much time hurry up!

Immy: ( suddenly stopping a lady ) mam would you like to buy some fish from us?

The lady: what fish do you have?

Immy: ( completely clueless) errrrrrr……errrrrrr (turning to look at Zoheb)

Zoheb: we have red, silver, blue and this brownish one here!

Gee you don’t say!!

I actually thought that the lady was going to roll her eyes at him and walk away but she started laughing and bought two fish!!!
They didn’t make Mari sell any fish, instead she was collecting the money.

Nemo: (waving a fish infront of us and doing this weird dance step) two down eight to go!

That was enough to spur us into action! And we screamed our lungs out ‘Fresh fish”, “Get your fish here” thank goodness nobody knew me here!

But nobody came to us at all!

Nemo and crew were almost done and they seemed to be having a blast doing it! They smiled so hard at their potential clients, I thought that their teeth would fall off! They were charming the socks off everyone…flattering and whistling. They even stood on the empty table next to theirs to get attention and ended up selling way more than ten fish while we were still stuck on 3!

Immy: (waving the new yellow and black envelope at us) cya!

As narrated by Immy:

A new realization dawned upon me…..that I was never going to look at fish in the same way ever again!! We smelled of fish! But it was so very awesome doing what we did. I felt bad for the other team though…

Me: (while walking away) hey guys….i think we should probably help them

Nemo: (turning around) no ways..if we do, then we are so going to lose our headstart!

And we walked a few steps, stopped….and looked at each other, each one of us with a ‘knowing’ grin on our faces. And we silently walked back.

I took the fish out of Laeeka”s hands, Zoheb did the same to Zainab and then as I laughed to myself…Riza, Arshad, Nemo,Zoheb and I got onto the empty table and sold fish like it was no mans business!

couldn't resist putting this pic;-)

couldn’t resist putting this pic;-)

Arshad: (wiping his hands) you guys rocked…thanks for helping us

Zoheb: it’s just a game bru…and I think Aara would have wanted us to help each other

I smiled…at the end of the day no competition was ever going to turn us against each other.

The next note in the envelope read… “ Make your way to The Playhouse Theatre, under one of the seats in the first four rows your next instruction awaits!” Ps: don’t forget your passes and hurry up already, because the first show starts at 9!

That sounded pretty simple! But when I looked at my watch I had gotten a huge shock…there was just twenty minutes left for 9 o clock!

Riza followed Zoheb to the Playhouse, because Nemo knew Durban ‘like the back of his hand’ as he put it. We produced our passes at the entrance and hoped that it wouldn’t be a full house. I mean it was Sunday morning who would want to come and watch live theatre??

Clinging onto that shred of hope, we made our way inside…

Maariah: It’s packed!! How are we ever going to get the envelopes from under the seats!

Nemo laughed to himself…

Nemo: (shaking his head) Aara is taking you guys down OUR memory lane and that’s probably why she didn’t make me sit this one out

Riza: so now?

Nemo: so now…(rubbing his hands together) there’s still 15 minutes before the curtains open

Me: but dude that’s still not enough time

Nemo: (digging in his backpack for something) oh no…there’s enough time alright

Arshad: hello…explain!

Nemo: (smiling at a small brown box that he had taken out of his backpack) watch…and learn 😉

And he smiled to himself and started walking towards the front of the theatre..

the playhouse1

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9 thoughts on “Part 160- The Amazing Race (Part 2)- Fish It Is!

  1. lmaoooooooooo they had to selll fish and now they smellll of fish, ewww =D =)) at least they had a blasst making fun and selling that fish =)) shukr they had gloves ans aprons too =))) the shop keepers must be happy for their hilarious salesmans =D =)) so sweet they helped the other team :p Ebie is photo guy, do the chinamans job bruuh :p =D Oooh she was so testing if nemo remembered 😉 and ofcz he did :’) I wonder what he’s gonna do tho’ *thinking* shaaaaaZ don’t you think Saturday is a bit far? 😉 😛 btw Arshad shame bro don’t be lame so early in the morning #Ripped 


  2. Awesome blog entry as usual. 🙂
    I’m viewing ur blog from my Blackberry and there is no option or anytin to select to vote for ur blog……. Would love to vote 4 you. LLD is my favouritest blog.


  3. Lol lol…vistory street fish market dat place is always buzzing😀 wow! Zoheb took me by surprise didnt expect him 2b game 4selling fish at fish market…lol zainub dnt blame u 4holding ur nose;))))))


  4. shazia i love your blog n iv been following the storyfor a long time now. i love the way u write,you’re very talented M.A. its just that lately you’re not writing very often (2 posts a week is quite less lol) and your story seems to be dragging. its like weeks are passing but we’re not moving with the story at a good pace. i suppose i just want to fast forward the nemo,zoheb and aara parts and get somewhere lol.


    • Lol! A little ouch…Trust me no one would be happier than me to end season three already…I think why u feel that its dragging is becoz of the twice a week posts n as much as I have tried to somehow go a little faster iv also realised that this is a crucial season and a crucial road trip n it jus needs to go with the flow. ..and after season ends I look forward to a nice long break:-) I truly wish that I could post more often but my hands are tied at the moment and the twice a week sometimes becomes difficult but hang in there:-)


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